Happiness Episode 11 Recap

Outside 501, Ko tells off Yeon Ok for not informing them that Andrew is a murderer. Ko says he assumed that Andrew was blackmailing. Yeon Ok says Ko wanted supplies and didn’t care about how they got them. Kook says he opened the door because Yeon Ok asked him to. He says he had no idea this would happen. Yeon Ok says she didn’t know either as it was all Oh’s plan.

Inside 501, Yi Hyun checks Kim’s wound. Sae Bom spots Andrew and asks who he is. Andrew removes his mask and goggles. He picks up the gun and says, “Andrew always wanted to have superpowers.”

Yi Hyun calls Sae Bom as he tends to Kim. Andrew points the gun at Sae Bom. He says he will take Seo Yoon. Sae Bom tells Seo Yoon to hang in there as she will come for Seo Yoon later. 

Andrew comes out with Seo Yoon. He sees the residents waiting. He tells them to go down to the gym. He says he will bring the other two down later. 

Yeon Ok asks if she can take some food now. Andrew says there are people inside. They all go down but Andrew asks Kook to stay back.

On the way down they run into Shin and Na. Yeon Ok asks about Na’s brother. Na is angry as she says her brother is fine. Yeon Ok calls them to the gym as they have to discuss 501.

In 501, Yi Hyun goes to get the first aid box as Sae Bom checks Kim’s wound. He has a wound in his abdomen. She says he can get it treated once he is out. In case he doesn’t make it, he tells her to tell his wife he is sorry and that he loves her. She says he will be fine.

Yi Hyun gives her the supplies. Sae Bom pours water over the wound and Kim groans. Yi Hun looks away as he struggles to control his thirst. 

Yi Hyun starts shaking as he speaks. Sae Bom assures him that they will get out and put all those people away.

Yi Hyun contacts Han through the walkie talkie. He asks the medics to be ready as Kim is stabbed and Seo Yoon has breathing issues. Han says they can move in now. Yi Hyun says they shouldn’t as Andrew has Seo Yoon.

Yi Hyun says that he thought about it and he says Sae Bom has the antibodies. Han asks so what if she does. Yi Hyun says they should get what they want in order for Sae Bom to leave. 

Andrew leaves Seo Yoon with Kook and goes into 501. He finds Yi Hyun in the hallway. Yi Hyun says he knows who Andrew is. He says Andrew is wanted for the murderer and his name is on the wanted list as Choi Jong Wook.

Yi Hyun says Andrew killed Ahn Guk Jin and asks how many people he has killed.

We see a montage of Andrew killing Ahn Guk Jin and stabbing the cleaning woman to death.

At present, Andrew tells Yi Hyun that even the infected are like him. He says they hide among the normal people looking for prey. Sae Bom tells him not to compare as the infected people are just sick but Andrew is crazy.

At the gym. Ko asks Oh how long has he known. Oh says he saw Andrew kill the cleaning lady.


Oh watches from the stairwell as Andrew drags the cleaning lady’s body away. Andrew runs into the stairwell and is about to stab Oh. Oh tells him to hide the body in 1102. He tells him to cut the throat so that people will think an infected person killed her. Andrew lowers his knife.

At present Oh says that he told Yeon Ok immediately that they can get rid of people they don’t want around using Andrew. He says she agreed. He said he told Andrew to help them to get what he wants.

Moon clamps her hands over her face in shock. Ko is taken aback.

Meanwhile, Sae Bom asks Andrew how he managed to get inside Se Hun’s apartment. Andrew smiles as he says he used her name. He says he told Se Hun that she was hurt and they needed a first aid kit. Se Hun opened the door and Andrew killed him (upon Oh’s instructions). Oh had given him the idea of using the lime powder to keep the stench away.

Andrew holds a gun at Sae Bom as he is worried about her skills. She says Kim needs medical attention. Andrew should do what he wants first. He asks if they are in contact with anyone outside.

At the gym, Na and Shin are clueless. Shin realises that they have already spoken to Kook but he didn’t mention anything to her. Shin is shocked when she hears that Kook was happy to know that there was food on the 15th and 5th floors.

Just then, Andrew brings Sae Bom and Yi Hyun in at gunpoint. He says he found the walkie talkie on Yi Hyun and slides it towards Yeon Ok. They are furious at Yi Hyun for reporting their activities to the authorities.

Yeon Ok speaks into it. Han doesn’t respond.

Sae Bom says she told the people outside everything and they will take action on them. Everyone is appalled at this. Sae Bom says Oh and Yeon Ok will be prisoned for attempted murder. Moon says she has no idea about this and she only agreed because they said they will get food. Yi Hyun says she knew someone will get hurt as the food has to come from somewhere.

Yeon Ok says they have to get through the lockdown. Yeon Ok, Oh and Andrew say that Yi Hyun and Sae Bom will have to turn on the emergency generator if they have to take Seo Yoon and go out. Andrew says he will take the blame for it if anything happens.

Na asks if he expects them to condone the crime. Andrew presses the gun on Na’s chest and she screams. Sae Bom warns Andrew that he will die if Yi Hyun and she attacked him at the same time. He walks away from Na. Sae Bom tells Na and Shin to go home. She asks Shin to take care of Seo Yoon as Kook is watching her in 501.

Andrew says he will allow Kim and Seo Yoon to leave after they come back. Sae Bom asks if he wants to come with them. 

Kim is in pain. He covers his wound with a blanket as Seo Yoon peeks in. He asks her to stay in the living room. He says he might be infected. He asks Kook to take Seo Yoon to 602.

Shin walks into 501. Kook says Andrew seems to be a murderer but they should ignore him. He says they should hide till the lockdown ends.

Seo Yoon spots Yi Hyun’s bag that is loaded with flash grenades. She goes over to it.

Shin asks Kook if he helped Andrew. She says he wasn’t this kind of a person. She says he used to fight for the innocent. He says he gained nothing from that. 

Seo Yoon has her shoulder bag on when Kook finds her. She says she wants to go with Shin. Shin holds her close. Seo Yoon asks for Kim. Shin talks to Kim. He says he can’t take the stairs.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun come to the basement along with the residents. Sae Bom tells the residents to try not to die at Andrew’s hands while they are out.

Yi Hyun asks for at least a baseball bat. Yeon Ok asks them to resolve it with a conversation as they see the infected as human. Dong Hyun says he will come with them.

They go further down and peek into the parking lot. It seems deserted. As they are about to go out, Sae Bom tells Dong Hyun to wait here. She asks why he is here as he isn’t here to film. Dong Hyun says he has nowhere to go. He says he plans to get into his car, break open the shutters and go out.

Dong Hyun heads to the car as Yi Hyun and Sae Bom walk into the parking lot towards building 103.

They walk into the generator room and find the emergency generator. Yi Hyun Switches it on and the generator springs to life. Sae Bom covers her ears as it is noisy.

The lights come up in the parking lot and the apartments.

Sae Bom says the infected will come here because of the sound. They walk out cautiously. As they take a few steps they notice the infected running towards them from the other end.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom run away dodging the infected who try to claw them. Yi Hyun pulls her to another way.

He uses the maintenance lady’s ID card and gets them into another entrance. He says Andrew might try to kill them if they go back upstairs (from the basement). Sae Bom says he won’t expect them to come from upstairs (the roof). They are startled when the infected bang on the door. They walk into the building. Yi Hyun says there was no one from the 3rd, 4th floor and the 15th floor. He says they should take Seo Yoon and leave.

Yi Hyun watches the infected who have totally lost their minds. Sae Bom takes his hand and leads him away.

Meanwhile, Dong Hyun tries to start his car. The car doesn’t start. The ignition sound attracts the infected and they surround the car. Dong Hyun screams as they bang on the windows.

Meanwhile, Yeon Ok asks Andrew for the gun. Oh intervenes and asks if Andrew will kill the couple when they come up. Andrew smiles. Yeon Ok asks if he will leave after the lockdown is over. He says he will. She says he should take responsibility for everything and he says he will. Moon and Ko are shocked hearing this but they agree. They both go away to the 2nd floor.

Once in the stairwell, Ko says Andrew isn’t a bad person. Moon asks if Ko is crazy. Andrew follows them out. He tells them to go away as he is going to kill the couple when they come back up. They run away.

In the elevator, Sae Bom asks if Han will accept everyone they have saved. Yi Hyun says he will as Sae Bom has the antibodies. Sae Bom looks up in surprise. He says Han used Seo Yoon as an excuse to get her. Yi Hyun says she is the only person in the world with antibodies.

Just then, the elevator door opens to the 3rd floor and the infected are waiting there. Yi Hyun jumps at them and pushes them away. He tells her to stay in. She tries to fight them but he pushes her in. He holds his hands against the elevator entrance keeping the infected from going past him into the elevator.

Sae Bom tries to pull him inside the elevator. She grabs his shirt and pulls it. She freezes as she spots the scratch wound on his chest.

The elevator door slides to close. Sae Bom yanks Yi Hyun inside just in time. Once inside, Sae Bom steps towards him. He pushes her away as she tries to check the wound. She watches him.

Yi Hyun says he is sorry that he couldn’t tell her. He apologises for breaking their promise. He says he always wanted to show her his best side. He looks down as he is unable to meet her eyes. Sae Bom is teary-eyed as she walks towards him. She places her hand on his chest and cups his face. 

He tells her not to come near. He says his heart beats faster every time he sees her and he feels thirsty. She says, “So do I because I like you.”

She pulls him into a hug and holds him tight. Yi Hyun is surprised at the unexpected confession and slowly puts his hands around her. Just then, the lift doors slide open at level 15. Sae Bom asks her to come with him and she will make sure he feels better.

Han is with his wife. He recalls his conversation with Yi Hyun earlier.


Yi Hyun says there is a reason why Han is so obsessed with finding the cure. He says he is infected and this will be the last favour he asks of Han.

At present, Ji Soo says that emergency power is up at the apartment. Han tells them to move the barricades now and put them back once Sae Bom is out. Han says Yi Hyun is infected. He orders them to shoot if he threatens Sae Bom.

Sae Bom and Yi Hyun go to the roof. Bo Ram lets them through. 

Meanwhile, Andrew notices the elevator is on the 5th floor.

Yeon Ok and Oh are in 501 taking supplies. Oh asks if she has a plan for Andrew. She says he can go to prison and the police can deal with him. He tells her to take all the food while he gets something sorted. He asks her to tell him if she finds some pills.

Oh goes into Kim’s room. He takes a pillow and pushes it over Kim’s face. Kim struggles as he chokes. After a few moments, Oh moves away and Kim coughs as he gets his breath back. Oh says he was just fooling around. He says he is here to look for pills.

Na comes down to the gym and turns the AC on. She tells her brother that Andrew is a psycho. Na’s brother says they should wait here as they are powerless and he is infected. Na says the couple helped them.

Sang Hee is trying to open Oh’s bitcoin account. Oh walks in with the pills at that moment. He takes the laptop and opens the page. He asks if she hasn’t given up yet. He says there is no internet. Sang-Hee takes the golf club and hits him on the head with it.

In 602, Shin sits with Seo Yoon and tells Kook to get some water from 501 before the others get there. As Kook walks out, Shin removes the battery’s from the lock. Kook turns around and tries to open the door but the keypad doesn’t work.

Shin says he takes other people for granted and he is selfish. She says he rationalises his mistake by saying he had no choice. She says she is sick of him.

In the stairwell outside the 6th floor, Yi Hyun tells Sae Bom to be careful. She tells him not to worry and asks him to bring Kim from the 5th floor.

Sae Bom walks into the 6th floor to find Kook outside, reasoning with Shin. Sae Bom pins Kook to the wall and announces that she is here. Shin opens the door and tells her to let him go as he won’t fight back. 

Seo Yoon is happy to see Sae Bom.

In 501, Yeon Ok has loaded all the food into the trolley. She grabs the baseball bat as she spots Yi Hyun at the door. Yi Hyun is fuming as she asks where Andrew is. He says Andrew is probably downstairs. Yeon Ok says Yi Hyun and Sae Bom will never get out of here.

She swings the bat at him. He grabs it from her and throws it away. He pushes her into the bathroom. She asks if he is going to kill her like how he killed her husband.

Yi Hyun breaks the doorknob on the inside and walks out. She frantically presses the buttons on the radio and screams that he is killing her. Yi Hyun tells her that he is not leaving. He tells her to stay here for now.

Shin follows Sae Bom and Seo Yoon out. Kook protests saying Andrew will be angry if he finds out. Sae Bom says they are leaving the apartment. She asks if Shin wants to come with them. 

Just then the elevator door slides open and Kim and Yi Hyun are in it. Sae Bom and Seo Yoon get in. Kook tells Shin they should go back to their apartment. 

Shin says she saw the worst in him and says they are done. She gets into the elevator and throws her wedding ring into the corridor. Kook picks it up and walks towards them but the elevator doors close on him.

Andrew notices the elevator go up. He goes up to the 2nd floor and he sees Ko and Moon there. Ko has a mop in his hand. Andrew tells them to keep the cop couple here if they come. 

Andrew is about to step into the elevator when Ko hits Andrew hard across the head. He takes another hit but the mop breaks. Just then, the elevator door opens. Ko lunges at Andrew and they fall into the elevator. Moon tries to help him. Andrew plunges a knife into Ko’s neck. Moon yells in horror. Andrew tells her not to remove the knife and he walks away.

Yi Hyun helps Kim onto the roof. Sae Bom, Shin and Seo Yoon follow. Sae Bom takes Bo Ram along too. Just then, Andrew comes onto the roof pointing the gun at Sae Bom. Yi Hyun throws the flash grenade beside Andrew. Andrew covers his ears as the grenade explodes.

Yi Hyun directs everyone through the stairwell leading out of the building. Just as he is about to step out, Andrew shoots Yi Hyun in the arm.

 Yi Hyun holds the door closed and tells Sae Bom to go on. Sae Bom grabs his hand and looks up in shock as she sees that he is shot. Yi Hyun puts his hand on Sae Bom’s cheek. Yi Hyun says he is sorry that he can’t go with her. He steps back into the roof and locks the door behind him.

Sae Bom tries to open the door. Yi Hyun says, “Sae Bom, I was truly happy to be with you.” Sae Bom tells him to stop saying that and open the door. He tells her to hurry up and go. He tells her to never give up. 

Yi Hyun falls as Andrew shoots again. Andrew comes up and points his gun through the door. They move away from his range.

Bo Ram tells Sae Bom that someone is coming up. Sae Bom notices Kim coughing and Seo Yoon sitting with Shin. She realises she has to go.

Sae Bom tells Andrew to leave Yi Hyun alone. She says she will leave everyone outside and come back. She helps everyone down.

Andrew tries to shoot the handcuff holding the roof door shut. Yi Hyun says it wont work and shows him the key and asks if he wants it.

Andrew comes towards him. Yi Hyun throws the key from the roof shouting, “Goodness, Jung Yi Hyun! The ball Jung Yi Hyun pitches goes straight down. And the hitter Andrew can do nothing about it. It was a fastball indeed. Jung Yi Hyun comes back after a long hiatus. He makes the pitch of a lifetime!”

Yi Hyun says he would’ve joined the MLB if it wasn’t for his injury. Andrew asks if he is fine since his wife ran away.

Yi Hyun says Sae Bom is the best. He says he met her on a rooftop like this and fell in love with her. He says it was a clear day with a beautiful sky. He says saying goodbye to her on a clear day on a rooftop like this sounds perfect.

Yi Hyun faces the railings. Andrew pulls up his gun at Yi Hyun’s head. He then puts it down saying this is boring. Andrew tells Yi Hyun to look at him so it can be fun.

Yi Hyun turns around. Andrew is shocked as Yi Hyun has turned and his eyes are cloudy. He grabs Andrew and bites his neck. Andrew yells in horror.

In 601, Oh is knocked out cold. Sang-Hee pulls up his T-Shirt and tries to make sense of the tattoo on his shoulder. Just then Kook knocks on the door. He says Shin ran away. Sang-Hee lets him in.

She tells Kook that Oh collapsed due to high blood pressure. Kook notices the bloodstained golf club by the furniture. She asks him if he can figure out the password on the tattoo. Kook says it is doctors script that they use to write a prescription.

Oh coughs and starts crawling. Sang-Hee gets up. Oh notices the Next pills lying a little away. He picks up one and pops it in his mouth. Sang-Hee hits him again with the golf club and Oh is knocked out cold again. Sang Hee tells Kook to note it down properly. She says they can’t get the money if he gets it wrong ten times. Kook copies the tattoo onto a notebook.

Meanwhile in 501, Yeon Ok breaks a hole in the door and opens the latch. She picks up the baseball bat and walks out. She finds Moon and Ko in the elevator. Ko can’t move his legs. She asks where the others are. Moon says they are on the 15th floor. Yeon Ok gets into the elevator and presses the 15th floor.

Sae Bom helps everyone into the car and she drives out. The infected chase after them. The garage shutters open just as they drive out. The barricades are removed just to let her car pass. The soldiers surround her car. Sae Bom says they are on their side. 

Sae Bom puts her hand up as she gets out of the car. Han and Ji Soo walk up towards her. Sae Bom asks Han for a gun. She says she will go and get Yi Hyun. Han injects a tranquillizer into her. She grabs Han in anger.

Sae Bom watches helplessly as the soldiers tase Bo Ram and grab the others in the car. Two soldiers hold Sae Bom as Han injects another tranquiliser into her. Han watches as she passes out. On the drive to the dormitories, Sae Bom notices children playing on the road. She passes out again.

Sae Bom wakes up in the dormitory and sees Yi Hyun smiling at her. She sees clearly and it is Han and not Yi Hyun.

She is still dizzy as she tries to get up. She asks Han if he lifted the martial law without telling them. She says he said each area was individually managed. She says he found her antibodies and got her out. 

Han tells her to lie down as the counteragent will make her dizzy. He gives her her phone. He says Yi Hyun had asked Kim to give Sae Bom her phone.

Sae Bom staggers as she gets up. She says she has to get Yi Hyun. Han asks if Yi Hyun is worth it. He points out that it was a contract marriage. He says there are more people Sae Bom can protect. He says he is sorry about what happened to Yi Hyun. He says once the cure is found Sae Bom will get everything she wants.

Sae Bom says the world can wait. She says she has to get Yi Hyun back. She says she might crumble if she loses him.

Han brings Sae Bom to visit his wife. Han says his wife’s outbursts have stopped since she received Sae Bom’s plasma. Han says he brought Sae Bom here under the pretext that he over administered the sedative. He says tomorrow the government plans to take her away to a heavily guarded Biosafety level 4 facility. He says entry will be restricted. Sae Bom asks what he wants. Han says his wife needs one more round of plasma but she has very little time left. 

Sae Bom says they should help each other. She says he can have her plasma but he has to help her back into the apartment. She asks him to keep the power running till then as the emergency generator won’t last long.

He asks if he thinks Yi Hyun will be alive till then. She says he will.

Sae Bom comes back to her room. She checks her phone and finds a video recording in it titled ” To Sae Bom”. She plays it. Yi Hyun’s smiling face comes up on the screen. It looks like he has recorded this in their house earlier.

Yi Hyun says, “Hello Sae Bom. I am sorry I didn’t propose to you properly. back then it looked like I agreed for the apartment. That is not true. I kept saying I liked you. In case you got the wrong idea, I am not an easy guy to nab. Getting an apartment is important but who you are with is more important. Right?” 

Just then, Seo Yoon interrupts the video. Kim tells her to pretend that Yi Hyun is invisible. Kim also comes into the screen and smiles.

Yi Hyun continues, “I hope we get out and get to watch this together. When we do, I’ll say it properly. That I like you.” He waves goodbye.

Sae Bom cries as she replays the video. 

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This was a great episode packed with emotions.

It was revealed that Oh (along with Yeon Ok and Kook) was using Andrew as a hitman after finding out that he was a murderer. Oh chooses to kill people at his whims and fancies but doesn’t want to take the punishment for it. He finally managed to take the Next pill. Oh chose to lose his mind rather than face prison time. It would be interesting if he is given the cure and spends the rest of his life rotting in prison.

It was intriguing to watch Yeon Ok trying to order Andrew around. She also tried to hit Yi Hyun with his own baseball bat. It looks like she has already lost her mind as she is overconfident about her capabilities. I wonder what she plans to do once she goes to the 15th floor.

The residents gave tough competition to Andrew on being cold-blooded and insensitive.

It was interesting to see each resident make strong decisions after finding out that Andrew was a killer. It was good to see most of the residents drawing the line at murder.

Seo Yoon is smarter than most residents in the apartment. Yet again she proved to be quick-witted as she managed to obtain the flash grenades on her way out.

Yi Hyun was struggling in this episode as his symptoms were getting strong. It was great that he figured out Han was lying to them and that Sae Bom has the antibodies. 

Though it was by accident that Sae Bom found out he was infected, the scene timing was well placed. The elevator scene was emotive and well made as Yi Hyun came clean and Sae Bom confessed her love for him. The exchanges between them went smoothly leaving no space for arguments or anger.

The scene with Yi Hyun and Andrew on the roof was deep seated. Yi Hyun narrating the baseball commentary on the roof after throwing the key was saddening. Yi Hyun rarely lets his emotions show and it looks like this was the first time he spoke his mind since the rooftop scene in episode 1. It looks like he has been carrying the weight in his heart all these years.

In the video he made for Sae Bom, Yi Hyun clarified that he agreed to the marriage because he has always liked her.

Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo have delivered these scenes very well.

Han seems to look down upon Sae Bom and Yi Hyun as they have a contractual marriage. Once he learnt that Sae Bom was determined to get Yi Hyun back, he went ahead and gave her an option. It looks like he gauged that she will try to strike a deal with him to bring Yi Hyun out.

Sae Bom noticed the children playing outside on the way to the dormitory. This goes to show that martial law was either lifted partially or wasn’t exercised on the whole city. I wonder how much information has Han been keeping from them.

Yi Hyun has been shot twice but the infected heal fast and they don’t seem to feel pain. It looks like Yi Hyun can hold out till Sae Bom comes for him.

This episode was interesting and emotive. It sets up the setting for the finale.

-By Soul Sword-

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