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Sone Ka Anda/Musings (Handwritten Notes)

-By Kalpana

Hello folks!! When was the last time you came across a written note? When was the last time you wrote a note to someone? I can see a huh! in the millennium generation’s expression.

Today, I ordered food from a restaurant. Name of the restaurant- 48 Plates. I was pleasantly surprised to see a card which had the logo of the restaurant and a Thank you inscribed on it. I 0pened the card and there it was. A note written in neat handwriting. Spilling out word by word in cursive form. It brought on an untold warmth of being reached out, personally.

It took me back to my golden days when letters where written, notes were written, invitations were hand written.

The cursive writing, the flowery writing, large, small, some had more gaps in between each words, some close by. Some uniformed neat straight lines, some lines began and ascending upward. Dotted I’s and crossed T’s, right slant or left slant writing, some were written with heavy pressure and you can actually turn the page and see the embossed letters on the back of the page. This of course made it impossible to write anything on the back and you had to use the next page. Lol. Some handwritten notes had a soft impression.

And some writing were so tiny, that you felt you might need a microscope. In fact, old people with failing eyesight did use them. And these notes, letters, invitations, wishes all ended in flair of a signature. Oh! Those signs.

These signatures itself spoke volumes. You know, it felt like people were leaving their aura on the paper through their signature. Some signatures were dainty, some bold, some began bold and petered out into in eligible strokes, some preferred to circle their names, some just put initials. Oh!! It felt like personalities of the writer was stamped on it.

Authoritarian, simple, complex, leader, confidence, timid, bold, courageous or coward? Creative, artistic, imaginative… All could be detected in a written note.

A hand written note is a giveaway of who you are as a person. Truly, there’s a science of handwriting, graphology. It analyses your written script and adequately predicts your strengths and weaknesses. It can actually draw you character, strengths, weaknesses, morals, ethics. It can analyse and identify a criminal. Even if, you change your handwriting, some of the strokes never change, and a handwriting expert easily spots and identifies the writing and proves it, that it belongs to the same person.

And now this thank you card from the restaurant. Let me share a shot of it.

Every writing as I mentioned is a signature of personality. As I read the cursive note, an image of person seated on a desk with pen in his/her hand flashed across my mind. (by the way, the writing is quite feminine. So, my guess is it’s a lady who wrote it. A young girl. A lady. I will be putting the photo that I have clicked. You too do give me your inputs, ok?).

Happy Hand Written Notes Folks.

Do leave your comments.

-By Kalpana-

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