Blind- Episode 14 Recap

Sung Jun pushes Yoon Jae against the wall and puts the handcuffs on him. Yoon Jae looks at Sung Hoon and asks what is going on. Sung Hoon watches quietly as Yoon Jae asks him to say something.

(Episode 14- In Search For Lost time)

Yoon Jae is taken into custody. The news reports that the prime suspect has been arrested and he had kidnapped a minister and a Police Chief among the other victims. It says they are yet to find the motive.

Na addresses the press. She says she wasn’t abducted but went there to persuade. She says she went there with the mindset of a mother as her elder son was also adopted from Hope Welfare Centre.

Na comes home and apologises to Sung Hoon that she went ahead to tell the press about the adoption without consulting with him. Sung Hoon says it is fine. 

Sung Hoon asks if she was serious about persuading Yoon Jae. Na says persuasion is for humans. She says Yoon Jae is paranoid. She says he isn’t sane as he is obsessing over something that happened 20 years ago. She says Yoon Jae should have lived a good life in the US after adoption. 

Sung Hoon has a pensive look as he agrees that it is foolish to obsess over the past. Sung Hoon politely turns down their offer to dine with them.

Judge Ryu asks Na if she had to do the press conference. She says she had to divert the press’s attention. She says no other victim can handle the press well.

Meanwhile, the detectives are investigating the victims. Na’s secretary says Na will consent to a written investigation. Kim says Yoon Jae’s arrest warrant was approved.

Yeom walks in looking worried. He asks if Yoon Jae confessed. He tells of the team for not working proactively. Yeom orders them to end the investigation this week and send it to the prosecution. Oh says it is not possible to investigate 7 murders within a week.  Yeom says this is a psychopath who killed everyone randomlySung Jun says Yeom knows the killings weren’t random.

Sung Jun walks out. Na asks Yeom how he is connected to Hope Welfare Centre. He asks if he also wants to do a written investigation for the victims’ statements. Yeom walks away.

Yoon Jae sits in the investigation room smiling. Sung Jun walks in and sits down. He asks how long Yoon Jae has been impersonating Jung In Seong. Yoon Jae smiles. Sung Jun asks how he managed to change the photo in the adoption papers. Yoon Jae asks how Sung Jun found that. He calls Sung Jun incompetent and wonders if his brother Sung Hoon told him.

Yoon Jae says Sung Jun was able to arrest him only because of Sung Hoon. Sung Jun asks why he stabbed Sung Hoon. Yoon Jae says he didn’t. Yoon Jae is taken aback when he hears that Sung Hoon told them he stabbed him. He takes a look at the photo that captured the killer on the wildlife camera. He smiles and says the face isn’t clear.

Sung Jun shows him the shoe with a yellow print found in Yoon Jae’s apartment. Yoon Jae says there are other people who own the same pair. Sung Jun says Yoon Jae killed Baek Ji Eun, Yeom Hye Jin, Choi Soon Gil, An Tae Ho, Kang Ha Na and Kwon Yu Na.

Yoon Jae asks if they have evidence. Sung Jun says Jung Man Chun incited Ji Eun’s kidnappingYoon Jae points out that if the witness Jung Man Chun is dead, they would need at least the recording to indict Yoon Jae.

Sung Jun walks out frustrated. Oh says they may not be able to charge Yoon Jae for the serial murders if they aren’t careful as there is no direct evidence. He says right now they can charge him only for stabbing Sung Hoon and kidnapping the people.

Sung Jun says Yoon Jae must have reasons to feel confident. He recalls seeing CCTV cameras everywhere. He recalls seeing the video recording of Hye Jin’s murder.  He says Yoon Jae filmed all the crime scenes. He says they should find the originals.

Sung Jun and Kim go through the evidence confiscated from Yoon Jae’s car. Sung Jun checks the laptop and finds the hard disk missing.

Elsewhere, Yeom walks to the riverbank and throws the hard disk into the disk.

Eun Ki and her mother walk by the seashore. Eun Ki’s mother says three months after joining Hope Welfare Centre she thought the children she treated had unusual wounds. She says that day she saw the man torturing a man. She says she screamed in horror and he saw her. She cries silently as she is unable to talk. Eun Ki consoles her. Her mother says she knew she was pregnant with Eun Ki but she was too scared to run away. She says the only thing she could do for Eun Ki was to keep Eun Ki from finding her father’s identity. She calls herself pitiful. She says she really hated that man but she never regretted having her. She says she is lucky to have Eun Ki.

That evening, Sung Jun tells Sung Hoon that all the data on Yoon Jae’s phone and laptop is gone. He says that everything is just circumstantial evidence. Sung Hoon says there are a lot of cases where they got a guilty verdict with circumstantial evidence. Sung Jun says he will find direct evidence. Sung Hoon smiles slightly and offers to help.

Later, Sung Jun brings Yoon Jae into the interrogation room and seats him across Sung Hoon. Yoon Jae watches Sung Hoon intently as Sung Jun walks out.

Yoon Jae asks what are they both plotting. Sung Hoon says he wants to help Yoon Jae so he wanted to see him. He asks if he should get Yoon Jae a good lawyer. Yoon Jae expectantly asks if the lawyer will break him out of prison. Sung Hoon says the lawyer will create mitigating circumstances and get him a life sentence. Sung Hoon says Yoon Jae will get the death penalty if any proof surfacesYoon Jae says he understands what Sung Hoon is afraid of. He leans in and whispers something in Sung Hoon’s ears.

Sung Hoon says in a low voice, “Then I won’t have to do anything.” Yoon Jae confirms that. Yoon Jae asks Sung Hoon what was the real reason Sung Hoon stopped Yoon Jae from killing them all. He says Sung Hoon wanted to see it too. 

Sung Jun watches Yoon Jae and Sung Hoon from the other side of the glass wall. Yoon Jae says it can’t be because of the guy outsideYoon Jae looks at the glass and asks, “You didn’t betray me did you?”. Sung Jun looks puzzled.

Sung Jun heads out as Sung Hoon comes out. He asks why Yoon Jae asked if Sung Hoon betrayed him. Sung Hoon says it was some nonsense. He says Yoon Jae does have something that connects him to the murders. He says Yoon Jae said he hid it in the safest place.

Eun Ki visits Sung Hoon at work. She says they should tell the world what happened at Hope Welfare Centre. Sung Hoon asks if they should do that as the media is interested in the abductions. Eun Ki says the interest will die down as another hot news item comes along. Eun Ki says the ones who are involved should do something. Sung Hoon watches her. She says the victims are crying while the perpetrators are at large. He asks how she plans on telling the world. She says they should use a current affairs documentary show to cover the story. She asks if he will join her. Sung Hoon thinks hard.

Meanwhile, at the precinct, Sung Jun says the recordings are probably in a flash drive. Na asks if Yoon Jae has hidden it inside his body. Kim says he doesn’t think so. Na says the police station is the safest place and wonders if it is here. Everyone looks at Yeom’s cabin. Then they say it isn’t possible.

Just then, Kim Seok Hee walks in and asks them for a favour. 

Sung Jun escorts Kim Seok Hee into the interrogation room. She has brought lunch for Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae wonders why she is doing this as he helps himself to some cockles. Kim Seok Hee asks what happened to 12. Yoon Jae plays around with the cockle shells. Yoon Jae says 12’s angle got caught in a trap when they were escaping. He says he wasn’t treated properly.  He says he put 12 out of his misery. Yoon Jae says until 12 died, he kept saying that he missed his mother’s cooking. He calls 12 a loser crybaby. Sung Jun watches from the other side.

Kim Seok Hee walks out of the room and cries hard.

Sung Jun watches as Yoon Jae puts a seed inside the cockle shell and slams it shut. 

That night Eun Ki meets Sung Jun for drinks. She says Yoon Jae abducted her because she was Baek’s daughter. She says Yoon Jae probably wanted Baek to kill her or eun Ki to kill Baek. Sung Jun asks if Eun Ki is fine after hearing the truth. She says she isn’t but she knows what she should do. Sung Jun says they are investigating his mother Na. Eun Ki warns him to prepare himself as seeing the dark side of one’s family is harder than you think. He says he is preparing himself for the worst. Just then, Sung Jun notices the woman at the table beside them taking out her AirPods and shutting the case. Sung Jun recalls Yoon Jae mimicking the same motion with the cockle shell.

Sung Jun heads back to the evidence room and picks out the Airpods from the evidence bag. He opens the case and looks at themSung Jun notices that the encasing has chipped off near the base a bit

Sung Jun walks into the interrogation room. Yoon Jae is sleeping on the desk. Sung Jun sits down and asks Yoon Jae to wake up. He gets no response. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon mentioned Yoon Jae was very smart.

Yoon Jae gets up at the mention of this.

Sung Jun says Sung Hoon never treated him as a person because Sung Jun always got into fights. Sung Jun says he is dumb and doesn’t understand why the culprit got Jung Man Chun involved. He says he asks as Yoon Jae is smart. Yoon Jae smiles saying a jury case attracts more attention. He also confirms that the culprit was in the car as Jung claimed.

We see a montage of Baek Ji Eun running from Jung and getting into Yoon Jae’s car. 

Sung Jun comments that Baek Ji Eun got into the killer’s car without knowing what was coming. Yoon Jae starts to say that if the killer had more time but stops himself. Sung Jun adds that the killer had to kill her before her 20th birthday got over. Yoon Jae explains that her parents would remember the pain forever if she died on the happiest day.

Sung Jun asks about slitting the cheeks. Yoon Jae says it must be for revenge or he enjoyed killing her.

Sung Jun says there were signs of assault on parts of Hye Jin’s body. He asks why the killer did that as it wasn’t the case with other victims. Sung Jun wonders if the culprit was weak and couldn’t handle the woman by himself. Yoon Jae gets worked up as he says it was Choi who beat up Hye Jin. Sung Jun asks how Yoon Jae knew that Choi beat up Hye Jin.

Sung Jun asks if Yoon Jae followed Choi the day Hye Jin was killed. 

We see a montage of Yoon Jae following Choi and then killing Hye Jin. Yoon Jae tells him to go on as it is getting interesting.

Sung Jun says apart from slitting the victim’s cheeks Yoon Jae saved the recordings of the crimes as a trophy.

Sung Jun shows Yoon Jae footage of Yoon Jae posing beside Kang Ha Na’s corpse at the wedding. He says Yoon Jae nicked her artery by mistake as he didn’t have time but he still took the video. Yoon Jae asks how Sung Jun found it.

We see a montage of Sung Jun prying open the encasing of the AirPods case and finding a memory card inside.

Sung Jun comments that the police station was indeed the safest place

Yoon Jae says there is no way that his brother betrayed him. Sung Jun says Yoon Jae should’ve made the guilty pay for their crimes and not their children.

Yoon Jae says those jerks killed his sister and they have to feel the same thing. He says that is what justice is. Sung Jun says Yoon Jae is just a psychopath who is crazy about murder.

Sung Jun says even Sung Hoon doesn’t consider a piece of trash like Yoon Jae human. 

Yoon Jae is angry as he says Sung Jun has no idea about Yoon Jae and Sung Hoon. He says he should’ve killed Sung Jun then.

Yoon Jae says he should’ve killed Sung Jun at the playground


Young Sung Joon waves at Sung Hoon from the slide. Sung Hoon cries out to Yoon Jae warning him not to do it. Yoon Jae creeps up behind him and pushes him over. 

At present, Sung Jun asks if that was Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae grins and asks if he remembers now. Yoon Jae says it was fun watching Sung Jun cry after losing his memory.


Young Sung cries in the night at the playground. He tells Yoon Jae that he doesn’t know who he is or who his parents are. Yoon Jae asks if he doesn’t remember anything. Sung Jun says he remembers someone calling him Yoon Jae. Sung Jun wonders if that is his name. 

Yoon Jae confirms that Sung Jun’s name is Yoon Jae.

At present, Sung Jun is shocked as he asks what Yoon Jae did to him. Yoo Jae smiles. Sung Jun kicks Yoon Jae and starts punching him. Kim runs inside and pulls him away. Yoon Jae smiles as he asks why Sung Jun has that necklace

Sung Hoon meets Bae. Bae asks what Sung Hoon will give him if he accepts the offer. Sung Hoon says it is a second chance to make up for Bae’s mistake 20 years ago. He says he will bury the past nicely if Bae agrees to this. He says this won’t be an easy offer to turn down.

Sung Hoon receives a call from Sung Joon and leaves.

Sung Jun is drinking when Sung Hoon joins him. He tells Sung Hoon that twenty years ago when he fell at the playground Sung Hoon said, “Yoon Jae don’t do that”.  Sung Jun asks Sing Hoon why he didn’t mention that his fall wasn’t an accident but Yoon Jae pushed him. Sung Hoon says he doesn’t know why he did that. He says he was probably scared and wanted to Protect Yoon Jae. He says he thought if he stayed quiet nothing will happen as Sung Jun lost his memory.

Sung Jun says Sung Hoon doesn’t know that Yoon Jae made Sung Jun into Yoon Jae. Sung Jun says his mind was a blank slate and Yoon Jae planted his own memories in it. Sung Jun says he lived as Yoon Jae from Hope Welfare Centre. He says such a young kid did something like that. Sung Jun says there is more to this but he doesn’t remember. 

He asks if Sung Hoon remembers something. Sung Hoon says he doesn’t. Sung Jun asks how he came to own the necklace. Sung Hoon says he gave it to him.


Yoon Jae, Yoon Jung and Sung Hoon are outside the orphanage. Yoon Jung brings a couple of necklaces. She puts one around Yoon Jae. She gestures that this means they are family and she has one too. She gives one to Sung Hoon. He asks if she considers him family. She smiles and gestures that he is family too. She uses sign language and she says she trusts him to take care of Yoon Jae if something happens to her. Sung Hoon promises to care for Yoon Jae. 

At present, Sung Hoon tells Sung Jun that wearing the necklace means they are family. He says he gave it to him because he considered him his real brother. Sung Jun is happy to hear this. 

Sung Hoon says he thought Sung Jun was pathetic. He says he wondered why Sung Jun lived like that despite having well-off parents and a smart brain.

Sung Hoon asks why Sung Jun never asked him who he was. Sung Jun says that he feared he would be abandoned the moment he brought it up.

The next day Yeom is furious to see a news article that mentions a minister and a police chief who was involved with the Hope Welfare Centre. Just then he receives a call.

Yeom meets Bae and NaBae tells them that he is going to start a new investigative documentary about Hope Welfare Centre. Bae says the deaths made him feel guilty. He says as a producer, he wants to make this show. bae says he has the tapes from 20 years ago and he will add interviews of the survivors. He says he has copies of the tapes. He says s he will submit the proposal by the end of this week as to what he has to do.

After he leaves, Yeom says they should stop Bae. He says he will start destroying the evidence that Bae found. He asks Na to get him the funds as he won’t do this for free.

Eun Ki approaches Kwon and asks her to do an interview. Kwon refuses the interview. She says she has no soft corner for Yoon Jae as he is a killer. Eun Ki convinces her by saying if she had saved them, Yoon Jae wouldn’t have turned out to be a killer.

Kwon shivers as she recalls seeing Yoon Jae’s future. She wonders why she couldn’t see 11’s future. She wonders if she already saw 11’s future too.

We see a montage of 11 struggling as Kwon’s vision of the joker murders that take place in the future.

Sung Jun escorts Yoon Jae outside. The reporters ask if he will apologise to the victims. Yoon Jae says they owe the boys an apology.

Yoon Jae stands beside the police vehicle and smiles at Chef Lee who stands behind a pillar. Sung Jun turns around to see whom Yoon Jae is smiling at but there is no one there.

Later, Kim and Sung Jun escort Yoon Jae down the corridor at court after completing the Habeas Corpus. Sung Hoon comes up to them. Yoon Jae is upset that Sung Hoon doesn’t seem bothered by the cuffs restraining him. Yoon Jae asks if Sung Hoon told this idiot where the evidence was. Sung Hoon is stone-faced. 

Yoon Jae says Sung Hoon can’t do this to him. As they drag him away, Yoon Jae keeps asking Sung Hoon if he has another plan.

Sung Hoon walks back to the office and he seems stressed. He receives a call from Bae and he says okay.

Yoon Jae stops by the staircase and asks Sung Jun if he found the answer about the necklace. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon gave it to him because he considers him family. Yoon Jae asks if Sung Jun still doesn’t know who made him this way. He wonders if Sung Jun doesn’t remember or is pretending that way. Yoon Jae says Sung Jun is afraid to find out the truth.

In a flash, Yoon Jae shoves Kim and pushes Sung Jun down the stairs. Sung Jun falls down the flight of stairs. Kim recovers his balance and pins Yoon Jae down. 

Sung Jun has another flash of memories. 

Young Sung Hoon walks over to young Sung Jun and gives him the necklace. He says it has always been Sung Jun’s. Sung Hoon tells him to listen carefully. He says Sung Jun’s real name is Jung Yoon Jae and he lived at Hope Welfare Centre before coming to this houseHe adds that scary people lived there and everyone called Yoon Jae 13.

Then, Sung Jun remembers conversing with Yoon Jae on a staircase. He asks Yoon Jae who are the scary people and Yoon Jae says Crazy dog. He says if crazy dog catches him he will kill him. 

In another memory, young Sung Hoon pushes Sung Jun against the wall and forbids him from speaking about Hope Welfare Centre. He adds that they will abandon Sung Jun if he speaks about it. Sung Jun cries and Sung hoon tells him to stop crying and resenting. He says it is Sung Jun’s fault for being born to his parents.

Sung Jun recalls the previous night when Sung Hoon said he thought of Sung Jun as his real brother. Sung Jun murmurs, “Sung Hoon”.

Yoon Jae is in the holding cell when Sung Jun walks inside. Sung Jun puts out his hand and the necklace hangs from it. Yoon Jae smiles.

Sung Jun asks what Yoon Jae meant earlier when he said Sung Hoon betrayed him. Yoon Jae walks up to him and asks if he found the answer. Sung Jun grabs Yoon Jae and asks him again. Yoon Jae’s smile widens.

Image Courtesy-TVN


The truth behind Sung Jun’s false memories was revealed in this episode. Sung Hoon was the one who had planted false memories in Sung Jun’s mind. This was good suspense. He also gave Sung Jun the necklace that Yoon Jae used to wear.

Years later, Baek and Yeom thought Sung Jun was Yoon Jae because of the pendant. I wonder if it was a planned move from Sung Hoon’s end to throw off anyone looking for Yoon Jae by making Sung Jun seem like Yoon Jae.

It was also revealed that Sung Hoon was not related to Yoon Jung and Yoon Jae by blood. It was evident that Sung Hoon has been working with Yoon Jae all along. 

Sung Jun is in a miserable state. He grew up thinking he was an orphan and always craved his family’s affection. He genuinely loved his brother but it is saddening that his brother was the one who gave him terrible memories that haunt him every day. It looks like Sung Jun’s mind had blocked that memory in denial to see the reality. Sung Jun has lived a life where only lies were fed to him. 

Sung Hoon was not his usual calm and composed self in this episode. He behaved a lot like 11 and not Judge Sung Hoon. It is interesting how all the characters are looking over the fact that Sung Hoon was a victim too and the possibility of him empathising with the culprit. 

It seems like Sung Hoon was smoothly steering the course of the investigation from the beginning. He did the same again when he got into the interrogation room to alert Yoon Jae about the police looking for the video evidence. Yoon Jae asked Sung Hoon why he didn’t allow Yoon Jae to kill them all. This shows that Sung Hoon didn’t want them dead (yet) and deviated from whatever the original plan was. 

Sung Hoon’s actions are ambiguous as he is keeping everyone alive. It was well within his power to imprison both Sung Jun and Yoon Jae at different points in the series and both times he kept them out of prison. I wonder if he is using Yoon Jae to portray himself as a saviour or is genuinely protecting Yoon Jae. 

 It looks like Sung Hoon has planned Yoon Jae’s arrest as well. He also spoke with Bae who met Na and Yeom. It looks like Na and Yeom will get on to destroying every piece of evidence out there which will also wipe out anything connected with Yoon Jae in the process.

The scenes with Sung Joon interrogating Yoon Jae were good. Sung Jun manipulated Yoon Jae well and got him to talk in the third person narrative by polishing his ego.

Yoon Jae claims that his sister was precious to him and he is taking revenge for his sister’s death by killing the daughters of the people associated with Hope Welfare Centre. I wonder if he noticed that those people are least bothered about their families and are only busy trying to save their hides.

Yoon Jae had all his answers ready as if he was coached. He seems possessive of Sung Hoon and trusts him with his life. He appears to be immensely proud that he and Sung Hoon have a higher IQ than Sung Jun. 

Yoon Jae mentioned he killed 12 but I wonder if that is true. Interestingly, Yoon Jae seemed surprised when he heard that Sung Hoon told the police that Yoon Jae stabbed him. Park Ji-Bin has carried the role well. I am curious to see how Chef Lee fits into the picture.

It was shown that Yoon Jae was around when they were brainwashing Sung Jun. I wonder where Yoon Jae grew up and if the brothers were in touch all these years. I am curious to see how the revenge plot started.

Kwon suddenly wondered if it was 11 or 13’s future that she saw that day. Ironically, the people associated with the hope welfare centre are worse than the serial killer. Bae wasted no time and asked for something in return when Sung Hoon asked him to do the documentary. Na easily branded Yoon Jae as paranoid and brushed everything off as a thing of the past.

It looks like Sung Hoon has been in contact with Yoon Jae and directing him around all along. As of now, Yoon Jae is taking the fall for everything while Sung Hoon is among the innocent victims. Sung Hoon did seem disturbed when Yoon Jae asks if he has another plan (to save him). Nothing is pointing towards Sung Hoon (as a culprit) except for Sung Jun’s memories. It looks like now it is just Sung Jun and his resurfaced memories going up against Sung Hoon. I am curious to see Sung Jun’s moves from here on.

There were a lot of revelations in this episode and there are some important narratives that have to be addressed. I am curious to see how the series wraps up.

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