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Korean Drama Recaps, Mr Sunshine

Mr Sunshine Episode 12 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 12 Recap Seung gu’s voice-over narrates that Lee wan-ik is invited to the British minister’s birthday in 3 days (its raining and we see all the ministers gathered for a party at Hwawollu and Dong mae is outside). We see Ae shin breaking into Wan-ik’s house on that very day following Seung… Continue reading Mr Sunshine Episode 12 Recap

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Itsy-bitsy Moments of Joy . . .

-By Soul Sword- Enjoying the breeze before the storm, First rain of the monsoon, Playing with molten wax from candles during power cuts, Unexpected holidays, Standing in the waves on a full moon day, Receiving a Sony Walkman with cassettes as a gift for 16th birthday, New song in the Mp3 playlist, New earphones, Taking… Continue reading Itsy-bitsy Moments of Joy . . .

Korean Drama Recaps, Mr Sunshine

Mr Sunshine Episode 11 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 11 Recap Ae shin tells Nam Jong the meaning of the words “Miss, Mister, Moonlight, Miracle”. Nam Jong says that next set of words are for S, U, V. Ae shin says that S is for sad ending. Nam Jong says that Ae shin knew about the sad ending before she started… Continue reading Mr Sunshine Episode 11 Recap


Itsy-bitsy Moments of Joy

-By GREY HUSKY- Buying a Parker pen every school year Playing house with cousins Climbing the guava tree in grandpa's house Celebrating family birthdays Shopping as a group to buy a single saree Wednesday night beach night Racing in the beach sand Hot and spicy bhajjis in winter The scent of the earth after rain… Continue reading Itsy-bitsy Moments of Joy