Blind- Episode 3 Recap


The boys in uniform bring the materials through a tunnel into an underground site. Boy 7 tells boy 24 that boy 11 got caught yesterday night. Boy 7 has a scar on his left wrist. The other boys (13,12,24) listen in.

Boy 7 says boy 11 is in the store room which is the execution ground of the Hope Welfare Centre. Boy 7 calls boy 11 stupid.

Just then, the guard comes and stomps on boy 7 for talking to others. The young boy 13 (Yoon Jae) watches quietly as the guard beats boy 7.

Later, boy 11 is on his knees in a secluded room. It looks like he has been tortured. He struggles against his bonds but goes still as the guards walk in. The boy acts unconscious. Crazy dog says his wife is pregnant and she told him not to do anything unlucky as it is a geriatric pregnancy.

The sergeant says the boys become troublesome once they get a taste of the outside world. He says it should be nipped in the bud. Crazy dog says he thought he would never have children in his lifetime. He says he thought the deity is always on his side after they got pregnant after ten years. He tells the Sergeant to spare the boyBoy 11 looks up after they leave.

Later that night the boys are asleep. Yoon Jae (13) is awake but pretends to be asleep when the guards come in. The guards throw boy 11 inside the room and walk away. Boy 11 groans in pain.

The other boys surround him. Boy 11 smiles as he asks boy 7 if sergeant Choi beat him up.

They all sit down and 24 asks 11 how far he managed to go before getting caught11 says he made it to the police station but the Police Chief Yeom is also in it along with them. The boys are disheartened. 11 tells them not to worry as he has a route figured out. He says from now on they can’t trust anyone but themselves. The boys agree on this.


Sung Jun wakes up in the hospital and finds his family around him. His father says Sung Hoon wouldn’t have behaved so rash. His parents voice their concern for his well being and his mother wants him to take a desk job. His father says Sung Jun isn’t that educated. Sung Jun tells them to go away.

Once outside, Sung Hoon says he will speak to the doctor about how Sung Jun is doing. He says he saw his mother’s hearing and says she did well. His mother is flattered.

Sung Jun lies in his bed hearing his parents laughing as they talk to Sung Hoon.

Later, Eun Ki comes to visit Sung Jun at the hospital. She isn’t allowed to see him as she isn’t related to him. Sung Hoon spots her and comes to her. They recognise each other and they talk. Sung Hoon tells her that he is Sung Jun’s brother. Eun Ki says they don’t look like brothers. He notices the bandaid on her neck and says he should have given her a better warning. She tells him not to feel guilty as his warning would have made no difference.

Sung Hoon hands her his kerchief and tells her to hide it, as the wound will remind her of the incident every time she looks at it. He tells her Sung Jun’s room number and leaves.

Eun Ki goes up to Sung Jun’s room and finds him walking around. She thanks him for saving her life. She asks him how he is and he says he is fine.

She goes to put the food on the table and notices the fruit knife. It reminds her of the traumatic incident and she stands rooted to the spot. Sung Jun notices this and walks over to her and removes the knife. He tells her to take psychological counselling offered by the police force.

Eun Ki gives him her business card and asks him to contact her if he needs any help. He says he would hardly require her help but he takes it. She says she will help him anywhere it doesn’t involve her giving up her life or money. Sung Jun comments that it is a dangerous promise.

Meanwhile, Baek Ji Eun’s mother seems mentally ill after her hysteric outburst. She sings Happy Birthday in the living room with all the decorations. 

Sergeant Goo walks in and gives Baek a flash drive that Jung Man Chun was talking about.

At the hospital, a woman wearing a facemask distracts the guard as Jung Man Chun’s son Won Woong sneaks inside his hospital room.

Won Woong runs towards Jung and hugs him. A bandage is wrapped around Won Woon’s head. Jung tells him that he would do anything for Won Woong. He says he would risk his life for him.

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon goes back to Sung Jun’s room and asks how Jung Man Chun found out Eun Ki’s address. Sung Jun says Jung isn’t answering any questions that Detective Kang asks them.

Sung Hoon says the part of the Juror directory went missing during the commotion in the courtroom. Sung Jun says Jung probably had Eun Ki as his target in his mind. He says that is why Jung threw the threats around.

Eun Ki returns home and she shudders as she sees everything out of place from the hostage situation. She tears up as she tries to go back inside. She urges herself to go back, but it turns out to be a daunting task. Just as Eun Ki gives up, her mother walks out of the house. She breaks down into tears as her mother hugs her.

Later, Eun Ki’s mother tells her to move in with her. She says the landlady won’t return the deposit amount until another tenant moves in. Eun Ki says she has used up her vacation days and she also misses the. She says Yu Na (the girl Sung-Jun had detained in Episode 1) keeps getting into trouble.

Eun Ki says Yu Na reminds her of herself during her younger days. Her mother tells her off for putting others before her. Her mother cries as she says Eun Ki was born to a mother who can’t even afford a house for her daughter. Eun Ki says she will turn 30 in a year and her parents need not take care of her adult needs like a job or buying a house. She tells her not to cry.

That night, Eun Ki wonders if what she went through was indeed just bad luck and nothing more. She brushes the thought away and goes to sleep.

Elsewhere, Baek and Goo meet Police Chief Yeom. Yeom isn’t glad to see them. Baek says twenty years ago 5 children were the last who tried to escape the centreBaek asks Yeom to find Jung Yoon Jae who was one of the boys. He says Yoon Jae killed his daughter Ji Eun.

Baek plays the audio file where Yoon Jae tells Jung to be framed for murder while he murders Ji Eun. He mentions his name in the recording,

 Yeom asks how Baek says Yoon Jae is the killer. Baek talks about a girl from the past.


A young girl notices Yeom walk into her room. She tries to escape. Yeom grabs her and drags her away. Her necklace falls on the floor.

At present, Yeom acts as if he doesn’t know what Baek is saying. Baek asks if Yeom is scared that his past will resurface

Yeom says the welfare centre was closed 20 years ago and all the records were burnt. He says they cant track Yoon Jae and asks Baek to let it go.

Baek says Ji Eun was the most precious person in his life. He asks who is the most precious person in Yeom’s life.

Meanwhile, a black hooded figure whistles as it enters a kindergarten and watches Yeom’s grandson.

After hearing Baek’s words, Yeom is alarmed and runs to the kindergarten. He finds his grandson missing in the classroom. He runs out calling out Min Ho’s name. Min Ho (Yeom Hye Jin’s son) walks up to Yeom with a packet and says the Joker gave it to him. Min Ho says the figure spoke to him but he didn’t see the face as he had the joker mask on. He shows the bun and milk that the figure gave him. Yeom is shocked as it is the same food that he had given boy 11 before taking him back to the welfare centre.

Yeom is angry as a nanny comes running up to them. He asks where Min Ho’s mother is. Min Ho says she is on cherry duty.

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon is in his office. He notices that he hasn’t ticked off Yeom Hye Jin’s name from the address list.



Sung Hoon calls up Yeom Hye Jin’s number to warn her. 

Elsewhere, Yeom Hye Jin is terrified as she runs through the woods. She seems to be running from someone and she hides behind a tree. Just then, her phone vibrates a few feet away. There is a faint glow of the torchlight far away. She is about to attend Sung Hoon’s call as the hooded figure catches up to her. The figure hits her on the head and drags her through the woods.

Yeom Hye Jin is tied to a chair in one of the jail cells lined by polythene sheets. The wall has photos of the jury along with miniature figures in various positions in front of each photo. She cries out for her father as she struggles against her bonds.


At present, Sung Hoon again calls Yeom Hye Jin’s number and the phone is switched off.

Yeom sends a voicemail to his daughter (Yeom Hye Jin) telling her off for leaving her son behind and going on a trip. He yells as he asks her to come back soon as a suspicious man is roaming around.

Yeom asks detective Kang if they tracked his daughter’s phone. Kang looks grim as he says they did.

The team rushes into the park and finds Yeom Hye Jin’s body under a tree in a lying down position. The body has bruises on her legs, cuts on her ankles and slits on the cheeks.

At the hospital, Restaurant owner Kim Sook Hee brings Sung Jun food. She is upset as she says Chief Yeom’s daughter was murdered with her cheeks slit like Ji Eun. Sung Jun rushes out.

Yeom enters the morgue and cries as he sees his daughter’s lifeless form.

Outside, Detective Kim shows Yeom Hye Jin’s last Instagram post that has the hashtags juror duty and Joker Case

Just then, Sung Jun comes asking about Jung Hye Jin. They ask him t rest but he pushes open the morgue and Yeom is there crying over Hye Jin’s body. Sung Jun sees Hye Jin’s body.

Later, the medical examiner says that Hye Jin’s fingernails are broken and this shows she put up a fightSung Jun watches Hye Jin’s nails and looks up at the examiner. The examiner asks if he wants to check if her fingernails break. She is taken aback when he asks if he can. He then says her nails look different from Hye Jin’s.

The medical examiner says there is a high chance that Ji Eun and Hye Jin’s killer is the same person. Sung Jun says Jung was admitted to the hospital around 6 am on the 15th. The examiner says Jung Hye Jin’s time of death is between midnight and 2 am on the 15th so he could have done it.

Sung Jun barges into Jung’s room and accuses him of killing Yeom Hye Jin. The guard pulls Sung Jun away. Jung Man Chun denies his charges and says Eun Ki is his alibi.

Eun Ki is called to give her statementShe says Jung Man Chun was in her house at 11.50 pm. She says the jurors had dinner at SoSoo, a Japanese restaurant owned by one of the Jurors. She says she came home in Choi’s taxi (along with Yeom Hye Jin, Kwon, Jung-in Sung). Eun Ki gets down before Hye Jin. 

Eun Ki says she received Sung Hoon’s warning text around 11.42 pm. She says she went home after that and Jung was there around midnight. Sung Jun points out that she called the police at 5 am. he asks what Jung did all that time. She says Jung did nothing and it looked like he was contemplating something.

Sung Jun asks if Jung went out anywhere. Eun Ki says Jung didn’t go anywhere during that time. She asks why he is asking her that. She is shocked when he tells her that Hye Jin has been murdered.

Back at the police station, they say they have to start all over with Hye Jin’s case as Jung has an alibi. Na says this might be a copycat. Kang says it is a replica of Ji Eun’s murder. Kim says it could be possible the murderer might have seen the photos and reports of Ji Eun’s case. Other than the police and forensics, Sung Jun says the jury also saw the photos.

Sung Jun heads over to juror Chef Charles’ restaurant. Sung Jun is surprised that Charles recognises him. Charles says Sung Jun is extraordinarily good-looking. Sung Jun asks about his whereabouts during Hye Jin’s time of death. Charles says he slept at the restaurant after closing down. He says he pulls together the chairs to make a makeshift bed.

He says Charles isn’t curious why Sung Jun is here. Charles says he saw the news of Hye Jin’s murder. Sung Jun notices that the chef is extremely skilled with a knife. Charles says he has 8 years of experience. Charles says Sung-Jun can check the security cameras if he suspects him.

Sung Jun asks Charles if he found someone suspicious. Charles says Bae Chul Ho couldn’t take his eyes off Hye Jin.

Juror Kang Young Ki tells detective Kang that Bae was watching Hye Jin. The juror’s wife says Kang Young Ki came home at 4 am. Detective Kang says the jurors left around 11 pm. Young Ki is uncomfortable when the detective asks where he was during that time. He says he was at a hostess bar.

Sung Jun visits Bae Chul Ho (PD of current affairs show)Sung Jun says juror Kang slept off and Bae was nowhere around when Bae woke up. Bae says Kang plays dirty and is used to winning and dining. He says around 1 am he gave up and came away. Bae realises Sung Jun is suspicious of him when he presses into learning his whereabouts. Just then, Bae tries to flirt with the female anchor passing by.

Detective Na meets Jung In-Sung. Jung says he was with his friend after going home. He checks his address book and gives his friend’s number.

Sung Jun goes over to psychic Kwon’s studio. She says he is here about a married woman and he seems impressed. She then goes on to say that he should break up with her and he loses his newfound respect for her.

She is horrified when she learns that Hye Jin is murdered. She says Eun Ki was last seen with her.

Eun Ki walks down the road and spots Yu Na getting on the bike with a boy. They race away as they spot Eun Ki. Eun Ki chases after Yu Na and is almost run over by a car. The driver curses her and she apologises. Eun Ki recalls juror Choi losing his temper over a motorcycle rider who cut him off.

Meanwhile, Kwon tells Sung-Jun that she didn’t find anything suspicious about Taxi driver Choi. Sung Jun gives her his card and asks her to contact him if the spirits tell her something.

As he gets up to leave, Kwon takes his card and shudders. She starts shaking and barking. Sung Jun is confused as he looks at her. She twitches as she calls him a jerk and starts howling.

She then yells, “How dare you?”. Then she tames down and sits in the corner smiling as she says, “Hi brother. You probably don’t know who you really are. Look at you.” She starts laughing

Sung Jun walks out wondering what that was about. He is startled by a dog on the street. It barks at him and runs away. Sung Jun is reminded of the guard dogs.

Just then, Eun Ki calls up and says juror Choi was the last one seen with Hye Jin.


Eun Ki and Hye Jin travel back in juror Choi’s taxi. Hye jin speaks to her son over the phone. She tells off the nanny for not putting her son to sleep yet. She asks the nanny how she doesn’t know Korean despite being in Korea for so many years.

She hangs up the phone and tells Eun Ki not to get married and even if she does, she tells her not to have kids. Hye Jin says she is a divorcee and a single mother. She says she feels bad for her son. Eun Ki says Hye Jin can give all her love as a mother. She adds that though she is curious about her father, she says her mother raised her with love. Eun Ki says she was bullied all the time because she was raised by a single parent but she made them pay for it.

Just then, a motorcycle drives past them and cuts them off. Both the women are shocked as Choi shifts gears and races down the road to catch up with the motorcycle. He yells curses at the motorcycle driver. He says women who wear skimpy clothes and roam out at night should be shot to death.

Choi notices the look on Eun Ki and Hye Jin’s faces and composes himself. He says he lost his temper as he was cut off. He asks whom to drop off first. The women say each other’s names at once. They whisper that Choi has been secretly watching them. Hye Jin tells Eun Ki to get down first as her lock is broken.

At present, Kim and Sung Jun meet Choi outside a restaurant. Choi shows them the boot of the car. Sung Jun asks why he has a black raincoat but no umbrella. Choi says he hands out the umbrellas to customers and he uses the raincoat.

Kim says the dashcam has been ripped off. Choi says it was stolen. He says he wouldn’t lie as it would be his alibi. Sung Jun isn’t convinced. Choi says Hye Jin wanted to meet someone at the park so he dropped her and left.

Just then, Sung Jun notices a spider tattoo on Choi’s forearm. Choi says he got it when he was young and he couldn’t remove it.

Sung Hoon is at his office reading an article on Hye Jin’s murder. Sung Hoon recalls Jung Man Chun accusing Sung Jun of killing Ji Eun.

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon and Sung Jun’s parents are at home. Their mother Na Kuk Hee says she is reminded of that place every time she sees himShe says even she is struggling so hard to forget the past and wonders how hard it must be for him. She wonders if it was the right decision to take him in

Sung Hoon visits Jung in the hospital. He asks if Jung was telling the truth that day. Sung Hoon says he doesn’t think that it is a copycat killer but the same murderer. He says he can annul the judgement if his ruling was wrong.

He says he has to be sure that Jung is telling the truth and that he saw the killer’s face. Jung says he saw the killer but didn’t see his face. Sung Hoon asks why Jung claimed to have seen Sung Jun. Jung stops himself from saying more and asks Sung Hoon to find out for himself.

Sung Hoon comes home and finds Sung Jun fast asleep. He takes Sung Jun’s car keys and goes out. Sung Jun is sound awake and hears Sung Hoon go outside.

Sung Hoon goes to the parking lot and searches Sung Jun’s carHe finds an earring in the car. Sung Hoon goes over to the court and pulls out Ji Eun’s case file.

Sung Jun sits on his bed, flicking the light on and off.

Sung Hoon finds that the earring that he found in Sung Jun’s car matches the other earring found on Ji Eun’s ear. The file mentions that the other earring was missing.

Sung Jun holds up a broken bloodied fingernail as he sits on the bed

Image Courtesy- TVN


The boys in the welfare centre were in bonded slavery. The Incident took place twenty years back. 

It looks like boys 7,11,12,13 and 24 made a pact to escape the facility on their own. 11 seems to have a plan figured out to escape and it looks like they succeeded somehow. As the incident was 20 years back, it puts all the boys well above 25 years of age at present. 

There was a young girl who was assaulted by Chief Yeom. I wonder who she is.

Sung Hoon and Sung Jun’s parents are extremely critical of Sung Jun. I wonder why their mother Na didn’t use a name when she spoke about bringing ‘him’ home. It does make one curious whether she was talking about Sung Hoon or Sung Jun. It also looks like she is aware of what situation he was in before she took him in.

This episode proved that the jury selection wasn’t random. Yeom Hye Jin and Baek Ji Eun were daughters of the men who ran the Welfare Centre. Considering that Judge Sung Hoon was the one who picked the jury, it makes him look suspicious. Also, it is odd that he didn’t bother to notify the police when Yeom Hye Jin didn’t return his text. 

The welfare centre was closed and records destroyed 20 years back. It looks like the group running it was disbanded at that time and chose not to keep in touch.

The black figure (killer) seems to be going after everyone who was behind the welfare centre. I wonder if he waited all these years watching his targets or if he came across their identities recently and hatched a plan. The figure made sure that Yeom understood that the boys from the Welfare centre are behind the murders.

It looks like everyone on the jury is connected to the Welfare Centre in some way. I am curious to see the connection as each one of them has a varied profile.

Choi claimed that he dropped Hye Jin at the park at her request. If what he claims is true, I wonder if she knew the killer as she agreed to meet him. 

The cell that Hye Jin was held in looked similar to the one boy 11 was kept. Oddly, there were miniature figures placed in front of each photo of the juror.

The woman outside Jung Man Chun’s room who distracted the guard while his son went in was the same woman whom Sung Jun mentioned during the trial. (He said Jung had slit her cheeks just like Ji Eun’s). Jung’s son Won Woong is unwell. It looks like Jung is working for the killer to take care of his son. 

In the audio file, the killer claimed that his name is Jung Yoon Jae. It is possible that anyone could be using his name.

The jurors’ aren’t model citizens. Most of them weren’t comfortable discussing their whereabouts.

Jung In Soon said he is in customer service but his ID said ‘engineer’ on it when Na was questioning him.

Intriguingly, Psychic Kwon behaved as if she was possessed by a dog and she went on to speak like two other people.

Eun Ki’s father’s identity is a mystery. It is possible that he is connected to the case as she is a part of the jury.

The rest of the jury didnt seem innocent either.

The killer used a decoy to draw the police force’s attention while he killed Hye Jin. The police force feels that the killer is among the jury as they are unaware of the bigger plot that the jury are unwittingly a part of. Considering how well planned the murders are it looks like Sung Jun’s name being dragged in as a suspect is also a possible distraction.

-By Soul Sword-

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