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Doctor John – Episode 3-4 Recap

Doctor John - Episode 3-4 Recap As Si Young sits in the ambulance with Park on the way to the hospital, she remembers Yo han asking her to save the patient. She had asked how and he had replied by asking her to tie her shoelaces first. He had then told her to take Park… Continue reading Doctor John – Episode 3-4 Recap

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Doctor John Recap Index

Genre - Medical, Romance Cast-  Ji Sung as Cha Yo-han, Lee Se-young as Kang Shi-young Doctor John Episode 1-2 Recap Doctor John Episode 3-4 Recap Doctor John Episode 5-6 Recap Doctor John Episode 7-8 Recap Doctor John Episode 9-10 Recap Doctor John Episode 11-12 Recap Doctor John Episode 13-14 Recap Doctor John Episode 15-16 Recap Doctor John… Continue reading Doctor John Recap Index

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Doctor John-Episode 1-2 Recap

Doctor John-Episode 1 Recap A gurney is wheeled into the prison’s infirmary. The patient (prisoner) seems to have trouble breathing and the medical officer is visibly stressed. The prison officers usher the doctor in charge to do something but the medical officer is clueless as to what to do. He says they have to call… Continue reading Doctor John-Episode 1-2 Recap

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Book Review- My Mother’s Secret By J.L Witterick

-By Soul Sword- Genre-  Holocaust,Historical, historical fiction, World War II My Mother's Secret by J.L.Witterick is a historical fiction novel. It is based on a true story of Franciszka Halamajowa and her daughter Helena, who saved the lives of 15 jews during the holocaust. The book is set in Nazi-occupied Poland (1939-1944 - WW II)… Continue reading Book Review- My Mother’s Secret By J.L Witterick

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Online Shopping…

-By KK- Shopping has become a craze today. Especially, in this digital online world, where lounging from the comfort of your sofa any purchase seems like a steal. Come sale and I see even the best of the intellectuals’ intellectualism drop down a jaw-dropping 70-80% same as an online sale. Of course, Up to 50%… Continue reading Online Shopping…