Mouse Episode 7 Recap

(Episode 7 – Memory Loss)

Sung Ji-Eun gives birth to her baby. She sees Han’s apparition holding the baby. He comments that the baby takes after him. She looks up horrified to see the baby with demonic eyes.

Sung Ji-Eun wakes up from her nightmare. She is in the hospital. Her assistant says Sung Ji-Eun is lucky that she found her. She asks if Sung Yo Han is the cause for Sung Ji-Eun’s state.

Sung Ji-Eun maintains that her son was trying to keep her from harming herself. She tells the woman not to involve the police. She calls up Sung Yo Han.

Yo Han lies in a pool of blood next to severely injured Ba-reum. Ba-reum loses consciousness. 

Mu chi and Bong Yi rush to the roof. Bong Yi is flustered as she tries to wake Ba-reum up. Mu Chi pulls Sung Yo Han to him and asks him where Han Kook is. SUng Yo Han tries to say something but he loses consciousness.

The news reports of the incident mentioning that both the suspect and the officer who fought him are in critical condition.

Hong Ju is stopped by the authorities as she tries to get into the hospital to see Sung Yo Han. She stops resisting when she sees Ba-reum’s state.

The doctor tells Mu Chi that Ba-reum has severely fractured his frontal lobe and isn’t responding well. Sung Yo han has severe abdominal injuries. He says both are very critical.

Mu Chi watches a hysteric Sung Ji Eun runs into the hospital asking for her son. She spots Mu Chi and asks him how he could shoot her poor son. 

Mu Chi asks if he has to feel sorry for her son who fractured Ba-reum’s skull and walks away after throwing a disgusted look at Hong Ju who is watching from afar.

Sung Ji-Eun sinks to the floor wondering how he could do that.

Han is in Prison, scanning an article about him titled, “The Head Hunter, Is Murder Hereditary?”

Mu Chi is disheartened as he comes to the station only to find that Han Kook was not in Sung Yo Han’s house or the nearby area.

Soon, Mu Chi and the cops find blood traces in Sung Yo Han’s car. They also find a secret compartment with blood traces. Mu Chi says Yi Han would’ve switched cars and tells them to check the CCTV for all the cars. He also tells them to check every car that passed this way.

They find the switched car and trace its location to an abandoned building. They go there and Mu Chi finds the remnants of the things that Sung Yo Han burnt. He takes a charred paper where the Logo of the genetic lab is there.

They rush into the building and find blood traces on the floor beside the bed. They say that the body must be hidden nearby and they start an extensive search.

The doctors give a press briefing. They say Sung Yo Han’s surgery went well but Ba-reum’s surgery had to be stopped midway due to the swelling.

Hong Ju sees Sung Yo Han from far away as her voiceover says, “I pitied you because of the suffering you went through as a murderer’s son. I thought you were like me. Because of what you did, you will never get salvation. This is the most I can do for you”

The government’s approval ratings go down because the public is dissatisfied with the way they handled the case.

Hong Ju drives to a deserted place and she crosses a railway track. She goes into an abandoned building. She is greeted with a musty smell. She switches on the phone’s light. It looks like an autopsy room. Some memories come flooding back to her.

She heads over to a rack where she finds a bunch of old tapes.

Government official Choi Young Shin watches the news which asks if the ruling party will rule the election.

Just then, she receives a parcel. She opens it and finds a tape (that Hong Ju took) titled “FPL, M16.395.ex”.

Ba-reum undergoes surgery again.

Han Kook’s mother tries to enter Sung Yo Han’s room but she is pulled away.

Bong Yi sneaks into Sung Yo Han’s room. She suffocates him with a pillow as she says he has no right to live.

The public prays for Ba-reum to pull through.

The doctors give a briefing. They say Ba-reum’s surgery was a success but his fate rests in everyone’s prayers. Just then, they get news that Sung Yo Han passed away due to septic shock.

Sung Ji-eun cries as she stands beside Sung Yo Han’s body.

Mu Chi is furious that Sung Yo han died without telling them where Han Kook is buried.

Later, The news reports that after receiving a big surgery 3 times, Ba-reum hasn’t woken up for 10 days. The Director permits Bong Yi to bring their pet bird into Ba-reum’s room. she sits beside Ba-reum and talks to him. She says that she hopes the bird will help him wake up.

Mu Chi finds her and tells her she shouldn’t feel guilty about Ba-reum’s injury. He says he is confident that Ba-reum will pull through. He tells her to lie down and they give her a sedative. She thanks Mu Chi for shooting Sung Yo Han and for checking on her. She says Ba-reum would have died otherwise.

Sung Ji-eun scatters Sung Yo Han’s ashes in the sea as her voiceover says, “How am I going to pay for my sins?”

At the hospital, Ba-reum wakes up.

Bong Yi wakes up from her deep sleep and rushes over to Ba-reum’s room to find the bird missing. She peeks out and sees the children crowding over something and yelling for their mother.

Just then, Ba-reum asks where he is. She hugs him but he doesn’t seem to recognise her.

Later, Dong Koo, Bong Yi, Ba-reum’s aunt and uncle are present when the Doctor examines Ba-reum. He answers logical questions correctly. He doesn’t remember who he is or how old he is. He doesn’t recognise anyone in the room either.

The doctor says he has lost his memory due to the injury on the frontal and temporal lobe. he says since he knows the everyday objects his memory loss is mostly temporary.

In Ba-reum’s room, Bong Yi asks if he doesn’t remember her. Ba-reum wonders who she is. He says he wants rest as he goes back to sleep.

Ba-reum is greeted with a cheer by the public when he is discharged. He comes home and his aunt makes him some porridge. He looks around his house which is alien to him and thinks out loud that he seemed like a good person. His aunt says he is a kind and upright man.

He picks up his mother’s photograph and his aunt says his mother died in a car accident when he was young. She tells him the surgery might have caused the memory loss and tells him to be patient.

She tells him to move out soon as he shouldn’t be alone. Ba-reum looks at his mother’s photograph.

The Chief instructs Mu Chi and Shin as they wait for their inquiry. He tells Mu Chi to say he misfired as he aimed at the suspect’s leg. He tells Shin to say he was angry because Han Kook reminded him of his nephew.

Shin says he doesn’t have a nephew and that he is an only child born to his parents after they waited 10 years. Chief tells him off for listening to Mu Chi. He tells Shin that his father can’t get him out of everything.

Detective Park is among the detectives on the inquiry panel. Shin answers just as the Chief has coached him.

When it is Mu Chi’s turn, Mu Chi doesn’t respond. The Chief speaks for him saying Mu Chi had reacted in time to save another policeman whom the suspect attacked.

The panel asks Mu Chi to speak for himself. Detective Park asks Mu Chi if he misfired. Mu Chi says he didn’t misfire but aimed to kill the jerk. He asks them to investigate him for murder.

The Chief and Detective Park are taken aback. The disciplinary committee reads its decision.

The panel clears Mu Chi of any wrongdoing because he fired his gun to save a victim. 

Mu Chi throws a tantrum hearing this. the chief and Shin hold him back. Mu Chi is suspended for 1 year with a 6-month salary cut. Shin gets a 2-month salary cut. Mu Chi breaks free and causes a commotion asking to be jailed. There is a hustle and the commissioner ends up with a bleeding nose because Shin elbows him.

Hong Ju goes in for a procedure. Her voiceover says, “I am sorry, my child”

The chief is at the press conference. He says Sung Yo Han’s phone was close to the location where Byung Soo Young’s body was found. He says the photograph of the victim’s body was also found in Sung Yo Han’s basement. He adds that Bong Yi and Mu Chi witnessed Sung Yo Han attacking Ba-reum. He concludes the press meet by saying Sung Yo Han was the serial killer in the Moojin Serial killing case.

Dong Koo is helping Ba-reum move. Ba-reum doesn’t remember Na Chi-kook so Dong Koo says that back then they were the three musketeers. Dong Koo says he plans to study to become a correctional officer.

Just then, Ba-reum looks at the side of the premises and he has a flash of memory in which he sees Sung Yo-han. He remembers Sung Yo Han standing there (the night Ba-reum was attacked). He clutches his head.

Ba-reum’s vehicle drives down the road. He notices Bong Yi watching from the alley.

Bong Yi recalls the day when she received a necklace from ba-reum along with a note promising to marry her once she comes of age.

At present, Bong Yi removes the necklace and puts it in her pocket. She walks away crying.

The Moo-jin serial killing case is handed to prosecution without the right of arraignment because of Sung Yo Han’s death. The police vow to look for Han Kook.

Later, Kang Duk Soo (from the case related to Bong Yi) is released from prison. Mu Chi goes to the prison and notes that there is a crowd protesting his release. He is relieved that Bong Yi isn’t here. Just then, Kang Duk Soo is released and Mu Chi goes to him. He threatens to kill him if he repeats his crime. Kang Duk Soo is scared and promises to live in repentance.

After Kang Duk Soo leaves, Mu Chi wonders where Bong Yi is.


Someone waits in the car at night. A woman walks up the road. She bends low to answer the person in the car with a smile.

Mu Chi is woken up by loud election campaigning. His 1-year suspension is over and he is called for an assignment.

Shin marks the day as he finishes his reassignment (for injuring the commissioner) at the Pyeongan precinct.

Just then, Ba-reum enters the station. He is Shin’s replacement. Their Chief tells Shin to go easy on Ba-reum as he isn’t normal yet. He says Ba-reum has been reinstated because elections are around the corner and the ruling party wants the approval ratings to shoot up. Shin is dejected as he says it must be nice being the Nation’s son.

Ba-reum is beside Shin who drives the patrol car. Ba-reum says he has got most of his memory back but there are gaps. He says he doesn’t remember Mu Chi. Shin learns that Ba-reum lives near his aunt. Ba-reum says he doesn’t want to be a nuisance.

Ba-reum goes over to the posters of the candidates and cleans up the poster of Shin’s father. He says he heard all the speeches and Shin’s father was the only candidate who sounded sincere. Shin is touched and he hugs Ba-reum.

Just then, a motorcyclist takes a bag from a woman and drives away. Both Ba-reum and Shin run chasing him. Ba-reum runs fast than Shin and catches the thief by a brook.

Ba-reum looks to the side and spots a dead body. His heart races as he looks at the. He wonders what this feeling is.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi is confused as he joins Detective Park in the evidence room. Park tells him to sort out the evidence and list it. Mu Chi says he would choose traffic control over this. Park says no one wanted a troublemaking ticking time bomb so Mu Chi is here. 

Mu chi says he will resign. Park reminds him that Mu Chi has work to do. He says the evidence management team is issued firearms as they have to go to evidence and collect the evidence themselves. Before leaving, Park says he would have done it himself if he didn’t have a wife to take care of.

At the crime scene, Kang says it must be robbery-murder. Ba-reum disagrees saying that it is camouflage. Kang’s team doesn’t buy it. They find tyre tracks nearby. Shin sides with Ba-reum but is told off.

Kang says Ba-reum may be right as the valuables are gone but the culprit has enough tools for the murder.

Shin says the victim is lying face down so the killer may be an acquaintance. Shin drags Ba-reum out of the scene saying he hasn’t healed fully.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi is checking the evidence list. He sees an evidence box from 1995. He opens it and sees that it is from the Head Hunter case where his parents were killed. He finds a limited edition robot which was a gift from his mother. Tears streak down Mu Chi’s face as he sees his mother’s note along with the box. He sees the locket with his family photo.

Mu Chi asks Park why they keep evidence from Han Seo Joon’s case when the supreme court has given the ruling. Park says they have it as a reference for other investigations. He says they accumulate data from criminal investigations. Mu Chi says he needs help. Park tells him to find someone.

Ba-reum visits Chi-Kook. He tells Chi-kook’s mother not to lose hope.

Later that night, Ba-reum meets Dong Koo for dinner. He gives Ba-reum his wedding invitation. He adds that today was the first day at the correctional facility and one thug is giving him a tough time. He wonders where Bong Yi is. Ba-reum still doesn’t remember her.

Ba-reum says he saw a dead body at work today and he had a weird feeling. Dong Koo says Ba-reum vomits if he sees something dead. Ba-reum says this was not like that and his start started racing.

Just then Dong Koo’s fiance who is an actress and his team join them for dinner. Dong Koo’s fiance goes to the restroom. Dong Koo’s friend tells him no to marry her as she will tend to cheat. A brawl breaks out following this and Ba-reum ends up punching one of the friends. Later, his nose bleeds.

Dong Koo checks on him and asks where he learnt to fight like that.

Mu chi watches Hong Ju’s show. Hong Ju is no longer hosted by Hong Ju.

Mu Chi receives the evidence box from the case that Ba-reum found. Mu Chi finds two items of evidence missing (rope and weapon). He goes up to find Kang and the Chief discussing it. The expert tells them it is called the highwayman’s hitch knot. he says one can tie this not if you want to tie a person fast without even making the knot. He says it is a hiker’s knot. He then says there is a variation to the knot as it has been either deliberately altered or the person isn’t an expert. 

Mu Chi grabs the evidence from them and walks away. He hears other cops talking about Ba-reum blabbering at the crime scene.

Mu Chi drives down to meet Ba-reum. He hits the breaks as someone runs into his path. He gets out to check and sees that it is Ba-reum. Ba-reum doesn’t recognise him at first. Slowly he recalls their first encounter and his face breaks into a wide smile. Mu Chi says Ba-reum hasn’t changed.

They have tea together. Ba-reum says when he meets a person, their memory comes flooding in.

Mu Chi speaks about the case and Ba-reum says the knot on the victim was loose and she could have got out of it easily. he wonders why an expert would tie the knot this way. He is engrossed as he says it he would have found her trying to get out of the knot entertaining.

Mu Chi asks why the killer stabbed her from behind. Ba-reum ays the killer made a shallow cut and watched her suffer. He then choked her to death. He says the loosely tied rope would have given her hope to try and free herself.

Mu Chi says only a psychopath will do that. Ba-reum says he is sure this is not the killer’s first time. He says the scene was too clean. He says the killer will strike again. Mu Chi asks how he is so sure. Ba-reum says he can feel it. Mu Chi says Ba-reum seems different.

Later, Mu Chi watches Kang interrogate the prime suspect who had been hitting on the victim for a long time. His cars tyres match the ones on the scene. The man denies all the charges. 

Mu Chi says this is not the killer. Later, the forensic reports come back and the suspect’s semen matches with the semen found on the victim. They make the arrest.

Mu Chi walks out feeling stupid to have trusted Ba-reum.

Ba-reum watches this on TV and he says that it is not the killer.

Mu Chi receives another evidence box. He sees abrasions on the victim’s wrist and asks if a rope was there. He is told there was no rope.

Mu Chi goes to the crime scene to find the rope. He finds clothes hanging equidistant on the clothesline. He notices that the clothes are dirty. He removes the clothesline and there are traces of blood on it. Mu Chi figures out that this was used to restrain the victim.

Mu Chi brings Ba-reum into the victim’s house. He says the victim’s tooth was chipped as the killer had slammed her face against the mirror.

Mu Chi is thirsty and he drinks some of the milk in the fridge. He says the previous victim was found outside but Hong Na Ri was found in the house.

Ba-reum says she was also found on the side instead of face down. He says it is the same killer because he would’ve enjoyed seeing his victim die through the mirror.

Mu Chi says the victim’s husband gave her CPR and is a prime suspect because they were separated. Ba-reum says the killer would have given her CPR because he would have wanted to revive her and kill her again. He says his methods are becoming eviler as he is testing out methods.

Mu Chi asks how Ba-reum is so sure. Ba-reum says he thinks from the killer’s shoes and it comes to him.

Ba-reum says he would’ve hung the rope as a clothesline so the cops don’t think it is the same person. He says the clothes would’ve been equidistant on the line. 

Mu Chi is speechless as he says it was true. 

Ba-reum says he got the feeling. He says the killer is a perfectionist.

Mu Chi says they should catch the killer together. He says he desperately needs to catch a killer. Ba-reum says he has work. Mu Chi says Shin told him that Ba-reum need not come to work.

After they leave, Hong Ju peeps out of the next room.

Mu Chi suddenly remembers a similar knot in the head hunter case. He sees the evidence bag of Detective Park’s daughter, Park Hyun Soo.

The Chief tells Mu Chi about how the head hunter took Park’s children, Park Hyun Soo and Park Hyun Suk. He says the son was found dead the next day as a passing vehicle had run him over but they didn’t find the daughter. 5 years later they found the daughter Hyun Soo’s clothes and shoes at an excavation site along with the remains. The hair on the hair tie matched with the DNA of PArk’s daughter. He adds that Park still hasn’t accepted it and he goes around digging.

Elsewhere, Hong Ju goes through the pictures of the crime scene. She recalls the conversation Ba-reum and Mu Chi had at the victim’s house. She calls up Shin and asks to see the knot tied around the victim and he directs her to the evidence management team.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi is told that the old knot and the one found at the crime scene look like it has been done by the same person. He says the old one looks like it was done by a child. Mu Chi is shocked.

Hong Ju goes into the evidence room as she finds it empty. She finds the box and she takes out the rope. She examines the knot. She puts it back when she hears Ba-reum and Mu Chi come in. Mu Chi says Han may have taught the knot to someone else or someone must have taught it to Han. They agree to meet Han. Ba-reum notices that the evidence box has been moves but Mu Chi escorts him away.

At the prison, Han refuses to see Mu Chi as he killed his son. He asks to see Ba-reum.

Ba-reum goes in and Han comes out. Han apologises in Yo Han’s place. He says they have met before (the day Chi Kook was attacked). He notes that Ba-reum doesn’t remember him and says it is a pity that the surgery didn’t go well. Han says Ba-reum’s eyes look different from what they did before the surgery.

Ba-reum shows the knot and says this was used to kill Detective Park’s daughter. He asks where Han learnt the knot. Han says no one taught it to him. Ba-reum asks if Han taught it to anyone. Han says he didnt. Ba-reum asks if anyone saw Han do the knot. Han says no one did.

Ba-reum asks him how the same knot got on the victim. han says he isnt lying. Ba-reum realises that Han didnt kill Park’s daughter 2 years ago.

Han asks Ba-reum to say hello to his friend and cellmate. Ba-reum sees that Han’s friend is a mouse with a knot tied on its ear.

Ba-reum holds his head as it hurts. The memories of a child in yellow uniform putting a mouse in the rat enclosure comes back to him.

He looks up wondering what this memory is.

Han smiles.

Image Courtesy- TVN


There are quite a few child characters in the story from 25 years ago.

Mu Chi, Mu Won and the girl who asked the victim Sung Soo Jung for help (Episode 1) were the ones born before Han’s arrest. 

Jung Ba-reum, Sung Yo-han and Shin are in the same age group as they were born after Han’s arrest. So they fit into Jae-Hoon’s profile.

It looks like Han didn’t kill Detective Park’s daughter (25 years ago). The knot found at the crime scene looked like it was done by a child. I wonder if it was a child who killed her back then (as an accomplice). Han had always wanted offspring and it is possible he had a child helping him.

The child who asked the victim for help was a girl. ( I wonder if she lured the victim in). It looks like the girl has grown up to be Choi Hong Ju. Hong Ju says she thought Sung Yo Han was similar to her. I wonder if that means that she was also born to a murderer or was forced to be an accomplice to murder. 

She went into a place that seems like an autopsy/operation room. I am curious to see the contents of the tape and why she sent it to the government official. 

It is suspicious to see Hong Ju at a victim’s house and sneaking around the evidence room. She also recognises the knot.

Just like Hong Ju, Sung Ji Eun was shocked to hear that Yo Han attacked Ba-reum. She even went up against Mu Chi for shooting at him. It seems like she feels Sung Yo Han isn’t the killer.

Sung Yo Han’s death wiped the slate clean and the storyline started fresh. The existing evidence pointing at him isn’t convincing so it gives more of a look that the real killer is on the loose. Mu Chi also found the logo on the burnt paper, so it looks like that part of the plot will be revealed later.Han Kook’s case has gone cold and Bong Yi has disappeared.  

Mu Chi finds it extremely difficult to kill a person but Bong Yi has always found it easy to attempt killing. She was shown pressing a pillow against Yo Han’s face. It is hard to believe that she killed Sung Yo Han and got away with it. Also, it is odd that she wasn’t around to help Ba-reum recover his memories when the doctor was confident that Ba-reum will regain the memories.

This episode focussed on Jung Ba-reum who woke up as a different personality. He is assertive and possesses skills which he didn’t have previously. He has a temper and good fighting skills. He is extremely observant and displays genius traits.

His actions raise many doubts as to if he has the genius gene or a psychopath gene. He has already wrung the neck of the bird. He is also displaying his genius gene. His explanations of the crime scenes also seem like it is out of his memory rather than deductions.

Also, the murders have started again after he was reinstated. I wonder if he is trying to get close to the investigation to watch Mu Chi. He says his heart raced when he saw the dead body. I wonder if he feels elated seeing one.

The boy who put the rat into the rat snake enclosure was born after Han’s arrest. In a montage, Jae Hoon had a photo of the mouse boy in his hideout. Jae Hoon is the one who has the issue with the deity. Ba-reum’s latest memory shows that he is Jae Hoon. 

The current killings however use a knot and have no connection with the deity/cross. It is connected to Park’s daughter’s murder. The mouse boy/Jae Hoon would’ve been too young to commit the crime around that timeline.

From the looks of it, it seems like there are two killers (one who hate the deity and the one who uses the knot). This episode started fresh with the old storyline taking a back seat. I am curious to see how it develops.

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