Blind, Korean Drama Recaps, Series We Loved Watching

Blind- Series Review

Blind Recap Index Genre- Murder, mystery, crime, thriller (Trigger warnings- Child abuse, Child sexual abuse, violence, self-harm) Blind unfolds in the form of two storylines in two timelines. One follows the life of Children at the Hope Welfare Centre and the other follows a case of serial killings that take place twenty years later where… Continue reading Blind- Series Review

ADAMAS, Korean Drama Recaps, Series We Loved Watching

ADAMAS- Series Review

Adamas follows the story of the twins Song Soo-Hyun (Ji Sung ) and Ha Woosin (Ji Sung). They are on a quest to find their father’s real killer, who has managed to evade the law for 22 years now. The drama starts when Author Ha Woosin informs his twin brother Prosecutor Song Soo Hyun, that he… Continue reading ADAMAS- Series Review

Korean Drama Recaps, Our Blues, Series We Loved Watching

Our Blues- Series Review

Genre- realism, slice of life, family, drama  Our Blues is set in Jeju island. It follows the lives of a group of people who call the island their home. It has around 8 different storylines and each storyline has a couple of episodes dedicated exclusively to them. This helps with the continuity of the drama… Continue reading Our Blues- Series Review

Again My Life, Korean Drama Recaps, Series We Loved Watching

Again My Life- Series Review

Genre- Political crime, legal, fantasy, mystery Again My Life Recap Index Again My Life is a legal, political crime drama with a fantasy/ supernatural twist. It follows Kim Hee Woo, a prosecutor in his quest to expose the celebrated assemblyman Jo(Cho)Tae Seob. Hee Woo misjudges Jo Tae Seob's power and this results in him losing… Continue reading Again My Life- Series Review

Korean Drama Recaps, Pachinko, Series We Loved Watching

Pachinko- Series Review

Genre- Historical fiction Pachinko follows the life of Kim Sunja, a Korean girl who was forced to leave her motherland and live in Japan as a migrant. It focuses on her journey as she endures life's hardships and keeps her family afloat. It showcases the fierce grit and determination of a woman. The series unfolds… Continue reading Pachinko- Series Review