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-By Kalpana- Holi.. Mounds of colours, Colourful mounds, Fistful of colours, Raining colours, Dhol and rhythm, Dance and melody, Spirit of Holi, Spirits in Holi, Colourful mounds, mounds of colours Water guns abound, Colourful Balloons bursts  Solid colours, powders of colours Colourful mounds, mounds of colours  Sprayed on spotless white Stark and bright Laughter and… Continue reading Holi


Mouse Episode 8 Recap

(Episode 8- Ba-reum's memories) The boy in yellow opens the rat enclosure and the rat runs out after attacking the snake. He follows it. A girl holds the mouse under her foot. The boy asks her to give it back. She says if he lets it go, he will become like the rat snake (dead).… Continue reading Mouse Episode 8 Recap


Mouse Episode 7 Recap

(Episode 7 - Memory Loss) Sung Ji-Eun gives birth to her baby. She sees Han's apparition holding the baby. He comments that the baby takes after him. She looks up horrified to see the baby with demonic eyes. Sung Ji-Eun wakes up from her nightmare. She is in the hospital. Her assistant says Sung Ji-Eun… Continue reading Mouse Episode 7 Recap


Mouse Episode 6 Recap

(EPISODE 6- THE DONKEY AND THE GOAT) Mu Won coughs up blood as the killer slits his throat. The killer pulls the cross off Mu Won's neck. Mu Won's last words are, "May the Lord save your soul." Jae Hoon (child) stands over Mu won's body with his hands spread (resembling a cross). He tells… Continue reading Mouse Episode 6 Recap


Mouse-Episode 5 Recap

(Episode 5- The Live Broadcast) Ba-reum stands in a dark room talking into the phone. Mu Chi is on the other end. He films the child in front of him wearing a Goat man mask. He asks if Mu Chi believes him now. Ba-reum sends a package through the courier person. At the studio, Hong… Continue reading Mouse-Episode 5 Recap