Mouse Episode 6 Recap


Mu Won coughs up blood as the killer slits his throat. The killer pulls the cross off Mu Won’s neck. Mu Won’s last words are, “May the Lord save your soul.”

Jae Hoon (child) stands over Mu won’s body with his hands spread (resembling a cross). He tells God that he begged Him to not turn Jae Hoon into a monster. He says God ignored his prayer. He asks if God calls himself a deity. He says from now on, that job is Jae Hoon’s. He says he will judge all the fools who follow God.

Mu Won hangs before the wall with the words written in blood, “I am the Almighty.”

Meanwhile, Bong Yi comes into the Cathedral. It is dark and she lights a candle. She is shocked and cries seeing Mu Won’s body.

The killer sneaks up to her and attacks her. BongYi’s training kicks in and she swerves away. They have a scuffle and she drops something. Bong Yi tries to attack him but waves the candle towards her. The hot wax pours into Bong Yi’s eyes and she screams. Her vision is blurry.

She sneaks away trying to hide from the killer. Her hand touches the photo frame. The killer grabs her but she cuts him in the arm. The killer brings down the knife but she holds the blade in her hand. The killer hears the police rush in and he runs away.

Ba-reum rushes into the crowd. He gets a strong scent of mint. He stops for a bit he walks away. Sung Yo Han wears is in the crowd wearing his black jacket and cap.

The chief and the team are already beside Mu Won when Mu chi enters. He recalls Detective Park warning him that they are dealing with a monster. Mu Chi had said he had already lost his parents whom he cherished and he has nothing to lose. 

Mu Chi goes over and holds Mu Won. He is dragged away. Something falls from Mu Won’s body (the same thing that the Bong Yi dropped). The police examine it.

Bar Reum walks in and is horrified at the scene.

Meanwhile, the fact Check puts up a video of Han Kook which the killer has sent now. The footage shows the story of the goat which is jealous of the farmer feeding more fodder for the donkey. The killer asks Han Kook if he is jealous of the other child who is fed better. Han Kook says he is not. The killer offers to kill the other child for Han Kook and asks if Han Kook has no envy. Han Kook says he isn’t envious and tells the killer to send the child away. 

The killer says Han Kook’s sin is that he isn’t envious and says he pities the killer. 

Han Kook’s voiceover narrates that the jealous goat told the donkey to act sick because he was getting overworked. So the donkey acted sick. The farmer beat up the donkey. Then he was worried and asked the vet how to cure the donkey. The vet told them to boil the goats lung and feed it to the donkey.

Mu Chi had wrongly guessed Han Kook’s story as Hansel and Gretel while the story was Goat and the Donkey. The sin was envy and not anger.

The killer had given Han Kook an ultimatum- to kill the donkey or die.

Hong Ju sits alone at the studio and watches this on the screen. The news reports that the other kid who was kidnapped along with Han Kook returned home safely. They conclude by saying that there is a slim chance that Han Kook is alive.

Hong Ju heads to the hospital. She finds Ba -reum and DOng Kook beside Bong Yi’s bed. Mu Chi is sleeping in the farthest corner after being forcefully sedated.

Shin is present as Sung Yo Han takes a look at Kim’s body in the morgue.

Mu Won’s funeral takes place. The president addresses the nation and apologises for the incident. He promises that no more innocent lives will be lost.

Shin goes to the lake where the authorities have retrieved a sack containing a body from the lake. The body is severely decayed and is assumed to be Daniel Lee.

A few days later, Ba-reum knocks on Mu Chi’s door. All the food which Ba-reum has left outside the door all these days are untouched. When Mu Chi doesn’t answer Ba-reum says Mu Chi will starve to death at this rate. He says Mu Chi has to eat something.

Inside, Mu Chi is lying on the couch. A lot of empty bottles of alcohol lay around him. 

At the hospital, Bong Yi is awake. Sung Yo Han says her cornea is not damaged so her eyes are fine. He says the blade didn’t hit her nerves so her hands are fine too. She asks if the killer was caught and he says no. He asks if she saw her attacker.

She says she was dumb and should have seen his face first. Sung Yo Han says the killer would have killed her if she saw his face. She asks if Yo Han and she have met before. Before he can respond, Ba-reum rushes in. Yo han walks away.

Ba-reum tells her off for going after the killer by herself. Bong Yi says she couldn’t sit back and watch. She asks how Mu Chi is doing. Ba reum asks how she knows Mu Chi.

Just then, Kang walks in. He asks her how she went to Gudong cathedral while the cops went to Yirye Dong cathedral.

She says she went to Yirye Dong cathedral too. She has her granny’s photograph in the photo frame with her. In the cab, she realises that the candlestick behind Mu Won in the footage was from Gudong cathedral. Kang says she should’ve called the police. She says she did but the police said every church has the same candlestick. Kang says her life was saved because of that call.

Bong Yi says she didn’t see the killer. She says the person was strong and was a right-handed person.

Ba-reum says the person whom he chased was left-handed. He says the knife on the roof of the prison church was also placed by a lefty.

Sung Ji-eun walks into the hospital. She notices Yo han watching a room before walking away. She peeks in and sees Ba-reum talking to Bong Yi.

Ba-reum says he promised Bong Yi’s grandmother to check in on her when she isn’t around.

Sung Ji-Eun is nauseous as she runs outside.

Ba-reum is about to leave when Bong Yi tells him that she cut the killer on his left arm.

Sung Ji-Eun is outside the hospital where she vomits on the curb. She recalls holding Jae Hoon by the throat and telling him to die (when he pushed Jae Min in the grave). She tells herself that she should have killed him.

Ba-reum asks her if she is fine. Sung Ji-eun looks at him for a moment before saying she is fine and walks away. Yo Han watches this from his office. Ba-reum tells Dong Kook that he doesn’t know who she is but she seemed unwell.

At the police station, Hong Ju learns from the chief that the other child is Han Kook’s half-brother. Hong Ju asks if the killer left something on Mu Won. The chief shows her the object they found.

Hong Ju visits Ba-reum. Ba-reum says he is worried about Mu Chi. Just then Dong Kook comes to them and says that everything they discussed in confidentiality ended up public. He says they must be bugged or there is a rat among them. He looks at Hong Ju. Hong Ju says none of them are traitors as they filmed the video 2 hours before the show. She says they didn’t have the time to meet anyone.


The police have had no luck with the case.

Ba-reum and Dong Koo are at Ba-reum’s house. Ba-reum checks the fridge to cook for Mu Chi who is still starving. Ba-reum finds the leftover Japchae which Mu Won made in the fridge.

Dong Koo hears something and goes to check the next room. He finds nothing off except for a step stool against the window. Yo-han is hiding in the next room.

Ba-reum takes the Japchae Mu-won made and goes to Mu Chi’s house. He tells Mu Chi that he had lied that day that he cooked the meal. He says he brought over the last batch for Mu Chi to eat.

The kidnapper sends over another footage where it looks like he holding up an organ. He reveals that it is the lungs of the goat which lies on the ground. Han Kook is sleeping beside him. The killer gives Mu Chi 3 (starting midnight) days to find him or they will find Han Kook’s body without his lungs.

Mu Chi watches the footage.

Later, Ba-reum comes to Mu Chi’s house and is relieved to see Mu-won’s Japchae package gone.

Mu Chi eats the Japchae with teary eyes as he hears Mu Won saying it doesn’t taste like their mother’s no matter how hard he tries. Mu Chi looks up to see Mu Won in front of him smiling.

Mu Chi apologises saying it is his fault. This time the young Mu Won (from 25 years ago) tells him that it wasn’t Mu Chi’s fault then nor now. Mu Chi cries like a baby as the young Mu Won pats his head.

The next day, the chief finds Mu Chi in his office retrieving his badge and gun. Mu Chi says his resignation isn’t accepted yet. So he says he cant still work. He says he will surrender the gun when the resignation is accepted. The chief is dumbfounded.

Shin waits outside Yo Han’s house. He notes Sung Yo Han’s car is an expensive classic model that has been maintained well. 

He tells Yo Han that the last outgoing call from Kim Joon Sung’s (Sung Yo Han’s alibi) phone was to Yo Han. He notes that they called each other every day but there have been no calls between them last week. Yo Han says he was under the impression that Kim was travelling abroad. Shin says Yo-han’s alibi for the light of Daniel Lee’s disappearance is now dead. Yo Han says he likes being home and walks away.

Mu Chi is working on the case. He wonders how granny got the photo from the crime scene. He checks granny’s backpack which is not in the evidence log. He finds yoghurt bottles in it. He recalls the woman from the employment agency carrying the same bottles and reporting yoghurt theft.

Mu Chi goes back to the agency and this time the woman tells him that the granny had come but she had turned her away due to old age. Mu chi takes the landline number and asks for the list of calls that came when the woman left the desk unattended.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum and Dong Koo are trying to enter the prison to retrieve Chi Kook’s CD. They are escorted into the facility by another guard who recognises them. They come in without providing ID proof. Dong Koo says the CD belonged to Chi Kook’s father.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi goes to Sung Ji Eun’s home. Ji-Eun removes Sung Yo Han’s picture from the wall before letting him in. He says she seems familiar. He asks her why she called the agency when her home is in a different area. She says she spoke to an old lady but usually they send the same person. she says she has to feed the dog and walks out.

Just then, her phone lights up and Mu Chi reads the preview. It shows that 3000 dollars have been credited to Ko Mu Chi’s account. He recalls Han’s wife being a florist. He checks his phone and he receives a message that 3000 dollars are credited to his account. He figures out that she is Han’s wife. He says to himself that he located Han’s son.

Next, Mu Chi goes and checks the family register. He learns that she has changed her name to Sung Jin-ah and that is why he couldn’t find them. Sung Yo Han is listed as her son.

He calls up Shin asking if he knows about Sung Yo Han’s family. Shin says Kim is dead. 

Mu Chi and Shin go over to Kim’s house. Shin fills him in on what Yo Han said. He says they also found the plane ticket to Switzerland and a packed suitcase. Shin says Yo Han waited for Kim to flee and then he made the move. Mu Chi figures out that the killer called him at the press conference from here.

Shin says Sung Yo Han has only his mother who is a florist and her name is Sung Jin-Ah. Mu Chi lets out a laugh and visualises Sung Yo Han calling him while standing over Kim’s dead body. Mu Chi cries that Han killed his parents and his son killed his brother.

Mu chi vows to kill Yo Han first and then go to prison to kill his father.

At the correctional facility, Hong Ju runs into Ba-reum and Dong Koo who are just coming in. Ba-reum says some visitors don’t write their names while coming in. He says he was escorted in today and he didn’t write his name.

They check the list one more time. The officer says he is sure someone visited the medical office that day. Hong Ju asks to see the prison doctor.

Meanwhile, Han reads the newspaper which reports that all prisoners will have to take blood tests. He immediately clutches his chest and acts like he is suffocating. The guards rush in to help him.

With the help of a burglar, Mu Chi breaks into Sung Yo Han’s house.

He finds the basement but it is locked. He hides just in time when Sung Yo han walks in. Yo Han searches the entire house. Mu Won follows him stealthily into the garage. He hides in the cupboard.

He finds a shoebox and opens it. He sees that there are bloodstains on the soles.

Later, Shin realises that Mu Chi had got the shoes from Yo Han’s house. He says Mu Chi placed it in the dustbin. He says Yo han isn’t stupid. He says it cant be used in court if Mu Chi got it without a warrant. Mu Chi tells him to get the blood checked against Daniel Lee’s blood.

Han is with the prison doctor. The doctor says Han is fine. Han asks he knew Yo Han. The doctor asks if Han knows Sung Yo Han. Han asks if Sung Yo Han was here the day the guard was attacked.

Before the doctor can answer, he is called out by the guard. Han calls Sung Ji Eun a little witch under his breath.

The doctor informs Hong Ju and Ba-reum that Sung Yo Han visited him that day.

Hong Ju is startled as she recalls Yo han waiting outside her home. She also remembers seeing a bandaid in Yo Han’s study.

Mu Chi waits outside Yo Han’s house in his car. He watches Hong Ju drive up to the house, key in the passcode and enter Yo Han’s house.

Hong Ju finds a bug (listening device) in the trash can in Yo Han’s study. She finds granny’s bandaid beside the trashcan and she takes it. She gets up to find Yo Han watching her. She turns around and hugs him while hiding the bandaid.

Mu Won watches this from his car through binoculars. He realises that Hong Ju all along knew who Han’s son was. 

Yo Han tells Hong Ju that they should go downstairs. After she goes, He puts away an envelope labelled Human Genetic Testing laboratory.

Yo Han asks if Hong Ju is free tomorrow. He says he will explain everything tomorrow. She agrees. Just then, she gets a call from Mu Chi, saying they have a search warrant for the suspect and he asks her to come if she wants an exclusive. Hong Ju leaves.

After she leaves, Yo Han takes a suitcase and drives away. A woman driving behind Yo han bumps into his car. She gets out and apologises. He tries to drive on but she is adamant about involving the police. The police come and when they are about to leave she whispers to them that she heard a child in the back seat of the car. 

The cops ask Sung Yo Han to open the car to check. He refuses to cooperate. They say he will have to come to the station if he doesn’t do as they say. 

Mu Chi watches them from afar.


Shin meets Mu Chi and says the blood on the shoes didn’t match Daniel Lee’s or any of the other victims. Mu Chi wonders whose blood it is. He says they cant go into the house without being sure if Han Kook is in there or not. He says he should make him bring the child out. He calls Hong Ju and tells her they got a warrant. He asks if Shin’s girlfriend can bring her car and bump into Yo Han’s car.

At present, Sung Yo Han opens the case. Mu Chi is watching him with his gun at the ready. 

Shin is hiding in his girlfriend’s car. he calls up Mu Chi saying the suitcase has just clothes. Shin’s girlfriend asks them to check the trunk which is also empty. She stares at Shin, who ducks into the floor of the car.

Mu Chi is frantic as time is running out. he runs into Yo Han’s house and breaks the lock in his basement. He walks in to find the room clean. He doesn’t notice a photo lying by the wall on the floor.

Meanwhile, Shin follows Yo Han but Yo Han manages to lose him. Mu Chi requests for Yo Han’s vehicle to be tracked.

Yo Han drives up to a place. He opens the trunk.

Hong Ju is with the forensics. She is told that the blood on the bandaid doesn’t match with Han Kook’s but they are matching it with other victims.

Mu Chi walks up to her and confronts her for keeping Han’s son’s identity from him. He says he knows what kind of monster Yo Han is. Hong Ju walks away as she feels nauseous.

Mu Chi walks into the chief’s office and finds Mu Won’s crime scene photos on the whiteboard. He finds that stones were found inside Mu Won’s stomach. 

The killer’s voiceover says that the mother goat was angry with the wolf and she cut open the wolf’s stomach and retrieved her children’s bodies. He says those who don’t get angry are sinners.

Mu Chi weeps with the photo in his hand.

Elsewhere, Sung Yo Han makes a fire and he burns the envelope from the Human Genetic Testing Laboratory.

The doctor calls Kang with the results.

Meanwhile, Bong Yi wakes up and she goes to the bathroom in her home. She trips and falls. 

Kang tells the chief that the blood on Sung Yo Han’s shoes matches with the body found in the water. the chief says that the blood on Goatman’s bandaid matches Bong Yi’s grandmother. They rush out.

Sung Yo Han is in SUng Ji Eun’s house. He asks her if she knew all along that her son is a murderer. Ji-Eun is horrified as she is faced with this question.

Hong Ju takes a pregnancy test at home. It is positive.

Mu Chi ignores 20 missed calls from the Chief. 

Ba-reum comes and helps her up. He takes her to his house. She says she forgot to bring the bird. He says he will go to her house and bring it. 

As he walks out, Ba-reum receives a call from Kang saying that granny’s DNA was found at Yo Han’s home.

Yo Han is driving down the road in his car.

Ba-reum goes to Yo Han’s house and walks in. He goes to the basement and finds the photo (victim Byun Soo Yung) lying in the space between the wall and the floor. Ba-reum notices that the wall is a false wall and he opens it.

He goes into the secret room. He is shocked to see the wall filled with photos of Ba-reum (his home, him speaking with granny, walking home etc). It looks like Yo Han has been following him. It also has the news snippet of granny’s murder. 

Yo Han reaches Ba-reum’s house.

Ba-reum rushes out of Yo Han’s house and drives away.

The police reach Yo Han’s house.

Meanwhile, Bong Yi gets up hearing a sound and she is startled to see a black figure in the house. 

She calls up Mu Chi and tells him that the killer is here. She sneaks out of Ba-reum’s house without the figure noticing.

Yo Han sees the blanket on the floor and notes that the floor is still warm. He starts searching.

Bong Yi is hiding from Yo Han when Ba-reum finds her. he helps her out of the premises and tells her to go. When Bong Yi resists, he promises to catch the person who killed her granny.

After Bong Yi goes away, Ba-reum turns around to see Yo Han waiting for him.

Mu Chi reaches Ba-reum’s street. Bong Yi comes running to him saying Ba-reum is with the killer.

Mu Chi rushes towards Ba-reum’s house just in time to see Yo Han on the terrace hitting Ba-reum multiple times with a weapon. Ba-reum lies in a pool of blood.

Mu Chi shoots Yo Han.

Yo han falls beside Ba-reum. Both of them lie beside each other with blood pooling around them.

Both Ba-reum and Sung Yo Han are rushed to the hospital.

Ba-reum wakes up in the hospital. his head is bandaged. he hears the chirping of Eo Bong Yi. The bird is in a cage beside him.

Ba-reum walks over to the bird and takes it in his hand. He breaks its neck and throws it out of the window.

Ba-reum’s voiceover says, “Finally it is quiet”.

He lies back in his bed and closes his eyes.

Image Courtesy- TVN


Though Jae Hoon is grown up, in his mind, he is still the child at the church. The opening scene was well-made as it depicted how Jae Hoon felt like the Almighty before he wrote the message “I am the Almighty”. It looks like his anger has escalated from hatred towards God to becoming God. It seems like he made a declaration with those words rather than getting back at Mu Chi’s insult.

I wonder what is the significance of the object found on Mu Won’s body.

Bong Yi put up a good fight in the cathedral. Throughout this episode, Bong Yi was on her toes and she made rational decisions.

Bong Yi claims the killer is right-handed. Ba-reum says he chased the killer who was left-handed. It shows that they were two different people.

Sung Ji-eun behaved oddly after seeing Ba-reum in the hospital. 

Sung Yo Han’s conversation with Sung Ji-Eun was interesting. He mentioned that she knew her son was the killer. It is possible that he is not her son. I am curious to see the full conversation he had with Sung Ji Eun and what happened to her.

Han Seo Joon, on the other hand, wanted to check something regarding Yo Han and he figured out something which his wife had done. I wonder if it is something regarding his offspring’s identity.

Sung Yo Han has been following Ba-reum for some reason. The photos on the wall in his secret room had only Ba-reum’s photos and whereabouts. I wonder if it is because he suspects Ba-reum to be Han’s son/killer. Yo Han has a genetic test report which he burnt. If Yo Han is not Han’s son/killer, it wouldn’t make sense for him to burn a report which would prove him innocent. 

Jae Hoon’s voiceover says he wanted to find out how the other boy with the psychopath gene turned out to be. 

The blood on Yo Han’s shoes came back negative for Daniel Lee’s blood but it matched with the body found in the water. I am curious to know the identity of the victim.

Mu Chi’s investigation was well-made. The way he tracked Bong Yi’s grandmother’s whereabouts to Yo Han’s place was an interesting watch.

The scene with Mu Chi eating japchae that Mu Won had made was deep-seated and emotive.

Hong Ju seems innocent. Sung Yo Han’s possible connection to the crimes came as a shock to her. She went ahead and gave the bandaid to the forensics which tied him to the case.

Sung Yo Han was present at most of the crime scenes and he was also shown disposing of a body. Until he attacked Ba-reum, he was never shown committing a crime but he was definitely hiding the tracks of murder. It didn’t look like he was at any of the crime scenes to save the victims. Also, all Mu Chi’s attempts to draw out Sung Yo-han as Han Kook’s kidnapper went in vain. Yo Han showed no signs of holding the child or moving him. Han Kook hasn’t been found yet and the time is running out.The plot keeps pointing towards Yo Han as the killer but at the same time away from him as well.

Ba-reum, on the other hand, was shown killing the bird which he cared for all this while. Usually, psychopaths start by killing animals/pets. I wonder if the psychopath gene in him was triggered after Yo han attacked him. Before this incident, Ba-reum was shown solving the murders and trying to save the victims. He was also hurt and he couldn’t have committed the murders since he was shown elsewhere at the time of the killings (unless he is faking his injury and the scenes are edited to deceive the viewer).

The possibility of another character apart from these two being the killer cannot be ruled out either.

This episode did a great job in raising the curiosity level of the viewer as it showed both Sung Yo Han and Jung Ba-reum as suspects. 

-By Soul sword-

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