Happiness Episode 12 Recap- Series Finale

Sae Bom watches Yi Hyun's recording as her plasma is taken. Sae Bom tries his number but it is unreachable. She looks at his contact name, "I am his lifesaver." She removes her IV line and goes outside when she spots Seo Yoon being escorted down the corridor. She goes over to her. Seo Yoon searches… Continue reading Happiness Episode 12 Recap- Series Finale

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Happiness Episode 10 Recap

Sae Bom goes up to the 15th floor with the T-shirt. She notices that the door is unlocked. She calls out Se Hun's name as she steps inside. Back in 501, Han's voice comes through the walkie talkie. Yi Hyun asks if Sae Bom has the antibodies. Han says she does not. He says he can take Seo… Continue reading Happiness Episode 10 Recap

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Happiness – Episode 8 Recap

Day 3 Sae Bom and Yi Hyun set up rain catchers on the roof. He says he is good at predicting rain. He says even his friend who works in the National Weather Service asks him insights. As they come down to the 11th floor they find Ko Moon and Yeon Ok in conversation. Moon says… Continue reading Happiness – Episode 8 Recap

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Happiness – Episode 7 Recap

Se Hun (1501) tells Yi Hyun that there has been a misunderstanding. He opens the door. Yi Hyun storms into the penthouse past the huge shelves that stock all the Military rations. He opens another door and finds Sae-Bom sitting at the, munching on a snack. Yi Hyun goes over to her and asks her to play… Continue reading Happiness – Episode 7 Recap

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Happiness – Episode 6 Recap

Flashback Han is at a restaurant and on the phone with his wife. His wife says she will buy some items for their unborn baby before she joins him. She says she is sure it will be a girl who looks like Han. Han gets up as Chairman Seok joins him. Seok picks up the soup… Continue reading Happiness – Episode 6 Recap