Happiness Episode 9 Recap

Seo Yoon pours herself a glass of water when the bell rings. She opens it to find Sae Bom and Yi Hyun. Yeon Ok, Kim and the others walk in. Yeon Ok asks if Seo Yoon is thirsty. Sae Bom tells her to stay away from Seo Yoon. She asks Yeon Ok and Kim to talk to her if they want to.

Kim justifies himself by telling Sae Bom that she could be infected without her knowledge. Yeon Ok looks at the food and water. Yi Hyun tells her to get out and gives her the word that they will stay in. Sae Bom says her patience is running out.

Yeon Ok says Sae Bom’s eyes are glaring. She tells him to aim the gun at her and he does. Yi Hyun finds Oh in the room going through their items. Oh comments that the house doesn’t look like newlyweds home. He says Seo Yoon should probably stay at his home as it is safer.

Yi Hyun points out that Oh is here for NEXT. Oh asks him for NEXT in exchange to let them stay.  Yi Hyun asks why Oh wants the pills. Oh says the pills kept Min Ji alive despite her head being bashed in. He says he will take the pills if he is in danger. He says the pills will keep him alive even if he is infected. Yi Hyun asks if he isn’t worried about the disease. Oh says the infected don’t feel pain or fear and goes out. 

Meanwhile, Ko and Moon learn that Yi Hyun and Sae Bom are possible carriers. Yeon Ok leaves the apartment with Kim.  

Sae Bom is furious as she hears all the residents talking about them outside. She goes out and yells at them to take it to Yeon Ok’s house. Yeon Ok is infuriated. Yi Hyun comes up behind Sae Bom and Holds her as she steps forward. He tells her to calm down and takes her inside. 

Kim follows them and asks Sae Bom if she is thirsty. She walks away after saying that she is disappointed in him.

Meanwhile, the residents say they should go to Yeon Ok’s house. She tries to say it isn’t clean. Oh says they should check out her house. 

Yi Hyun asks Kim if he is okay. Kim says Sae Bom has a cut. Yi Hyun says it is just a cut. Kim asks Yi Hyun to go inside. He offers to stand guard outside. He says others will calm down if nothing happens for a few days. Yi Hyun tells Kim not to trust the Residents.

Meanwhile, the Residents are shocked to find Yeon Ok’s house scantily furnished and strewn with bottles of alcohol. Yeon Ok distracts them by saying that Sae Bom will come here. Oh says they have to talk to Kook regarding evacuation. Shin says it won’t apply here as 501 is Yi Hyun and Sae Bom’s rightful home. She also says they haven’t shown symptoms. 

Oh says the infected show symptoms when thirsty. He says 501 has a lot of water. Yeon Ok says they should take the water from 501. Andrew overhears this conversation and walks away.

Yi Hyun Sae Bom and Seo Yoon are eating fruit at the table. Sae Bom is peeling apples. Seo Yoon says she doesn’t like the Residents. Yi Hyun says they are like that because they are scared. Seo Hyun asks if Oh is scared too. Yi Hyun says he is an exception. He tells her not to interact with Oh and pretend he is invisible. Sae Bom says she is angry at Kim. Yi Hyun says he isn’t taking Kim’s side but Kim misses his wife and he wants to go home.

Sae Bom says she grades people. She says she adds points for good deeds and minuses for bad ones. She says Kim is in the negative now. Yi Hyun asks if she has points for him too. Sae Bom pouts but doesn’t respond.

Just then Andrew drops by. Sae Bom finds that Kim isn’t outside as promised. Andrew tells her that they are plotting a plan to kick Sae Bom and Yi Hyun outside. He says Kim went up after hearing this.

Sae Bom storms out with the fruit knife after asking Yi Hyun to stay with Seo Yoon. Yi Hyun tries to go after her. Seo Yoo asks if he is worried for her. Yi Hyun says he is worried for the residents.

Kim is reasoning with the residents when Sae Bom walks in. Yeon Ok points at the knife in Sae Bom’s hand. Oh runs and tries to take Kim’s gun from the holster. Sae Bom kicks him and Oh falls. The residents panic. Kim points the gun at Sae Bom but she disarms him and points the gun at Oh.

Oh dares her to shoot. Sae Bom pulls the trigger and everyone screams. Oh opens his eyes when nothing happens. Sae Bom says the first bullet is always blank for cops. Oh realises he has wet his pants. 

Yeon Ok asks if she plans to live on here though she is infected. Sae Bom says they can check for the infected. She says the infected will go crazy if they see blood. She holds the knife across her palm to cut it.

Yi Hyun storms in and grabs the knife. He slashes the knife across his palm. Sae Bom is taken a aback. She gets her coat to dress the wound. He says he is fine. He walks over to all residents and puts his bleeding hand in front of them.

Oh comments that this is gross. None of the residents is bothered by the blood. Yi Hyun finally comes to Bo Ram. Bo Ram (cashier) lunges at him with cloudy eyes. The residents shriek in alarm as Sae Bom puts her jacket over Bo-Ram to tackle her. Yi Hyun grabs another coat and covers Bo Ram’s face. The residents yell in horror.

Later, Bo Ram is in the gym with her face covered. Yi Hyun waits for her to become lucid so they can talk. Sae Bom watches his hand bleeding into the cloth. Sae Bom says it will be difficult for Bo Ram if she keeps smelling blood. Sae Bom leaves Kim in the gym and goes up with Yi Hyun to dress his wound. She says she doesn’t want the wound to get infected. Kim comes running out. He says Bo Ram is moving. Yi Hyun tells Sae Bom to stay with Bo Ram and he can treat the wound by himself. She tells him to put on ointment, change the towel and keep the hand elevated. He nods and goes away.

Meanwhile in 1201, Yeon Ok gulps down water. She loses her cool when Ko asks for some. She then tells them all to leave.

Yi Hyun walks in just as they all try to leave. He says they should check the rest of them too. He says Oh and Yeon Ok could be infected too.

Sae Bom walks in to talk to Bo Ram. Bo Ram tells her to stay back but Sae Bom says Bo Ram’s symptoms won’t come back for some time. Bo Ram says she was infected at the supermarket. She says one of the infected scratched her leg. She says she didn’t say that because she won’t be allowed in the apartment. Sae Bom tells her to rest and Bo Ram thanks her for not letting her bite anyone. Sae Bom says Bo Ram might have been able to hold on without biting anyone. When asked, Bo Ram says she wasn’t the one who threw out the blood-stained clothes in the trash bag by the stairwell.

Sae Bom comes out. Kim says he can hear banging sounds from the indoor golf range. He says Na’s brother is there.

At the indoor golf range, Reverend Sun is playing screen golf trying to coerce Na’s brother into saying that Sae Bom is infected. Just then, Sae Bom walks in and asks him to clear out. Reverend Sun goes away.

Meanwhile, Yi Hyun sees everyone out. Shin thanks him and leaves. Yi Hyun tells Oh to change his pants as these seem wet. Yeon Ok tells Yi Hyun to leave her alone and closes the door.

Later, Yeon Ok washes her hair and notices that she is losing a lot of hair.

Reverend Sun walks into the house. He is disturbed as he sees the blood on the floor and the fruit knife beside it. He picks up tissues and wipes some blood off. He moves to the next stain but this time he is tempted to lick the blood on the floor. He is about to lick the blood on the floor when Yeon Ok walks past. He gets up.

Yeon Ok says they should have a meeting and get rid of the infected.

As Yi Hyun is coming back, Sae Bom comes out of 501. She glares at him. She says she assumed he was going straight home. Yi Hyun says he had a plan to check if anyone else was infected. Sae Bom asks if he found any and he says he didn’t.

Just then Kim comes and tells them that he can’t face them and he will find somewhere else to stay. Sae Bom tells him to come inside. She returns his gun and asks him to speak to them in future instead of betraying them. Kim says it was his first time betraying someone. He tells Yi Hyun that he will work hard. Yi Hyun smiles and walks inside.

They go inside. Kim keeps Seo Yoon engaged. Sae Bom takes Yi Hyun into the bedroom and sits him down. She tells him off for cutting his hand. He tells her that he couldn’t watch her cut herself. She tells him that she would’ve done a shallow cut but his wound is deep. He says his veins and muscles are intact. He says he was bleeding because he has a strong heart. She removes the towel and sprays an antiseptic. He winces as it stings. She covers it with a towel and says he won’t need stitches.

Sae Bom tells him not to do this again. She says seeing this made her stomach hurt and she won’t be able to eat dinner. Yi Hyun says he felt the same way when those people were glaring at her when she was there with the knife. He tells her that he can do it but she shouldn’t do it. He winces as she presses the towel.


Kook and Shin are in the gym when Yi Hyun and Sae Bom walk in. Sae Bom puts a blanket over Bo Ram and takes her out as the other residents walk into the gym for the meeting. Bo Ram asks for a place with fresh air.

The meeting commences with the exception of the reverend, Se Hun (15th floor) and Dong Hyun’s parents. Yi Hyun says he hasn’t checked the reverend yet. Kim calms Yeon Ok down. Na says that the maintenance worker is not there. Kook asks them to hurry up and test them.

Yi Hyun asks someone to cut themselves as he isn’t here to donate blood. Everyone goes silent. Andrew takes the knife and cuts a slash on his forearm. Yi Hyun gives him a cup and he catches the blood in it. Yi Hyun checks everyone and they seem normal. The residents start arguing over rations.

At the dormitory, Ji Soo says that they have noticed mutation among critically ill patients. She says they can adjust the time interval between outbursts. She says they suppress symptoms and show it only when they know they are safe. Han says the disease is cunning. She says the superiors want another contingency plan but they don’t have enough mutations.

They stand outside Chairman Seok’s room. Ji Soo says they have given him sedatives. She says he will be normal for ten minutes. She says if Seok turns this time he will never recover again. Han says ten minutes is enough.

Seok is strapped to the chair and is wearing a muzzle. Han tells him that Seok’s funeral went smoothly. He says his children cried for him. He comments that Chairman Seok didn’t tell them about the slush funds. He says many cried because Seok dropped out of the clinical trial. Han says Seok will get a medal for exemplary service once everything is normal.

Seok says the authorities are making Han take the tough decisions. He says Han thinks he will become famous if he is around till the cure is found. Seok says no one needs the hound after the hunt is over. He says Han’s wife and child will end up like him too. Han says they will know who the dog is once the cure is found.

Han walks out and Ji Soo tells him that Sae Bom’s blood panel will be out tomorrow. Han asks if they need more critical mutations. She says they do. She says they hide their thirst well and you can’t tell them apart.

Han says the Seyang Forest Residential complex (Sae Bom’s Residential Apartment complex) has the most critical cases. Han says they need to see how the virus changes nature over a period of time. She says the apartment is like a container where you cultivate the virus. Ji Soo realises that Han kept the residents inside in the hope of finding antibodies in at least one of the critically ill patients. 

Han tells her to cut open the gate enough for one person to escape. He tells her to bring the infected who try to get out. He tells her to use them for the research.

Sae Bom goes to 1501 and asks Se Hun for some camping equipment and food.

Sae Bom sets up a tent on the roof. She puts the food and water beside it too. Bo Ram refuses to have the water as she says it will make them more thirsty. Sae Bom realises that Bo Ram didn’t drink water that Oh put in the gym either.

Yi Hyun is at the indoor golf course. He gives him some bread and little water. He tries to untie Na’s brother as he eats. Na’s brother tells Yi Hyun not to come close as he feels thirsty. He says he will eat with handcuffs on. Yi Hyun asks if he was fine when the reverend was here. Na’s brother says he didn’t feel thirsty when the Reverend was around.  Kim wonders if the infected pick their victims. Yi Hyun says the infected didn’t bite the reverend that day. Kim says it is because he was devout.

The reverend is praying at his home. He spots blood on the wall and goes over. He picks up the blood-stained tissues from the bin. Yeok Ok walks in with the cup of blood. She puts it in front of him.  She is annoyed that he hasn’t cleaned up the blood on the floor yet. Yeon Ok says she has to check the 3rd and 15th floor too. She leans forward and the reverend feels thirsty. She asks if she is losing hair and he blurts out a yes. She runs to the mirror to check.

She comes back and pats him. He turns around. Yeon Ok lets out a horrified scream as she sees his mouth stained with blood from the cup he just drank out of. 

Sae Bom goes down and runs into Yi Hyun in the stairwell. He says the infected avoid attacking the reverend. She says the reverend didn’t drink water at the gym that day. Yi Hyun says the purpose of the virus is to spread the disease. He says they stop sucking blood when they know that the victims are infected. They go to check. 

Yeon Ok locks herself inside a room. The reverend says he didn’t want to be kicked out so he didn’t tell her. He asks to talk face to face but she doesn’t open the door. He says he took the drug from the gym from Seung Beom. He says he tried to control himself by drinking his own blood but it didn’t help. He asks if he should go to the gym too. Yeon Ok says it will be difficult to become the apartment representative if people find out that he is infected. Yeon OK tells him to go inside his room and she will take care of the food. She says they will tell people that he is sick. She goes out of the room to check as she doesn’t get a response. The reverend is not in the house.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom come to 1201. Yeon Ok says the reverend is outside. Yi Hyun pulls the door open and heads inside. Sae Bom notices that the door to the stairwell is open. The reverend runs into Kim in the stairwell. He runs into the corridor to avoid Kim.

Oh keeps his ears against the door to 601. He can hear Kook and Sang-Hee inside as they are loud. He turns around to see the reverend standing by the wall. Oh is alarmed to see the reverend with cloudy eyes.

Oh opens 601 and runs inside and locks the door to the room. Kook hastily puts on his pants as Sang-Hee gets up. The reverend follows Oh inside the house. Kook pulls Sang Hee and holds her in front of him.

Sae Bom runs in and tackles the reverend but he throws her away. He grabs her and pins her down. Yi Hyun comes down and Kim tells him that the reverend is inside 601. 

Yi Hyun comes in to find that the reverend has pinned Sae Bom on the floor. Yi Hyun removes the bandage on his wound and slits open the wound again. He says his blood is tastier. Kook and Sang Hee run out.

The reverend charges at Yi Hyun. Yi Hyun blocks him. Sae Bom tries to hold the reverend with a stip of cloth but he breaks free and goes after Yi Hyun. Yi Hyun ducks away. He then flips on the floor and locks his legs around the reverend’s legs, flooring him. Sae Bom runs up and he ties the reverend down. She looks concerned at his bleeding wound. He says she has to apply ointment on it again. They walk out without noticing Oh who is inside the room.

Sae Bom tells Yeon Ok to go inside when the reverend is calmer. Yi Hyun asks if Yeon Ok’s opinion on the infected has changed. Yeon Ok remains quiet.

In 601, the reverend lies on the floor with a blanket over his head. He bangs his head on the floor. Oh removes the blanket from his head. The reverend gets up and goes attacking towards Oh. Oh moves away just in time and the reverend falls down to death out of the open balcony. Oh smiles.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom come inside as they hear the noise. They notice the balcony door open. They peek out and come back inside. Yeon Ok comes in and looks over the railings. She says her husband’s death is on them and goes out.

Yi Hyun frowns as he notices the blanket on the floor. He goes into one of the rooms and finds Oh there. Oh says he has been inside for a long time since the infected are outside.

Kook and Sang-Hee run hand in hand in the corridor. He apologises for pushing her in front earlier. She says he will learn from next time. Kook says Oh might be infected. She says she can’t stay at his house. Kook says he can talk to his wife to let her stay in 602. Sang-Hee says Shin may find out.

Sang-Hee says Oh didn’t go bankrupt. She says he invested everything in cryptocurrency and she is looking for the password. He pulls her into a hug.

Kook comes home and tells Shin that he was on the roof. She says Bo Ram is on the roof. She talks about the reverend and he says the reverend had white eyes. He then asks her where she would write a long and complicated password. Shin says she would memorise it or write it down where no one can find it.

Sang-Hee comes into the house. Oh comes out of the shower and she notices that there is a lengthy tattoo on his shoulder. She asks why he washed his hair when they don’t have water.

In 501, Sae Bom dresses Yi Hyun’s wound again. Yi Hyun tells her that they aren’t responsible for the reverend’s death. She says she knows that but she is uncomfortable with it.  She says the reverend should have told them. Yi Hyun says it is difficult to accept that you have contracted the disease. He says the reverend would have wanted to endure it till the cure was found. He says he was probably afraid that the person close to him would be afraid of him.

She places her palm on his forehead and says he doesn’t have a fever. She tells him to take fever reducers. She walks out after asking him to go sleep. Yi Hyun isn’t sleepy.

Yeon Ok sits in her apartment. She shines her torch to the lawn and the reverend’s body is still there. She hears a knock on the door. She goes and opens it. There is no one.


Sae Bom wakes up to loud knocks on the door. She goes out and finds Yi Hyun with the residents in the corridor. The residents say they saw a lot of food and water in 501 and they want it to be rationed. The remaining residents have gone to 1501 to ask Se Hun the same. Ko says Bo Ram gave her water to them.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom come back inside. They wonder if they should share the water. Sae Bom wonders what Se Hun is doing.

Meanwhile, the residents ask Se Hun for water. They offer to pay for it. Yi Hyun and Sae Bom come up and ask the residents to go. After they leave, Se Hun lets Yi Hyun and Sae Bom in.

Se Hun takes them to the living room. He climbs the steps and sits on the throne before listening. Sae Bom apologises for always asking for favours. Yi Hyun requests him to share his rations with the residents. Sae Bom says if he doesn’t, they can go out and get some. Se Hun tells them not to go out.

Se Hun says if they switch on the EPS switch over the power and water supply will resume. He says it is in building 103 beneath the Senior Citizen welfare centre in the electric room. He says it is designed for emergencies. He says it runs on diesel generators and the noise will attract the infected. Yi Hyun says they will talk about it.

Se Hun says he will give what he can spare by tomorrow morning. Sae Bom goes up to him to shake his hand as a gesture of thanks but Yi Hyun pulls her away and he shakes Se Hun’s hand instead. He walks her out.

They come out to find the residents waiting for them. Sae Bom says Se Hun will give them supplies tomorrow. She says she will share supplies from 501 till then.

Back home, Sae Bom asks if Han contacted them. Yi Hyun says he didn’t. Sae Bom picks out an FBI T-Shirt which she got when she trained with them. She says she will give it to Se Hun as a gesture of thanks. Yi Hyun says he can give his shirt from the Italian Championships. 

Han is visiting his wife. She asks if they can take out the baby first. Han says the baby might come out infected. She asks him not to give up on their baby. Han tears up as she cries. 

Han steps out and Ji Soo joins him. She said they cant postpone the birth any longer. Han says he would have the baby aborted if possible. He says his wife’s condition may worsen if the baby is taken out. Han says if he has to choose, he will choose his wife over the baby. Ji Soo says Sae Bom’s blood has antibodies.


Yi Hyun is cleaning the house when Sae Bom takes the shirt to Se Hun. She says she will go alone. Yi Hyun goes into the restroom. He seems disturbed as he washes his hands. He looks at his reflection. Yi Hyun pulls down his T-shirt revealing a scratch on his chest. (The reverend had scratched him when Yi Hyun was blocking him.)

Yi Hyun looks crestfallen as he sees the wound in the mirror. Just then Han’s voice comes through the walkie talkie. Yi Hyun says he is listening.

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This episode was action-packed and thrilling.

Oh (601) leaves one baffled with his bizarre logic. He claims he prefers to become infected rather than live in fear. He went ahead and committed another murder in cold blood. He doesn’t seem to understand that both NEXT and getting bitten end up with the same result. It looks like he is digging his own grave as he is keen on taking NEXT.

Se Hun has an odd choice of interior decor and lifestyle. He seems to have a lot of knowledge about the Apartment which makes him more mysterious than he already is.

Kim should seriously consider a change of profession. I wonder how he survived so long in the Police Department with a personality like his.

Chairman Seok is dead to the world and yet he still thinks he rules it.

Na’s brother and Bo Ram are avoiding water and are doing their best to control their thirst.

It was revealed that the infected do not bite or attack other infected people. The reverend warded away the infected because he was also one of them and it wasn’t the cross that did it. The tackle with the reverend at Oh’s house was a good watch.

This episode showed how the disease spreads and it was similar to that of a pandemic. The extent of the spread is vast and the control measures are too slow when compared to the disease, no matter how strictly they are imposed. There are also others in the apartment who are infected but yet to be found. 

On the other hand, Ji Soo says that the disease has mutated. Han mentioned that the critically ill in the apartment may be having the mutation. This goes to show that though they are critically ill, residents with this mutation will seem normal when with others. This totally changes things as there may be critically ill patients lurking around in plain sight. Yi Hyun and Sae Bom are totally unaware of this.

The reverend scratched Yi Hyun during the scuffle. He is probably infected. Sae Bom faces everything straight up and sees the infected as people who need to be saved. She doesn’t seem to be scared of anything and she takes everything in a stride. Yet, it looks like Yi Hyun plans not to tell Sae Bom that he is infected because he mentioned earlier that the infected don’t want their loved ones to be afraid of them. It seems like he intends to endure it till the cure is found. 

Han seems to be on the edge as his wife is due for labour. I wonder if he can get through this with a level head while using Sae Bom for finding the cure.

Since this series doesn’t disappoint with its thrills and stunts, I am looking forward to the remaining episodes. 

-By Soul Sword-

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