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Happiness Episode 10 Recap

Sae Bom goes up to the 15th floor with the T-shirt. She notices that the door is unlocked. She calls out Se Hun’s name as she steps inside.

Back in 501, Han’s voice comes through the walkie talkie. Yi Hyun asks if Sae Bom has the antibodies. Han says she does not. He says he can take Seo Yoon out as a humanitarian act. Yi Hyun says it is risky outside. Han says they will move the children to a less risky place. Yi Hyun asks if Sae Bom can go out with Seo Yoon. 

 Han says he can take them if they are willing. He says Sae Bom should co-operate with him if he is to take her. Yi Hyun says he will talk to her and get back to Han.

Ji Soo asks why he is keeping it from Yi Hyun. Han says Yi Hyun feels it is safe. He says Yi Hyun would have volunteered if he felt that it was unsafe outside.

Seo Yoon and Kim are playing Jenga as Yi Hyun goes to the 15th floor. Sae Bom runs out of 1501 saying something is wrong. Yi Hyun takes a few steps back.

She brings him inside and shows him a note on the table. The note says, “I made a mistake I cannot fix. I tried to stay at home and hold ground for as long as possible, but I can’t do this anymore. I will leave the apartment complex and go outside for help. You can share the food and water with all of the residents.”

Sae Bom shows the handwriting on the water can with Se Hun’s name. Yi Hyun agrees that handwriting is different. He says that sometimes handwriting changes when one writes under duress. Sae Bom says the note is weird. 

Yi Hyun looks around and picks up Se Hun’s phone. He wonders what the mistake is. Yi Hyun says Se Hun might have taken NEXT. Sae Bom says he wouldn’t. Yi Hyun finds a bag of white lime powder. Sae Bom says it eliminates the smell if put in a urinal. Yi Hyun gives her a questioning look. She says she is with the SOU and they used it in-field training. 

They go through the medicine cabinet and find 3 Next pills in the box. They go out to find Moon and Ko outside. Seeing the T-shirt bag, Moon assumes that Se Hun gave them something and tries to enter the apartment. Yi Hyun says they are still negotiating and Se Hun needs more time.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom go to the lobby. It seems intact but the door slides open when Sae Bom checks. Yi Hyun says Se Hun must be infected and he is probably outside as the door is open. Sae Bom finds that difficult to believe. She says no one will go out. She says someone has locked him up after forcing him to write the note.

They go back up. Yi Hyun says Se Hun is rich and someone might have agreed to let him out. They come to the 15th floor to find all the residents outside the door. 

Yeon Ok says they need help and they want Se Hun to share the water. She says Andrew saw Se Hun leave the building and they also need to check if he is infected. Andrew says Se Hun is the only one wearing a hazmat suit.

Shin tells Yi Hyun that Ko and Moon are charging too much for the water. Yi Hyun opens the door and shows them the note. Ko immediately rushes to the water and Sae Bom twists his arm. He howls in pain. Yi Hyun says they can take just the food for now. Sae Bom says Se Hun may return. She says they will also have to ration for the people who aren’t here.

Ko protests but she pins him on the table. He yells at everyone to help but no one moves.

Oh and Sang-Hee return home with water and candles. Oh is annoyed that everything was equally distributed. He says he is rich and he deserves more water.

Oh says Yi Hyun was weird today as he was glued to his wife. Sang-Hee says he probably loves her. Sang Hee’s eyes are fixated on Oh’s shoulder. Oh says there is a lot of survival equipment in that house.

Just then, Ko and Yeon Ok come knocking. They say there is a lot of stuff in 1501 and they have to take it. Oh pushes Sang-Hee out of the house and takes Oh and Yeon Ok inside to discuss.

Back home Sae Bom talks with Kim and Seo Yoon about Se Hun leaving. Seo Yoon says he probably didn’t want to die alone. Just then, Yi Hyun walks in and Sae Bom gives him a mug of water. 

Yi Hyun hesitates but takes the mug from her. Sae Bom continues talking with Seo Yoon and Yi Hyun doesn’t drink the water.

Yi Hyun sits at the table awake at night looking at the water mug. He gets up and goes out. 

Sae Bom wakes up and goes out. She finds Yi Hyun missing. She notices that the water in Yi Hyun’s mug is untouched. She wakes up Kim and he doesn’t know where Yi Hyun is either. She tells him to go sleep.

Yi Hyun sits in the corridor remembering the time when they moved in. Sae Bom had a lot of plans for the future. He is sad.

He gets up as he hears Sae Bom come out. She asks him why he is out. She notices the walkie talkie and takes it from him. She calls out Han’s name and Yi Hyun says he must be sleeping. She asks if she has the antibodies and he says she doesn’t. She is disappointed.

Sae Bom notices that Yi Hyun’s wound is bleeding again and she brings him inside. She notices that the wound has healed fast. She checks his hand for other injuries and asks if he got hurt anywhere else. He says he is fine. He tells her Han can take Seo Yoon out on humanitarian grounds. She says it is dangerous. Yi Hyun tells Sae Bom to go with Seo Yoon. 

Sae Bom says they should all go together. She says he can take antibiotics if he comes along. Sae Bom says it is not wise to go outside without knowing the situation.

Sae Bom asks about Se Hun. Yi Hyun says Han said he would look into it. Sae Bom says he could be in apartment 1102.

They both go to check. Yi Hyun says Se Hun wouldn’t know the passcode but they go in anyway. Yi Hyun finds a water bottle with Se Hun’s name on it.

They hear voices from inside the bedroom. Sae Bom rolls her eyes as she knocks hard on the door. They walk a bit away and wait for them to come out. Kook and Sang-Hee stumble out of the room. Their clothes and hair look dishevelled. He says he was giving her legal counsel. Sae Bom asks him not to do it in places where people aren’t there.

Sae Bom says Kook should tell his wife first. She says once trust is broken in a marriage it won’t last long. Sae Bom warns them not to come here again. Yi Hyun gives them the bottle. They say it is not theirs. Yi Hyun and Sae Bom exchange a look.

Sae Bom cautiously heads to the other room. She calls out Se Hun’s name softly as she goes in. Yi Hyun follows her in and Sae Bom sees a form in the corner covered in a blanket. She slowly pulls the blanket away to reveal the dead form of the maintenance worker. Yi Hyun finds that the body is covered with white lime powder. Sae Bom says it is from Se Hun’s house.

Sae Bom storms down the corridor and knocks on Oh’s door. She says she needs him to look at someone. He asks who it is and she says he will know if he comes along.

In 1102, Yi Hyun asks Kook if he felt something strange when he came into the apartment. Kook says he doesn’t remember. Yi Hyun asks if they didn’t enter the master bedroom as it is the first room.

Kook says they did go in there first but it smelled of cement and there were flies so they came out. Kook says he is not stupid to commit murder.

Oh walks in with Sae Bom. Sae Bom says Kim will bring the others here. He asks Sang-Hee what she is doing here. They take Oh into the room and he screams.

Na visits her brother at the indoor golf course. He looks at his family photo on his phone. He complains that the battery is draining fast. She gives him her phone. She says she can write her story on pen and paper. She says that is the beauty of being a writer as writing doesn’t cost money. He asks her to take care of his family if something happens to him and she tells him to focus on getting better.

Just then, Andrew walks in with bags of food. He says Na gave him food earlier so he is just returning the favour.

Andrew and Na walk out of the indoor golf course with the food. They run into Kim who calls them to 1102.

Meanwhile, in 1102, Oh throws a tantrum for being brought here. He says they are suspecting him of murder. Sae Bom says she isn’t and asks him for the evaluation. Oh says the lady’s neck was ripped out and she died because of the bite. He says she has been dead for two days.

He says the lime powder was there in unit 1501 too. He says the fruit flies are the first to come as they lay eggs in the eye and nose cavity. He says it is always better to be alive than dead.

Oh asks if Kook and Sang-Hee found the body together. Sang-Hee says she had a premonition. Oh walks towards her but Yi Hyun stops him. Oh tells Kook that Shin will have a horrific shock if she hears this.

As they all step out, Yeon Ok, Ko and Moon are there. Ko complains that Andrew ran away with their food. Oh explains the cleaning lady’s death.

Yeon Ok looks pale as she says Se Hun must have killed the lady. She says this must be the mistake on the note. Oh says they should split all supplies from 1501. Sae Bom says they don’t have proof that Se Hun is the one who bit the lady. Kook says Se Hun is the suspect now. Yi Hyun maintains that it needs to be looked into before concluding. He says he will need witness statements from Kook and Sang Hee. Shin’s jaw drops open as she hears this. Kook tries to go over and explain.

Yi Hyun says they have changed the code to 1102. He tells no one to enter as it is a crime scene. Just then Kim brings Na and Andrew. Ko jumps on Andrew and punches him.

Han runs into his wife’s room where she seems fully turned. Ji Soo says his wife is not returning to the lucid state. She says they have given maximum dosage. Han asks her to give the leftover sample of Sae Bom’s plasma cure. Ji Soo says it is to be given to the superiors. Han storms out. Ji Soo says if Han takes this sample, the superiors will find out that Sae Bom has the antibodies.

Han pulls out his gun at the guards taking the samples and Ji Soo runs in. She says Han is in charge and asks them to talk to the Prime Minister. They hand it over to Han.

Han goes back and gives the plasma cure to his wife. He holds her tight as he injects it into her. His wife calms down and her pulse rate goes to normal. Ji Soo says their superiors will hear of this and he hasn’t informed Sae Bom about this. 

Han tells Ji Soo to tell their superiors that Sae Bom developed antibodies and they tested it on Han’s wife. He tells her to tell them that it is effective.

Han says they will get Sae Bom tomorrow. She says he is only buying time. Han says he needs only time.

At 501, Yi Hyun tells Sae Bom that Andrew is the last person to see the maintenance worker alive. She says that was around the same time as the time of death. Yi Hyun says she was attacked on her way upstairs.

Kim walks inside and asks for some water. Sae Bom notices Yi Hyun looking away as she pours Kim some water. Kim says the residents are agitated as they want supplies from Se Hun’s apartment. Sae Bom says they should go now.

The residents wait in line as Yi Hyun opens the door to 1501. He says they should take only the food and nothing else. He says they will leave some food in reserve. Sae Bom says they will split the shares and call them in one by one.

Ko and Moon ask for Andrew’s share as they are extremely angry with him for taking all the food. They say he didn’t bother to leave some for them. Dong Hyun remembers that he didn’t leave food for his parents either.

Dong Hyun leaves his share outside his parents’ apartment on the 3rd floor. he knocks on the door and leaves.  His father comes out and finds the food. His mother’s voice comes from inside the house asking if it is her son. The father says it was Dong Hyun but he left.

In 602, Shin tells Kook to stop lying to her and walks away.

Sae Bom, Yi Hyun and Kim let Andrew stay in 1501 for the time being as Ko is out for blood. Andrew says he will leave when Se Hun returns. Yi Hyun gives him the key and tells him not to wander out.

After they go out, Andrew walks up the steps and sits on the throne just like how Se Hun did.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun walk into their home to find Seo Yoon covered in a blanket and coughing. She says she got the cough and doing this helps. Yi Hyun asks if she has some medicine. Seo Yoon says she goes to the hospital to get a shot but it is painful.

Once outside, Sae Bom says Seo Yoon should go out as she can be treated. Yi Hyun says he will speak to Han. Sae Bom is concerned over Yi Hyun’s injury.

They join the other residents in the gym. Yeon Ok says there is an infected person among them. Sae Bom says people should stay home and go out in pairs. Yeon Ok says they should find out who is infected and also check the people who don’t leave their homes. 

Ko asks whose blood they should use this time. He goes after Oh. Oh runs and stands behind Sang Hee. Sae Bom watches as Yi Hyun shuts his eyes and zones out.  Yi Hyun opens his eyes and says they should talk about food and water.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom say they will go outside to find food and water. Oh says they can try switching on the emergency switch over EPS instead. Sae Bom scowls as Se Hun said the same thing.

Oh says Sae Bom and Yi Hyun might not come back. Ko catches on and says they are close with the military guy. Yeon Ok says they should solve this within the building.

Yi Hyun agrees to go down and turn on the switch. After the residents leave, Sae Bom asks Oh how he knew about the emergency switch over EPS. Oh says all the residents know about the emergency switch over EPS and walks away.

Yi Hyun says Oh does sound suspicious but they need power and water. He says before they go to the electrical room they can send Seo Yoon. She asks what they will tell Seo Yoon. He says Seo Yoon may not leave if she learns that she is going alone.

Sae Bom says they can go down but wonders how they can come back up because the generators are noisy. She says the infected may follow them to this building and it’ll be dangerous. Yi Hyun says they can take a different route.


Yi Hyun goes to the terrace at dawn. Bo Ram looks at him and he tells her to sleep more. He opens the door to the stairwell on the roof and goes down a few stairs. He finds bloodstains on the walls. 

Meanwhile, Han tells Ji Soo to prepare to infiltrate if Yi Hyun doesn’t get back soon. Ji Soo says there are a lot of patients with mutation there. She says someone will die if they go in without scoping the place. Han says he doesn’t care as long as Sae Bom is safe. The radio crackles as Yi Hyun voice comes through.

Yi Hyun says he will send Sae Bom and Seo Yoon out. He tells Han to be prepared to take them out as he will come down to the parking garage at 1:00 pm.

Han asks if Yi Hyun isn’t coming. Yi Hyun says someone has to be home. He says he knew Han tried to stop the spread of the disease. He asks Han to help Sae Bom and Seo Yoon stay safe.

Han tells Ji Soo that Yi Hyun is infected and that is why he wants to keep Sae Bom and Seo Yoon safe.


Sae Bom wakes up and goes out to find Seo Yoon playing Jenga with Kim. She notices that the mug is still filled with water. She asks to speak with him alone.

Once inside the room, Yi Hyun says the soldiers will come to the garage basement. Sae Bom tells him that they promised to tell each other if they got sick.  She asks if he is okay. He says he is fine and asks if she is worried that his cut is infected. She says his wound healed too quickly. She says he doesn’t drink water either. 

Yi Hyun shows her the wound which looks like it hasn’t healed. Earlier, Yi Hyun had cut open his wound again.

Sae Bom looks at it and sighs in relief. She says she was worried. He says he will be careful from now on. Sae Bom takes the radio from him and asks Han for lots of medicine, antiseptics and bandages. She says Yi Hyun got hurt. Han immediately responds that he will get them ready.

Sae Bom asks him about Se Hun. Han says Se Hun isn’t outside and he is probably inside the apartment. He says once he has tasted blood, he will keep going after people.

Sae Bom asks to look for Se Hun one more time and Yi Hyun agrees. Sae Bom tells Kim not to open the door to anyone as she and Yi Hyun head out.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun go to 1501. She says Se Hun was making a bunker and it could be inside his home.

They knock but Andrew doesn’t respond. Yi Hyun uses the key and goes inside. They find the place empty. He says they should send Seo Yoon out first before they do this. Sae Bom says someone might get hurt.

Yi Hyun says he will look for Andrew on their way down and asks her to look around. After he leaves, Ji Soo’s voice comes through the walkie-talkie. She says something weird turned up in the background check of the residents.

Yi Hyun walks down the corridor and opens the stairwell. He comes back and looks at the small door on the wall marked EPS/TPS that he hadn’t noticed before. He pulls the handle and the door opens.

Ji Soo says Ahn Guk Jin was found dead in his home. Sae Bom recalls that Andrew is using Ahn Guk Jin’s ID card (with photograph scratched out). She says the administrative affairs have been on hold because of the disease and the report took time to reach them. Sae Bom asks if Ahn’s face has a scar.

Yi Hyun opens the EPS/TPS door and shines the torch inside. Se Hun’s lifeless body lies inside covered with white lime powder.

Ji Soo tells Sae Bom that the man’s face doesn’t have a scar. Han asks how dangerous it is. He tells her to stay at home as it will take them four or 5 hours to get there.

Sae Bom goes over to Andrew’s bag that is beside the throne. She opens it and Kim Se Hun’s ID card falls out of the bag. Sae Bom finds many ID cards that fall out of the bag. One of the ID cards belong to the maintenance worker (found dead in 1102).

Yi Hyun runs in and tells her that he found Se Hun.

Kook knocks on the 501’s door. Kim opens it slightly. Kook says Se Hun is chasing him. Kim opens the door and Andrew jumps on him pushing him inside. Kook watches as Andrew attacks Kim with a knife. A gunshot is heard.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom run out of 1501.

Andrew plays Jenga with Seo Yoon. His hands are stained with Kim’s blood. Seo Yoon is holding back her tears.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom find the residents (Oh, Yeon Ok, Kook, Ko and Moon) standing outside 501 with shopping bags and greedy eyes. Yeon Ok says her husband died because of the two of them. The residents usher them in.

They head in to see Kim on the floor. Yi Hyun rushes over to him. Sae Bom spots Andrew sitting with Seo Yoon.

She asks Andrew who he is. 

 Andrew removes his mask and goggles and looks at her.

Image Courtesy- TVN


Han chose to lie to Yi Hyun that Sae Bom doesn’t have antibodies. This shows that his wife is his only priority right now and Ji Soo seems to have sensed that. She is edgy around him and looks like she doesn’t agree with his methods anymore. Han had lined up his men to infiltrate the place even if Sae Bom decided not to come. 

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom have been always suspicious about Han but under given circumstances, they have no choice but to believe his words. Seo Yoon’s illness gave them no option either.

Sae Bom is the priority for Yi Hyun. He is prepared to go to any lengths to keep her safe. He chose not to tell Sae Bom that he is infected despite her asking him. She trusted him as he doesn’t lie to her. 

I wonder how Yi Hyun’s actions would have changed if he knew that Sae Bom had the antibodies (Han said he will inform the superiors that Sae Bom has the antibodies which in turn will put her at risk). In the end, Yi Hyun made a decision to send Sae Bom along with Seo Yoon without her knowledge.

Han guessed that Yi Hyun agreed to part with Sae Bom because he is infected. Both Han and Yi Hyun seem to share the same wavelength where their wives lives are concerned.

Sae Bom noticed that Yi Hyun has been showing symptoms but Yi Hyun was already prepared for it. I wonder what will Sae Bom’s reaction be when she learns that he broke her trust by lying to her.

It looks like there is a serial killer in the pack. Andrew has been collecting the ID cards of his victims as trophies. This was a good reveal as he came across as a harmless person who even showed empathy to others.

It is intriguing to see that the maintenance worker and Se Hun both died of bite injuries. But Andrew used a knife to attack Kim. In the one of the earlier episodes, he told Han that he asked the infected to leave and they left without attacking him. This leads one to believe that Andrew is infected.

I wonder if the residents know that Andrew is infected and that he is the one who killed the other occupants. Kook lied to Kim and got Andrew inside. Oh and Yeon Ok had their eyes on 1501 supplies before Se Hun went missing. I am curious to see how long they have been working with Andrew and if they had a hand in Se Hun’s murder too. The residents are after the supplies and the note on the table conveniently gave permission to the residents to take the supplies.

The residents are nothing but vultures and hyenas as of now as they didn’t see Andrew attacking Kim as a threat. They only see it as an opportunity to pick supplies. They are far worse and dangerous than the infected since they are functioning with a sane mind.

The scene towards the end with the residents standing outside 501 to take all of Sae Bom and Yi Hyun’s food and water was well made. It looks like getting supplies from 1501 only increased their greed and they are ignoring the fact that Sae Bom and Yi Hyun are the reason the residents are alive and safe in the first place. Though the residents are functioning as a group as of now, they aren’t united. I wonder if they realise that each one of them is a unique kind of evil so it won’t be long before they all turn against each other. 

Surviving the 4 hours before Han’s team comes is going to be a task for Sae Bom and Yi Hyun. The last part of the episode was thrilling and a good watch. 

With just two more episodes to go, it looks like there is a lot of action that will unfold in the upcoming episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

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  1. This is so stressful! I think I’m going to read recaps before I watch the last 3 episodes; if it isn’t a happy ending for our protagonists, I’m going to skip =(

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    1. Hi L, Yes I agree that after everything the protagonists have gone through, they all deserve a happy ending. Either way this series is a must watch as I feel the recaps can’t do justice to the thrilling and emotive visuals in the drama 🙂 – Soul Sword


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