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Again My Life- Series Review

Genre- Political crime, legal, fantasy, mystery

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Again My Life is a legal, political crime drama with a fantasy/ supernatural twist. It follows Kim Hee Woo, a prosecutor in his quest to expose the celebrated assemblyman Jo(Cho)Tae Seob. Hee Woo misjudges Jo Tae Seob’s power and this results in him losing his life.

Hee Woo is brought back to life by the grim reaper, a woman in red, under the condition that he uses his second life to make a foolproof plan to bring down Jo Tae Seob.  

Hee Woo is transported back in time to his college days. Given a second life with a heads up of the future events (thanks to his previous life), Hee Woo starts making changes to his life to put him at an advantage. 

How Hee Woo hunts down Jo Tae Seob from there forms the rest of the story.

The series follows a steady pace with the story unfolding with every episode. Though it is a legal drama it has hardly any courtroom scenes making it look like a political crime drama. It mainly focuses on the relationship between the prosecution and politicians. It also shows how dangerous the prosecution can be if corrupted.

Jo Tae Seob the antagonist forms the crux of the drama as the story revolves around him.

Early on, Hee Woo mentions that Jo Tae Seob has built a system using his pawns that pave Jo’s way to being the most powerful man in the country. As the series progresses one can see the depth of that statement. as umpteen number of attempts from Hee Woo’s side using the press or the opposition doesn’t even create a dent in Jo Tae Seob’s image. One cant help but wonder what kind of a plan is capable of bringing Jo Tae Seob down.

Jo’s system is a deeply interlinked network of influential and corrupted men of the country. Throughout the series, these men can be seen in a tug of war for power and outshine each other to get on Jo’s good side.

Hee Woo chooses to work in stealth mode the second time around and works his way from the very base of Jo’s system. Most of the drama is focused on bringing down Jo Tae Seob’s right hand Kim Seok Hoon the Chief Prosecutor. One cant help but wonder how the protagonist will get revenge on the antagonist when getting Kim out of the way itself proves to be a huge task. The series takes an interesting turn in the last episode that wraps up the series swiftly.

There are many instances where Hee Woo meets important people who happen to be helpful in his plan. The script reasons it as the universe helping Hee Woo. But despite all of this, bringing Jo Tae Seob to justice is a humungous task. 

This drama has numerous characters, all of whom play a significant part in the plot. In his second life, Hee Woo comes across certain people who are crucial to Hee Woo’s plan.

Lee Joon-Gi portrays Kim Hee Woo who comes across as a reckless and hit-headed prosecutor in his first life. In his second life, Hee Woo is a college student who is energetic and keen on working everything to his advantage. Hee Woo as the prosecutor the second time around is calm and level headed. Determined to get his plan to succeed, he is patient and keeps a poker face whenever faced with any situation. Lee Joon Gi has done a great job in portraying the role in 3 different timelines.

Jo Tae Seob ( Lee Kyoung-Young) is a dangerous and shrewd prosecutor turned Assemblyman who aims to achieve bipartisan cooperation. An extremely ambitious politician, Jo Tae Seob is a mastermind at work who explains his villainous moves as contributing to the big picture. His damage control skills are remarkable. To help him in achieving his ambition, Jo creates a system of his own. a mind-blowing system that takes care of itself. Lee Kyoung Young brings Jo Tae Seob to life as he dominates the screen space with his imposing personality. Jo Tae Seob says there is no justice without power and goes to any length to make sure that he retains the power.  

Kim Ji-Eun plays Kim Hee A, a computer programming student who turns out to be one of the heirs of the Chunha group, a conglomerate that Jo Tae Seob has his eyes on. She comes across as a sweet-natured woman who plays a key role in the plot. 

Jung Sang-Hoon portrays Lee Min Soo, Hee Woo’s senior in college who goes on to become a prosecutor. Min Soo is an intriguing character as he has a mysterious aura around himself since his first appearance. His actions show that Hee Woo and he share a common goal but one is unclear about his real intentions until the very last episode. 

Kim Cheol-Ki portrays Jeon Seok Jyu, a Division Chief Prosecutor from Gimsan who was demoted to Gimsan for being too righteous. He works closely with Hee Woo.

Hwang Jin Young (Yoo Dong-Geun) is a righteous and ethical Assemblyman. Having retired from politics due to personal tragedy in the first life, this time around it is different. 

 Cha Joo-Young portrays Han Ji Hyun, the grim reaper who gives Hee Woo his second life. She does appear in the second life with a mysterious air about her. She plays a vital role in the plot.

Again My Life does a great job of showing how important power is to realise justice. It shows that it is next to impossible to abolish corruption in society. It also depicts how dangerous power is in the hands of a power monger. The power struggle between the protagonist and the antagonist makes the drama an interesting watch.

The finale is loaded with content and yet it doesn’t go for the dramatic ending. Instead, it is grounded and has a different take on fighting corruption and realising justice.

The series starts with a supernatural fantasy twist and ends with an unexpected realistic ending.


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