Adults, English, Write Ups

Sea and Shore

-By Kalpana-

The roaring waves crashed on the beach
But, the shore always receded out of the reach

It rose again with Hercules might
Gathering speed with roaring fury
Goaded in by the gusts of winds
Foaming mad with untold wrath

The wail of the waves ever deafening
Gentle, strong, musical, languid
It carried on timeless and tireless
For we might come and go
But, it will still give it a go
At the Sandy golden beach
It may though seem out of reach

The wind forced it to crash
On the Sandy beach of land
Damp and wet,
The sand conversed,
Why do you do that?
Why do you hurt me again and again?
You crash so mightily
Drag me away forcefully
Into your ferocious bosom
You leave me bereft
O’ mighty ocean
Of the land that I love

-By Kalpana-

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