Blind- Episode 15 Recap

Sung Hoon watches his reflection in the window. He sees his young form staring back at him.


Yoon Jae opens the drum and proudly shows the Director’s (of Hope Welfare Centre) dead body to Sung Hoon. He asks what he should do.

(Episode 15- The designer)

 Meanwhile, Sung Jun falls down the stairs and recalls Sung Hoon planting false memories in him. Tears streak down Sung Jun’s face as he painfully recollects the suppressed memories.

Later, Sung Jun recalls Sung Hoon telling him that the necklace on Sung Jun’s neck shows that he considers Sung Jun as his real brother.

Sung Jun goes over to the holding cell and asks Yoon Jae what he meant earlier when he said Sung Hoon betrayed him. Sung Jun asks Yoon Jae why he made him remember. Yoon Jae says he felt bad seeing Sung Jun suffer without knowing who did this to himSung Jun asks if he did this because he didn’t want to suffer alone

He says Yoon Jae must be nervous as he feels betrayed by Sung Hoon. Yoon Jae says it was just frustration. Sung Jun says Yoon Jae may have to rot in a prison smaller than this for the rest of his life. Yoon Jae says that would never happen. Sung Jun says a serial murderer will be sentenced no matter who the judge is. He says even if they don’t carry out the death sentence, Yoon Jae will have to die in prison. Sung Jun says Yoon Jae must have something to fall back on.

Sung Jun asks since when Yoon Jae has been planning the murders. Yoon says this was planned since Sung Jun was made Yoon Jae. Sung Jun asks if he planned this with Sung Hoon.

Sung Jun says he guesses that Yoon Jae is nervous because Sung Hoon and he are accomplices and Sung Hoon may betray Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae says he has no idea what Sung Jun is talking about. Sung Jun says accomplices betray each other to get out of it safely. He says it is easier to blame if one of the accomplices is respected in society. He asks if Yoon Jae is fine with Sung Hoon living outside. Yoon Jae sits down and doesn’t respond. Sung Jun tells Yoon Jae to go ahead and be loyal.

Sung Hoon goes back to the police station and wonders when they missed Sung Hoon’s involvement. Sung Jun recalls that he did suspect Sung Hoon till Sung Hoon was stabbed by the riverbank. Sung Jun realises that Sung Hoon had staged the stabbing after he caught on.

We see a montage of Sung Hoon gripping the knife in Yoon Jae’s hand and plunging the knife deeper into himself at the riverbank. Sung Jun realises that Sung Hoon had meticulously planned everything from the trial.

Sung Jun recalls Sung Hoon holding a jury trial, sentencing Jung Man Chun, giving the jury members’ location on his phone to the police, inserting himself in the investigation, and learning about the recording and his involvement in the rest of the murders.

Sung Jun realises that Sung Hoon was either at the scene of the crime or involved in the investigation of all the murders. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon’s involvement was to interfere with the case and not solve it.

Sung Jun calls up Eun Ki and asks if she was the one who circled 240 on 45’s sketchbook. Eun Ki is at the brother’s home and looks at the book. She says she wasn’t the one who circled it and says she was wondering who did it.

Meanwhile, Na and Yeom give Bae a large sum of money and ask him to bury the Hope Welfare Centre Case. Bae accepts the money and hands them the tape. Yeom asks if Bae had copies elsewhere and Bae assures them he doesn’t.  

Bae says they are not the only ones who know about what happened at the Welfare Centre. Yeom says Baek is in prison. He says Eun Ki and her mother are there along with the rest of the people who were kidnapped. Na says she will talk to them. Bae tells her to look underneath her nose. He doesn’t elaborate when she asks about it.

Bae walks out into an alley. Bae opens the bag and checks the money. He hears someone walk up and turns around. A man in black clothes hits Bae on the head repeatedly with a brick. The man takes the money and walks away leaving Bae’s body behind.

Sung Hoon meets Eun Ki in a meeting room and asks where Bae is. She says he seems late. He gets a recorded tone that says the phone is switched off.

Eun Ki says she was surprised that Bae agreed to do the show. She says she saw Bae’s true nature when they were kidnapped. She says a person’s true colour comes when they are in danger. She says she thought it would be difficult to get Bae to repent.

Eun Ki asks why it is so difficult to apologise sincerely. Sung Hoon says people weigh their benefits and losses even when apologising. Sung Hoon says there is more to lose than to gain by apologising.

Sung Hoon says he told Bae this would be his second chance to correct his wrongdoing.


Sung Hoon tells Bae to meet Na and Yeom. He tells Bae to say he is doing a documentary and has a twenty-year-old tape. Bae says Yoon Jae took the tape already. Bae asks if Sung Hoon wants him to bluff. Sung Hoon says they should watch how Na and Yeom react.

At present, Yeom is furious when he finds out that the tape he took from Bae is blank. He wonders why Bae would lie when he could get caught so easily.

That night, Na reaches home. A mysterious man (Chef Lee/ Charles) on a motorcycle gives her an envelope.

Na goes inside and opens the envelope. She drops the envelope in shock after she looks at the photographs inside.

Judge Ryu checks the photos and is equally shocked as the photos are from inside the Hope Welfare Centre. He demands to know if Bae is behind this. She says it is not just Bae. Na wonders if Sung Hoon is behind this. She says Sung Hoon is acting weird lately. She adds that Sung Jun can have memories of being adopted only if Sung Hoon has planted it.

Na tells Judge Ryu that Sung Hoo knows exactly what they did.

Sung Jun sits silently on the couch as Sung Hoon and Eun Ki come home. Sung Hoon asks if Yoon Jae confessed. Sung Jun drops the necklace on the sketchbook. He tells Eun Ki that he wants to talk to her outside. Sung Hoon looks at the numbers 2,4 and 0 circled on the sketchbook as Eun Ki and Sung Jun head out.

Outside, Sung Jun asks if Eun Ki found a place to stay. Eun Ki says she did. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon is a bit suspicious. Sung Jun says she can stay the night as he will be there but asks her to move out tomorrow. He tells her not to give anyone her new address including Sung Hoon. Sung Jun asks Eun Ki to share anything she hears about Sung Hoon with him. Eun Ki agrees to everything. Upstairs, Sung Hoon watches them from the window.

In the morning, Sung Jun acts like he is sleeping on the couch as Sung Hoon heads out for his jog

Sung Jun follows Sung Hoon at the park. At one point, Sung Jun notices the yellow paint stripe on the ground and the shoeprints on it. He wonders if this was where he usually met Yoon Jae. Sung Jun finds Sung Hoon talking to another person in black clothes. The person’s face is hidden behind the branches. Sung Jun walks away. Sung Hoon turns around to see if he was followed.

Meanwhile, Eun Ki heads over to Bae’s office. She is told that he didn’t come in for work. She is also told that Bae wasn’t working on any documentary on Hope Welfare Centre. He says they haven’t decided on the documentary yet.

Eun Ki calls up Sung Jun and says she will move out today. She says Bae lied about the documentary and also didn’t come to work today. Sung Jun asks if Bae told her about the documentary. Eun Ki says it was Sung Hoon. Sung Jun tells her that he will look into Bae.

Detective Kim calls up Sung Jun and says that Bae was murdered.

Sung Jun joins his team at the crime scene. Na says Chef Lee/Charles is probably the killer as Yoon Jae was in jail. Sung Jun recalls seeing a figure in black talking with Sung Hoon at the park. Kim says the officer following Chef Lee lost him. Oh tells them to check the CCTV.

Sung Jun visits Yoon Jae in prison. Yoon Jae says he thought Sung Hoon abandoned him. Sung Hoon asks what Yoon Jae did this time. Yoon Jae says he did nothing and asks Sung Hoon to get him out. Sung Hoon asks how much Sung Jun knows. Yoon Jae says he helped Sung Jun regain all his memories. He says Sung Jun figured out who his accomplice was. Judging by Sung Hoon’s expression, Yoon Jae realises that Sung Jun is hiding the fact that he regained his memories from Sung Hoon.

Sung Hoon calls Yoon Jae a lost cause. He says everything is a joke to Yoon Jae but to someone else, this is a plan they spent a lifetime making and it is still ongoing. Yoon Jae says he is aware. He says Sung Jun keeps saying that Sung Hoon doesn’t see Yoon Jae as a human being. He says Sung Jun claims that Sung Hoon betrayed Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae says he got mad hearing that.

Sung Hoon confirms that he doesn’t see Yoon Jae as a human being. He says Yoon Jae has done too many things that he shouldn’t have done. He says he took Yoon Jae out of the equation. Yoon Jae is unsettled as he tells Sung Hoon not to do that. Yoon Jae says he doesn’t know what he will do if Sung Hoon does that.

Sung Hoon tells Yoon Jae to do whatever he can.

Meanwhile, Sung Jun heads over to the restaurant and asks the staff if Bae came there yesterday. He is told that Bae came there and met with Minister Na and a man. Sung Jun goes to the room where they had dinner and finds a spycam. He picks it up and asks to see the CCTV.

He notices from the footage that Bae comes in with a bag but goes out with another bag. He rewinds the tape and finds Sung Hoon entering the room long before the meeting took place. Sung Jun realises that Sung Hoon was the one who planted the hidden camera.

Later, Sung Jun asks Na why she met Bae at the restaurant. She said they discussed nothing and Yeom just wanted to have dinner together. Sung Jun asks why Na brought a bad of money for a quick meal. She says she didn’t. Sung Jun says he saw it on CCTV. Na says it wasn’t money but just unimportant documents. Na says Bae blackmailed her about what happened 20 years back. Sung Jun demands to know what happened back then at Hope Welfare Centre. Na goes quiet. Sung Jun asks her how she can be this brazen when innocent people have died. Sung Jun says just because she turned a blind eye to it doesn’t mean it never happened. Na asks who else knows besides him. Sung Jun has a look of disbelief on his face as he asks her to make the right decision.

Sung Hoon watches footage of Bae taking the bribe from Na and Yeom. Just then, he receives a call from Sung Jun. Sung Jun asks to meet. He asks if Sung Hoon killed Bae. Sung Hoon asks why Sung Jun thinks that. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon installed the hidden camera in the restaurant because he wanted to see how Yeom, Na and Bae would react. He says they hadn’t changed a bit. He states that Sung Hoon killed Bae and asks if he will kill Yeom and Na.

Sung Hoon says Sung Jun is good at this and asks him to guess what his next move is. He tells Sung Jun to get it right at least this time.

Eun Ki is out grocery shopping when she sees the news of Bae’s murder. She bills her items and heads out. Sung Hoon finds her on the street and takes her to an alley.

Sung Jun rushes over to Sung Hoon’s office but finds it locked.

Sung Hoon asks Eun for a favour and gives her a folder. He says he trusts that she will make good use of it when the time comes. He says he is going to take care of his affairs. As he is about to leave, she asks if he is not an accomplice. Sung Hoon walks away without responding.

Yeom comes into the holding cell. Yoon Jae says he has evidence of Yeom’s corruption. He asks Yeom to set him free for one day and he will bring him that evidence. Yeom says he won’t bargain with a psycho on a death sentence. Yeom says he threw the hard drive into Han river. Yoon Jae says bad guys never believe what others say. Yeom says Bae already scammed him with a blank tape. Yeom says if he had his way he would kill him. He says he is keeping quiet because he doesn’t need to get his hands dirty. He says Yoon Jae’s days are numbered. Yoon Jae asks him to think about it before it is too late.

Sung Jun walks down the stairs thinking about what Sung Hoon’s next move will be.

Sung Jun goes over to Yoon Jae’s cell. Yoon Jae lies in his cell and says an early morning interrogation without consent is illegal. Sung Jun asks who is Sung Hoon’s next target after Bae. Yoon Jae is surprised to hear that Bae was murdered.

Yoon Jae gets up and smiles wondering if his brother killed Bae. Sung Jun asks if killing Bae wasn’t a part of their plan. Yoon Jae asks what Sung Jun will give him in exchange for information. Sung Jun says he won’t give anything. He says he wants to stop Sung Hoon. He says if Sung Hoon hadn’t met Yoon Jae he wouldn’t have become the monster that he is now. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon was always protective of Yoon Jae and Yoon Jae forced him to take part in his plan.

Yoon Jae comes up towards Sung Jun. He says Sung Jun seems to like Sung Hoon a lot but he is wrong about one thing. Yoon Jae says the plan didn’t start because of him. He says Sung Hoon was the one who mapped out the revenge. He says Sung Hoon was the one who planned everything.


Sung Hoon speaks to Yoon Jae in the storage room at the Hope Welfare Centre. He says they will decide their targets and revenge based on the evidence they collected.

He shows Baek/Crazy dog’s family photos and where he is working. Sung Hoon says they will make Baek experience the torture that he made the boys experience back then. Sung Hoon says that is the rule of their revenge.

Next, they discuss Yeom. He says Yeom is still taking bribes. Yoon Jae says Crazy Dog’s daughter and Yeom’s grandson must be dear to them. Sung Hoon says they can’t punish family members. He says their goal is revenge and not murder.

Yoon Jae says they killed Yoon Jung and they should make them feel the same. Yoon Jae says he will execute the punishment. Sung Hoon tells Yoon Jae not to hurt the kid. Yoon Jae says he will target Hey Jin.

Then they discuss Taxi Driver Choi. Sung Hoon says his charges are murder by beating to death. Yoon Jae says Choi should be beaten to death and Sung Hoon nods.

Sung Hoon says he wants to give Ahn Tae Ho a chance to be saved as he was once his friend. Yoon Jae says he is being ridiculous. Sung Hoon tells Yoon Jae to go back to the US if he can’t obey him.

Sung Hoon says Bae Chul Ho is still greedy and lies all the time. He says Bae is guilty of turning a blind eye and not speaking out when he should have. Yoon Jae asks if he should gouge out Bae’s eyes. Sung Hoon tells him not to cross the line. He says they will make him spill the truth on his own accord.

Sung Hoon says (juror) Kang Yong Ki is guilty of feeding children rotten food. Yoon Jae says they should burn his oesophagus so he can eat. Sung Hoon says Kang won’t be able to eat anything at his daughter’s wedding and will be rushed to the ER.

Sung Hoon finally shows Jo In Seok. He says she did try to save them but she sat by and watched. He says Eun Ki will find out the truth and they will punish her. Yoon Jae says Eun Ki is an angel. He says it will be fun to watch when Eun Ki finds out whose filthy blood runs in her veins

Sung Hoon says the last one is shaman Kwon Kyun Ja. He says she is guilty of seeing something she shouldn’t have and failing her duty to save them

Sung Jun says the seven of them will attend the jury trial as jurors. He says Yoon Jae and Chef Charles / Lee will join the jury. Sung Hoon says once Yoon Jae takes care of Ji Eun, 

Someone will be wrongfully accused of murder. Sung Hoon says he will be the presiding judge for the jury trialHe says they will punish them one by one

At present, Sung Jun listens as Yoon Jae says that Sung Hoon was the one who planned everything while he just executed it. Yoon Jae says it is not over yet.

The next day, the news plays the footage of Bae accepting a bribe from Na and Yeom. The news reports that the anonymous sender will send out a second video tomorrow which will be even more shocking.

Yeom is shocked as he sees the news.

Na is worried as she sees the news. Judge Ryu asks if Na did the same thing 20 years ago, as she was worried about her career in the civil service. Na says she didn’t do it for herself but for him. She says Judge Ryu also visited the vacation home and accepted sexual favours from the girls of the Welfare Centre. She says she was aware of what went down in that place. She says they made girls from the Welfare Centre and made them offer sexual favours to the guests. Judge Ryu is taken aback as she says she knew all along about him.

Meanwhile, Sung Jun thinks that Sung Hoon won’t stop. Just then, Eun Ki rushes in and says Judge Ryu may be in danger. She hands over a notebook and says Sung Hoon gave it to her. She says it is a petition Sung Hoon wrote when he was young. 

Sung Jun reads the letter, “Hello Judge Ryu ll Ho. I’m a 15-year-old boy who lives at Hope Welfare Center. My name is Im Sung Hoon.” 

At present, Sung Hoon sits in his car watching Judge Ryu fishing.

Young Sung Hoon dodges the guards outside the courtroom and hands over the petition to Judge Ryu. Young Sung Hoon’s voiceover continues to read the letter, “A little while ago my friends and I tried to escape but got caught. My friend, 24 got hit by an officer’s car and died. Number 12 almost lost his foot as it got caught in a trap and Number 7 got locked in a mental hospital and then went missing. Why did we have to risk our lives to escape? I’m writing this to tell you what kind of things happened at Hope Welfare centre.”  Judge Ryu takes the petition from young Sung Hoon and walks away saying he will refer to it.

At present, Sung Jun says his father was connected to the case too. Eun Ki says nothing changed and Director Lee Myung Sin was only punished for embezzlement with a 3.5-year sentence.

Just then, Sung Jun receives a call from Sung Hoon. Sung Hoon calls him to the fishing spot in Ojeong-RI. Sung Jun leaves.

Sung Hoon gets out of the car and walks towards Judge Ryu. 

Sung Jun speeds down the road in his car.

Image Courtesy- TVN


Sung Jun speaking to Yoon Jae in the prison cell was a good watch. Sung Jun tried to pry Yoon Jae and Sung Hoon apart but didn’t get lucky. Yoon Jae still considers Sung Hoon and himself superior to everyone. He feels their plan is foolproof and he is confident of walking free. Though he doubted his brother’s loyalty, he still seems extremely loyal to Sung Hoon.

This episode showed the motive behind all the murders and the other targets on the hit list. It was revealed that Sung Hoon was indeed the mastermind but it also looks like Yoon Jae deviated from Sung Hoon’s plan. It looks like Jung Man Chun, his family and Yu Na were collateral damage. Sung Hoon mentioned he didn’t want children to be harmed in his revenge plan. But he was the one who planted false memories in Sung Jun who was also a child at that time.

Producer Bae finally met his end. I wonder what he was thinking when he tried to two-time Yeom, Na and Sung Hoon. He was lucky Na and Yeom didn’t kill him. Bae never repented his actions and died a greedy man. The police investigation is sloppy as they always seem to be losing the people whom they are watching.

It looks like Yoon Jae went rogue and made Sung Jun recollect his memories whereas Sung Hoon never wanted Sung Jun’s memories to resurface. I wonder if Sung Hoon went on implementing his original plan or changed it after finding that Sung Jun is on to him.

It is interesting how Sung Hoon talks people into digging their own graves. Bae went ahead and got himself exposed and killed. It looks like Yoon Jae will also join the list as he keeps doing things under the assumption that Sung Hoon always has his back. But, Sung Hoon said he removed Yoon Jae from the equation for making things more complicated. Sung Jun tried hard but couldn’t figure out Sung Hoon’s plans. Even now, he was the one who called Sung Jun to the fishing location.

Eun Ki seems to be a good judge of character as she judged that Bae won’t repent his actions. It looks like she is struggling to believe that Sung Hoon was Yoon Jae’s accomplice. 

Yoon Jae says he has evidence of Yeom’s corruption. Interestingly, Yeom paid no heed to it and the original tape is out there. Chef Charles/Lee’s involvement seems intriguing. 

It was revealed that Na was keeping her husband Judge Ryu’s secret all along. It was shown that Judge Ryu was one of the guests who received sexual favours from the girls in the orphanage. It looks like Na will take the secret to her grave instead of taking the right path.

It was saddening to see Sung Hoon try so hard to get Judge Ryu to pass a fair sentence in the case but it was in vain. Sung Hoon didn’t mention what happened to Yoon Jae and him after they tried to escape. Sung Hoon’s plan for punishing Judge Ryu wasn’t revealed yet.

This Episode was fast-paced and it was an interesting watch.

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