Mouse-Episode 5 Recap

(Episode 5- The Live Broadcast)

Ba-reum stands in a dark room talking into the phone. Mu Chi is on the other end. He films the child in front of him wearing a Goat man mask. He asks if Mu Chi believes him now.

Ba-reum sends a package through the courier person.

At the studio, Hong Ju puts up the victim’s faces on screen and asks the public to call up with tips. She says they have only a composite sketch of the homeless person as they haven’t identified him yet.

Mu Chi adds that a cross was nearby all crime scenes and the victims’ middle finger was pointing at it. He says the killer hates the almighty.

The whole place tunes in for the show.

We see a montage of the victims as Mu Chi narrates the case details.

Victim Byun Soo Young (who works in the kitchen at a hostess bar) refuses to give her company to men in exchange for money. She says she wants to be a righteous woman in front of her daughter.

Victim Park Jo Hung worked hard at his temporary job and he used to drink coffee to keep himself awake. (the coffee sticks were found at the crime scene.)

The public pours its rage on the predator in the comments section of the show.

Victim Na Chi Kook is the only survivor. He was a generous and righteous man.

Homeless victim Kim is unidentified but the other homeless people called him a kind and generous man.

Victim Jo Mi Jung was an eating show Youtuber who was in a bad financial situation.

Mu chi concludes that all the victims were socially disadvantaged but good-hearted citizens.

Just then, they receive a call from someone who has his voice altered. The voice asks Mu Chi if he deserves to be here while having illegal gambling habits. He asks if it is true that Mu Chi takes bribes from criminals. Mu Chi says they are baseless claims.

The caller mentions that Mu Chi is a bereaved family member of the head hunter’s victim.

Hong Ju whispers through her earpiece asking her team to switch off the voice alteration as the caller is raising red flags. She says she will take responsibility.

Mu Chi asks how this question is relevant to the case. 

Hong Ju is told they have switched off the voice alteration but the caller is using a device of his own. She asks them to track the phone number.

The caller asks Mu Chi if he was traumatised when he saw the head hunter cut off his mother’s head. He asks if Mu Chi pushed the sisters’ killer off the building. Mu Chi says he didn’t.

The caller says Mu Chi wants to kill the killer and is not interested in rescuing the child. Mu Chi swears at the killer. The caller says Mu Chi is hot-headed and he shouldn’t be allowed to talk with the killer.

Comments start pouring in against Mu Chi.

OBN chief asks Mu Chi through the earpiece as to why he didn’t disclose being a family member of the Head hunter’s victim. he says his website is exploding with comments asking him to stop the show and remove Mu Chi from the show.

Mu Chi confesses that he is a family member of the Head hunter’s victim. He says he would kill the head hunter given a chance but he is here to rescue Han Kook and not get his revenge. He apologises and promises not to get his emotions ahead of him.

Just then the courier comes in with the delivery. Hong Ju says they believe the package is from the killer and she hands it to Mu Chi. Mu Chi opens it on live television and finds a flash drive.

They play the footage for the public after checking it. It has the altered voice of the killer and the boy in the goat mask tied to the chair. The killer tells Mu Chi to give the reason why the killer chose the boy or the boy will be dead when the show ends.

Ba-reum is in the taxi, watching the footage with a frown.

Hong Ju says they can’t be sure it is from the killer. She says the kid’s face is not shown though he is wearing the same clothes. Han Kook’s mother confirms that it is her son.

Just then another delivery comes for Mu Chi. Mu CHi is shocked as he sees the second delivery person is Dong Kook. Ba-reum calls up Mu Chi and tells him that he didn’t send the footage which Mu Chi played now.


The team still hasn’t figured out the answer. Ba-reum suggests they should provoke the killer by sending fake proof of life. He says the killer will get angry if someone else tries to steal the spotlight.


They find a child actor who is good at acting scared. The get him the same clothes and mask. Mu Chi pays the father handsomely asking him to keep this a secret. Hong Ju tells Han Kook’s mom to say the child is her son when asked on air.

Ba-reum films the footage and he gives it to Dong Koo who is in a delivery person outfit. Dong Koo takes it and drives away.

At present, Mu Chi is shocked. He runs out of the studio to catch the first delivery person.

Hong Ju says Mu Chi has stepped away to check its authenticity.

Ba reum arrives at the OBN office just in time to see the courier run out of the building. He tries to stop the courier from running away. The man fights back and hits Ba-reum on his injured leg. Ba-reum recoils in pain.

Mu Chi runs into the scene kicking the courier. The man falls over and Mu Chi handcuffs him. He removes the man’s helmet. The man says he picked the packet from a Shimjeon station locker. He says he ran now because he was scared. Mu Chi is told the call came in through a burner phone.

Ba reum says he will check the CCTV to check out the courier’s story. He tells Mu Chi to head back.

Mu Chi gets back to the station and finds Hong Ju taking a call on the live show. A woman says the homeless man resembles a person who donated a large sum of money to the orphanage she worked in. she says the man disappeared later. She also sends in the photo of the man when he was in the orphanage.

Within a few moments of search, the photo matches with Chairman Kim, who headed one of the nation’s top 3 companies. Hong Ju says he donated all his life savings and disappeared.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum notices Han-Kook on the CCTV at the locker.

Back at the studio, a caller claims to have seen Han Kook. As the caller is put through, they realise it is the same caller with the altered voice. The caller claims that the video on screen is fake.

Mu Chi shows the CCTV footage from the locker on screen. It shows Han Kook putting something into a locker. Mu Chi says following that, the killer used a burner phone to call the courier.

Han Kook’s mother gets up as she realises the video is real and not the fake one. She rushes towards the screen wailing and faints.

OBN chief tells them to air the commercials.

Once outside, Mu Chi apologises to Hong Ju for the incident. She says it is fine. Dong Koo informs them that Ba-reum and the police are searching for witnesses around the station.

Jus then, Hong Ju’s assistant tells her that they had interviewed victim Byun Soo Young’s daughter for a radio show 2 months ago.

Hong Ju is back on the show. She explains that Han Kook’s mother was shocked by seeing the footage and had to be taken to the hospital.

Just then, Mu Chi is frantic as he again goes through the details of the case. He suddenly figures out the link between the victims.

Hong Ju plays the old footage of victim Byun Soo Young’s daughter, thanking her mother on TV.

Mu Chi points out that the daughter became the talk of the town after she came on the radio and spoke about her mother.

He says Park was a power blogger with 50000 followers.

Youtuber Jo Mi Jung has 30000 followers.

Homeless man Kim was on the news when he donated all his savings to charity.

Hong Ju says she had interviewed Na chi Kook which was her first interview 8 years ago.

Just then, Ba-reum is told that the CCTV footage is missing and people are trying to open the locker.

Meanwhile, Yo han is watching the show and he recalls Ba-reum telling him to save Chi-Kook. Ba-reum had recognised Yo Han from the incident 8 years ago where they had saved him.


A group of bullies beat up Yo Han very badly because he is the Head Hunter’s son. Yo Han threatens to kill them if they don’t leave him alone. He says he has a murderer’s blood in his veins. The bullies beat him up even more. Chi Kook and Ba-reum who are passing by see this and they beat up the bullies. They check if Yo Han is alive and they call the ambulance.

At present, Mu Chi says the killer closely followed radio, blogs, TV and the internet as these victims have made a public appearance.

Just then, the rival TV channel asks questions as to why Han Kook’s mother called the video footage real, before fainting.

The show “Fact Check” reports that the child in the footage doesn’t have a scar which Han Kook has. They claim the footage shown was fake. They conclude that the footage was filmed by OBN staff and not the culprit. They ask OBN to refute.

OBN chief asks Hong Ju for an explanation. Mu Chi tells them to call the host and he says he will speak to her now. Both the cameras are rolling as he takes her call.

Mu Chi maintains that the footage was taken by the culprit. Then the host puts another person on the line who turns out to be the child actor’s father. He says he took money from Mu Chi to allow his child to act like Han Kook. He says Hong Ju was present too.

Mu Chi loses his cool as the host hangs up calling the show rigged.

Viewer’s negative comments flood the site. They go in for a commercial break.

Mu Chi calls up and asks them to check if the talk show’s claim is true.

Meanwhile, the guest on the fact check show mentions that it is highly unlikely that Han Kook is still alive.

Mu Chi goes live again. He says they did film a fake video but they didn’t air it. He says the culprit sent the footage first.

The talk show host finds it difficult to believe him. 

They play footage of the locker where Han Kook places the flash drive in locker number 14 (at 9.50 pm) but the courier picks it from locker number 13 (at 10.10 pm). He mentions that at 9.40 pm the lockers were empty. Once the passengers start moving out the footage isn’t clear. As the crowd goes away it is seen that locker 13 is in use. He says the police isn’t allowing them to check the contents of the envelope in locker number 14.

(Ba reum removes the envelope from locker number 14)

The host asks how the fake video and the culprit’s package end up in the same station. they wonder if it is a coincidence or if the killer wanted to prove that the police made a fake video. Reporter Yang, the co-host, says that provoking the killer is a bad move and he hopes the child is still alive.

The phones start ringing non-stop at the OBN studio.

Hong Ju asks if the killer sent them a video with a fake child. Mu Chi says they have to confirm it. Mu Chi says it is probably because the killer doesn’t want the show to end. Hong Ju asks why he would do that when he was the one who wanted a live show.

Mu Chi says The killer wanted the spotlight for something else. Just then, Ba-reum calls up. He says there was a flash drive in locker 14 but he is unable to view the contents of the flash drive. Mu Chi tells him to go to the police station ASAP and try it there.

Just then, the chief tells them to wrap up the show. Hong Ju protests saying that there is 15 minutes more to the show. The chief instructs them to wrap the show after the commercial break.

After the chief walks out, most of the crew leaves except for a few. Hong Ju goes into the room and locks it from inside. She says she will direct the show now and Mu Chi will host.

With great difficulty, she persuades the two staff members to continue running the show. The chief returns and asks Hong Ju to open the door.

Mu Chi goes on air. He confirms that the child in the video wasn’t Han Kook. He says it isn’t the video they filmed. He watches the screen with the comments and sees that the viewers’ aren’t convinced. Mu Chi says the killer tried to frame them so they would look bad.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum is at the police station. he spots something in the footage sent by the killer.

At the studio, Mu Chi challenges the killer to come out. he tells the killer to give him a call. 

Just then, Mu Chi gets a call from Ba-reum.

The chief breaks open the room and storms in with the security. He removes Hong Ju and the staff. He pulls the plug on the show. 

We see a montage of the killer vowing to kill the child when the show ends.


Mu Chi is live and he speaks to the entomologist over the video call. He brings up the photo of the insect found in the victim’s throat. The entomologist confirms that the insect is a Katydid (grasshopper).

He connects it to the story of the ant and the grasshopper.

He says all the killings are connected to children’s stories.

Ba-reum calls up Mu Chi and says there is a reflection on the child’s mask. He says he can see a wall lined with photos and newspaper cuttings. He says there is a drawing of a cartoon and he will send a clearer screenshot.

Mu Chi and Hong Ju take a look and it looks like a cartoon of a girl in a red cloak. Mu Chi calls up Byun Soo Young’s family and asks if she was wearing a red hat when she left for work. He is told that she was wearing a burgundy colour.

On the show, he lists out the references the children’s stories had on the murder scenes. Byun Soo-young was wearing a red cap when the body was found- Little Red Riding Hood, Park Jon Ho- Ant and the grasshopper, Na chi Kook was stripped- The Emperor’s new clothes, Kim Sung Gyu was found with an axe as the murder weapon- The Honest Woodcutter, Jo Mi Jung was found in the vineyard- the Fox and the Grapes.

Mu Chi claims the killer killed people to act out fairytales.

Mu Chi gets a call and he takes it. The police start tracking the number. 

The killer says, “Bingo! You are smarter than I expected. You actually figured it out.”

Upstairs, the staff is back and the chief is very happy. Hong Ju is sitting nervously as the chief smiles saying she should have told him before itself that Mu Chi knew the answer.

The killer compliments Mu Chi and tells him he is getting closer to the answer.

Mu Chi says each story has a lesson, Ant and the grasshopper- laziness od the grasshopper, The Emperor’s new clothes- proud emperor drunk on power, the Honest Woodcutter- greedy woodcutter who wanted all the axes, the Fox and the Grapes- warns of gluttony, Little Red Riding Hood- wolf’s greedy desire.

He points out that they indicate the sins in Dante’s purgatory- pride, greed, lust, gluttony, sloth.

The killer says none of the victims committed any of the sins. He asks why he chose them.

Mu Chi is about to respond when he is told that they have traced the call. He is told to stall.

Mu Chi immediately changes his tone and goes over to sit by the chair. He speaks about the Head Hunter and how he grew up studying psychopaths.

The caller asks if he is stalling to trace the call or he really doesn’t know the answer. He hangs up telling Mu Chi to hurry up.


Mu Chi receives a call with a tip. It is a woman who says that she was threatened with a knife 2 weeks ago when she was working at the supermarket. She says the person told her to eat everything on the food rack or he will kill her. She says she ate everything out of fear and the person left. She says she was scared to report it. Hong Ju asks if she has made a public appearance. She says she is a model and has been featured in magazines. Later, Mu Chi calls up the forensic lab and finds out that Jo Mi Jung’s stomach was empty. He concludes that she must have thrown up and he killed her.

At present, Mu chi says Jo Mi Jung ate for the show but she used a drug to throw up the contents so that she doesn’t gain weight.

Mu chi says the killer is against what the deity stands for. So, he chose to kill the people who did not commit those sins.

Mu Chi receives a call and the killer laughs, “Bingo!”

Hong Ju asks Mu Chi to buy as much time as he can. Mu Chi keeps talking. He asks why he killed granny. The killer says she just got unlucky.

Hong Ju tells Mu chi to hold on as they found the location and they are heading there.

The killer asks why the kid will die. Mu Chi says the killer used bread to lure Han Kook out and he never returned though the birds didn’t eat the bread. He says there are 2 sins left, envy and wrath.

He says Han Kook was not angry with his father for abandoning him.

Mu Chi is told they have reached the location. Hong Ju tells him to stall further. Mu Chi calls the killer a monster.

Detective Park is at home watching the show. He recalls the time when he faced the reporters during the Head hunter case. The reporter had asked if the killer was smarter than the police. Park had retorted that the killer is nothing but a monster. Park had gone home to find his house ransacked and his children gone. There were 2 bloody stick figures drawn on the wall.

At present, Mu Chi tells the killer to let Han Kook go as he answered the question.

The chief of police sees a figure inside the building with a phone to his ear and watching TV. They head inside and floor the person. They inform Mu Chi.

Mu Chi celebrates and swears at the killer. The killer says Mu Chi is wrong and he hangs up.

The police find the killers phone in the bag beside the man on the floor. The killer had put it in this man’s bag after the previous phone call.

Hong Ju asks Mu Chi to calm down as Mu Chi loses his cool. He says his answer was right and the answer was wrath.

Just then, the cops retrieve the content on the flash drive. 

Everyone is shocked as they check their phones.

Mu Chi receives a call and he takes it.

The Chief tells them to air the VCR content. Hong Ju asks if he is crazy. He pushes her away and tells them to air the VCR. 

The staff is shocked as the VCR is aired live. 

Mu Chi looks at the screen in shock. A black figure stands behind Mu Won. 

The killer tells Mu CHi that Mu Won is the one who has to feel the wrath and not Kan Kook. He says Mu Won is guilty of not having wrath. Mu Chi’s eyes well up as he sees this.

Hong Ju yells at the chief asking him to shut it off. The chief tells them to bring Mu Chi on close up. The killer says he promised to kill him if the answer was wrong.

Bong Yi watches the show from her home. she cries as she sees Mu Won in the clutches of the killer. She takes the knife granny had hidden and goes over to the mantle.

Meanwhile, the killer explains that the head hunter had killed Mu Won’s parents and left him disabled. Yet, Mu Won went on TV and chose to forgive him. Mu Won’s old interview comes up on the screen where he says he slept well after he chose to forgive the killer.

Mu Chi yells hysterically saying he will kill the murderer if he kills Mu Won. the killer tells Mu Won to show his anger on the head hunter and he will be forgiven.

Mu Chi begs Mu Won to get angry at the Head Hunter. Mu Won is quiet. Mu Chi asks Mu Won to get angry at him because he stayed quiet while the Head Hunter beat him up. Mu Won says he never resented Mu Chi. He tells Mu Chi not to destroy his life seeking revenge.

Mu Chi goes on his knees and begs the killer to spare his brother.

Bong Yi gets into a taxi and tells him to drive to Yirye Dong Cathedral.

Mu Chi cries as he pleads with the killer that he will die in Mu Won’s place. Mu won says non of this Mu Chi’s fault. HeWon says he is fine.

The killer says this is Mu Won’s last chance and he holds the knife at his throat. Mu Won tells Mu Chi that he has always been sorry.

The killer slashes Mu Won’s throat and Mu Chi cries in horror. Everyone is appalled and Hong Ju comes and stops the show from airing.

Bong Yi reaches the cathedral with her knife in the jacket pocket. 

Mu Chi howls in grief as to what has happened

Later, Mu chi is at the crime scene but the cops hold him back from going in. Ba-reum tries to enter but he is also held back. Mu Chi overpowers the cops and rushes inside.

Mu Chi’s voiceover replays where he tells the killer that he is not the almighty nor a human but just a monster.

He stares at the murder scene swarming with cops. Mu Won’s lifeless form is placed before the words written in blood on the wall behind him, “I am the Almighty.”

Image Courtesy- TVN


This episode mainly focussed on the live show intended for the killer. The killer seems to have planned this the day he asked Mu Chi to make the show.

There was an anonymous caller who kept trying to sabotage the show and discredit Mu Chi. I wonder if it is the killer or someone working for the killer. If it is someone else (apart from reporter Yang), I am curious to see who it is and his/her connection to the killer.

The caller knew Mu Chi’s gambling habits and even knew that Mu Chi wanted to kill the killer and go to prison to kill Han. He has mentioned it to Hong Ju and a couple of times before too. The Police station has a leak and I hope they look into this aspect in the upcoming episodes instead of blindly blaming each other.

The entire scene with the footage (proof of life) was a good-watch. The way the killer manipulated this entire episode was well-written and proves that he indeed is a genius mastermind. However, the killer seems to have an elaborate plan it looks like he has other people helping him. He needs an accomplice to do things this smoothly. 

The connection between the victims was a stretch but it did make sense. The killer has quite a lot of time on their hands to follow the civilians on the news, radio, magazine, TV and internet for all these years, only to kill them all in a row within 2 months. I am also curious to know what might have been the trigger for the killer to start his killings.

It looked like the killer targetted Na Chi Kook because he insulted Han. But after Mu Chi’s claims, I wonder if Chi Kook was already a target or was it by coincidence that he insulted Han Seo Joon at the same time that the killer chose to go after him. 

Ba-reum is quick-witted and works well on the edge. His plans are always good.

Most of the characters have known each other for a long time. This episode shows that Chi-Kook, Ba-reum and Sung Yo Han has met during an incident 8 years ago. Hong Ju may have met Sung Yo Han 8 years ago and maybe knowing that he is Han’s son since then.

The media was portrayed as inhumane and insensitive. OBN chief cared only for the TRP and he aired a live murder on his show and to make it worse, he made sure that Mu Chi saw it. I wonder what the righteous netizens who were against Mu Chi the whole time have to say about the insensitive OBN chief. It would look odd if no one objected to his behaviour.

Lee Hee-Jun (Mu Chi) has done a great job in the last scene which leaves an impact on the viewer.

This episode was thrilling and one didn’t have an idea as to where it was leading. It kept the viewer on the edge throughout as the police were in a fix which made it very interesting. The ending was emotive and it highlights the fact that they are not dealing with an ordinary killer.

-By Soul Sword-

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