Blind- Episode 4 Recap

Flashback During lunch, boy 11 gives all his food to Yoon Jae. He tells Yoon Jae to eat well so he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night hungry. 11 says that the routine inspection day is coming soon. He says they should escape at dawn. He adds that Crazy Dog cannot come… Continue reading Blind- Episode 4 Recap


Blind- Episode 3 Recap

Flashback The boys in uniform bring the materials through a tunnel into an underground site. Boy 7 tells boy 24 that boy 11 got caught yesterday night. Boy 7 has a scar on his left wrist. The other boys (13,12,24) listen in. Boy 7 says boy 11 is in the store room which is the execution ground… Continue reading Blind- Episode 3 Recap


Blind- Episode 2 Recap

A boy (11) sits in the Chief of Police Yeom's room and looks around. Chief Yeom walks in with some food. The boy says he waited for some time but no one came to talk to him. Yeom gives the boy all the food and makes him sit down. The boy is famished and he tucks… Continue reading Blind- Episode 2 Recap


Blind- Episode 1 Recap

Genre- Murder, mystery, crime, thriller Cast- TaecYeon, Ha Seok-Jin, Jung Eun-Ji Four boys run frantically through the woods at night. A couple of dogs chase after them. The boys are in numbered uniform clothes. They cross a bridge but stop to look for Yoong Jae. They find the boy Yoon Jae lying motionless under the bridge. Boy… Continue reading Blind- Episode 1 Recap

Blind, Drama Recap Index

Blind- Recap Index

Genre- Murder, mystery, crime, thriller Cast- TaecYeon, Ha Seok-Jin, Jung Eun-Ji Blind - Episode 1 Recap Blind - Episode 2 Recap Blind - Episode 3 Recap Blind - Episode 4 Recap Blind- Episode 5 Recap Blind- Episode 6 Recap Blind - Episode 7 Recap Blind- Episode 8 Recap Blind- Episode 9 Recap Blind- Episode 10… Continue reading Blind- Recap Index