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Pachinko- Series Review

Genre- Historical fiction Pachinko follows the life of Kim Sunja, a Korean girl who was forced to leave her motherland and live in Japan as a migrant. It focuses on her journey as she endures life's hardships and keeps her family afloat. It showcases the fierce grit and determination of a woman. The series unfolds… Continue reading Pachinko- Series Review


Happiness Episode 11 Recap

Outside 501, Ko tells off Yeon Ok for not informing them that Andrew is a murderer. Ko says he assumed that Andrew was blackmailing. Yeon Ok says Ko wanted supplies and didn't care about how they got them. Kook says he opened the door because Yeon Ok asked him to. He says he had no idea this would happen. Yeon Ok… Continue reading Happiness Episode 11 Recap

Korean Drama Recaps, Series We Loved Watching, The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge Series Review

The Devil Judge Recap Index Series Review The Devil Judge takes place in an imaginary dystopian Korea where the country is recovering from an epidemic. The economy is poor and riots are a common sight. The Social Responsibility Foundation holds all the power in the society with the rich, corrupt and the powerful governing it.… Continue reading The Devil Judge Series Review

The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale)

Ga-on walks up the stairs to a distressed Elijah. She cries as she asks why Yo Han was arrested. She asks if Yo Han was really behind the church fire and if he killed her parents.  Ga-on says Yo Han didn't do it. He says it is all his fault. He says he was stupid and believed… Continue reading The Devil Judge- Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale)

The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 15 Recap

Yo han watches Ga-on's press meet. Ga-on says the Live trials were fake. He is asked if Yo Han manipulated the trials and Ga-on goes silent. Min steps in and says Yo Han did manipulate the trials. He says Yo Han decided on a conclusion and created evidence to support it. Ga-on's eyes are downcast… Continue reading The Devil Judge- Episode 15 Recap