Blind- Episode 6 Recap


No 7 tells Crazy dog (Baek) that No 11,12,13, 24 and he are planning to escape at dawn on the day of the routine inspection. Baek tells him to act normal and he will act as if he doesn’t know this.

Crazy dog speaks about hare coursing (dogs chase rabbits using their sense of sight rather than smell). Baek says rabbits are not efficient in running downhill. He says when a rabbit escapes and runs downhill it is happy that it has escaped. But when you start chasing it downhill, it flounders about and gets caught in a snare or eaten by a wolf.

7 shivers as Baek pats his head and assures him that 7 will be fine as he is a good kid. 7 asks if Baek will let him go and Baek says he will.

All the boys are asleep as 7 gets into his bed and shudders. He doesn’t notice that Yoon Jae is awake. Yoon Jae watches 7.


At present, Sung Hoon stands in from Sung Jun.

6 Hours Earlier

Sung Hoon reads the note in the restroom. Kim enters the restroom. Sung Hoon hands him the note. He says he wants to meet Sung Jun and then he will know who the real culprit is.

Eun Ki watches Sung Hoon pass the note to Kang. She sighs and says Sung Jun was right. Just then, a kid comes and gives her Sung Hoon’s kerchief in which she wrote the note. Eun Ki takes it.

She opens it and finds a note from Sung Hoon. It reads that she should follow Sung Hoon’s instructions from now on and they have to fool everyone including Sung Jun.

Later Sung Jun runs from Baek’s men. Goo comes across some construction workers. He checks a couple of them before walking away. Sung Hoon is disguised as one of the construction workers. Sung Hoon heads to the court and stands by the window in his office. Kang finds drives to the court and finds him standing there looking innocent.

At present, Sung Jun hugs Sung Hoon. He says he thought Sung Hoon betrayed him. Sung Hoon asks to speak with his brother in private. Eun Ki heads out. 

Sung Hoon makes it clear that he didn’t come here for Sung Jun. He says he wants to catch the person who made him ruin his trial. Sung Hoon gives Sung Jun Jung Man Chun’s autopsy report and asks him to explain.

Sung Jun is shocked to find the black button listed as evidence. He checks his coat and finds the button missing. Sung Jun maintains that nothing happened between Jung and him on the roof that day.

He checks the evidence at the motel murders too and has no answer to that eitherSung Hoon asks why Sung-Jun met Jung that day. Sung Jun says Jung called him. He says Jung said he was paid by the killer to pose as the killer. He says Jung did it for his son who has a brain tumour and was worried the killer will kill the baby.

Sung Hoon asks how Sung-Jun knew where Jung’s family was. Sung Jun says Jung Man Chun gave him the location. He adds that Jung Man Chun had a recording of the conversation between him and the killer.

Sung Hoon seems interested in the recording and asks if Sung Jun has it


Sung Jun enters the motel room and finds Jung Man Chun’s wife lying motionless on the floor. She has a knife stuck into her abdomen. Sung Jun searches the place and finds Won Woong floating face down in the water. He grabs him and gives him CPR. The boy spits out water and regains consciousness.

Just then, Jung’s wife asks Sung-Jun to help and he rushes over to her. She tells him to save her son and passes out. He holds the knife against the wound when Kang walks in.

Sung Hoon notes that Won Woong was alive when Sung Jun left. He asks why Sung Jun ran away.

Sung Jun says he did not run away. He says he wanted to be safe as Kang shot a live round at him. He says he was abducted.

Sung Hoon has a grim look on his face when Sung-Jun says Baek had abducted him and tortured him. He says Baek believes Sung Jun killed Ji Eun. He says he hid because he knows the power of evidence.

Sung Hoon tells Sung-Jun to discuss everything with him and get his permission before doing anything.

Later, Sung Hoon comes down. Eun Ki offers to drop him.  Sung Hoon asks why she took the risk of helping him and says she may face legal consequences if he is found guilty. She says she is aware of it but she is just repaying Sung Jun’s kindness.

Sung Hoon states that she thinks Sung Jun is innocent. Eun Ki asks Sung Hoon if he doesn’t trust Sung Jun.

The next day at the Police Station, Yeom is furious with the detectives for deliberately letting Sung-Jun getaway. He tells Oh he knows Oh deliberately dropped his phone to alert Sung Jun. He says he should fire Oh and walks away.

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon tells his parents that he turned Sung-Jun tried to contact him but he told the police. His mother is upset that Sung Hoon went to the police. His father says he was looking out for his brother. Na says Sung Hoon has no idea what Sung Jun is up to. Sung Hoon apologises.

Sung Hoon tells his mother that he will take care of Sung Jun’s issue. He tells his mother not to give up on her nomination.

Na addresses the press. She says her son risked his life and saved a person’s life during a hostage situation. She adds that she trusts her son and he is a righteous police officer. She tells them to bear with her till the truth comes out. She refuses to step down.

Sung Jun again has nightmares of dogs chasing him. He calls out to his brother for help. Eun Ki watches him mumble in his sleep. He wakes up and she dresses his wound. He isn’t too sure about it but she says her mother is a nurse.

She points out that he was dreaming. He says he is chased by monsters and he wakes up right before he gets eaten. She says it is good that at least he was with his brother. He asks her how she knew this and she says he was talking in his sleep.

She tells him to change his clothes and she will wash his blood-stained ones. He says he forgot to mention that the police will find her suspicious if they see the purchase of menswear on her bills. She says these are her unisex clothes. He goes quiet and takes it from her.

Later Sung Hoon gives Sung Jun an odd look as he is wearing a Pink T-Shirt with a picture of Maltese Dogs on it. Sung Hoon passes him a suitcase and asks him to change. Sung Jun opens it and is delighted to see his handcuffs in them. Sung Hoon throws him an envelope with cash

Sung Jun is excited as he sees the cash. He says he will pay Eun Ki back in full. Sung Hoon also gives Sung-Jun keys to a bike parked in the Mall parking across the street.

Sung Hoon hands out phones to Sung Jun and Eun Ki. He tells them to use this to contact each other from now on. He says Eun Ki can back out if she wants to. She says she is in. Sung Jun asks Eun Ki if his brother is incredible. She smiles.

Sung Hoon asks if Jung said where the recording was. Sung Jun says Jung said his wife will give it. Sung Hoon says the police probably have it.

Eun Ki calls up Kim and asks if he is by himself. Kim says he is on a stakeout with a senior detective. She asks him to just answer yes or no. Kim has saved her number as his girlfriend. She asks if the police found the recording in the motel room and detective Kim says no.

Eun Ki hangs up. Sung Jun says if the police don’t have it, the killer probably has it. He says there is one more thing left to find out the real killer.

Baek is at his home. He cries seeing his family photo. Taped behind the photo is the flash drive with the killer’s voice that Jung gave him.

Sung Jun walks into the mall parking and rides away on his bike.

Sung Hoon meets Baek the next day by the lake. He says Sung Jun told him that Baek kidnapped and tortured him. He says Baek heard the killer’s voice too. Sung Hoon asks to hear the recording. Baek acts like he doesn’t know what Sung Hoon is talking about.

Sung Hoon says Sung Jun claims he was framed. He asks Baek why he is convinced that Sung Jun is the killer.

Just then, Baek’s wife calls him up and says that Ji Eun’s boyfriend is at their house. Sung Jun is at Baek’s house looking for the flash drive.

Baek rushes away.

Sung Jun sits in Baek’s room as he can’t find the flash drive. Just then, Baek comes home. Baek walks into the house with a knife. He enters the room where Sung Jun is.

He attacks Sung-Jun but Sung-Jun gets away. Baek checks the flash drive but it is gone.

He comes out and finds his wife singing the birthday song. Baek throws a fit and pulls down all the decorations. This angers his wife. she tries to stop him. Baek pushes his wife away and she falls hitting her head on the cabinet. He throws the cake and looks around to find his wife lying in a pool of blood. Baek howls in agony.

Sung Jun returns home and says he couldn’t find the recording. Eun Ki asks if it was really there. Sung Jun says the killer got there before him.

Elsewhere, the black figure has the flash drive and throws it into the fire.

Baek puts his wife’s body in the freezer. He tells his wife not to resent him and says Yoon Jae is the reason for this.

In the attic, Sung Hoon lists the facts of the three cases on the board. He says even if they get a breakthrough in one of the cases, they can clear Sung Jun off the serial murder charges.

Sung Hoon mentions seeing a drone over the hospital before Jung fell. He says it may have recorded something. He says he saw a man on the roof after Jung fell. Eun Ki says she can call Kim and finds out whose drone it was. Sung Hoon says he will find the drone. He tells Sung Jun to go over Ji Eun and Hye Jin’s cases again. Sung Jun objects to this. Sung Hoon asks Eun Ki to keep an eye on Sung Jun so that he doesn’t do anything stupid.

Elsewhere, Choi spots a drunk Yu Na staggering out of a club. He drives his taxi up to her and she gets into itChoi drives the car into the woods and he gets out.

Yu Na wakes up to find the driver’s seat empty. She looks around. Suddenly a black figure grabs her and drags her away. Yu Na screams in terror.

Eun Ki is driving down the road when she receives a call from Yu Na. Eun Ki is shocked to hear Yu Na’s cracked voice asking her to save her.

In the woods, Yu Na is badly injured as she speaks on the phone. Light flashes on her as the killer comes closer. The killer grabs her phone and cuts the call. The killer picks up a rock that lies by her side and brings it down on her.

Eun Ki alerts the police and the detectives are at the last known location of Yu Na’s phone.

Eun Ki rushes into the woods and the officers run after her. Eun Ki shines her torch around and it shines on Yu Na’s figure. Eun Ki sits beside Yu Na and asks her why she is sleeping out there. She says they should go shopping and she will buy a good pair of shoes for her. Eun Ki holds Yu Na in her arms and cries.

Just then, Yu Na’s hand twitches and she murmurs that Eun Ki is loud.

Later, Yu Na is in the hospital. She tells the detectives that she was drunk and she can’t remember the driver’s face but she remembers the tattoo he had on his arm.

We see a montage of Choi getting angry that Yu Na dodged him. He kicks her repeatedly. She notices the spider tattoo on his arm.

Yu Na draws the tattoo and gives it to the detectives.

Meanwhile, Baek meets Choi and Choi says it is unexpected that Sung Jun is Yoon Jae. Baek asks if Choi wasn’t talking about Sung-Jun when he said he recognised one of the kidsChoi says he saw Number 7 in the court. He says it was the boy with the burn mark.

Choi says there must be a reason why these boys showed up at once. He says he will look into Boy 7.

As Choi drives down, he calls up boy 7 and tells him that crazy dog is looking for him. He asks if he should hand him over or not. He says he needs some money and hangs up. He has saved boy 7’s number as the rat. He scratches the tattoo on his arm.

Eun Ki shows the spider tattoo drawing to Sung Hoon and Sung Jun. Sung Jun says Choi had the tattoo on his arm. he asks for Yu Na’s photo. She shows him. Sung Jun tells Sung Hoon that her injuries are similar to that of Yeom Hye Jin. He says Choi was a habitual wife-beater. He adds that he might have vented the anger on Hye Jin and Yu Na who were out alone at night.

Sung Jun recalls that Yu Na mentioned seeing scratch marks on the attacker’s arm. He says it is possible that Hye Jin was the one who scratched himSung Hoon says if it was the case, the DNA would have been found on Hye Jin. Sung Jun says her nails were broken. Sung Hoon says it is too late to find the broken nail.

Sung Jun says he found the nail.


19 April 2022, A day after Yeom Hye Jin’s body was found.

Sung Jun gives Hye Jin’s fingernail to the medical examiner. He tells her to examine it. He says he scoured the trail where Hye Jin’s body was found and found the nail. He says something might be there on the bloodstain.

At present, Sung Jun talks to the medical examiner at night. She is startled to see him and asks if he is okay. He asks her if she has the test results on the fingernail. She says they found an unknown person’s DNA on the nail.

Sung Hoon is jogging when Sung Jun calls him. Sung Jun says the DNA on the nail is not on the police database. He smiles as he says he is no longer a suspect in Yeom Hye Jin’s case. Sung Hoon asks if the police know about this. Sung Jun says they do.

Meanwhile, Kang is in the police station. He notices a document addressed to Sung Jun. He opens it and finds the analysis of the nail. Kim watches Kang take the document and leave. Kang takes the document to Yeom

Kang says Sung Jun is using this to cause misdirection in the investigation. Yeom tells Kang not to tell this anyone for now. After Kang leaves, Yeom wonders if Yoon Jae wasn’t the one who killed Hye Jin.

Sung Jun visits Kim Seok Hee at the restaurant. She doesn’t recognise him as he is wearing a helmet. He asks for his usual order and she realises it is him. She heads inside.

Detective Kim walks in and places an order. Sung Jung bends down to tie his lace near Kim’s chair. Kim passes him the document containing the jurors’ texts and locations during the time of death that Sung Hoon had mentioned.

Sung Jun asks about the result on the fingernail. Kim tells Sung Jun that Kang came early and took a forensic report from Oh’s desk. He says it was probably the report.

Later, Sung Jun compares the locations and finds that Hye Jin and Choi were at the same location in Muyeong that day at 11.42 pm.

Choi walks home at night. he feels like he is being followed but there is no one. He goes upstairs. The black figure watches Choi walk into his house.

Later, someone knocks on Choi’s door and Choi calls them in. Choi turns around and laughs. he says he knew it was him.

Juror Kang meets the jurors at the restaurant (except Ahn, Jung and Choi). he invites them to his daughter’s wedding. Just then, Jung walks in saying there was traffic on the way. they wait for Ahn and Choi.

Meanwhile, Sung Jun drives up to Choi’s house. He goes up and finds it odd that the door is ajar. He goes in and finds Choi face down on the floor. There seem to be signs of struggle. Sung Jun checks for a pulse. Just then, a phone hidden above the clock starts ringing.

Sung Jun attends the call. Juror Jung is on the other end asking when Choi is going to come to the restaurant. Sung Jun hangs up. He hears the police cars pull up outside and escapes through the window.

Oh and his team find Choi and call the ambulance as there is a pulse. Kang recalls seeing the black motorcycle outside the restaurant earlier. He had seen the same bike outside Choi’s house as well. Kang runs out and finds the bike missing.

Sung Hoon paces in the attic. Sung Jun looks dazed as he comes in. He says Choi is critically injured. Sung Hoon tells him off for going to Choi’s house without his permission. He says Sung Jun was always like this and does as he pleases without caring about others. He asks if Sung Jun cares about his family. Sung Jun is angry as he says he had no choice. Sung Hoon says this is always the excuse.

Sung Jun says Kang hid the forensic report and his colleagues aren’t investigating it. He asks if Sung Hoon still wants him to keep quiet. He shows the report that places Hye Jin and Choi in the same place. He says he went to Choi’s place to get a DNA sample to match the one found on the nail. Sung Jun screams that he did it to clear his name.

Sung Hoon calms down and asks Sung Jun to sit down. He asks if someone else was at the scene and Sung Jun says no. Sung Hoon asks if he saw anything suspicious. Sung Jun gives him the phone hidden on the clock. Sung Hoon says there is a recording with today’s date on it.

Sung Hoon plays it and they listen to the recording. 


Choi hears a knock and calls the person in. He laughs saying he thought it was him and he was right. Choi says he noticed ‘him’ recognize Crazy Dog in the courtroom. He says he knew he was number 7 from the burn scar on his left hand. He says he knew 7 was there that day.

7 says 24. Choi laughs as he asks if 7 was making this fuss because of 24. Choi says 24 died because 7 was a tattle tale. Choi turns around and takes a drink. 7 hits him on the head with a bottle.

At present, Sung Jun points out that the killer was in the room. He says from Choi’s seating position on the court he could pretty much see everyone.

The next morning, Sung Jun goes back to Choi’s place. he stands outside the door and plays the recording. He matches his steps with the killers as he enacts the incident. He finds that the killer walked slowly.

After Choi was hit over the head, the clock chimes.

Sung Hoon is in his office. he replays the recording again and again. He finds that the left and right footsteps sound different. Sung Hoon calls Sung Jun and tells him to go down the stairs in accordance with the recording.

Sung Jun tries going down the stairs but it doesnt match the audio. He then holds the railing and limps down the stairs bringing both legs down together and it matches the audio.

Sung Jun recalls seeing Juror Ahn walks with a limp

Sung Jun whispers that he found the killer.

Image Courtesy- TVN


It was revealed that Boy 7 betrayed the other boys. Choi recognised Boy 7 in the courtroom from the burn wound on his hand. It looked like 7 was feeling guilty about 24’s death. I wonder if he hit Choi with an intent to kill or in a fit of rage.

Sung Jun noted that the injuries of Hye Jin and Yu Na are similar. This points toward Choi as the suspect for those two incidents.

It looks like Choi was attacked by 7 (Juror Ahn who walks with a limp). Boy 7 is a rat. This makes Boy 7 a part of Crazy dog’s team.

From what was shown, Ji Eun’s killer who claims to be Yoon Jae is taking revenge on the people behind the welfare centre (including Boy7). Possibly, it looks like there are at least 3 perpetrators on the loose with different motives.

Sung Hoon is working with Sung Jun and chose to keep his parents in the dark. Sung Hoon has an air of mystery about him and it looks like he knows more than what he lets on. I wonder if there was more to what Choi spoke to Sung Hoon outside the courtroom. The scenes with Sung Jun, Sung Hoon and Eun Ki working together are a good watch. 

Sung Hoon confronting Baek was an interesting scene as Baek found himself in a pickle, which is a rare sight. Kang and Yeom chose to hide the report on the fingernail that would acquit Sung Jun. Sung Hoon didn’t seem surprised at this. It looks like he knows whom they are up against.

Sung Jun looked like an excited and proud young brother who marvels at his brother’s intelligence in the attic. Sung Jun obtained Hye Jin’s broken fingernail that the forensics had missed.

Currently, the killer is always one step ahead of Sung Jun. It is like he is watching their every move. It looks like both the recordings with the killer’s voice were destroyed.

This episode was fast-paced and intriguing.

-By Soul Sword-

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