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-By Kalpana- Duryodhan walked in with a haughty gait in the palace built by Pandavas. Inwardly, seething at the opulence. He screeched to an awkward stop to what he perceived to be a body of water with in the palace. He skirted it carefully and proceeded. Congratulating himself for having averted a definite catastrophe .… Continue reading Surreal

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Online Shopping…

-By KK- Shopping has become a craze today. Especially, in this digital online world, where lounging from the comfort of your sofa any purchase seems like a steal. Come sale and I see even the best of the intellectuals’ intellectualism drop down a jaw-dropping 70-80% same as an online sale. Of course, Up to 50%… Continue reading Online Shopping…

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Morning Blues…

- By KK- I yawned myself awake and squinted at curtained windows gauging the time. Another day of routine monotonous chores greeted my befuddled brain. I sighed and dunked my head into the rug curled up and balled up into foetal position. With a deep sigh, I buried my head like an ostrich in knees… Continue reading Morning Blues…

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-By KK- Literacy!! I met her at a friends’ house.  A nondescript, ordinary, unremarkable, uninteresting woman. A common woman. Unexceptional, unimpressive… A nondescript, drab face, clad in an ordinary saree, middle-aged looking uninspiring and illiterate. I sighed inwardly, as I resigned myself to an orthodox unenlightening evening. The conversation revolved around dull topics of home,… Continue reading Literacy!

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Killing boredom

-By KK- ‘I am bored. I am bored. It’s boring. Life is boring. Everything is a bore. Oh! Don’t bore me. You bore. You are a bore. He/she is a bore.’ Boredom has inflicted even the tiniest toddlers of the world. You look at them with astonishment as they voice their boredom without fully understanding… Continue reading Killing boredom