Happiness Episode 12 Recap- Series Finale

Sae Bom watches Yi Hyun's recording as her plasma is taken. Sae Bom tries his number but it is unreachable. She looks at his contact name, "I am his lifesaver." She removes her IV line and goes outside when she spots Seo Yoon being escorted down the corridor. She goes over to her. Seo Yoon searches… Continue reading Happiness Episode 12 Recap- Series Finale

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Happiness- Series Review

Happiness Recap Index Genre- Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Cast- Han Hyo-Joo, Park Hyung-Sik, Jo Woo-Jin ‘Happiness’ is an apocalyptic thriller that follows a group of residents in an Apartment Complex during the lockdown imposed for bringing a manmade virus outbreak under control. The drama starts with a brief introduction of Yoon Sae Bom and Yi Hoon… Continue reading Happiness- Series Review


Happiness Episode 11 Recap

Outside 501, Ko tells off Yeon Ok for not informing them that Andrew is a murderer. Ko says he assumed that Andrew was blackmailing. Yeon Ok says Ko wanted supplies and didn't care about how they got them. Kook says he opened the door because Yeon Ok asked him to. He says he had no idea this would happen. Yeon Ok… Continue reading Happiness Episode 11 Recap

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Happiness Episode 10 Recap

Sae Bom goes up to the 15th floor with the T-shirt. She notices that the door is unlocked. She calls out Se Hun's name as she steps inside. Back in 501, Han's voice comes through the walkie talkie. Yi Hyun asks if Sae Bom has the antibodies. Han says she does not. He says he can take Seo… Continue reading Happiness Episode 10 Recap


Happiness Episode 9 Recap

Seo Yoon pours herself a glass of water when the bell rings. She opens it to find Sae Bom and Yi Hyun. Yeon Ok, Kim and the others walk in. Yeon Ok asks if Seo Yoon is thirsty. Sae Bom tells her to stay away from Seo Yoon. She asks Yeon Ok and Kim to talk to… Continue reading Happiness Episode 9 Recap