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Come and Hug Me Finale Recap Episode 31 – 32

Come and Hug Me Finale Recap Episode 31 -32

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 31

Do Jin’s voice over goes that evil cannot be nurtured

Do Jin walks into Hui Jae’s hideout determinedly to confront his father. Hui Jae stands at the end of the room and tells, “You’ve come.”

DoJin cuts to the chase and asks Hui Jae where Jae Yi is. Hui Jae says that it’s been 12 years. He continues to Do Jin that he’d remove anything that makes Do Jin weak and pathetic.

Do Jin asks exasperatedly once again where Jae Yi is.

Hui Jae continues his monologue without replying to Do Jin and tells that in the cage called our world only the strong ones survive. He tells that there is no room for pity and affection.


Do Jin loses it and moves forward to get hold of Hui Jae. He raises the hammer he brought with him fully intent on swinging it on his father’s head.

Hui Jae smiles proudly saying that Do Jin never lets him down. Do Jin asks him to shut his mouth. He once again asks Hui Jae about Jae Yi and this time Hui Jae says that he has killed her.

Hui Jae says that he had to do what he couldn’t do 12 years ago. He tells Do Jin that he is his son and that he is going to make Do Jin strong once again.

He gets ahold of Do Jin who is a little shaken from the news that Jae Yi was killed and slams him to the cage. Hui Jae continues that he had waited twelve years to finish what he couldn’t finish that night.

Do Jin looks at the chair with blood on it and throws Hui Jae in the opposite direction.

Hui Jae tells Do Jin to hit him properly as he doesn’t mind dying for his son.

Do Jin goes to swing his hammer but a recent memory of Jae Yi stopping him from killing Ji Hong comes to his mind. He stops himself and lowers the hammer as he remembers how Jae Yi told him that she if okay and she won’t get hurt.

He tells Hui Jae that If Jae Yi was dead he would have made him see it already as it would make him go crazy which is exactly what Hui Jae wants. Do Jin tells Hui Jae that Jae Yi is definitely alive. Hui Jae asks him to hit him or she would really die.

Jae Yi is tied up and lying on the floor in some other room and Jeon Yoo Ra is with her.

We see that Hui Jae didn’t kill Jae Yi right away because he wanted to do it in front of Do Jin.

Jae Yi orders Yoo Ra to untie her. Yoo Ra tells that once Hui Jae is done talking with Do Jin Jae Yi will be joining them too. She says that the two of them should be punished for doing wrong.

Jae Y scoffs that it’s her and Hui Jae who should be punished for everything they’ve done.

Yoo Ra tells her that Hui Jae gave up everything for his son. Jae Yi informs her that everything in that autobiography was a lie.

Yoo Ra doesn’t believe her and says that it was Park Hee Young who lied on TV about Hui Jae.

Jae Yi tells Yoo Ra that Park Hee Young dies because she reported the truth about how weak Yoon Hui Jae really is. She says that she saw him runaway like a coward after getting hit by his son.

Jae Yi says that Hui Jae and Yoora are both monsters and Yoo Ra laughs.

In the other room Hui Jae keeps goading Do Jin in order to make him use the hammer. Hui Jae reminds Do Jin that he already used it once and he’d probably be better at it now. Do Jin asks him to shut up.

Hui Jae tells that everything Do Jin holds precious needs to be broken.

Seo Jin and Ok Hee are at the hospital visiting Hyun Moo. Seo Jin cries desolately saying what if something happened to Do Jin or Jae Yi. She tells Hyun Moo that Hui Jae really is a crazy person.

Hyun Moo tries to console her saying nothing will happen.

Ok Hee sits there absolutely lost thinking about the day she found out who Hui Jae really is. She remembers him throwing the victims belongings in fire and then how she ran only thinking about her daughter.

She tells Hyun Moo that she should have caught him that day. Hyun Moo wonders what she is talking about. She tells that she saw something at the dog farm but she just ran.

Hyun Moo says ‘father’ but then switches to ‘that man’ and then says he shouldn’t have been born. Hyun Moo tells her not to think ridiculous thoughts and he wipes her tears away awkwardly.

Moo Won races swiftly in his car to save his sister.

Do Jin’s team too is in a car trying to get to where Do Jin is. Nam Gil has a revolver.

Do Jin is still talking with Hui Jae. He informs that he’ll really kill him if he touches his people.

Hui Jae asks him to hit hi first. He reminds Do Jin what he did to Hyun Moo and Ok Hee.

Do Jin remembers his brother and mother lying unconscious after Hui Jae attacked them.

He grips the hammer tightly. He then thinks about Inspector Ko’s final words to him. He says that he is nothing like his father and that he shouldn’t stray away from his path. He remembers his mom defending him tearfully in front of the families of the victims at his graduation.

He thinks about how Young Na Moo explained to Nak Won about the meaning of his name. His mother named him Na Moo so that he’d bear everything and not get into trouble as he grows up.

And finally he remembers the adult Jae Yi telling him that his hands that save so many lives, those are pretty.

Do Jin relents his grip from Hui Jae’s collar and then proceeds to throw the hammer to the floor. Do Jin says to Hui Jae that if he kills him too many people will suffer so he will end Hui Jae in his own way.

Hui Jae says its ok but he’ll always be his son and they are a family. Do Jin admits it saying there was a time when Do Jin and Hyun Moo where his sons. It was a time when Hui Jae was human. Do Jin asks Hui Jae why he gave up on being human.

Do Jin tells him that he may have thought he was protecting them but because of him both Hyun Moo and himself turned into monsters. Do Jin says that he became a cop to make up for Hui Jae’s sins and that whenever he sees criminals like him he wants to put an end to them. Even when he was hurt he couldn’t scream so he held it all in.

Do Jin tells that he never cried because there were people who were in worse pain and that living as his son when all his victims had died hurt him to death. Do Jin continues that it wasn’t his fault but Hui Jae’s as he is the one who made him weak and pitiful.

Hui Jae says that that’s how the world works. People respect what they fear and since hey fear him he overpowers them all.

Do Jin laughs and wonders to Hui Jae if he fears him since he hit him with the hammer that night. He tells Hui Jae that he has been trying unsuccessfully to control him again and that’s why Hui Jae is afraid of him. Do Jin continues that no matter how he packages himself he is still garbage.

Yoo Ra leans down to Jae Yi and tells her that they are not monsters but the world pushed them to their edge. She tells her that they had to become strong in order to get remembered and not disregarded.

Jae Yi tells her that they’ll just become forgotten monsters since they aren’t human anymore.

Jeon Yoo Ra says that even then Hui Jae will be by her side making Jae Yi laugh. Jae Yi tells that Hui Jae betrayed her already since he won’t make her do all this if he really cherished her.

Annoyed Yoo Ra fills her syringe with something.

Back to Hui Jae and Do Jin, Hui Jae tells that Do Jin is the one that he finds exciting. Do Jin wonders what power Hui Jae is looking for and if he wants to kill everyone. Because that is weakness and not strength Do Jin tells him.

Do Jin tells him that he swung his hammer on those who were weaker than them. He tells that at least those people lived in reality unlike him.

Do Jin tells him that he too thought that he was a monster like Hui Jae but confronting him today made hin realise that that’s not the case. Even though he swung the hammer with the same face as Hui Jae, he is not a monster like him.

He continues that just because his blood flows through Do Jin’s veins doesn’t make him his father. Hw tells that Hui Jae is only a weak murderer.

Hui Jae loses it tries to hit Do Jin with the hammer. Do Jin manages to evade and captures him with a back-arm twist. Hui Jae tells Do Jin that if he doesn’t show up Yoo Ra will kill Jae Yi.

Do Jin pauses for a moment and Hui Jae uses that to move away and strikes Do Jin’ head with the hammer. Blood splashes out and Do Jin gets thrown on the floor.

Jeon Yoo Ra menacingly tells Jae Yi that a girl like her would never understand their pain. Jae Yi asks her if she even knows what real pain is. Yoo Ra tries to inject Jae Yi with the drug she has brought but Jae Yi manages to take the syringe away from her and injects it in Yoo Ra’s leg.

Jae Yi takes the phone from Yoo Ra’s bag and calls the emergency number.

Moo Won and Do Jin’s team along with a lot of police are securing the area.

Jong Hyun informs Moo Won that Jae Yi called emergency minutes ago. Moo Won gulps a little in relief and tells the team that they have less time and should hurry.

Do Jin is still on the floor and Hui Jae offers him the hammer. He says he doesn’t need weaklings and asks Do Jin to take the hammer. Do Jin crossly says that he won’t take it as he will never become Hui Jae.

Hui Jae says then he’ll just have to shatter him to pieces. He assures Do Jin that he will make him strong again.

Jae Yi runs by the door and sees them inside. Do Jin yells at her to run away but she looks Hui Jae straight in the eye and comes in. She proceeds to hug Do Jin protectively and tells Hui Jae that she called the police who’ll be here in less than ten minutes.

Hui Jae remembers Na Moo doing the same for Nak Won the night he got captured. His blood boils and he swings the hammer fiercely. Do Jin holds Hui Jae by his waist and the hits reach his back. He struggles with Hui Jae for a while but removes the hammer away from his hand in the end. He pushes Hui Jae towards a cage and at this point both of them are reaching for the other person’s throat. The police arrive and Hui Jae realises his game is over and relents the grip he has on his son.

Moo Won checks on his sister and finally catches his breath after seeing her unharmed. Do Jin cuffs Hui Jae’s hand to the cage. He tells him he’s under arrest for abduction, confinement and two murder cases.

Do Jin moves away after he tells his rights and Nam Gil and the other policemen who have guns take over. Do Jin takes Jae Yi from Moo Won and they both spare one more look at Hui Jae before they leave the room.

Moo Won tells Hui Jae that it’s over for him. He tells that even though he wants to kill him he won’t because now he’ll suffer just like Moo Won did.

Do Jin and Jae Yi share a hug outside and we cutback to the snowy night when Nak Won told Na Moo that he has to survive.

Moo Won comes out of the house and sees them hugging. It looks like he’s made peace with their relationship. Jong Hyun and Yeon Ji too look glad that it’s finally over.

Inside Nam Gil is overpowered by Hui Jae when he tries to bring him out. Hui Takes his gun and holds him hostage screaming at the others to get away and ready him a car.

All the police point their guns at Hui Jae but they are unable to do anything. He brings Nam Gil out and then smiles at Do Jin. Do Jin just plucks the gun from the hands of an officer next to him lazily. He points it at Hui Jae and Hui Jae smiles once again thinking Do Jin will become a monster like him. Moo Won calls Do Jin by the name Yoon Na Moo, worried that he might kill Hui Jae. Do Jin moves his aim lower and shoots Hui Jae in the knee without a split-second thought.

Hui Jae falls to the groud and is finally captured by the police. Do Jin looks at Jae Yi and she takes his hand in hers along with the gun.

The voice over ends saying that in the end evil only destroys itself.

Episode 32

Ok Hee cheerfully cooks in her house and calls Seo Jin to eat. She sees that Seo Jin is still asleep and smiles.



Do Jin comes to Jae Yi’s place and calls Bom to pet her. He goes in and sees a school book on the table for finishing high school. He goes into Jae Yi’s room to see that she’s fallen asleep while reading a script. He sits next to the bed and watches her sleep with a smile. Jae Yi wakes up and Do Jin asks her if she slept well. Jae Yi tells him she fell asleep last night while talking to him.

Do Jin tells that he came to see her before he went to work. Jae Yi complains that she hasn’t slept well since he isn’t here sleeping on her sofa. She tells him that Moo Won is too busy to come by and she is scared and sad to be alone. Do Jin asks her if he should come back to her house itself.

Jae Yi smiles and says that she misses him. She continues that she is bored and she also wants to kiss him. Jae Yi kisses him on his cheek and Do Jin looks at her adorably before kissing her on her lips.

He pulls her into a hug and says that he doesn’t want to go to work. She says likewise. They hold each other in an embrace contently for a while.

Reporter Ji Ho meets Do Jin at the police station and tells that Jae Yi looks much better these days. She says that she’s going to write an article about the two of them. Their unbelievable story that weaves through twelve years. She tells him to be nice to her and they should meet on friendly terms from now on.

Do Jin gives her a smile and asks her to take care since the weather is hot.

Nam Gil comes by when Do Jin leaves and Ji Ho asks him about his recent change in behaviour. He called Do Jin a murderer’s son before and Ji Ho wonders if he is atoning for that now. Nam Gil says that Do Jin shot his own father and that is what atonement is whereas he is not even close. Nam Gil asks her why she changed her tune and she tells that it was an intentional choice. He mocks her and then leaves while shooing away another reporter who tries to get gossip about Do Jin.

Jae Yyi is in a police uniform shooting a scene with a guy who acts as a crook. In the scene she holds him in a back-arm lock but he twists hers back. The director yells cut and Jae Yi goes away wincing a little from the pain in her arm.

Ceo Pyo Taek brings her a drink and worries if she is okay. Pyo Taek looks at her reddened hand and gets annoyed at the director who keeps filming again and again. Jae Yi stops him from saying anything and wonders if he is okay.

Pyo Taek tells her that his head is strong and he didn’t feel a thing. He continues that he used to fight in the streets before he met Moo Won. He tells that if it wasn’t for him meeting Moo Won he’d be getting hurt every day. It was about the time when Moo Won was in law school. He tells her that he was fortunate to meet Jae Yi through Moo Won. But Jae Yi tells that it was them who were fortunate to meet Pyo Taek.

Jae Yi cheerfully takes pictures with her fans.

Moo Won goes to his office to find Yeon Ji asking for him. He recognises her and asks why she is here.  She asks him why he hasn’t processed an arrest warrant for a guy called Lee Jae Young.

He says that the investigation seems incomplete and Yeon Ji says it isn’t. She wonders if he always works this carelessly baffling him and his co workers. He tries to dismiss her but she says that he should process the warrant before there are more victims since that’s the least he can do as a prosecutor. Moo Won looks at her unbelievingly and his co-workers laugh silently.

Moo Won later cooks up a lot of food for Jae Yi making her wonder if they are having a party. He tells her that she lost a lot of weight recently.

Jae Yi gives him a bite of food first. Moo Won apologises for being late but Jae Yi says that she’s the one who gives him trouble all the time. She tells him that he should go on dates.

Jaae Yi tries to talk about Do Jin but Moo Won cuts in and says he is fine. She can date him or break up with him but anyway he’ll be her side. Jae Yi smiles and nods gratefully.

Do Jin is having food at his home and his mother asks if he is going to see Jae Yi after Hyun Moo’s trial. Do Jin nods and smiles. Ok Hee asks him if he is happy and he nods once again confirming his feelings.

Ok Hee asks him to love her a lot and be happy.

At the police station Do Jin is given a special promotion as a senior inspector. He is congratulated by his team but he looks a little sad.

At the court, Hyun Moo comes face to face with Hui Jae as both are being taken for their respective trials. Hyun Moo walks away without greeting his dad or giving him a second glance. Hui Jae seems surprised.

Seo Jin and Ok Hee wait in the audience for Hyun Moo’s trial supportively. The victim’s family arrives and Ok Hee and Seo Jin bow to them in apology. They look very angry. Hyun Moo looks ashamed of what he is putting his family through. Do Jin too arrives to support his brother. Moo Won makes a statement as the prosecutor. He lists Hyun Moo’s crimes but tells that he admitted those crimes and is regretting them very much.

At Hui Jae’s trial Ji Hong mocks him that he couldn’t beat a teenager and how dare he tells him not to touch Do Jin. He screams that he is a weakling just like his father. Ji Hong is taken out of the room. Yoo Ra too sits behind Hui Jae as on of the accomplices. She tells Hui Jae that he told he would protect her but then she heard that he blamed her to the police. She yells that he is a psychopath.

Hui Jae doesn’t seem to care at all.

Hui Jae is taken into the prison bus after his trial. A lot of reporters and people who hate him are there. The mob wants him to get the death sentence. He turns around to see Do Jin, Ok Hee and Seo Jin looking at him. He stares at them furiously unable to do anything. They watch him passively as he is loaded into the bus. The bus gets hit with eggs as he is being taken away. Do Jin leaves from there along with his family.

Reporter Ji Hong talks to the family members of the victims who seem to have come to terms with their grief.

Jae Yi sees a news report about Hui Jae’s trial which was halted a bit due to Ji Hong’s outburst. It says that Ji Hong saw Hui Jae for the first time in court after his arrest. She changes the channel and sees a program dedicated to her mother’s birthday. She gets tearful.

Door bell rings and it’s Do Jin. She congratulates him on his promotion and gives him a hug.

Later DO Jin finds her in her room looking at her family photo and crying. She tells him she misses her parents and that she tried not to cry since he was here.

He sits next to her and asks her to let it all out. She shakes her head saying she is used to crying alone. He tells that she should and he had waited for her to do so. Jae Yi says that she thought he might feel bad if she cried for her parents.

He kisses her forehead and tells her, “I love you!”

Jae Yi cries relentlessly as her voice over goes that there was wall so thick that she never thought would come down but 12 years later it crumbled down because of them.

We see Hui Jae in prison cell looking empty and defeated, all his arrogance gone.

Do Jin cooks her a meal and then they spray water on each other in her garden.

He tells her she’ll catch a cold and tries to wipe the water off her face. She remembers a similar situation from their past and tells Do Jin that she loves him. That makes him kiss her.

We see them sleeping on the same bed together in each other’s arms.

Reporter Ji Hong prepares her article on Jae Yi and Do Jin. She tells that the world remembers them as the son f an assailant and the daughter of a victim. But to each other they are not enemies but their salvations.

We see a copy with Hui Jae too sent to him by Ji Ho. He looks through it but throws it down.

Do Jin walks into a park and sees the younger version of himself, Na Moo, standing under a tree.

The voice over goes that 12 years ago after that horrible day a tree stopped growing.

We see that Jae Yi to sees the younger version of herself, Nak Won, standing in front of her.

The voice over continues that the tree must have waited for sunshine, raindrops and someone’s warm hug to grow again.

Do Jin call his younger self and says, “Come here, I’ll give you a hug.”

Na Moo comes forward and Do Jin bends down to hug him.

Jae Yi too calls Nak Won to give her a hug. Nak Won comes forward slowly and Jae Yi hugs her younger self.

Jae Yi and Do Jin walk happily in the park enjoying themselves.

The voice over continues that the moment they touched, the tree that stopped growing will grow at a ferocious pace. One day, everywhere each leaf touches will become a paradise.

We see that Do Jin and Jae Yi kiss one more time. They walk hand in hand like every other loving couple.


That was indeed satisfying. I thought it would end with Hui Jae getting killed but this was good. To prove to a monster that he is not all that great but just another coward psycho was the best you could ask for. Hui Jae’s fall from grace among his own twisted club members was interesting to watch. Especially from Ji Hong’s perspective, he thought Hui Jae to be equal to god but when it turned out he was afraid of his own son, Ji Hong was not happy.

More than wanting Do Jin to become like him, Hui Jae wanted Do Jin to believe he was like him. He wanted his good-natured son to live in hell thinking he is a monster. Hui Jae went to so much length to make Do Jin weild a hammer and was even ready to die if it would make Do Jin’s life hell. It was proof enough that he cared for no one, not even his sons.

Do Jin calling him out as a coward despite the situation being dire shows how much he knew his father. Him refusing to resort to violence is such a reversal from the way he shot Hui Jae without a second thought. He wasn’t nervous or even afraid for the life of his co-worker, he knew what had to be done and he did it oh so casually. There is still a part of him that is a little less human but he uses it for good and good alone.

His relationship with Jae Yi is what blinded this whole story together, a love that survived a couple of murders, many violent attacks and a psycho killer on the loose. Their lives that were stuck in their 16-year-old selves was dealt with very refreshingly. In many places the traumatised past stuck in time is let go. But instead they chose to revive it and let it grow into an orchard. The references were too beautiful.

Hyun Moo may be in jail but at least he has his real family this time. Moo Won’s acceptance of Do Jin and his interaction with Yeon Ji was pretty interesting. Nam Gil proved to be not as bad as I thought so that was his saving grace.

The series was amazing from all ends but it was made too long due to the exemptions during and before Fifa.

The actors all deserve mentions for their exemplary performances starting with Jang Ki Young who stole the show in the very first interview scene. His transformation from a kind and friendly cop to the guy who is still stuck in his 16’s and then to the man who fears no weapons or blood was quite a feat indeed.

Heo Jun Ho as the serial killer dad was splendid in those initial episodes as the spine chilling murderer. The scene with that old lady in the first episode was certainly what pulled me into this show deeper.

Jin Ki Joo gave a very strong performance and the scenes where her PTSD gets out of hand are done very naturally. No one could have portrayed Jae Yi as good as her and I hope to see her in more projects.

Kim Kyung Nam who played Hyun Moo deserves a praise for playing such a complicated role easily. Hyun Moo was someone who committed violent acts just to earn the approval of his father despite wanting to have a normal, decent life with his family. His tipping point was when his father was about to kill his step mother which is when he outrightly stood against his father.

Ok Hee, a role that was selfish at the beginning but overcome by remorse she comes back for the step kid she abandoned. Excellent portrayal of those emotions by Seo Jung Yeon. A very strong mother who would face even the worst devil to protect her children.

The child actors were very good too but the same flash back that was revisited every episode little by little made it a little frustrating. “We know he hit his father with a hammer. just show it already!” was what I was yelling at the screen.

The plot was thoroughly new and one of the best I’ve ever seen. Love the cast and crew for taking us on this amazing ride.

– Grey Husky

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