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A Waltz!

-By KK- As conversations go by, one of the topics that invariably form a part is marriage. Marriage should not turn us into pet canine to be petted, patted, played with, asked to sit, stand, fetch and left once to satisfy the role of master. As couples struggle to maintain and co-exist within the walls… Continue reading A Waltz!

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…And all my experiences are virtual

-By KK- In the real world, virtuality crept in. The experience took on a digital form. The dot com world put a full stop to ‘being out there, done it’.  Today, outdoor games, playing, looking for that unusual stone, corral, watching a squirrel scurry up a tree, imitating a bird’s take off, watching it build… Continue reading …And all my experiences are virtual

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Moments of joy…

Moments of joy -By KK- Writing, Articulating, Reading, Long walks,   That fragrance of wet earth after first rain, Pitter-patter raindrops on the roof of my house, Watching ants scurrying around to store for a rainy day, Quiet moments under the stars, gazing up at the galaxies wondering if, there is some being out there… Continue reading Moments of joy…