Blind- Episode 4 Recap


During lunch, boy 11 gives all his food to Yoon Jae. He tells Yoon Jae to eat well so he doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night hungry.

11 says that the routine inspection day is coming soon. He says they should escape at dawn. He adds that Crazy Dog cannot come after them till the inspector is gone

The boys discuss their future plans if they escape. One of them says he wants to go on a family picnic and stuff his face with food. 7 says he won’t do anything. 12 says he wants to eat the food prepared by his mother. Boy 11 says he wants to do the things the other kids his age do like go to school, do homework and play soccer. Yoon Jae says won’t plan anything now and wait till he becomes an adult. Yoon Jae says he will tell 11 at that time as 11 will probably like it too.

The black figure sits in the room covered in plastic sheets. He sticks the photos of the juror’s faces on the miniature models. Hye Jin’s photo has a red slit across her cheeks.


At the press conference, Chief Yeom briefs the press about Hye Jin’s murder. He is crestfallen and shaken. When asked, he says Jung Man Chun has an alibi during the time of death.

Sung Hoon watches the brief as Yeom mentions a copycat killer. He picks up the earring he found in Sung Jun’s car.

At the police station, the detectives say that juror 5 Ahn and taxi driver Choi doesn’t have alibis. Ahn claimed that he drove home and his area doesn’t have CCTV. Sung Jun spots something and asks Kim about Baek’s special force service.

Kim says Baek served from 1986 to 1995 as a non-commissioned officer in the reconnaissance unit. Sung Jun says Choi served at the same unit in the same period as Baek.

They say that Baek and Choi must know each other. Just then, Sung Hoon walks in and introduces himself as the judge of Jung Man Chun’s case and Sung Jun’s brother.

Sung Hoon shows them his phone. He says everyone except Hye Jin responded to his text. Their responses were between 11 pm and 1 amThe detectives say they can check the location of the jurors’ cell phones during that time they will know where the jurors are.

Later, Sung Jun asks how Sung Hoon knew they were looking for alibis. Sung Hoon says he saw the press brief and knew they must be looking for other suspects.

Sung Hoon asks Sung-Jun where he was during the time of the murder. Sung Jun says he was in Yeonjo-dong with Kim and was looking for Jung Man Chun. He says he missed Eun Ki by a hair’s breadth. Sung jun asks if he was alone and Sung jun says he was alone sometimes and Kim was with him sometimes. He says Kim holds a bronze medal from Asian Olympics.

Sung Hoon says he has to meet Baek. He starts talking about Choi and Baek’s connection but stops himself. Sung Hoon leaves.

Later at Baek’s house, Sung Jun notices the balloons from Ji Eun’s birthday in January are still lying around. Baek says they are still stuck on that day.

Sung Jun notices a spider tattoo on Baek’s hand which is similar to that on Choi’s. Baek says he used to run a security company back then. He says the employees and he got matching tattoos.

Baek confirms that Choi was his employee. Sung Jun says Choi was a juror.


(The day of Jung Man Chun’s trial)

Choi finds Baek outside the court and conveys his condolences. Choi says it is unlikely for Baek to let his daughter’s killer stand trial. Baek says a detective got involved before he could do anything.

Choi says he saw one of the kids who were there back then. He says he isn’t sure which kid it was but says he will call Baek once he is sure.

At present, Baek says he didn’t notice who was on the jury. Sung Jun asks why Choi didn’t greet Baek. Baek says it’s been 20 years since he saw Choi. He says Choi quit work after his wife ran away. He says Choi was abusive and after she ran away he went crazy looking for her. He says Choi turned violent.

(We see a montage of the guard stomping Boy 7)

Baek goes silent when Sung-Jun asks if Choi was violent enough to kill. When asked if they were bodyguards, Baek says they were watching an ordinary building.  

Choi waits for Sung Hoon to get off work and meets him outside Court. He is impressed when Sung Hoon recognises him. Choi asks if they can talk somewhere quiet and Sung Hoon says they can talk here. Choi says if people were to hear what he had to say, it wouldn’t do Sung Hoon any good.

The next day, the jurors are at Hye Jin’s funeral. Kwon says she pities Hye Jin’s kid as he is too young to understand the loss. Eun Ki says kids understaand no matter the age. Juror Jung In Sung watches them.

Bae says Juror Kang didn’t come to the funeral as his daughter’s wedding is coming up. Chef Charles asks when the wedding is and Bae says he doesn’t know.

Ahn feels dejected that he is a suspect in the case of a woman he barely knows. He says everyone thinks a woman went out partying pretending to be a single woman. Jung says it might be a routine enquiry but Charles says Jung has an alibi and that is Eun Ki. Kwon is shocked when she learns Eun Ki was held hostage.

Bae says it is possible that one of the jurors is the killer.

Choi watches the nanny take Hye Jin’s son Min Ho to the restroom and follows them. 

The nanny waits outside the restroom. Choi walks up to the nanny and asks if she is from the Philippines. She says she is. He immediately shows her a woman’s photo and demands her whereabouts. He grabs the nanny’s hand and Eun Ki interrupts them. Choi goes away. The nanny tells Eun Ki what he did.

Meanwhile, Bae tells the jurors that Choi is suspicious as he was last seen with Hye Jin. Charles says they don’t know anyone well enough to comment. Ahn says he doesn’t want to get involved further and walks away. Bae says Ahn is suspicious too. Kwon says she finds Bae suspicious as he was ogling Hye Jin.

Bae gets up as he is angry and spots Yeom

Yeom comes outside and sits on a bench. He receives a file named My Daughter, Hye Jin. He clicks on it and it has a video of Hye Jin held captive by the killer.

Hye Jin asks the killer why he is doing this and he tells her to ask her father Yeom. She tells him that she apologises on her father’s behalf. She asks the killer to forgive her father. In the video, the killer talks to Yeom as he tells Yeom to watch his daughter’s last moments as she dies because of what Yeom did. Hye Jin screams out for her father and the killer strangles her.

The detectives pay their respects at the funeral home. Sung Jun watches Min Ho and introduces himself as a homicide detective. Min Ho asks him if they caught his mother’s killer. Sung Jun assures Min Ho that they will catch him soon.

Yeom walks in just then and watches Min Ho listening to Sung Jun intently. Just then, Yeom notices the pendant on Sung Jun’s chain. He recalls a boy wearing the same chain back then. (It is the same pendant worn by the girl whom Yeom assaulted.)

Sung Jun walks out of the funeral home and spots Eun Ki.  Yeom watches Sung Jun and recalls Baek asking him to locate Jung Yoon Jae.

Sung Jun drives Eun Ki back home. He asks if she is sleeping and she says she isn’t. He asks if she is seeing a therapist and she says she isn’t. He asks if she ever obeyed her parents and she asks if she should walk home.

Sung Jun asks whom she was looking for in the parking lot and she says she was looking for Choi. She says Choi was looking at Hye Jin through the rearview while Hye Jin said he was looking at Eun Ki. Sung Jun says that is the reason Eun Ki got down first.

She asks what would have happened if Hye Jin had gotten down first. Sung Jun says Eun Ki was almost killed that night too. Eun Ki says Sung Jun saved her but no one saved Hye Jin.

Meanwhile, Jung Man Chun wakes up from a nightmare. He asks to see Sung Jun.

The next morning, Yeom goes through Sung Jun’s personnel file. He is told that there is no record of adoption and Sung Jun’s father was the one who registered the birth.

Yeom asks detective Kang to find out about Sung Jun’s necklace.

Later at lunch, Kang asks Sung-Jun about the necklace. He says it was given to him a long time ago by his elder sister. Everyone assumes that he is dating an elder girl and ask to meet her. He says she died long back.

Kang relays this to Yeom. Yeom recalls taking into the Welfare Centre a girl named Jung Yoon Jung who was admitted along with her younger brother after their grandmother passed away.


Yeom walks up to Jung Yoon Jung and asks her name. Yoon Jae says she is Yoon Jung and he says his name is Jung Yoon Jae.

Yeom realises that the kid is Sung Jun.

The next day Baek meets Eun Ki’s mother Jo In Sook who is working as a nurse. She looks at him in fear. He asks how her daughter is doing. In Sook says she has to go. Baek reminds her that they were quite close to each other a long time ago. He asks her where the kid named Jung Yoon Jae went. She says she has no idea.

Baek says she was the one who stayed on till the end of the welfare centre. Jo In Sook says she doesn’t remember. Baek says Yoon Jae killed his daughter.

Baek threatens her by telling her to remember who he is. He says he doesn’t let go once he bites. Eun Ki’s mother runs away.

After she leaves, Yeom calls up Baek and tells him that he located Yoon Jae.

Sung Jun is watching Choi when he receives a call.

Sung Jun goes to the roof of the hospital where the police officer waits along with Jung Man Chun. Jung says he wants to speak to Sung-Jun alone. The officer says he can’t allow that. Sung Jun says it is fine and the officer walks away.

Sung Jun tells Jung that it is perfect whether to die. He asks if Jung wanted to see who pushes the other person over the roof. 

Jung falls to his knees and tells Sung-Jun that he has a 7-year-old son. He says his son had a brain tumour and needed surgery.


Jung walks into his son Won Woon’s hospital room. His wife says they will discharge Won Woong if they are not able to pay the money. Jung says he has contacted someone in organ trafficking. 

Just then, Jung receives a call from someone asking if he wants to save his son. Jung records the call. The person says they will pay for Jung’s son’s surgery if he does as they say. The person tells Jung to play the part of a falsely convicted murderer while the person takes care of Baek’s daughter. He also says that Jung’s wife must be willing to make a sacrifice. His wife says she is willing to do anything. The person warns him that if Jung betrays him, Won Woong will pay for it. He says the money will be in Jung’s account the moment he accepts the offer.

At present, Sung Jun looks at Jung in disbelief. He asks if Jung is going to say the hostage situation and jury trial were also this person’s idea. Jung says it was that person’s idea.

Jung says he recorded the phone call. He says he gave it to Baek when Baek tried to kill him. Sung Jun says the file could be manipulated. Jung says he wouldn’t have spoken about this but another woman got killed today. Jung says the killer will kill his son if he finds out that Jung had recorded the conversation.

Sung Jun is furious as he asks how he is supposed to catch this imaginary killer. Jung says he has the original recording with him. Sung Jun asks him where it is and Jung says he will tell that if Sung Jun promises to protect Won Woong. Sung Jun promises to protect Won Woong though he knows that Jung could be lying.

Jung leans in and whispers in Sung Jun’s ear. Sung Jun smiles asking if it was there.

Downstairs, Sung Hoon walks into the hospital and turns around as he hears a thud. Jung lies in a pool of blood at the entrance. Sung Hoon looks up just to catch a glimpse of someone peeping from the roof before moving away.

Sung Hoon runs to the roof and finds the police officer lying in a pool of blood. He calls the emergency.

Later, Detective Kang and Na visit the injured police officer Kam. Kam says Jung wanted to speak to Sung Jun alone. Kam says he went to grab a coffee and since it was a while he went back up. 

He says he found Jung and Sung Jun talking in a tense manner. When they were finished, Kam says he asked Sung Jun what was it. Sung Jun said that Jung used him as a pretext to get some fresh air. After Sung Jun walks away Jung turns to the other side. Kam says they can stay here till he finishes the coffee. Kam says someone hit him from behind and he woke up just now. He says he didn’t see who hit him

The detectives walk away saying that Sung Jun is not picking up their calls.

Meanwhile, Detective Kang asks Sung Hoon why he was on the roof. Sung Hoon says he saw someone on the rooftop immediately after Jung Man Chun fell. He says he found Kam there and no one else.

Kang asks if Sung Hoon didn’t see Sung Jun there. Sung Hoon asks if Sung Jun was there. Kang asks Sung Hoon why he came to the hospital. Sung Hoon says he came to see Jung. He says he learnt that Choi knew Baek.


Choi speaks to Sung Hoon outside the courtroom. Choi says if things like this come to light they can annul court decisions. He says Sung Hoon is praised for his fair judgements and says this might ruin his reputation. Choi asks Sung Hoon for a bribe to keep him quiet.

Sung Hoon smiles as he tells Choi to feel free to talk to any TV, radio or newspaper. He says he can give Choi some contacts too.

At present, Sung Hoon tells Kang that there is an error in that case. He says he came here to ask Jung to apply for a retrial.

Sung Hoon asks Kang why he asked if Sung Ju was on the rooftop. Kang says Jung met Sung Jun before he died. He says there is a high chance that the person on the roof was Sung Jun.

Sung Hoon watches as Kang asks Sung Jun’s location to be tracked.

The forensics team finds a black button on the rooftop.

Sung Jun drives down the road. He doesn’t pick up Detective Kim’s call.

Jung Man Chun’s wife anWon Woong are at a motel. The lady has a slit on her cheeks. The bell rings and Won Woong rushes to the door before his mother can stop him. A figure stands before them.

Kang locates Sung Jun’s phone and comes to the motel. He finds a room with its door ajar. He goes inside and is shocked to find Sung-Jun over Jung’s wife’s body gripping the knife that is plunged into her. Kang points the gun at Sung Jun who removes his hand from the knife and tries to explain.

Sung Jun says Kang has the wrong idea and says he can explain. Kang asks him to throw the gun this side and Sung Jun complies. He says they are wasting time here while the real killer is on the run. 

Kang aims the gun at Sung Jun and Sung Jun asks if Kang is going to shoot him. Sung Jun tackles Kang and Kang fires a shot. Sung Jun is furious as he finds out that it was not a blank. Kang brings the gun toward Sung Jun’s head but Sung-Jun pushes him away. Kang fires another shot but Sung-Jun dodges it and runs out.

Sung Jun drives away but hits the brakes as another car blocks the road. Someone from the rear seat puts a bag over Sung Jun’s head.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Yeom tells detectives Oh and Kang that Jung namedSung Jun as the killer. Oh stands up for Sung Jun. He says Sung Jun causes trouble but he isn’t a killer.

Yeom says they have to stop this before it becomes big. Oh is puzzled. Yeom composes himself and says he meant that the public doesn’t like them protecting their own. Yeom orders them to catch Sung Jun.

At their home, Sung Hoon and Sung Jun’s parents are discussing Na’s appointment ceremony. Na says Judge Ryu should get a new custom-made suit for the occasion. Judge Ryu says he will wear the same suit that he wore for the family photo. Na says it was the suit that he got made from Sung Hoon’s first paycheck. They both say that they favour their eldest son Sung Hoon. Na says Sung Jun is so different from Sung Jun. She says she is upset every time she thinks about Sung Jun.

Just then the detectives walk in asking for Sung Jun. Judge Ryu and Na are puzzled. Oh says there is an APB out for Sung Jun.

Eun Ki is at work late at night. She receives a message on the jury group about Jung’s death. They say Sung Jun is the suspect this time.

Sung Hoon is in Sung Jun’s room. He looks around. Just then his parents come in asking about Sung Jun. Na throws a fit as her appointment ceremony is in two days. Judge Ryu tells her to calm down as they don’t know if he really did it. Na says the police are looking for him and they will have a good reason.

Na tells Sung Hoon to track Sung Jun first before the police and come up with a plan. Judge Ryu asks Sung Hoon whom Sung Jun is close to. Sung Hoon is again quiet. Na asks in disbelief if SUng Hoon doesn’t know who Sung Jun is close to.

Sung Hoon his parents if they didn’t expect this to happen one day. Na asks if SUng Hoon expected this to happen.

Elsewhere, Sung Jun is tied up and his face is covered. he hears a whistle and wonders if it is the same nightmare again. He hears the sound of footsteps and says it is Crazy dog.

Baek removes the bag from Sung Jun’s face. Sung Jun is taken aback seeing Baek. Baek calls Sung Jun as Yoon Jae. Sung Jun asks how Baek knows that name.

Baek says Sung Jun mentioned Yoon Jae on the phone to Jung. his eyes fall on Sung Jun’s pendant and he laughs as he remembers seeing it on one of the boys. Baek says he almost considered his daughter’s killer as someone to whom he owed his life.

Baek grabs Sung Jun and asks if Sung-Jun took revenge for what Baek did to him by killing Ji Eun on her 20th birthday. Sung Jun asks what Baek is talking about.

Sung Jun glares at Baek and Baek says that Yoon Jae’s gaze was always different from the others. Sung Jun says Baek is finished as it is a serious crime to kidnap and torture a police officer. 

Baek says everyone outside is looking for Sung Jun to arrest him. He calls Yoon Jae a serial killer. He says they will never find Sung Jun as he will be killed and shredded to pieces for killing his and Yeom’s daughters

He brings his knife close to Sung Jun. Sung Jun swerves away and kicks Baek away. Baek lunges again with the knife and misses Sung Jun. His knife slices the rope tied to Sung Jun instead.

Sung Jun breaks free and runs out dodging the guards. Sung Jun runs through the woods with the guards hot in his tracks. they catch up to him and he beats them up. Sung Jun uses his teeth to undo the rope that ties his hands together. He tackles the guard who has a gun on him.

Sung Jun runs and stops abruptly as he reaches the edge of the cliff.

Baek catches up with him. Sung Hoon says Baek has a dreadful habit of harassing people. He says people should not be exploited and they are not prey to be hunted.

Baek says he made the mistake of not listening to the shaman. He says he won’t repeat the mistake again. He tells his men to get Sung Jun. Sung Jun says it won’t be easy this time either.

Sung Jun says he is quite tough and rolls down the cliff. Baek orders his men to look for Sung Jun.

Sung Jun lies unconscious at the bottom of the cliff as Baek’s men start searching.

Image Courtesy- TVN


This episode was fast-paced and interesting.

The girl whom Yeom assaulted was revealed to be Yoon Jae’s sister Yoon Jung. Sung Jun mentioned that his older sister was dead.

Sung Jun didn’t deny it when Baek called him Yoon Jae. He did deny it when Baek accused him of murder. From the looks of it, Sung Jun is innocent, as no killer would do a sloppy job of getting the police to suspect him.

There were 4 other boys in their group who are unaccounted for as of now. Any one of them might be behind the killings. They may be using Yoon Jae’s name for a reason not shown yet.

Taxi driver Choi was one of the guards at the Welfare centre. He told Baek he noticed a boy from the Welfare Centre at the trial and wanted to make sure who the boy is. He met Sung Hoonsoon after. I Wonder what he actually was referring to when he threatened to expose Sung Hoon. I wonder if there was a conflict of interest with Sung Hoon being the judge on the case as Sung Hoon was also at the Welfare Center.

Boy 11 was very fond of Yoon Jae and always watched out for him. Sung Hoon is always watching out for Sung Jun. Sung Jun’s personal records show that he wasn’t adopted. Either judge Ryu has done a good job in forging the documents or Sung Jun might have been taken away from his home. 

Sung Jun has suppressed memories of the welfare centre which shows he was very much at the welfare centre. He related the whistle to crazy dog, but he didn’t recognise Baek as crazy dog all along. 

Eun Ki is going through survivor guilt along with the trauma of the hostage incident. Eun Ki’s mother is connected to the welfare centre and it looks like she knows Yoon Jae’s whereabouts and also probably the other kids.

Jung Man Chun had the original recording somewhere. Sung Jun is aware of the location.

The course of the trial was orchestrated by the killer as they made Jung’s wife slit her cheek to make Jung seem like a murderer.

It is interesting how the killer managed to frame Sung Jun for Jung’s murder. The forensics did find a black button at the crime scene which puts someone else on the scene. It looks like the killer has one or more accomplices as this isn’t possible for one person to do on their own.

I wonder why Sung Jun wasn’t picking up his team’s calls. Intriguingly, Though Sung Jun put away his gun and was talking defensively, detective Kang tried to shoot him.

Baek mentioned a shaman and him not listening to her was a mistake. I wonder if he was referring to juror Kwon.

The screenplay is clear and interesting. The plot gets deeper with every episode.

-By Soul Sword-

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