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Vincenzo- Series Review

Genre- Action, Comedy, Law, Crime Vincenzo follows the story of consigliere Vincenzo Cassano, who returns to Korea after cutting ties with his adoptive Mafia family. Vincenzo returns to Korea with the same bitterness that he left it. He has an ulterior motive behind coming here- Lots of gold stashed in a secret room underneath a… Continue reading Vincenzo- Series Review

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Mouse Recap Index

Genre- Thriller, crime,suspense, mystery Cast-Lee Seung-gi, Lee Hee-joon, Park Ju-hyun, Kyung Soo-jin Mouse Episode 20 Recap (Series Finale) Mouse Episode 19 Recap Mouse Episode 18 Recap Mouse Episode 17 Recap Mouse Episode 16 Recap Mouse - The Predator Part 2 (Episode 15.2) Recap Mouse- The Predator Part 1 (Episode 15.1) Recap Mouse Episode 15 Recap… Continue reading Mouse Recap Index

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Book Review-Pachinko By Min Jin Lee

-By Soul Sword- Genre- Historical Fiction, Domestic Fiction. Pachinko is a novel by Min Jin Lee. It narrates the story of Korean migrants in Japan from 1910-1989. The author has based the story on the accounts of Korean migrants in Japan. The timeline is depicted in detail and experiences of the characters are vivid. The… Continue reading Book Review-Pachinko By Min Jin Lee

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Flower of Evil Episode 4 Recap

Flower of Evil Episode 4 Recap (THE REAL CULPRIT) Flashback Ji-won laughs as she and Hee Sung run and take cover because it is raining. Hee Sung asks what is so funny. She says she wore new clothes and shoes and spent an hour styling her hair. She wonders if she is unlucky on her… Continue reading Flower of Evil Episode 4 Recap

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Flower of Evil Episode 3 Recap

(EPISODE 2 - SOMETHING IS OFF) Summer of 2007 Hee Sung (blonde hair) is in his workshop, crafting rings. Ji-won walks in with some beer. She says she got some without her mother's knowledge because he liked them. She asks him how he knew this craftmanship as he told her he doesn't go to college.… Continue reading Flower of Evil Episode 3 Recap