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Happiness – Episode 7 Recap

Se Hun (1501) tells Yi Hyun that there has been a misunderstanding. He opens the door. Yi Hyun storms into the penthouse past the huge shelves that stock all the Military rations.

He opens another door and finds Sae-Bom sitting at the, munching on a snack. Yi Hyun goes over to her and asks her to play along. He tells Se Hun that they are newlyweds and he missed her. Se Hun stares him down and Sae Bom plays along. Se Hun smiles as he comments that Yi Hyun loves Sae Bom a lot. Se Hun walks out. Sae Bom gives Yi Hyun a snack and says Se Hun has a lot of cool stuff here.

Se Hun gives them a bag full of food. After they come outside, Sae Bom asks why he is here. He says Seung Beom said that Se Hun is a buyer.

They walk a few feet away and Yi Hyun examines Sae Bom to see if she was scratched. He is relieved that she is fine. He asks if she saw something weird inside. She said Se Hun’s father is a diplomat, so he has been to Africa and the Middle East. She says he believes that the world will end soon. Yi Hyun says Se Hun is weird.

Seo Yoon checks the camera on the doorbell when it rings. There is no one in the viewfinder. She goes back. The bell rings again. She checks and there is still no one. She opens the door to check with the chain still on.

She is startled when the man from 102 (who broke in when Dong Hyun went out earlier) puts his face through the opening. He asks to be let in. His mouth is stained with blood. He says he is her mother’s friend.

When she doesn’t, He tries to break the chain. Seo Yoon closes the door on his hand and he yelps in pain. He yells at her and suddenly calms down. Seo Yoon closes the door shut. 

The man says he needs medicine. Sae Bom and Yi Hyun come just then. Yi Hyun asks how he got in. The man says the first-floor door was open. He says he is harmless and didn’t bite, anyone.

Sae Bom points out the blood on his face and asks him whom he bit. He says it was just a small bite and the man didn’t die. Yi Hyun lifts his baseball bat and asks the man to run away before he counts to three. He swings the bat at 3 but the man runs for his life.

Yi Hyun walks away while Sae Bom knocks on the door. Seo Yoon is shaken as she says Kim went down to bring soap and toothpaste. Sae Bom tells Seo Yoon not to open the door for anyone. She says she will be back soon.

Sae Bom finds Yi Hyun watching the 102 resident from the entrance. The man is outside. Yi Hyun suspects that more infected people must be inside. He says they should check. Sae Bom wonders whom the man has bitten.

Inside the gym, Seung Beum begs Na to release him. He says he isn’t infected and show her that his eyes are fine. She asks if he is thirsty. He says he isn’t. He says she can’t get out of here by herself and that she needs him. Na thinks hard and throws him the key.

Seung Beom rushes out to the water dispenser and drinks water. He says he drank water but is still thirsty. He wonders what he should do now. He looks at her.

Na runs outside. She drops her phone and tries to retrieve it but Seung Beom comes out. She freezes. He says they should go upstairs before the infected people come. He loses his cool when she hesitates. She screams and runs away.

Na runs into the parking lot and finds it empty. She catches her breath. Suddenly, she senses someone behind her and turns around.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun find Na’s brother’s phone (his family photo is the wallpaper) in the corridor. They go into the gym to find it empty. Yi Hyun picks up the empty water tumbler (Yeon Ok’s).

Meanwhile, Sae Bom notices Seung Beom sitting by the empty water dispenser. He says that he drank all the water but he is still thirsty. Seung Beom says he knows what will quench his thirst.

Yi Hyun walks up to him and asks if it is human blood. Seung Beom is distracted as Yi Hyun tries to put the handcuff on him. 

Seung Beom jars his teeth at Yi Hyun and his eyes are cloudy. He lunges at Yi Hyun who blocks him just in time. Sae Bom pulls Seung Beom away and falls. He chases after her as she runs. Yi Hyun cuts him off and tackles him. he goes over to Sae Bom who seems shaken. 

Seung Beom walks towards them but stops as a shot hits him. Sae Bom pulls out her gun as she turns around. Han was the one who fired the shot. He walks past them and kills Seung Beom. Sae Bom asks if he thought she didn’t have a gun. She walks away putting her gun away. Yi Hyun asks why Han is here. Han says he came in to help them. Sae Bom escorts Na away. Yi Hyun closes Seung Beom’s lifeless eyes.

At her house, Na asks about her brother. Sae Bom says they will find him.  She says they will have to endure it till the cure is found. Han gives Na a sleeping pill and tells her to sleep.

Once outside, she tells Han that Seung Beom wasn’t a critical case. She asks why he shot him. Han says many people are biting their own families. He says she shouldn’t hesitate if she wants her loved ones safe.

Sae Bom asks him why the scratch wound won’t heal. Han says the virus is still inside her. She asks if she could end up biting people. He says that is why they are testing her every week.

Han says Seo Yoon’s father is infected but the mother is still fine. He says she misses Seo Yoon. He adds that the disease is spreading fast across the rest of the world. Han says he has follow-up measures for the apartment residents. He says they should have a meeting after verifying it is safe.

Ko, Moon, Sun, the maintenance worker and Kim are in 201. Yi Hyun knocks on their door. They don’t open since they suspect that he is bitten.

Kim opens the door and hugs Yi Hyun as he isn’t infected. The others lock the door leaving them out. Kim says a bunch of infected people ran in. He says the reverend (Sun) had special powers which warded them away. Yi Hyun refuses to believe this.

Yi Hyun asks who opened the door to the first floor. Ko opens the door and says it was Dong Hyun and the cashier.

In 302, Dong Hyun is downloading images from his phone to his laptop. the cashier asks if the other people will be okay. Just then, his mother comes in and gives them some food. The cashier introduces herself as Lee Bo Ra. Dong Hyun asks his mother to get out. 

The old lady comes out and tells her husband that the couple looks cute. 

Yi Hyun comes into the house. He tells them that he will have a word with their son. Dong Hyun coaches Bo-ra on what to say.

Yi Hyun walks into the room and shuts the door. He says that Dong Hyun and Bo Ra opened the door. Dong Hyun says they didn’t. Yi Hyun pulls Dong Hyun up by the ear. Dong Hyun says the door was open so they went out.  

Dong Hyun and Bo Ra say they were not bitten. Yi Hyun notices the phone on the table. He picks it up and asks if they went for this. He presses Dong Hyun back into his seat and tells him that a person is missing because of this. He tells Dong Hyun to take responsibility.

Yi Hyun walks out and Sae Bom is waiting for him. He says he wanted to punch him but didn’t. Sae Bom says Han is on the roof looking for infected people. He notices she looks upset. Sae Bom says Han is here because Seo Yoon’s father is infected. 

Han walks onto the roof. He finds Andrew there. Andrew says two people came and he showed them that door and they went away. Han goes up to the door and finds that the lock is broken. Andrew says he broke the lock. Han peeks inside and the infected security guard is standing in the staircase. He goes away seeing Han.

Han asks Andrew if they listened to Andrew just like that without harming him. Just then, Yi Hyun comes to the roof too. Han and Yi Hyun talk. Han says Na’s brother was probably bitten so he has gone elsewhere.

Yi Hyun asks if he studied everyone as he knows Na’s brother’s name too. Yi Hyun says he doesn’t believe that Han came here for Seo Yoon’s father’s case. He says Han isn’t a humanitarian. Han says he is doing this to stop the disease. 

Yi Hyun says Sae Bom’s wound isn’t healing. Han says he should be concerned only if the wound changes colour. He says the disease is harmful only if it reaches the brain. Yi Hyun asks if people with her condition have healed. Han says there were 4 cases similar to Sae Bom. He says they started showing symptoms later. He says they eventually succumbed too. He says they have to find an antibody that can get into the brain. Han says the situation will worsen till it is found.

Sae Bom comes and calls them down as she has gathered all the residents.

Han, Yi Hyun and Sae Bom go down to her apartment first. Han asks to speak to Seo Yoon alone as she asked to give her a message. Seo Yoon allows Han inside after Sae Bom nods in approval.

Han sees Seo Yoon’s shoes and is reminded of the shoes his wife had bought for their unborn child. He tells her that her parents miss her. He says she can go meet them.  Seo Yoon asks if Sae Bom can go too. He says she can as her mother lives outside too. He tries to pat her head but she moves away.

As they wait outside. Sae Bom asks Yi Hyun what he will do if he gets infected. She says there is a possibility that he may get infected. Yi Hyun says if he is bitten and he feels the thirst, he will tell her. She says she will tell him too. 

The residents have gathered in 201. Yeok Ok is upset that she wasn’t informed about Han’s arrival. Han walks in. Sae Bom and Yi Hyun are by the door. Everyone crowds around him and ask if the lockdown is over. He says the entire city is under lockdown. He says the power will be cut off tonight. They protest at this.

Kook asks Han to evacuate the healthy people. Ko and the team ask to go home.

The siren starts sounding and a voice says that martial law has been declared. 

Sae Bom says she will go check on Seo Yoon. Yi Hyun says he will check the gym. She gives him the gun and asks if she should join him. He says he will take Kim. She tells him not to hesitate if anything happens. She says she will take responsibility. She gives his arm a reassuring squeeze and walks away.

Sae Bom comes home and comforts a scared Seo Yoon.

Han tells the residents that the martial law will be lifted in 4 days. He says people at the power plant are infected and that is why they are cutting the power. 

Oh asks if the disease is caused by the pills. Han says nothing is proven yet. Oh walks out murmuring that he was right. Both Han and Yi Hyun look at Oh suspiciously.

Han tells the residents to charge any devices that they need to charge. He tells them to fill tubs and sink with water as there will be no water supply once the power goes off.

Yi Hyun notices Sang-Hee leaning intimately on Kook as they walk out following the other residents.

Seo Yoon finishes writing a letter to her parents. Sae Bom fills the tub with water. Seo Yoon says she will fill the tubs at her house too. Sae Bom tells Seo Yoon that the outside world may be better or worse than here. She asks if Seo Yoon wants to see her parents. 

Seo Yoon says she doesn’t drink much water. Sae Bom says Seo Yoon doesn’t have to leave if she chooses not to. Seo Yoon says Han was weird. She says Han is interested in her. He asked if Seo Bom was sick. 

Sae Bom picks up a pair of scissors and takes Seo Yoon’s letter to her parents.

Sae Bom goes to the roof. Han is waiting for her. he has blocked the stairwell door. The infected person on the other side is banging his head on the door. She hands him Seo Yoon’s letter.

Han says if Sae Bom is worried about Seo Yoon leaving alone she can also accompany her. Sae Bom realises Han has come for her and asks the real reason for his visit. She asks if it is because of her wound.

Han says they found antibodies in her body. He says they must check if the antibody works. So he says he won’t hesitate to get her bitten. He shoots the door and the infected security guard comes running towards her. She has the scissors in her hand but doesn’t use it on him. He lunges at her and tries to bite her. Sae Bom struggles to push him. 

Han isn’t able to go through with it and he points his gun at the guard. Sae Bom tells him not to shoot.

At the gym, Yi Hyun and Kim hear a gunshot. Kim says it is probably a warning shot. Kim asks if Han can take him out with him while leaving. He says it is getting to him. Yi Hyun says he will ask.

They enter the gym and find Seung Beom’s body missing. Yi Hyun checks the CCTV footage and finds that they cut out Seung Beom’s brain before clearing the scene. Yi Hyun is suspicious as Han was talking about antibodies that can reach the brain. He realises that they took Sae Bom to obtain the antibody.

Yi Hyun gives the bat to Kim and tells him to stop Han if he comes down. Yi Hyun runs up the stairs.

When he crosses the 5th floor Seo Yoon peeps out of the door. He asks her to go in as it is dangerous. She says Sae Bom went up with scissors to hand over Seo Yoon’s letter to Han. 

Yi Hyun takes her inside. He says that Sae Bom is a better fighter than him. He tells her to stay in and lock the door. He heads upstairs.

Kim shakes as he holds the bat. The elevator door opens and Han walks out, pointing his gun at Kim. Sae Bom is unconscious and Han puts her in his car.

Yi Hyun runs back down. Kim tells him that Sae Bom is hurt and Han is taking her. 

Han speaks into the radio that the target is acquired. He tells that the infected shouldn’t be pitied. He says they can control their thirst if they want to.

Yi Hyun runs into the parking lot just in time to find Han driving away with an unconscious Sae Bom in the backseat. Yi Hyun runs after the car. The truck blocking the exit moves just enough for Han’s car to go through. 

Yi Hyun jumps on the truck and lands on Han’s car. He points his gun at Han and threatens to shoot him if he lays a hand on Sae Bom. The military surrounds the car and aim at Yi Hyun. Han reaches for the gun but Sae Bom beats him to it. 

Han says that tranquiliser was enough to knock out an elephant. Sae Bom says she is different. Sae Bom says she is sparing him because he didn’t kill the security guard.

Sae Bom gets out and Yi Hyun is worried as her face is covered in blood. He checks if she is fine and she says she is. She tells him to calm down. 

Sae Bom tells Ji-Soo to order the soldiers to lower their guns if they don’t want trouble.  Ji Soo tells them too and they lower their weapons.

Han gets out of the car. He asks Sae Bom what she is going to for getting tested. Yi Hyun goes over and punches Han. Sae Bom goes and stands in front of Yi Hyun as the soldiers train their guns on him. Han tells them to lower their weapons.

Later, Sae Bom is in the military van and Ji -Soo is taking a sample. She says she is doing this only to help find a cure. Ji Soo thanks her. Sae Bom asks Ji-Soo to tell Seung Beom’s family that he didn’t make it. She also asks for some packed meals. Ji Soo says Han made sure that Sae Bom’s mother is safe.

Yi Hyun and Han talk while she is getting her blood drawn. Yi Hyun asks if they cut into Seung Beom’s brain to find antibodies. Han says sometimes they find antibodies in an infected person’s blood.

Yi Hyun asks if Han intended to cut into Sae Bom’s brain. Han says he just need the blood. Han says they have found a new monoclonal antibody (antibody made by cloning a unique white blood cell.) in Sae Bom’s blood. After some tests, he says there is a chance that it can make its way to the brain.

Yi Hyun says Sae Bom is important for the sake of Korea. He asks for some weapons to help protect Sae Bom. Han says Say Bom may start showing symptoms anytime. Yi Hyun says that is all the more reason for keeping her by his side. Han says he will give Yi Hyun anything he wants.

Yi Hyun says he doesn’t believe that Han wants to save the world. He asks Han’s real reason for doing this. Han says it is for the money. He says all many wealthy and powerful people are infected. If they knew about Sae Bom, they will drain all the blood in her body to obtain the antibody. He says manufacturing the drug will be delayed if that happens. Han says he is maintaining this as a secret because of this. 

Yi Hyun warns Han not to come after them again. He says he will expose Han once this is over. Han says he will take his punishment. 

Kim lets Sae Bom and Yi Hyun into the apartment. Kim is worried if Sae Bom is infected. Yi Hyun says she is fine.  Kim asks for his gun and Yi Hyun gives it to him. 

They distribute the meals to all the residents.

Later, Yi Hyun and Sae Bom go to the roof. She says Han didn’t kill the guard earlier. She says Han didn’t let the guard bite her either. She says Han shot the guard on the shoulder. She says he injected a tranquillizer into her and she fell asleep.

Yi Hyun says he is still a jerk. Sae Bom says Han is desperate too.

Meanwhile, Yeon Ok tells Sun that they have to just make it through 4 days. She says Oh is a nutcase. She says they will need someone powerful on their side.

Just then Kim rings their doorbell. He asks if the reverend is home (Sun). He says he wants to thank the reverend for saving his life and also pray. She gives an approving look as she sees the gun and allows Kim in.

Shin asks Kook to take out the trash. He is disinterested as he goes out. 

Sang Hee is also out with the trash. Kook offers to take her trash and he puts it on the staircase landing. Sang Hee tells him that Oh killed his wife and now she is scared. She hugs Kook and Kook is taken by surprise. 

Later as he comes home, Shin asks a dazed Kook where they should put the food waste. Kook gives a disapproving look to Shin who is not decked up. He throws it out of the window. Kook returns home and reminisces Sang-Hee hugging him. Shin notices the lipstick stain on his shirt.

Oh is at home. He extracts NEXT from the capsules using the syringe. He injects them into the water bottles on the table.

He puts everything away when Sang-Hee comes in. He asks if she took the trash out in this fancy dress. She says it is her dress and she can’t always wear Min Ji’s clothes. She asks if he is thirsty as she notices the bottles. He says he isn’t infected and she walks away.

Han and Ji Soo are back at the dormitory. He tells Ji Soo to run Sae Bom’s blood sample at a level 3 biosafety lab. She says that no one should wake up to that tranquiliser. Han says the virus could have gotten to her brain. He adds that quick recovery is one of the symptoms.

Han says it is possible that her body has the antibodies. He tells her to proceed carefully so that the higher-ups don’t get wind of this.

Ji-Soo says Seo Yoon’s father’s disease has progressed to an advanced stage but the mother is showing only mild symptoms. Han opens the door to the mother’s room. The woman has turned and runs to the door. He shuts the door and she bangs on the door repeatedly. He tells Ji Soo to give Seo Yoon’s letter when the mother is lucid. He says this will help a bit.

Sae Bom helps Seo Yoon pack up the things in her house and they go to Sae Bom’s house.

In 302, Cashier Bo Ra is about to leave. The old woman and her husband tell her to stay with them and she agrees.

In 401, Na goes to the viewfinder when the bell rings. Her brother is in the parking lot. He has been bitten. He is clenching his neck. He tells her he is fine but he is a bit scared. Na feels guilty and tears up. She asks if he has a place to sleep. He says he won’t come in as he doesn’t want to attack her. 

Na cries saying that she is sorry. He says it is his fault. He tells her to take care of his family if something happens to him. Na tells him to hang in there as the cure will be ready soon.

As she is talking the screen goes blank as the power is cut.

Darkness falls over the entire city as the power is cut off.

Kim has a message from his wife to come quickly as she got a call from the hospital. She says she is scared to go alone.

Yi Hyun, Sae Bom and Seo Yoon relish the food Se Hun had given earlier. Yi Hyun sees Sae Bom looking at her wound. He holds her hand reassuringly.

Meanwhile, Na’s brother is sitting by a pillar in the Parking lot. He squints as bright light is shone on him. He gets up and goes towards the torchlight. The door to the apartment opens as someone lets him in.

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This was a thrilling and swift-paced episode. 

Andrew is an intriguing character. I wonder how he managed to get the infected to listen to him.  

Kim has been a passive character who hasn’t been of much help till now. It looks like he may make matters worse due to his fear. 

The residents believed Han’s words that everything will be fine and that the lockdown will be lifted in a few days. They were clueless about the fact that they were being lied to (Chairman Seok has no plans of lifting the lockdown). Their faith and belief in Han’s words were depicted well as civilians usually believe what the people in uniform (the Government) tell them. 

Han spun a web of lies as he had no other option. He came in to get Sae Bom out under the pretext of taking Seo Yoon. He is unsure about the antibodies and suspects that her quick recovery is a sign that the virus has reached the brain. Though it isn’t necessary for a person in his position, Han is making the effort to find the middle ground as he continues to work with Sae Bom and Yi Hyun.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom chose to tackle the infected barehanded every time they faced the infected even though they had weapons with them. This has rubbed off on Han as he chose not to kill the security guard. The scene at the gym where Yo Hyun and Sae Bom tackle Seung Beom was well made. Yi Hyun catching up to Han’s car and preventing him from taking Sae Bom away was a good watch.

Han revealed that Sae Bom being a candidate for the antibody tests should be kept under wraps for her own safety. This further complicates the situation. It was odd that he chose to forcefully take her away when Sae Bom would have consented if he had asked her for a blood sample for the sake of the cure.

Oh mixed NEXT into water bottles. I wonder what he gains from increasing the number of zombies and in turn reducing his chances of survival.

Sang-Hee on the other hand told Kook that Oh killed Min-Ji. I wonder what he intends to do with that information.

With the power cut all across the city and Na’s brother inside the building, I am curious to see what happens in the upcoming episodes.

-By Soul Sword- 

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