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Vincenzo- Series Review

Genre- Action, Comedy, Law, Crime Vincenzo follows the story of consigliere Vincenzo Cassano, who returns to Korea after cutting ties with his adoptive Mafia family. Vincenzo returns to Korea with the same bitterness that he left it. He has an ulterior motive behind coming here- Lots of gold stashed in a secret room underneath a… Continue reading Vincenzo- Series Review


Mouse Episode 1- Recap

A group of school children watch a rat snake in an enclosure while the teacher talks about the rat snake. Meanwhile, one boy separates from the group and walks to the other side of the exhibit. He takes a mouse from his bag and puts it inside the enclosure.  The rat snake attacks the mouse.… Continue reading Mouse Episode 1- Recap

Flower Of Evil

Flower of Evil Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale)

(ANOTHER BEGINNING) FLASHBACK Hyun Su and Ji-won are at their wedding photoshoot. The photographer says Hyun Su is good at posing like a model. Hyun Su asks for a break as Ji-won is exhausted. Ji-won sits down and asks if this is really his first time. He says it is all about stamina. She smiles slightly… Continue reading Flower of Evil Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale)

Flower Of Evil

Flower Of Evil Episode 15 Recap

(DETECTIVE CHA IS DEAD) FLASHBACK Kim Moo Jin is filming in the night. Hae Soo and Hyun Su walk out of the house in front of him. Hae Soo says she heard something. Kim asks if Hae Soo is afraid of ghosts. Hyun Su says Kim can go down there. Kim says he will interview the… Continue reading Flower Of Evil Episode 15 Recap

Flower Of Evil

Flower of Evil Episode 14 Recap

FLASHBACK Jung Mi Sook is tied up against a tree and her mouth is taped. Do Min Seok shows Hee Sung Jung Mi Sook's missing person pamphlet. Hee Sung bites his nails as Do Min Seok says this wouldn't have happened if someone hadn't witnessed Jung Mi Sook's abduction. Hee Sung admits he is at fault. Do Min… Continue reading Flower of Evil Episode 14 Recap