Blind- Episode 8 Recap


Shaman Kwon performs a ritual at dawn. She senses something sinister as the candles go out. The guards escort 11 and 13 through that way. The boys call her for help. They scream that these men are going to kill them. The guards put their hands over the boys’ mouths and drag them away.

She makes eye contact with 13 and she twitches. Crazy dog stops as she screams. Kwon hurries towards them and says, “You have to kill that kid. If you let him live, you will die and so will everyone else.” 11 watches in horror as Kwon points at 13 (Yoon Jae).

Yoon Jae stares back at her.

(Episode 8- Murder Notice)

At present, the killer puts up the photo of juror Kang’s daughter with his other victims. A smile is drawn in red across her cheeks.

Meanwhile, at the crime scene, Oh is told that the bride’s helper was waiting outside while the bride was changing. Kang says the helper went to check on juror Kang as he collapsed.

Detective Na tells all the guests that they will have to come to the police station separately and give testimonies.

Kim comes in just then and takes the team back into the CCTV room. They find a limping figure walking down the corridor and Na recognises him as Ahn Tae Ho (juror 5). They run out to put out an APB on Ahn. Kang stays back and watches the rest of the footage.

Sung Jun narrates what happened at the wedding hall to Sung Hoon. He asks if Sung Hoon was there. Sung Hoon denies being there.

Sung Jun says that Sung Hoon doesn’t even go to school reunions. Sung Hoon says Sung-Jun is illogical and unscientific in his investigation. He says he is naming Ahn as a suspect on the basis of a bloody invitation and Ahn’s presence at the wedding. Sung Jun retorts by saying he isn’t as smart as Sung Hoon but he works hard. Soon they have an argument and Eun Ki intervenes.

Eun Ki asks them if they are children. She tells Sung-Jun that she didn’t expect this behaviour from him when she helped him. She tells Sung Hoon to call the police on Sung-Jun if he can’t trust his own brother.

Later, Sung Jun calls up Kim. Kim says they found Ahn on the CCTV footage. He says they cant track Ahn’s phone. He sends Sung Jun Ahn’s previously visited places. Sung Jun starts to thank Kim but he can’t bring himself to it. He is about to leave but Sung Hoon turns up. Sung Hoon demands Sung-Jun hand over his bike keys. He tells Sung-Jun to get into the car and Sung-Jun complies.

On the way, Sung Hoon asks Sung-Jun where he was headed first. Sung Jun doesn’t respond. Sung Hoon calls up Eun Ki and says Sung-Jun will send her Ahn’s address now. He tells her that they will go to the places he visited recently. He tells her to look into the older ones.

Sung Jun wonders how Sung Hoon figured out his plan. He notes that there are a lot of addresses on the list. Sung Hoon says the container in the redevelopment area has camping items so Ahn didn’t intend to settle down anywhere.

Meanwhile, Eun Ki tries to find Ahn’s history by calling up orphanages.

The brothers stop by the bridge for lunch. Sung Hoon comments that Sung-Jun doesn’t find the situation hard. Sung Jun says he gets to eat with his brother. He says Sung Hoon used to make salty ramyeon for him. He complains that they ate only ramyeon. Sung Hoon says he spent all their lunch money on settling with the kids that Sung-Jun beat up. He implies that Sung Jun is ungrateful.

Sung Jun points out that Sung Hoon clearly shows that he doesn’t want to do something for Sung-Jun but he ends up doing it anyway. Sung Jun says he used to beat up kids or ask Sung Hoon to cook for him when Sung Hoon was studying hard. Sung Jun says when they ate together was the time he was most happy. Sung Hoon watches his brother as they eat ramyeon now.

Sung Hoon goes to one of the addresses named Spring Light. It looks like a children’s centre. He notices the woman in the photos that he saw on the walls of Ahn’s container. She walks out with her kid. He asks her about Ahn. He says he is Ahn’s friend.

They speak at the playground. Sung Jun sits a few yards away. The woman says Ahn didn’t seem like the type to make friends. She says Ahn saved her son and her life.


The pregnant woman walks down the road. She notices blood trickling down her leg. She tries to go to a public restroom. Ahn watches her and tells her to go to the hospital if she is going to have a baby. He says he will call the ambulance. She threatens to commit suicide if he calls an ambulance. As she crosses the road, a truck is about to hit her. Ahn pushes her to the other side.

At present, the woman says that Ahn walks with a limp because of that accident. She says Ahn built a centre for single mothers called Spring Light.

Meanwhile, Eun Ki gets a lead on one of the orphanages. The lady tells her that Ahn was born to a single mother. He stayed with the orphanage for a few years before moving away to a centre named Hope.

Eun Ki hangs up and keys in the next address but there is no record of it on the search engine. she marks it before cutting it off from the list.

Back at the playground, Sung Jun gets up. He watches the woman’s kid play on the slide. Sung Jun suddenly has a memory of a playground and a kid in blue clothes. He sees the kid trip in his memory. Sung Jun runs at the woman’s kid (who isn’t falling) and grabs him. The woman is alarmed at this and runs toward the child. She pushes Sung Jun away. Sung Jun apologises and walks away, leaving Sung Hoon behind.

Later, Sung Hoon asks Sung Jun what happened back there. Sung Jun tells him and Sung Hoon asks if it was a memory. Sung Jun keeps quiet.

Later at night, Yeom meets Baek. Yeom is furious at Baek. He says he released Ahn as Baek promised to use Ahn as bait and catch Yoon Jae. He blames Baek for Kang’s daughter’s murder. Baek says he recalls a supplier named Kang 20 years ago at Hope Welfare centre.

Sung Hoon and Sung Jun return to Eun Ki. Sung Jun says Ahn is a good person who built shelters for single mothers. She says she found no links with the orphanages. She says he lives a lonely life and has no friends.

At night, Ahn sits in a tunnel. He gets up and says,” Yoon Jae.” The black figure stands at the end of the tunnel.

The next day, Yu Na is getting discharged. She asks to stay with Eun Ki. Eun Ki refuses flatly. Yu Na finds this suspicious. Just then, Kim calls up Eun Ki and tells her to tell Sung Jun to hide as Detective Kang is heading over to the Centre. Eun Ki rushes out.

Eun Ki rushes to the attic and wakes Sung Jun up. She tells him to hide. Sung Jun staggers as he grasps the situation. Just then, Yu Na walks in and asks what they are doing.

Yu Na asks if she isn’t allowed to stay here because of Sung Jun. She asks if they are dating. Eun Ki says they aren’t. Yu Na says then she should report a serial murderer as the reward is high.

Sung Jun is annoyed as he says he isn’t a serial murderer. He says she should be grateful as he saved her at the club. She says he caught junkies because of her. She says she wants a reward in exchange for not reporting him. Eun Ki objects. Just then, Sung Hoon walks in.

Yu Na asks who this person is. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon is the judge who put her attacker in jail. Yu Na thinks hard and asks to join them. She threatens to report Sung Jun if they don’t.

Meanwhile, Kang and his detectives reach the children’s centre. They enter through the back door.

They barge in to find Sung Hoon at the board and Yu Na behind a desk. The board reads Mentor Mentee class. There are equations written on the board and Eun Ki stands by him.

The three of them watch Kang quietly as he opens the adjacent door. They find it empty. Kang says Sung Jun called detective Kim using a phone that is located there.

Eun Ki says that was her phone and she is dating Detective Kim. Kang looks puzzled and he heads out.

After Kang leaves, Eun Ki asks Sung Hoon if he will come back. Sung Hoon tells her not to go into the attic often. Sung Jun comes out. He tells Sung Jun not to venture out. They all disperse for the day.

Eun Ki and sung Jun go to the attic. Eun Ki receives a call from the police station for a witness statement. 

Meanwhile, Yu Na tags along with Sung Hoon. She walks beside him asking where he is going and if he will show her the Judge’s office. He doesn’t respond. She asks him why he threw the junkie in jail. She says the junkie’s father always bribes the judge and gets him out. She asks if the father didn’t pay him enough. Sung Hoon says he followed the laws and principles while passing the judgement.

Just then, Sung Hoon receives an MMS on his phone. It reads, “Survival Game Launched. ‘Save Me’ Big Event. Deadline closing in 24 hours.” There is a link below it that reads 

Eun Ki walks out of the police station. She receives the same MMS on her phone too. She deletes the message. Just then, Juror Jung walks up to her and suggests that they go to Soso as the other jurors are there.

 At Soso, Charles serves Eun Ki, Jung, Kwon and Bae. PD bae is curious about what the detectives asked the others. Charles says the police suspect Ahn. Bae mentions that all three murders are connected. The others ask him how he knows that. Bae seems cornered, but he gathers himself and says their cheeks were slit. Eun Ki doesn’t seem convinced.

Everyone receives the MMS again. This time the deadline is 20 hours.

Sung Jun is working out. He checks the MMS and notices the link.

At Soso, Jung says the link reads “save an tae ho”. Charles says that sounds serious. Eun Ki clicks on the link. The screen has a live stream with a timer running. Ahn Tae Ho has a noose around his neck.

At the children’s centre, Sung Jun is shocked as he sees the live stream. 

Sung Hoon is walking on the road when Sung Jun calls him. Sung Hoon says he saw the message. He says he will come by and walks away. He doesn’t notice Yu Na who clicks photos of him as he walks away.

At Soso, the jurors call the police and head out. Bae seems worried.

Sung Jun tells Sung Hoon that the noose is tightening with every passing hour. He says there are 19 hours left. Sung Jun asks if this is a recorded video. Sung Hoon says that would serve no purpose. Sung Jun says Ahn could be putting on an act to fake his death and start over. Sung Hoon says his expression of distress is genuine. Sung Hoon says the killer is planning to publicly execute Ahn as they all watch.

 Eun Ki comes in and says all jurors got the message.

Meanwhile, the detectives trace the IP address to an internet cafe downtownThey head there and find the particular computer vacant. They are told that the seat was vacant the whole day.

The noose tightens further as the timer is down to 14 hours. Ahn climbs onto the chair beside him to ease the tension on his neck.

Sung Hoon says the killer is confident he will win the game and that is why he is live streaming it. He says the killer would’ve diverted the IP address. Just then, Eun Ki listens closer and draws attention to a clock bell in the background.

Sung Jun says it sounds familiar and he takes out the recording from Choi’s phone. He plays it and there is the same clock chime in it. Sung Hoon says there could be many clocks with the chime. Sung Jun disagrees and runs out. Eun Ki follows him.

Eun Ki and Sung Jun reach Choi’s house. They rush inside. Sung Jun grabs Ahn’s legs but realises that the figure is not Ahn but just a dummy. The clock on the floor chimes signalling 8 pm.

Elsewhere, the detectives trace Ahn’s phone to its last known location. They walk through the woods and find the phone next to a skeleton. There is a pendant on the skeleton (Yoon Jae’s sister Jung Yoo Jung).

The countdown falls under 4 hours.

The noose tightens and Ahn is forced to stand upright on the chair. He wets himself.

Eun Ki and Sung Jun get back to the centre. Eun Ki says it looks like Ahn is trying to say something.

Ahn addresses Yoon Jae. He admits to betraying them 20 years back. He swears he didn’t know 24 would die. He says he debated whether to tell them or not but he was scared to do so.  He says he hasn’t been able to sleep peacefully since that day. He says it is time to put himself out of misery today. He says he is glad he got to meet Yoon Jae before he died. He says he always wanted to say something. He tells Yoon Jae that he is sorry. He says he owes apology to 11,12 and 24. He urges Yoon Jae to stop and says he hopes that he is the last one.

The noose tightens as the countdown slips below 3 hours. Sung Hoon walks out.

AT Soso, Charles asks if Kwon can predict where Ahn is being held. She says she has no idea. She says a person’s karma decides how they die. Just then, Juror Jung receives a call. He doesn’t take it.

Just then, one of the blackout curtains on the wall behind Ahn falls down revealing some writing behind.

Jung zooms it and reads, ” Someone’s in here? 11,12,13 Help us” Bae seems to recognise the writing.

Eun Ki and Sung Jun watch the writing. Sung Jun says he finds the writing familiar.

Meanwhile, Bae goes to his office and takes a tape labelled 2002, Hope Welfare Center”. Bae takes the tape to the restroom and plays it. He is shocked when he sees the footage.

Sung Jun goes home and his mother is shocked to see him. His father joins them. Sung Jun asks his mother where she met him before he was adopted. His parents are taken aback hearing this. Na tries to take him inside but he pulls his hand away. He says there is no time and someone is dying.

Just then, Eun Ki calls him up and gives him the address of the orphanage where Ahn lived from 2000-2002. She says there is no name or contact number on it. He repeats the address and rushes there. Na begs him not to go there, but Sung Jun walks away.

Sung Jun reaches the address and he sees the entrance to Hope Welfare Centre.

He clutches his head as he hears a child’s voice in his head saying that they had decided to escape Hope Welfare Centre and 7 had betrayed them.

Eun Ki tells Sung Hoon the address too and he drives down. He notices Baek’s men following him. He calls up Sung Jun but SUng Jun doesn’t pick up.

Sung Jun staggers past the entrance.

Ahn Tae Ho turns around and watches the timer. It is at 24 minutes. 

Sung Jun enters the building. He looks to the side and sees the black figure looking at him. It turns around and walks away. Sung Jun follows it into a corridor but loses it.

Sung Jun walks around and suddenly the black figure plunges a needle into Sung Jun’s neck and injects him. Sung Jun’s vision becomes hazy. He still staggers behind the figure but is unable to clasp his hands around it.

Inside, the chair holding Ahn falls and noose tightens around Ahn one last time and kills him.

Sung Jun loses his footing and falls. His hands are smeared with blood. Sung Jun notices a yellow paint patch on the sole of the figure’s shoes as the figure walks away from him. Sung Jun passes out.

Image Courtesy- TVN


The past is slowly catching up to Sung Jun. Hope Welfare Centre finally came up in their investigations. It seems like Sung Jun is following the breadcrumbs laid by the killer and in turn regaining his memories.

It seems like Sung Jun’s memory is the key to the mystery. His father seemed a bit confused when Sung Jun mentioned the adoption. I wonder how much of the truth he knows. 

Ahn was the prime suspect in the case and he was also killed.

It was intriguing that the phone was next to a skeleton that seemed like it was Jung Yoon Jung’s body (Yoon Jae’s sister).

There was a slight reveal about jurors Bae Chul-Ho and Kwon Kyung-Ja. It seems like Bae had buried video evidence with respect to the welfare centre while Kwon just prophesied instead of helping the children.

Juror Jung seems very young to be involved with the welfare center. Either his parent is involved with the Centre or he is working with the killer. He does seem suspicious as he didn’t take a call when he was with the jurors.

Interestingly, the killer chose to sedate Sung Jun. It looks like either he has a soft corner for Sung Jun or wants him to remain alive to be a suspect in the case.

-By Soul Sword-

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