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Sone Ka Anda/ Musings (Basics of Nature)

-By Kalpana- The restlessness had become a part. There was all there is to call my life a comfortable, happy life. Affluence, rich, upper class living, good family life. Family life was peppered with usual everyday arguments, laughter, sharing, loneliness, me-time, individuality and we belong moments.  Yet, this restlessness persisted. There was something missing. My… Continue reading Sone Ka Anda/ Musings (Basics of Nature)


Mouse- Episode 11 Recap

(Episode 11- Kill her! Kill him!) A young boy is catching butterflies in the field.  He finds Jae-Hoon standing among the tall grass beside a dead animal. The boy sees Jae-Hoon's hands bleeding from a deep gash. He has a weapon in his hand. Jae-hoon asks the boy to get lost. The boy doesn't leave.… Continue reading Mouse- Episode 11 Recap


Mouse Episode 10 Recap

(Sung Yo Han in me) Flashback A month passes after Han's arrest. Sung Ji-Eun (pregnant) walks into the hospital. She is alarmed to see a woman trying to strangle a kid in one of the rooms. The staff pull her away and carry the kid away. The woman recognises Ji-Eun from Daniel Lee's clinic as… Continue reading Mouse Episode 10 Recap


Mouse – Episode 9 Recap

(Episode 9- Ba-reum's brain) Music plays in the background as Han performs brain surgery. He tells the unconscious patient not to feel wronged but be content that he gets to live on. It looks like Han removes the frontal lobe and implants another in its place. The patient is Jung Ba-reum. Han finishes the implant.… Continue reading Mouse – Episode 9 Recap

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Ah! Youth

-By Kalpana- My large 3 storey house stood facing the Main Street. It was flanked on the opposite diagonal right by St. Joseph’s Boys’ School and on the left by St. Joseph’s Girls School. Behind our house but, about 350 meters behind, stood Sri Gujarathi Vidyalaya School which was accessible by the adjacent lane. All… Continue reading Ah! Youth