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96 Tamil Movie Review

96 movie review Grey Husky There is a nervous energy among the audience throughout the movie somewhat reflecting one of the lines from the film. "Something wrong won't happen, right?" Delivered by one of the best friends of the lead pair as she looks at them. 96 is about a school reunion for the batch… Continue reading 96 Tamil Movie Review

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Itsy-bitsy Moments of Joy . . .

-By Soul Sword- Enjoying the breeze before the storm, First rain of the monsoon, Playing with molten wax from candles during power cuts, Unexpected holidays, Standing in the waves on a full moon day, Receiving a Sony Walkman with cassettes as a gift for 16th birthday, New song in the Mp3 playlist, New earphones, Taking… Continue reading Itsy-bitsy Moments of Joy . . .

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All I Need Is Moments of Joy. . .

-By Brave Flower- Taking a bullock cart ride, Enjoying a night drive, Cycling on the mountainside on a foggy morning, Shaking a tree branch for a dew drop shower, Arranging the flowers from the garden in a bouquet, Tickets to 1st day 1st show of a movie, The smell of new clothes, The smell of… Continue reading All I Need Is Moments of Joy. . .

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Adieu Russia – 2018 FIFA World Cup !

-By Soul Sword- The FIFA World Cup 2018 was filled with surprises right from the beginning till the very end. Every match was exciting and we never knew what the outcome of each match would be. Many would say that this time the World Cup was an upset due to some of the major teams… Continue reading Adieu Russia – 2018 FIFA World Cup !

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All I Need Is Moments of Joy…

-By Brave Flower- Glow from the morning sun, A walk on the seashore, Getting drenched by the waves, Enjoying the cool breeze, The smell of rain, View from a mountaintop, Walking through the clouds, Lying on the grass and stargazing, Listening to the waterfalls at night, Walking in the moonlight, Just the nature and I… Continue reading All I Need Is Moments of Joy…