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The Red Beacon Light

-By Soul Sword- “Never judge a stranger by his clothes.”- Zachary Taylor The following is a true incident that the Chief Guest at our school function narrated when asked to address the gathering. Since it has been quite a long time since this happened, I don’t recall the Chief Guest’s name, but what she said… Continue reading The Red Beacon Light

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Korean Drama Recap Index

Korean Drama Recap Index Memories of The Alhambra Hymn of Death Terius Behind Me Mr Sunshine Come and Hug Me Lawless Lawyer   Series Review of Series that we loved watching Memories of The Alhambra Mari and Me Terius Behind Me Reply 1988 Mr Sunshine Come and Hug Me Lawless Lawyer  

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-By Brave Flower- Laughing, talking, thinking, and worrying about the future are some of the special qualities that separate humans from other species. Conscience is also one such quality. It is connected with emotions. Each one of us is raised in a different family background with varying moral values. The atmosphere and environment in each… Continue reading Conscience

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-By KK-   “If you cannot forgive, then forget it; If, you cannot forget then you deserve it.”   The above quote on forgiveness has puzzled me since I read it as a child. It implies forgiveness is the ultimate. However, if you are unable to forgive or forget (one should have enormous memory loss),… Continue reading Forgiveness…

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Moments of joy…

Moments of joy -By KK- Writing, Articulating, Reading, Long walks,   That fragrance of wet earth after first rain, Pitter-patter raindrops on the roof of my house, Watching ants scurrying around to store for a rainy day, Quiet moments under the stars, gazing up at the galaxies wondering if, there is some being out there… Continue reading Moments of joy…

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-By KK- A mother is born, not created. A crying, howling, bundle is placed in her hands And her old self is throttled in the joy of motherhood. In its place rises a new Avatar… Motherhood.   She awakens with a wonder. Tackling, unborn emotions, Loving someone more than self, Answering the demands of a… Continue reading Un-Mothering…