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Morning Blues…

– By KK-
I yawned myself awake and squinted at curtained windows gauging the time. Another day of routine monotonous chores greeted my befuddled brain. I sighed and dunked my head into the rug curled up and balled up into foetal position.

With a deep sigh, I buried my head like an ostrich in knees pulled up to my stomach. However, I still couldn’t turn myself into a foetus. Nor would the light fade away into darkness.

The alarm sounded promptly. It had no sympathy for my lazy bed laps. It screeched to be shut down. I slammed hard and it fell silent. I knew it was on a standby mode and it will howl to raise me out if, I dared fall into a lazy, dreamy, bestest pre-morning naps.

Silently cursing the routine, I reluctantly got off my cosy nest to slap my face with cold water to clean away sleep residue.

Quickly, the routine had pushed out last lingering ribbons of sleep and I was half running, half humming, half screaming at my family as adrenaline rush began to race against the ticking clock.

Children and husband, Maids and breakfast,

Coaxing and cajoling, screaming and pampering,

Threats and kisses, quick smileys and scowls,

Reprimands and rage. It was a chaos of workload melody.


I smiled indulgently at the groans and grunts.

I know. I thought in my mind.

My DNA. My babies. Just like me.

Morning blues. These were not Monday blues.


Groggy eyed lost hubby.

Some comprehension of the situation.

Modern and responsible he pitches in

Into the war zone; a dedicated foot soldier.

Thankful for my role,

As captain unchallenged I order,

Persecute a well-organised drill.


All set. All done. Marathon completed.

With a sigh, I sit on the couch.

My heart calmed. Mind at peace. Confidence high.

What a performance! What a performer!


The daily monotonous routine makes a champion of me. I wouldn’t want to be in lotus land.


-By KK-


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