Blind- Episode 5 Recap


11 and his friends are cleaning the bath as a part of their chores. 7 takes the hose and sprays the water over his friends. The boys giggle and play as they dodge him. 11 warns them that sergeant Choi is coming. The boys get back to work.

Sergeant Choi (Juror and taxi driver) grabs 7 and stuffs his face in the dirty water. Yoon Jae watches this silently. Choi tells 7 to stick out his tongue and clean everything with his tongue. He beats up the boy when he refuses. He stamps the boy’s wrist hard. 24 starts walking towards him but 11 stops him. Yoon Jae seems angry but he keeps quiet.

Crazy Dog Baek walks in and calls out Choi’s name. He says they are expecting a guest soon. Choi moves away but says the boy wasn’t cleaning properly.

After Choi leaves, Baek walks into the bath as the boys clean. Baek says that 3 years back a boy gave a note to the guest saying, “Help me. I am locked up in here”.

Baek says the guest came to Baek with that note. He adds that the kid was 13 years old at that time. He says the kid was beaten to death. Baek warns them not to do anything stupid.

Baek notices the pendant on Yoon Jae’s neck. He grabs it and walks away. Yoon Jae chases after him and grabs Baek. He asks for the necklace back as his sister gave it to him.

Baek asks if Yoon Jae wants to go to the storage room. Yoon Jae doesn’t budge and keeps asking for it. 11 is alarmed and he drags Yoon Jae away. He apologises to Baek on Yoon Jae’s behalf. Baek walks away.

11 rushes over to Yoon Jae to see if he is alright. Yoon Jae pushes him away and says 11 should have taken back the necklace. 11 says he promised Yoon Jung that he will protect Yoon Jae at any cost. 11 takes the necklace from his neck and puts it around Yoon Jae’s neck11 asks if Yoon Jae trusts him and Yoon Jae nods.

Present day.

The black figure sits in its hideout. It watches the photograph of Yoon Jung, 11 and Yoon Jae. All three of them are wearing the same necklace.


Sung Jun is badly injured. He limps into a town and spots a pay phone.

At her home, Eun Ki reads the news that says Sung Jun is a suspect. She notices that he is Judge Ryu’s son.

10 years ago

Young Eun Ki is the defendant and she yells at Judge Ryu. She says her classmate framed her as a thief and stuffed her locker with trash. She asks why she is being punished when she just did the same thing to her classmate.

Judge Ryu tells her off and says she should have asked an adult for help instead of searing dog poop on someone’s face. Eun Ki is taken aback when Judge Ryu asks her classmate to apologise.

After court, Eun Ki meets Judge Ryu. She says adults never give anything for free. She asks him if he wants her. He asks her where she learnt her manners. She asks why he handed her probation. 

Judge Ryu says throughout the trial it looked like she was crying for help. He calls her a brat and walks away.

At present, Sung Jun recalls Baek mentioning that Sung Jun is a murder suspect now. Sung Jun dials Kim’s number.

Kim and Kang are at a stakeout outside Sung Jun’s house. They see Sung Hoon walk out and they follow him on foot. Kim leaves his phone in the car.

As Kim’s phone goes unanswered, Sung Jun recalls Eun Ki’s offer to help him anytime. Sung Jun calls up Eun Ki.

Eun Ki picks up his call and he asks her for help. He tells her to locate the pay phone online using the number and come pick him up. He asks her to come alone.

Eun Ki drives to the location and is startled to find the phone booth empty and bloody. She finds Sung-Jun underneath a blanket by the side of the road. He tells her he thought she wouldn’t come.

Eun Ki helps Sung Jun into the car. Just then. Baek’s car drives up to the phone booth. Sung Jun is alarmed seeing this.

Baek notices the phone booth empty and spots Eun Ki’s car. He goes up to it and sees that it is Muyeong Community Children’s Centre’s car. He finds someone in the rear seat covered in a blanket. He pulls the blanket off and Eun Ki acts drunk.

Eun Ki speaks in a slurry way and asks Baek if he is the designated driver. Baek walks away.

After Baek leaves, Eun Ki walks up to the side of the road where she has hidden Sung Jun.

Back home, Na tells Judge Ryu that the President might want her to step down by herself. Na wonders if it must be true and then brushes off the thought. Judge Ryu says Sung Hoon will face criticism for ruling against Jung Man Chul.

The next day there are protests demanding Sung Hoon’s resignation as he convicted an innocent man and favoured his brother. The Chief Judge asks Sung Hoon to take a break till things cool down.

Meanwhile, Yeom is furious with Baek for letting Sung-Jun getawayBaek says he wouldn’t have got far without help. He asks Yeom whom Sung Jun would have contacted. Yeom tells Baek not to make matters worse and tells him to be on standby till Sung Jun resurfaces

After Yeom leaves, Baek tells Goo to look for Sung Jun. Goo says Sung Jun may have taken a ride in a passing car. Baek recalls seeing Eun Ki’s car.

In the morning, Eun Ki tends to an unconscious Sung-Jun in the empty room at the Children’s centre. Sung Jun wakes up a moment and sees Eun Ki tending to him. He closes his eyes and goes back to sleep.

Sung Hoon goes to his office and finds a box from Jung Man Chun. Sung Hoon opens the box and finds a knife inside with a note written in blood. The note reads, “Murderer who made an innocent man guilty.”

Eun Ki walks into Charles’s restaurant and finds juror Kang speaking to psychic Kwon. Jurors Bae and Jung are also present. She asks them if they have heard anything about Sung Jun. Charles says that Sung Jun is still at large. Kang wonders if the detectives are hiding their own. Charles assures them that they aren’t.

Jung says he thinks Sung Jun is innocent. He says a serial killer won’t risk his life to save a hostage. Kwon says Sung Jun is afraid of dogs as she saw his childhood when he visited her. She refuses to say more.

At the police station, Detective Kang briefs the police team. He shows the CCTV footage of Sung-Jun heading from the hospital to Jung Man Chun’s house. He says after killing Jung’s family, Sung Jun headed on the road for 10 km and ditched his car. He says they didn’t find any traces of him in that area. The rest of the team finds this hard to believe.

Kang says Sung-Jun framed Jung for the murder and killed him to avoid future problems as Jung was an eyewitness. Kang adds that they are watching Sung Jun’s family.

Eun Ki comes back to the Children’s Centre. Sung Jun wakes up and finds that he is tied to the bed. She says she has to be careful as he might be a murderer.

He asks why she brought sushi for a murderer. She says it’s a form of torture. She says she won’t give him food if he doesn’t tell her what happened the previous day.

He asks her to untie him and he says he has no clue as to what is going on. Eun Ki unties him. She says she has decided to trust him because he saved her life and also he is Judge Ryu’s son.

She says he is the scolding judge. Sung Jun sees the news on her phone and is shocked to see the news of him being a murder suspect.

At In Soong’s restaurant, Kim Sook Hee serves food for the detectives. She notices they don’t have an appetite. They ask if Sung Jun contacted her. She says she wouldn’t tell them if he did. Kang says she will get in trouble for harbouring a criminal. Sook-Hee tells him to do as he pleases. She takes the food away from him saying he doesn’t deserve to eat. Kang gets up to leave but Oh gives him some of his food. He says Kang has to eat to be able to go on a stakeout. Kang tells them to be careful as all the evidence points towards Sung Jun. Oh loses his temper and tells Kang to eat. Just then, Kim receives a call and he is flustered as he cuts the call.

Kim walks out of the restaurant and calls back the number. He is surprised to hear Sung Jun on the other end. Sung Jun asks if Won Woong is really dead. Kim says the boy was found dead on the scene. He asks if Sung Jun wasn’t behind it.

Sung Jun asks about the cause of death. Kim says it was asphyxiation by occlusion of the nose and mouth. Kim goes on to ask where he is. He says Kang is always with them but he will try to get away. Kim doesn’t notice Kang come up behind him.

Kang grabs the phone but Sung Jun hangs up. Kim tells Kang it is his girlfriend. As the number isn’t saved, Kang calls back to the number. Eun Ki attends the call. She says she got into the elevator and the line got disconnected. She asks him to carry on and hangs up.

Kang gives him back the phone and tells Kim to follow him as he is their superior now. Kim goes with him.

Eun Ki gives Sung Jun some food. She says they are in a storage room in the backyard of the Children’s Centre. She tells him that no one comes here but tells him to avoid going outside. She says the employees and the children come at 9 am and leave at 6 pm during the weekdays. 

He asks if she lives here. She says she lived here since the incident as she moved out of her rooftop room. He apologises to her and says he will repay her after he clears his name. She says she is relieved to hear that he has been framed.

She asks him if he thought she was the only one who would help him. Sung Jun’s ego takes a hit as he says he had her card in his pocket and he couldn’t remember anyone’s number. She smiles and she lets it go. She tells him to eat up and promises to be back in the evening.

As she gets up to leave, she asks him to remove his clothes so she can get them washed. She looks away as she hands her his T-shirt. She walks away.

Sung Jun recalls that Jung’s son Won Woon was alive when he left the motel. He wonders what happened.

At a restaurant, Kang and Kim are watching Sung Hoon talk with the medical examiner. She says she isn’t supposed to do this. He says he will leave if she doesn’t want to. She says he is different from Sung Jun and says she will make an exception. She gives him the autopsy report of Jung Man Chun’s wifeShe says Sung Jun’s fingerprints were found all over the murder weapon and his hair was found on the clothes of the child.

Sung Hoon says hair isn’t direct evidence. She says they tried drowning the boy in water but failed and eventually suffocated him by using a pillow. She says Sung-Jun isn’t as smart as Sung Hoon but he isn’t an idiot to leave behind fingerprints and hair at the crime scene.

She says they found a button with Sung Jun’s fingerprint at the crime scene.

Sung Hoon recalls seeing the button on Sung Jun’s coat and he had asked Sung-Jun for some thread.

Later, Sung Hoon goes back to the roof of the hospital. he visualises Sung Jun’s button getting ripped off while he tried to push Jung from the roof. He wonders if Sung-Jun was the person he saw on the roof that day.

Meanwhile, Eun Ki comes back to the storage room. Sung Jun is having a nightmare and mumbling in his sleep. Eun Ki receives a call and she tells the person that it has been a while since she saw Yu Na at the Community Centre.

Taxi driver Choi watches Yu Na as she walks on the street. He recognises the girl seated behind the motorcycle rider who cut him off when he was driving the jurors home.

Yu Na calls a taxi and Choi drives up to her. She is about to get in when Eun Ki catches up with her. Another woman gets into Choi’s cab. Yu Na is annoyed and she pushes EunKi before running away. Eun Ki chases after Yu Na. Choi is disappointed.

Yu Na falls and breaks her shoe while running. Eun Ki says Yu Na will be suspended if she misses her exams again. Yu Na says she is not scared of anything. She tells Eun Ki to butt out and says that Eun Ki is just a social worker. 

Eun Ki says the scary thing is not expulsion. She says when you are wronged and you yell at the top of your lungs for help but no one will hear her. She asks Yu Na if she wants that.

She says she will let go of Yu Na’s hand if she looks her in the eye and tells her to. Yu Na’s eyes well up but she says she doesn’t want help. Eun Ki lets go of Yun Na’s hand.

Sung Jun wakes up from his nightmare involving dogs and Crazy Dog. He wonders if these are his childhood memories. He recalls Baek saying Sung Jun’s eyes were different from the other kids. He wonders why he has no memory of Baek. He recalls Baek asking if Sung-Jun was taking revenge on Ji Eun for what Baek did to “her”. He notes that Baek mentioned the killer’s name was Yoon Jae.

Sung Jun realises that someone killed people using his name.

Baek comes to the community centre at night. He sees the community centre’s car parked outside. He goes to the store room in the backyard. Sung Jun hears the footsteps. Baek opens the door and finds the room empty. 

Sung Jun hides in the adjacent room. Just then, Eun Ki walks in and picks up the shovel. She demands to know who Baek is and why he is here.

He says he wants to check if someone is here. She runs towards the other side and tells him to clear out. Baek takes out his knife. Eun Ki calls up the police and reports that burglars have broken in and one of them has a knife.

Baek puts his knife down and asks if she knows Sung Jun. She says she doesn’t know him. Baek and Goo walk away. Eun Ki latches the door.

Sung Jun lets Eun Ki into the attic. He tells her Baek is Ji Eun’s father. Sung Jun apologises for causing trouble. He says he will leave. She holds him back and what his plan is. He says he doesn’t have plans. She says if he wants to clear his name he will need a car, money and information. She says she can’t help him in those but she can’t let him go alone in this state.

She asks him how there is no one who can help him other than detective Kim. Sung Jun says back in school, he used to beat up the kids who got on his nerves. He says he made no friends. He adds that as an adult he spent all his time catching perps. 

Eun Ki asks why he doesn’t contact his family. Sung Jun says he was adopted. He says he always failed to meet his adoptive parents’ expectations. Sung Jun says he has no idea who birthed him or where he came from. He says he only learnt to beat people up. He says it has been a long time since his parents started regretting adopting him. He says he overheard them talk about it when he was young.

Eun Ki says his parents would have filed for dissolution if they really regretted it. Sung Jun says they care about other people judging them. She says they do.

Sung Jun says she is the first one he opened up to. He says she would let go only if he let her in on this secret. Eun Ki says she won’t give up though he opened up to her.

Eun Ki asks if Sung Hoon will help. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon puts law above everything else. He says Sung Hoon will call the cops on him if he finds out.

Eun Ki asks if he is afraid that his brother will reject Sung Jun’s calls for help. He says he isn’t afraid She says they should try.

The next morning, Eun Ki heads to Muyeoung Local Court with the kids. She recalls Sung-Jun saying that Sung Hoon is like a high-end watch that has never been broken. He says Sung Hoon follows his routine like clockwork. He says Sung Hoon takes his lunch between 12.30 to 12.40 pm.

Eun Ki walks with the kids and she runs into Sung Hoon. He turns around as she drops his kerchief (that he gave her to cover her wound). She gives it to him and says he dropped it. Sung Hoon looks puzzled but he takes it. Both of them walk away in opposite directions. 

Kang and Kim are tailing Sung Hoon. Kang send Kim after Sung Hoon.

Sung Hoon goes into the restroom and opens the kerchief. He finds a note from Sung Jun. In the note, Sung Jun says he didn’t commit murder. He asks Sung Hoon to trust him and says he needs help. He asks to meet there at 7 pm.


Sung Joon writes the note and tells Eun Ki that he is doing this because of her. She tells him not to be disappointed if Sung Hoon doesn’t help.

At present, Sung Hoon gives the note to Kang. Kang makes a call and says Sung Jun has surfaced.

Baek is on the phone and is told not to make the mistake again. Baek places another cake in front of his wife.

That evening, Sung Jun waits on the mentioned street. The detectives wait in the van and the place is surrounded by many plainclothes officers.

Detective Na wonders if Sung Hoon and Sung Jun are real brothers. Kim wonders if Sung Jun really sent that note. Kang threatens to get Kim fired if he lets Sung Jun getaway. Oh says Sung Jun is like family so they should arrest him before other officers do.

Sung Jun comes to the spot. He walks up to Sung Hoon. Baek watches from his car while the detectives watch from theirs.

Sung Jun stands in front of Sung Hoon with a look of expectation on his face.

Kim drops his phone and turns around. His hand presses the horn, alerting Sung Jun. Kang yells that Sung Jun is here.

As the detectives rush toward him, Sung Jun looks at Sung Hoon and asks, “It wasn’t you, was it?” 

Sung Hoon stands still while the detectives chase Sung Jun.

Sung Jun runs into Kim and Na. He realises that they won’t arrest him as they stand still. He runs away.

 He runs into Kang but someone splashes water on him and Sung Jun runs away. Sung Jun runs into Baek’s men. He runs away as they chase after him.

Goo chases after him but Sung Jun manages to give Baek’s men a slip.

Sung Jun returns to the attic at the Children’s centre. He is vexed. Eun Ki walks up to him and he says he was right about his brother.

Eun Ki says she disagrees with him on that. Sung Jun looks past her as Sung Hoon walks up into the attic and stands before him.

Tears well up in Sung Jun’s eyes as he sees Sung Hoon stand before him.

Image Courtesy- TVN


Boy 11, Yoon Jae and his sister Yoon Jung all had the same necklace in the photo that the black figure (killer) held. It looks like they were siblings. Boy 11 made a promise to Yoon Jung to protect Yoon Jae. From what Sung Jun said, Judge Ryu has flawlessly forged the birth certificate to hide Sung Jun’s adoption. This shows that it is possible that Sung Hoon was adopted too. Boy 11 could be Sung Hoon.

Judge Ryu seems to have left a lasting impression on Eun Ki. Meeting him had changed her perspective on adults and it changed her way of life. 

Detective Kang is making his hatred for Sung Jun seem too obvious and his bossing over the team is overdramatic. 

Sung Jun recalled that Jung’s son Won Woon was alive when he left the motel. It looks like Sung Jun has realised that someone is framing him. 

Eun Ki came across as brave when she fended off Baek and Goo when they broke into the Children’s Centre.

There is a strain in the relationship between Baek and Yeom. Baek losing Sung Jun again is going to strain their relationship further.

It looks like Sung Hoon is divided in his opinion of Sung-Jun being a murderer. It looks like as of now he has decided to give Sung Jun the benefit of doubt.

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