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Book Review – The Midnight Library By Matt Haig

-By Soul Sword- Genre- Fiction, Fantasy, Philosophy If you have an opportunity -to undo every regret in life and craft the perfect one -or to change decisions and choices you made -or to live a life where your estranged or departed loved ones still are with you... Would you take it? If one is curious… Continue reading Book Review – The Midnight Library By Matt Haig

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-By Kalpana- It turned everything to silver;A calm, serene slivers ofBorrowed light;It was the coy, shy moonlightAs the sun abandoned;Running away to the western worldDarkness dawned yawning awakeThe crescent moon peeped from the nether worldRising in a silken milky chariotPlaying with the cottony cloudsSeek and hide, hide and seekA moment of peak; and a moment… Continue reading Moon-lit

The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 8 Recap

In the prison grounds, Yo Han gives Ga-on some space to gather his emotions. When Ga-on has calmed down, Yo Han speaks. Yo Han says at the church fire, everyone abandoned the others to save themselves. He says that is what most humans do. He says what wasn't acceptable was when they all visited him… Continue reading The Devil Judge- Episode 8 Recap

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Amazing Gift

-By Kalpana- I could see grey clouds from the window of my kitchenchasing each other. Small baby clouds. Running across onthe sky ground aimlessly, still oblivious to the purpose oftheir creation of meeting Mother Earth from which it hadspiritually evaporated as mist, to play in the lap of father skybefore crashing down as rain in… Continue reading Amazing Gift

The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 7 Recap

Sun-A is quiet as Heo rushes into the room. The atmosphere is tense as Chairman Min and Chairman Park lament what happened. President Seo says this is a civil war as Yo Han has declared war on the country. He adds that he donated his precious money for the public and this is what he gets. He… Continue reading The Devil Judge- Episode 7 Recap