Blind- Episode 7 Recap


The boys unload cartons from the Seondae Distributions truck. 13 drops the carton and the boys are disappointed to find that the cartons have only potatoes and not beef.

11 notices Choi watching 13. 11 pulls 13 away and puts the potatoes back into the carton.

Meanwhile, the delivery man (Juror Kang) submits the delivery receipt for beef cartons and takes his pay. He walks out and calls up his wife. He tells her to find a good piano teacher for his child Ha Na. He is overjoyed as he asks his wife if she wants some beef today.

The man finds Yoon Jae (13) by the delivery truck. He tells the boy to move away and gets into the truck. He takes a choco pie and hands it to Yoon Jae. He asks Yoon Jae for his name. Yoon Jae says 13.


Eun Ki, Sung Jun and Sung Hoon listen to the recording containing Choi’s conversation with 7.

Sung Hoon says Choi mentions a large burn mark on the hand and asks if any Juror had that. Eun ki says juror Ahn had a burn scar.

Sung Jun gets up. He says he will arrest Choi. Sung Hoon says they can’t use the recording as evidence as it places Sung-Jun on the scene of the crime (Choi’s attack). Sung Jun argues and Sung Hoon tells him off. Eun Ki says they should find other evidence. Sung Hoon says he will find the evidence. He tells her to keep an eye on Sung Jun, a suspect who still thinks he is a detective.

Sung Hoon walks out and Eun Ki follows him. He says he will go to Ahn’s home. She asks if she should accompany him. He says he will be fine alone. He tells her not to be this trusting. Sung Hoon tells her not to trust Sung Joon or him.

Choi sleeps in the hospital. Kang confronts Kim about the motorbike outside the restaurant and Choi’s home. He claims Kim met Sung Jun. Kim denies it.

Kang asks for Kim’s phone. Kim says he won’t give it. Kang threatens to get a warrant. Kim asks why Kang hid the forensic report. He asks if it is because the results were in favour of Sung Jun. Kang is taken aback but he repeatedly provokes Kim. Kim grabs Kang and pins him against the wall before walking away.

Late at night, Sung Jun sleeps as Eun Ki works on her laptop. Sung Jun gets up after Eun Ki dozes over her laptop. Eun Ki acts as if she is asleep as Sung Jun wears his jacket. Sung Jun notices her hand twitching and he puts a blanket around her before walking out. Eun Ki gets up after he leaves. She smiles.

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon reaches Ahn’s address (29 Sekjak Ro 145 Beon Gil) at 10:18 pm. It is a redevelopment site.

He walks into one of the buildings and finds some workers’ clothes. He notices photos of a woman and some kids on the wall

Baek’s men led by Goo walk into the redevelopment site. Goo notices Sung Hoon’s shadow and mistakes him for AhnBaek tells him over the phone to bring Ahn to him.

Ahn and his men nab Sung Hoon and drag him out. Sung Jun (with his helmet) rides in on his motorcycle. He beats up Goo’s men. Goo manages to get a glimpse of Sung Jun’s face during the tussle. Sung Hoon fends off the attackers but one of them slashes his arm with a knife. Finally, Sung Jun and Sung Hoon make their getaway on Sung Hoon’s motorcycle.

After a while, Sung Jun parks his bike. Sung Jun asks about Sung Hoon’s knife wound but Sung Hoon brushes it off. Sung Jun offers to get some medicine as the wound seems deep. 

Sung Jun tells him off for going after men with knives. He says they were the same men who kidnapped him. Sung Jun tells Sung Hoon to wait here while he gets some medicine. 

Goo reports to Baek that Yoon Jae took AhnBaek says Choi was right and states that Yoon Jae and Ahn are working together.

Sung Jun comes back to the place to find Sung Hoon gone. He receives a text from Sung Hoon that he is leaving. Sung Jun sighs.

Elsewhere, Sung Hoon dresses his wound. There are scratch marks on both his upper arms.

 The next day, Eun Ki visits Yu Na at the hospital. Yu Na has warmed up to Eun Ki. Kim walks in and he has some good news. She says Sung Jun will be pleased and she heads over to tell him.

At the Police station, Detective Oh and Na are going through the forensic report that says the blood on the fingernail matches Choi’s DNA sample. Oh confronts Detective Kang for hiding the NFS report on Hye Jin’s fingernail.

Kang says he can’t work with people beneath him. Na loses it and warns Kang that he is crossing the line. Kang says this is similar to the knife with Jung Man Chun’s blood on it. He says Jung Man Chun died and Choi is critically injured now. Kang accuses them of trying to save Sung Jun.

Just then, Ahn walks in and says he is turning himself in for killing Choi.

Back in the attic, Sung Jun writes Sung Hoon’s name on the board and writes “why?” beside it. Sung Jun looks at the rest of the notes on the board and figures out that they weren’t after Sung Hoon but their target was Ahn Tae Ho. Sung Jun wonders how the three people (Baek, Choi and Ahn) are connected.

Sung Jun listens to the recording again. He sees flashes of memories with the numbered shirts. Pain shoots through his head and he crouches on the floor clutching his head.

At the police station, Kang takes Ahn’s statement. Ahn refuses to say why he attacked Choi. Kang says Choi Soon Gill is still alive. Ahn is furious that Choi isn’t dead. Ahn screams at the top of his lungs that Choi Soon Gil has to die 100 times over.

Ahn grabs Kang and demands to know where Choi is. Yeom watches as the detectives rush in and hold Ahn down. Yeom recalls Baek mentioning that Yoon Jae and Ahn are working together. Baek said Ahn would know where Yoon Jae is.

Meanwhile, Eun Ki comes into the attic to find sung Jun passed out on the floor. She frantically wakes him up and he comes around. He said he had a splitting headache. Eun Ki tells him that they found Choi’s DNA under Hye Jin’s fingernail. She notices that Sung Jun isn’t pleased.

Sung Jun says that Sung Hoon mentioned that evidence found by a suspect is tainted evidence. He says he was alone when he found the nail in the park. She says this is tough.

Just then, they hear a door open. Eun Ki looks around. Sung Jun picks up the phone and notices the recording still playing past the 45-minute mark. The sound was from the recording.

Elsewhere, Sung Hoon walks into Choi’s hospital room.

Sung Jun shows Eun Ki that the recording is still playing. He says there was someone else who walked in after Ahn left.

Choi opens his eyes and Sung Hoon asks if Choi recognises him. Sung Hoon says he heard the recording and someone came into the house 35 minutes after Ahn left. He says the person saw Choi still alive and hit him again. 

Sung Jun and Eun Ki hear the second attack on the recording.


Choi gets up and mutters a curse. He looks up to find the black figure looking down at him. The figure has his shoes covered. It smashes the bottle over Choi’s head.

At present, Sung Hoon asks if Choi saw that person. Choi whispers something in Sung Hoon’s ear. Then, Choi’s eyes widen as he has a seizure. Sung Hoon gets up and calmly watches Choi’s pulse drop into a flatline.

Baek walks out of the elevator and passes Sung Hoon who takes the elevator. He frowns. Baek walks in and is taken aback to see Choi dead. He recalls Sung Hoon confronting him by the lake.

Na is at home trying to convince someone on the phone. The person says the President will withdraw the nomination for the Ministry of Health and Welfare as soon as he is back from his overseas trip.

After he hangs up, Na is furious and she throws a glass vase on the floor. Just then, the bell rings and she finds that it is Baek.

Na speaks to Baek outside the house. Baek asks Na where she hid Yoon Jae. She says there is no Yoon Jae and asks him to get lost. Baek says Na is covering for Sung Jun to keep her reputation intact and not out of affection. He says she shouldn’t have raised an adopted child as a serial murderer. Baek laughs in disbelief as Na says she gave birth to all her sons. Baek threatens to hurt her dearest son if she doesn’t give him Yoon Jae. Na calls Baek a piece of trash and asks if he dares to blackmail her.

Just then, Judge Ryu comes home. She rushes towards him and escorts him inside. She tells him that Baek was just a reporter.

Meanwhile, Sung Jun meets the medical examiner. She says Choi died due to respiratory distress. She says he was hit with a bottle twice. She shows the two fractures on the skull as indicators. She adds that blood was dried between the two attacks so there was some time between both attacks.

Later in the attic, Eun Ki says it is unfortunate that a third person killed Choi. Sung Hoon doesn’t respond. Sung Jun wonders who it is. Sung Hoon says it is Number 13.

Eun Ki asks why they are referring to people using numbers. Sung Hoon says Choi mentioned that 13 came after Ahn left. He says he went to see Choi earlier.

Sung Jun asks if it was 13. Sung Hoon asks if Sung Jun knows who it is. Sung Jun says he doesn’t know but it is odd.

Yeom is at the station. He reads the report which states it is suspicious that Choi was found in a collapsed state. He tells Oh to let Ahn go. Oh says he can still be charged with assault. Yeom tells Oh to bring the real killer Sung Jun. Oh asks if there is any other evidence that he doesn’t know about. Yeom gathers himself and tells Oh to leave.

Ahn limps down the road. Baek’s men grab him and take him away.

Sung Hoon works on the wood carving. He nicks his hand when he recalls Choi saying it was number 13 Yoon Jae.

Sung Jun and Eun Ki have a drink. She says she worked at the Children’s centre and she says that kids come there with wounded hearts. She says they don’t say much.

She says she knows it when the kid is smiling but crying on the inside, when the kid is lonely, when the kid is lying, etc. This makes SUng Jun uncomfortable. She states that Sung Jun knows who 13 is. She asks him about it.

Sung Hoon says he got into an accident when he was 7 years old. He says he lost his memories before that. He says he remembers his name and number from his life before the accident. Sung Jun says his name is Yoon Jae and his number is 13.

Sung Jun says he has no idea why Choi mentioned Number 13 but he says he didn’t do it. He asks her if it sounds like a lie. She says it doesn’t. She says it sounds like he is having a tough time. He says he has nightmares often. He says he isn’t sure if they are nightmares or memories. He says he is 13 in them too.

Baek watches his men beat Ahn. He asks Ahn where Yoon Jae is. Ahn swears he hasn’t seen anyone since he left the welfare centre 20 years back. Baek says he will let him live if Ahn tells him where Yoon Jae isAhn says he fell for Baek’s sweet words 20 years ago and betrayed his friends. He says he won’t do the same this time around. Baek tells his men to bury Ahn. He walks out as they continue to beat him. Later, Baek’s men bury Ahn alive.

The next day, Baek and Goo find the pit empty and Ahn gone. Baek gestures to Goo to look for him.

Juror (Shaman) Kwon is asleep at her studio. She dreams of her past. She is conducting a ritual in the woods. Baek’s men lead 11 and 13 down the path. 11 screams for help. Kwon looks worried. Kwon wakes with a start. She lifts the water bowl and drops it as it is filled with blood.

Meanwhile, Eun Ki brings Sung Jun lunch. She says she is going to Juror Kang’s daughter’s wedding. Sung Jun says he is going to visit Ahn. Eun Ki asks if he mentioned this to Sung Hoon.

Sung Hoon is on his way out when he receives a call from sung Jun. He doesn’t take it.

Sung Jun calls Sung Jun’s phone from outside Ahn’s address. He is relieved that Sung Hoon didn’t pick up the call. He heads in as his conscience is clear.

Sung Jun walks into Ah’s house and finds a blood-stained invitation on the desk. he notices that it is Juror Kang’s daughter’s wedding invite.

Eun Ki is at the wedding with the other jurors. Bae complains that Kang didn’t take photographs with them. Eun Ki spots Ahn at the entrance. Their eyes meet and he walks away. She chases after him. Juror Jung also excuses himself

Eun Ki calls up Sung Jun and tells him that she saw Ahn but lost him in the crowd. Sung Jun says he found a blood-stained invite. He tells Eun Ki to stay with the crowd as they don’t know what Ahn will do. Sung Jun says he is on the way there.

Someone prepares drinks for Juror Kang and his wife. The bride is at the photo session inside. The waiter carries the drinks to Kang and his wife.

Charles returns to the Juror’s table and notices that Kwon is preoccupied. She says she can’t help but think about Choi who died two days back. Kwon tells them about the blood in her water bowl.

Kwon and Bae refuse their drinks. Charles refuses too. Eun Ki joins them and asks if anyone sent an invite to Ahn. They say they didn’t.

Just then, Juror Kang addresses the gathering. He thanks everyone and goes on to say that Ha Na is his only daughter. He says he used to work for a sales department in a food company. When he was stressed out at work, he kept pushing forward when he thought of her. He says he didn’t raise Ha Na but He grew up because of her. He toasts to her happy future.

 The Jurors raise their water glasses.

Kang drinks the contents from his flute and immediately falls, clutching his throat. Everyone runs to him.

Sung Jun walks in to see people rushing to the hospital with juror Jang. Sung Jun spots Ahn walking away from the crowd and he follows him. He turns the corridor and finds it empty. He goes into the stairwell and is puzzled as he sees Sung Hoon walk out into the parking lot.

Meanwhile, there is a commotion in the bride’s room. Sung Jun walks up to them and peeks inside. The bride Ha-Na sits motionless on the couch. Her wedding dress is stained with blood. Her cheeks are slit.

Sung Hoon is in the bathroom at his home. He cries as he washes the blood from his hands. He closes the tap and stops crying. He looks up and stares into the mirror.

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Juror Kang made money by swapping beef intended for the children with potatoes. This got him on Yoon Jae’s revenge list.

Baek was misled because Goo mistook Sung Hoon for Ahn. He assumed Yoon Jae and Ahn were working together. It looks like Ahn had no clue about Yoon Jae and his revenge.

Interestingly, Ahn had a saviour. This person had to have followed Ahn’s every movement till he was buried. I wonder if it was the killer who saved Ahn after figuring out that Ahn refused to betray them the second time around.

Kim and the detectives stepping up and confronting Kang was a good watch. Detective Kang did have a point there where he mentioned that every time they zero in on a suspect, the suspect is found dead.

The recording further revealed that Choi was attacked twice and the second one was probably the killer. Choi had the phone near him when he was attacked. I wonder who put the phone on the clock. 

Sung Jun wouldn’t have found the phone if it wasn’t for Juror Jung, who called Choi’s phone exactly when Sung Jun was inside. Juror Jung was also late to arrive at Charles’s restaurant that day and he was missing during the wedding. I wonder who gave the invite to Ahn or if it was just a move to bring Sung Jun there.

Sung Hoon calmly watched Choi die. Choi did mention 13 to Sung Hoon. Sung Hoon was disturbed after he mentioned that to Sung Jun. Sung Hoon has scratch wounds and scars on his arms. Sung Hoon had no business at the wedding and I am curious to see what will be his answer if Sung Jun asks him why he was present there.

On the other hand, every incident from the flashback scenes was witnessed by Yoon Jae (13). Yoon Jae was also the one who interacted with Juror Kang back then. At present, Sung Jun knows his name was Yoon Jae and his number was 13. He claims his memories after the accident is intact. Yoon Jae’s past encounters do match the killer’s present actions.

It was interesting to see the exchange between Na and Baek. Na spoke to him in an authoritative manner. It looks like Baek knows her dirty secrets. I wonder if she adopted Sung Jun to keep an eye on him because he witnessed something that she wanted to remain a secret.

With 3 of the jurors dead and the fourth one narrowly escaping his end, we are yet to see what happened to the boys and how the welfare centre closed down.

The plot follows a narration where the killer is always one step ahead and the characters are moving according to his plan like puppets. He also seems to be watching everyone’s every move. Though this episode points towards Sung Hoon as the killer, there is not enough information in the storyline from the boys’ childhood. So one can come up with innumerable possibilities as to the identity and motive of the killer. I am curious to see what the next episode holds.

-By Soul Sword-

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