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Blind- Series Review

Blind Recap Index Genre- Murder, mystery, crime, thriller (Trigger warnings- Child abuse, Child sexual abuse, violence, self-harm) Blind unfolds in the form of two storylines in two timelines. One follows the life of Children at the Hope Welfare Centre and the other follows a case of serial killings that take place twenty years later where… Continue reading Blind- Series Review


Blind- Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale)

Sung Jun is driving down the road when he receives a call from Sung Hoon. He takes it and hears the conversation between Sung Hoon and Judge Ryu. Sung Hoon asks Judge Ryu how long he has been visiting the vacation home. He says the statute of limitations has already passed and he just wants… Continue reading Blind- Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale)


Blind- Episode 15 Recap

Sung Hoon watches his reflection in the window. He sees his young form staring back at him. Flashback Yoon Jae opens the drum and proudly shows the Director's (of Hope Welfare Centre) dead body to Sung Hoon. He asks what he should do. (Episode 15- The designer)  Meanwhile, Sung Jun falls down the stairs and… Continue reading Blind- Episode 15 Recap


Blind- Episode 14 Recap

Sung Jun pushes Yoon Jae against the wall and puts the handcuffs on him. Yoon Jae looks at Sung Hoon and asks what is going on. Sung Hoon watches quietly as Yoon Jae asks him to say something. (Episode 14- In Search For Lost time) Yoon Jae is taken into custody. The news reports that the… Continue reading Blind- Episode 14 Recap


Blind- Episode 13 Recap

Sung Jun goes through Jung's adoption file. (Jung In Seong, December 4, 1992, Muyeong Adoption Centre.) It looks like he was adopted on 14th September 2002. Sung Hoon realises that the photo in Jung In Seong's file is Yoon Jae's. (Episode 13-The people who disappeared) Sung Hoon wakes up in the hospital to find Jung In Seong/Yoon… Continue reading Blind- Episode 13 Recap