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Happiness – Episode 8 Recap

Day 3

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun set up rain catchers on the roof. He says he is good at predicting rain. He says even his friend who works in the National Weather Service asks him insights.

As they come down to the 11th floor they find Ko Moon and Yeon Ok in conversation. Moon says that the 2nd floor is too close to the lobby. Ko says that someone left food waste on the first floor and it is stinking. He asks if they can stay here.

Sae Bom says 1102 is locked. They say they have cleaned the house before and know the passcode is 8888. They promise to clean the house before leaving. Na overhears this conversation. Yeon Ok says there could be legal repercussions. She says the 11th floor is the Royal floor and they cant let cleaners stay. Sae Bom says they can ask the residents and the lawyer.

At the meeting, Kook says more than two people entering the house without the owner will be considered as aggravated breaking and entering. He says anyone can report it even if the homeowner is lenient.

The old man says people younger than them should stay on the floor beneath them as it is safer. Oh says they should stay on the 2nd floor and stand guard for the rest. Yeon Ok says that the residents have spoken.

Kook asks where to leave trash as it stinks. Yeon Ok says she hopes he didn’t throw it out of the window. He says he didn’t. As everyone walks out. Na comes up to Yi Hyun and Sae Bom. She says she has to say something about her brother.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun follow Na into her house. They check every room in panic. Na says that her brother is not here. She says he contacted her through the intercom.

Na says he looked fine and asks if there is a chance that he isn’t infected.

At night Sae Bom wakes up with a smile as it is raining. She goes out and Yi Hyun is awake too. He tells her to sleep. She says she will come too and bring the water. She says she wants to use the water to flush the toilet. She says they should refill it too.

Just then Sae Bom is startled as Kim mumbles in his sleep. She notices him holding a cross and Yi Hyun says Kim has found religion.

In 602, Shin asks if they should catch rainwater. Kook says he won’t drink the tub water or the rainwater. he says they are toxic.

Na is sad as she watches the rain. She goes to the entrance and finds her brother sitting in the rain. He aims the torch at him and he comes towards her. He tries to go away but she says she wants to talk. She asks if it is serious and he says he isn’t sure. He says he feels weird and she asks if he is hungry.

 Day 2

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun go to the roof. Andrew is drinking the collected water from Yi Hyun’s bottle. Yi Hyun tells him off for taking the bottle without permission. Sae Bom says no one owns rainwater and tells him to take more if he wants. She then takes a bottle and drinks from it. Yi Hyun warns her not to drink it just like that. She says it is fine.

Just then, Se Hun walks in with labelled cans. He tells her that he has water purification tablets. He asks her to tell her husband first and come by if she wants some.

Yi Hyun forbids Sae Bom from going to Se Hun’s house by herself. Sae Bom says there is no way Se Hun took the pills as he purifies even rainwater. Andrew overhears this. 

As they come down they find the maintenance worker cleaning. She says Yeon Ok told her to keep working if she wants to be paid. She tells them that she found something odd while cleaning. She gives them a cloth stained with blood. She says she found it in the staircase between the third and fourth floors.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun go to 401. He says he will investigate. Sae Bom tells him to be nice. 

Na lets them in. Sae Bom says they came here because of the trash. Yi Hyun shows her the bloodied cloth and asks if she threw it out. Na is flustered as she tries to convince them that she isn’t bitten. Sae Bom calms her down. 

Once outside, Sae Bom asks if he calls this investigation. Yi Hyun says it is better to be blunt. Sae Bom realises that she is telling the truth. Yi Hyun wonders where Na’s brother is. 

At night, Kim and Yi Hyun walk down to the basement. Yi Hyun tells Kim that he brought him along because Kim wouldn’t lend him the gun. Yi Hyun slides open the door to the basement parking lot and shines his torch. It seems empty. He is puzzled when he sees a half-eaten packed meal outside the door.

Kim tells Yi Hyun to stop investigating. He says they should wait it out in peace. Yi Hyun says he wants to be safe. Kim says his wife got tested for breast cancer and they are suspecting recurrence. He says he wants to get back to his wife.

Later, Sae Bom and Yi Hyun sit out on the balcony. He says Kim is right and she agrees to stand down till the martial law is lifted. Just then, they hear banging noises from above. Sae Bom says she doesn’t think she can stand down.

Elsewhere, Ji Soo says Number 13 among the materials seems to be working. She says 72% of the people using it are showing symptoms in lesser frequency. 

Han meets Seung Young (Sae Bom’s colleague). He says he barely gets thirsty now. Han checks his eyes and Seung Young seems fine. Seung Yeong says he was a vegetarian but he likes meat now. Han says he is recovering well and walks out. Seung Yeong cuts the meat with his fork.

Han tells Ji-Soo to leak the information about number 13 to the higher-ups. Ji-Soo protests saying that they need more data as the clinical trial is in the early stages. 

Han says he is doing this to get more data. He tells her to tell them that the clinical trial is over and they are finalising it.

Day 1

Na comes out of her house cautiously with a basket. She goes to the 11th floor through the stairwell. She goes into 1102. While coming out she is startled to see Sae Bom and Yi Hyun waiting outside.

When confronted, Na reveals that her brother is inside. 

They go inside and knock on the door which is blocked. Yi Hyun asks if he was the one who ate the meal. The brother says that Doctor Oh from the 6th floor gave him the meal. He says the doctor knew that he was infected.

Yi Hyun removes the pole blocking the door and opens it. Sae Bom asks what Oh told Him.

The brother says Oh asked him to come into the apartment but he refused as he didn’t want to harm others.

Once outside, they advise Na and her brother to stay home even after the lockdown ends. Sae Bom says they will go outside to explain the situation and bring the doctors in.

Na thanks them for understanding. Yi Hyun says this isn’t because he understands but it is because they have no choice. He says they cant throw her out. Sae Bom tries to get him to calm down and he walks away. Sae Bom comforts Na before going back.

In 302, Dong Hyun tells Bo Ram that he heard banging sounds at night. He says he suspects that his mother is infected. Bo Ram says Dong Hyun should be worried and not scared. He says he is worried for Bo Ram. Bo Ram says she would do anything to have parents like his. She goes out after telling him to be good to them.

in 501, Sae Bom says she will visit her mother once the lockdown is lifted. She says it was a good decision to not have the wedding now. She says it would have been bad for his mother to travel from the US during this time. 

Sae Bom wonders if they did the right thing with Na’s brother. He says yes. She says Han said the infected can control their thirst if they want to. Yi Hyun says he will never get infected as he is a tough man.

Just then, Sae Bom notices a pillbox on the table. Yi Hyun says he used to take them when he has stomach aches. He says it aids in digestion. She says she hasn’t taken digestive medicine and he says he is jealous.

As they walk into the kitchen, Sae Bom says they have a lot of food. He says they shared it with everyone. She says she will return the food once the lockdown is over. Yi Hyun wonders what will happen if the lockdown isn’t lifted. Sae Bom says they can wait while they eat that. She points out that he is a tough guy and walks away.


Seo Yoon wakes up and finds that the mobile network is still down. Kim wakes up to find that the power hasn’t resumed. Sae Bom walks in and asks him for his gun. He says he needs it as he is in a bad situation. Sae Bom understands. She tells Seo Yoon that she will check outside and be back soon.

At the gym, the residents find bottles of water waiting for them (the ones Oh drugged). Oh acts like he has no idea who put it there. Yeon Ok acts like she was the one who put them there. 

Yi Hyun is hesitant while Sae Bom picks up two of them. Oh puts one bottle in Yi Hyun’s hand.  Sae Bom asks someone to come along to check outside. Noone volunteers. She and Yi Hyun head outside. Yi Hyun tells her not to drink the water as it may be spiked.

They are puzzled as there is no activity by the barricades.

In 302, Dong Hyun hears banging sounds and he goes out of his room. He goes to his mother’s room and realises that the banging sound is coming from there.

Just then, the siren sounds and it is announced that the martial law has been extended indefinitely.

Dong Hyun runs out of his room. At the gym, everyone is appalled and exclaim in despair. Oh sneaks out without anyone noticing.

Oh comes home to find Kook in the living room. Kook drinks water from the bottle on the table. He tells Oh that he came here to give Sang-Hee some legal advice.

Sang-Hee comes out of the room just then. She pulls on her shrug as she speaks. Oh scowls at her.  Oh smells Sang-Hee’s perfume on Kook. After Kook leaves, Oh tells Sang-Hee not to drink the water. Oh asks if she had fun with the lawyer regarding the legal stuff. She says it was so-so.

Shin finds Kook happily skipping down the corridor. He says he gave legal advice to Sang Hee as he thought they will get out. He smiles as he says it is bad that the martial law was extended indefinitely.

At the gym, Ko says they should escape. He drinks a lot of water. Yeon Ok explains that they will be shot if they try to escape during martial law. Andrew says he can hear banging noises within the apartment. Yeon Ok says it could be from outside. 

Dong Hyun comes in and says that he thinks his mother is sick. Bo Ram rolls her eyes. Dong Hyun’s father says it is psoriasis. He says he puts moisturiser on it. Sae Bom and Yi Hyun walk in. Bo Ram says it is just dry skin. Yeon Ok says she will check. Yi Hyun says they should hear them out first. Dong Hyun’s father forbids anyone from entering their home. He says he and his wife won’t come out of the house hereafter and walks away.

Yeon Ok says they must distribute food and rations on the second floor. Ko says he risked his life for it and he won’t distribute it. She says the cleaners are staying here for free. They start fighting.

Sae Bom says Yeong ok will make more trouble.

Meanwhile, Dong Hyun’s father tells Bo Ram to go elsewhere. He tells her to stay in 501. Bo Ram is upset.

Dong Hyun’s mother is flustered as her husband walks in. He acts normal and tells her to serve food. He tells her that Bo Ram found another apartment to stay in. 

Yeon OK and Sun come back whining about the cleaning crew. Before they can close the door, Sae Bom puts her arm in. Yeon Ok notices the scratch on Sae Bom’s palm.   She says they have to talk. Yi Hyun pulls open the door and walks in ignoring Yeon Ok’s protests.

They notice that Yeon Ok’s apartment is scantily furnished. Yeon Ok explains that they haven’t moved in fully yet. Sae Bom comments that Yeon Ok never intended to stay here.

Yi Hyun shows Yeon Ok the water tumbler and asks if this is hers. Her husband says this was given to all owners when they purchased the apartment. Yi Hyun says he knows she gave water to Seung Beom.

He accuses them of planning to make money by becoming the Representative and embezzling funds. He says she employed Seung Beom to help with the plan. She asks if he has proof. Sae Bom tells Yeon Ok that she can never become the Apartment Representative. 

Outside, Sae Bom commends Yi Hyun on his investigative skills. Kim comes by just then and asks if they were here to pray. Sae Bom says she is an atheist. Kim says he told Bo Ram to keep an eye on Seo Yoon.

After Kim goes to Yeon Ok’s house, Sae Bom says she is worried for Kim as they are con artists. Yi Hyun says Kim needs someone to rely on. He says he was in the same place when he couldn’t play baseball. She asks if he prayed. He says he had something else.

Oh comes to the 2nd floor to buy some drinks. Ko charges him 500 dollars for a 500 ml drink. Oh tries to talk to Ko but Ko holds a grudge. Oh says he will come back with money.

Moon tells Ko that since people don’t have money, they will have to accept valuables like jewellery too. She says they need to make a lot of money. Ko tells the maintenance worker to clean the house as they are allowing her to eat the food.

Meanwhile, Kim is praying. Yeon Ok recalls seeing the scratch on Sae Bom’s hand. She asks Kim about it.

Back home, Yi Hyun unpacks the weapons hidden underneath the snack packets. He takes the flash grenades and handcuffs. He says Han refused to give him a gun but he gave him a walkie-talkie instead. Kim walks in just then and he looks odd.

Sae Bom goes to the balcony and asks Kim if he wants some snacks. He asks her about the blood on her face since Han took her. She says she is fine. He asks about the scratch and she tells him her friend scratched her. He says it hasn’t healed yet. She tells him not to worry. She says if she feels any symptom she will tell him.


At night, Dong Hyun comes home to see his father sleeping against the door to his mother’s room. Dong Hyun goes to Ko’s apartment and asks if he can sleep here. He says his mother is infected. He promises to do all the chores and says he isn’t infected. He says he brought all the food from the house. 

Moon says they should allow him. Ko says they don’t have space. The maintenance worker says she will leave.  She says she will go to the 4th floor or the other units. She just asks for some food and goes out. 

Andrew follows her out and asks if she will be fine. The lady says she will stay in the basement lounge if there is no place for her to stay. He tells her to be careful as people are getting meaner. He gives her a fruit. She smiles and walks away.

Oh goes to Yeon Ok. He says he found something and brings her to 1102. She gives him the passcode and they go in. (Oh had seen Na bring her brother here) She opens the door where Na’s brother is and screams.

Meanwhile, Sae Bom doesn’t receive any response from the walkie talkie. Yi Hyun tells her they haven’t given up on them. He says they must be taking time to get settled. 

She asks him if to tell her about the baseball days. He starts talking about his winning moments. She says she meant about what he relied on when his career ended. Yi Hyun goes quiet at first and then says he relied on her.

Yi Hyun says he was miserable but he acted fine in front of her. He says he changed after she spoke to him and fell. He says he thought everything was futile. He says she made him feel better. She says he shouldn’t say that to her face but should have said it in secret. Yi Hyun says he was always grateful.  Yi Hyun takes a step towards her. Sae Bom stands rooted to the spot as he takes another step.

They both turn around as Oh and Yeon Ok come to the roof. Yeon Ok asks if they hid Na’s brother in the apartment. 

Na is standing outside apartment 1102 when Yi Hyun nudges her to the side and knocks on the door. They go in as there is no response. As he sees them, Na’s brother swears he didn’t bite anyone. He says he just looked at Yeon Ok. Oh says he has to be quarantined.

Yi Hyun handcuffs Na’s brother in the gym. He asks them to take care of Na. He says he wasn’t the one banging his head yesterday.

As they come out, Yeok Ok tries to blackmail them and get them to work together with her. She points out that they can be outcasted too as they had contact with the person who was first infected. Sae Bom asks if this is the time or place for talking about the Resident Representative position. Yeon Ok says there is no right time to make money. She asks them how they plan to go up against the crazy Oh.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun go to Oh’s apartment. Yi Hyun asks Sang Hee to step out. Oh says he put in the effort to find Na’s brother and found him.  Oh puts two bottles in front of them and tells them to drink. He says the infected get thirstier when they drink. He says he wants to check if they are infected.

Sae Bom puts another bottle in front of Oh and asks him to drink it. Yi Hyun swaps his bottle with Oh’s. Oh watches him intently. He picks up the bottle and drinks the water. Sae Bom and Yi Hyun drink too. Oh comments that all 3 of them are healthy.

Yeon Ok and Reverend Sun try to convince Kim to do something. He says Kim has to do things he doesn’t want to do if he wants to see his family safe. They tell him to find the infected persons who are acting like they are human.

Meanwhile, Oh throws up in the restroom.  Sae Bom hears him and asks Yi Hyun if they should throw up too. Yi Hyun says they should wait a bit. Oh comes out.

Oh puts the pills he found in Seung Beom’s car. He says these are the pills that made Min Ji sick.

Yi Hyun asks if he mixed them in the drinks. Sae Bom asks if he distributed them in the gym. Yi Hyun comments that Oh won’t get caught as a murderer if everyone is infected. Oh says he intended to kill just Yi Hyun and Sae Bom. He says the rest are added bonus. Oh says they will find the cure faster if there are more people infected. Sae Bom points out that Oh is confessing. Oh tells them to go back home and not come out as they will be infected. Oh tells them to lie low till the cure is found.

Yi Hyun asks if Oh killed Min-Ji. Oh says he didn’t kill anyone. Yi Hyun takes the pillbox and swallows the tablet. Sae Bom is shocked at this. She asks him to spit it out.  Yi Hyun says these are the digestive medicines he used to take back when he played baseball. Yi Hyun says he swapped the pills since Oh was bothering him a lot.


Yi Hyun goes to the parking lot after Seung Beom goes away. He checks Seung Beom’s car and finds one NEXT pill. He puts a box of digestive pills in the car.

 At present Oh runs at Yi Hyun but Sae Bom tackles him. She pins him on the floor. Yi Hyun says the dashcam caught Oh taking the pills. He says this time they have proof. He says murderers have to be isolated too.

They arrest him and bring him out. They freeze in their tracks as Kim is pointing at Sae Bom. Yeon Ok Sun and Sang-Hee are standing with Kim. Kim says he doesn’t want to get sick. 

Sae Bom says Oh is a murderer. Yeon Ok says they only care about the infected. Kim’s hand that is holding the gun shakes as Yeon Ok says that Sae Bom and Yi Hyun should be isolated.

Sae Bom steps forward but Yi Hyun grabs her hand and warns her not to move. 

Han walks into the Chairman’s room. Chairman Seok and other powerful people with the infection take the Component 13 injection believing it to be a cure. They are celebrating as the cure is found. 

Han comments that there are more people here than he expected. Chairman Seok says he already feels better. He says Han’s wife should take it too. He says he heard it was difficult to manufacture. Han says it is available in a very limited number. Seok says they should keep the martial law in place for some more time till they can release the cure. He says the infected are problematic people.  Han says he agrees that problematic people like Seok and group should be taken care of whether the situation is resolved or not. Han accuses Seok of using his money and power for taking the drug before the clinical trial was finished. He smiles as he says people like him need to pay.

Seok scowls at this. He gestures to his bodyguard who walks towards Han. Han turns around and punches the guard on his stomach. He then lands heavy punches on the guard, breaking his face. Han pushes the man’s lifeless body on the table and blood pools on the floor. Han says thanks to them, now they will have more data to work with.

Seok’s companions grow agitated as they see the blood but Seok controls himself. Their thirst takes over as they pounce on the man. Han walks out as Seok who was calm all along gives in to his thirst too. Han walks out as the guards run inside to check.

Han visits his wife. Ji Soo tells him that there was an incident at the chairman’s room and all higher-ups were infected. Han says they stole component 13 and injected themselves with it. Ji Soo says Component 13 failed the 2nd round of clinical trials. She says they are throwing out the samples. Han says they didn’t know that. Han tells her to bring them in alive and they can use them as test subjects.

Han sits beside his wife after Ji Soo leaves. His wife wakes up and says that she is thirsty. Han smiles as he tells her to hang in there as they are almost there. 

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When the martial law was extended indefinitely, the energy shift inside the apartment was portrayed very well in this episode. Everyone switched into survival mode as it was every man for himself from then on. They became aggressive and hostile towards each other. They wasted no time in forming groups and dominating the weaker residents.

Oh assumed he can escape from the murder charge if everyone was infected. He even gave Na’s brother food and didn’t do anything when he saw Na bring her brother inside. His plan backfired as martial law wasn’t lifted. 

Some of the residents were in a pathetic situation. The maintenance worker has been drawing the short straw since the start of the series.

Dong Hyun is insensitive towards his parents. When he figured out that his mother may be infected he immediately perceived her as a monster. He is busy trying to secure himself. He took all the food from his house without bothering how his parents would get by. He is so selfish that he outdoes himself with every passing episode. 

Yeon Ok and the reverend turned out to be con artists. It is not surprising to see Kim pointing a gun at Sae Bom and Yi Hyun as he has always been a weak character. But I wonder how the reverend managed to chase the infected away though, as that was the reason Kim turned into a believer. There seems to be no logical reasoning behind it unless the reverend found a way to bribe the infected to scare Kim and get him on their side.

The man from building 102 has bitten someone in the building. Though it could be anyone, Kim has been extremely jittery (similar to Dong Hyun’s mother) off late and he requested Yi Hyun to stop investigating. I wonder if he was the one bitten by the infected man.

Yi Hyun seems a changed man after he rescued Sae Bom from Han’s clutches the previous day. It looks like he is a bit more aggressive towards others and protective towards Sae Bom. 

Yi Hyun swapping out the pills long before Oh tried to get it was a smart move on his part. His detective instincts paid off there and it was a good reveal. 

Though Yi Hyun and Sae Bom are in a life-threatening and pathetic situation when compared to Han, Han seems to be gradually taking the limelight as he is making brave and important decisions at the right time. 

Though Han’s character isn’t flawless, he handled the higher-ups well. He played them by leaking information about component 13 and they reacted as he expected. He seems to be spearheading the plot. 

Han mentioned that the infected can control their desire if they want to. I wonder if he meant his wife when he said that.

Seung Young seems to be doing better. He isn’t thirsty for blood but has developed a taste for meat. This seems equally dangerous. Now there are more people who have injected themselves with component 13.

This episode was very interesting and engaging as it makes one look forward to what is in store in the upcoming episodes. 

-By Soul Sword-

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