Blind- Episode 2 Recap

A boy (11) sits in the Chief of Police Yeom’s room and looks around. Chief Yeom walks in with some food. The boy says he waited for some time but no one came to talk to him. Yeom gives the boy all the food and makes him sit down. The boy is famished and he tucks in.

As the boy eats Yeom asks if the boy’s story is true. Chief Yeom says it is difficult to believe that someone would lock up kids and treat them as slaves in this day and age

Chief Yeom says the boy claims that there are other kids too but they don’t do anything. The boy says he escaped on his ownHe says they beat the boys to death if they are caught escaping.

Chief Yeom asks if the boy escaped despite that risk. Boy 11 says he had hope.

Chief Yeom asks the boy to write down everything in his statement as detailed as possible. The boy starts writing.

Soon, Chief Yeom drives away with the unconscious boy in the back seat. The officer comments that hope is the thing that betrays a person the most. He dares the boy to believe in hope again.

Chief Yeom drives to Hope Welfare CentreCrazy dog (Baek) waits at the entrance. Chief Yeom tells off Crazy Dog for the lapse in security. He says the boy is smart and tried to get to an outside hospital. Boy 11 screams hysterically as he is dragged back into the facility.

(Episode 2 – You should give up hope as long as you are here)

At the trial, Jung Man Chun narrates what happened on the night of Ji Eun’s abduction.


Jung is in a black raincoat and breaks the CCTV camera. He watches Ji Eun pass by. He follows her and grabs her. He places a knife against her neck. A car drives past them. She pushes him and runs towards the car. He chases after her but she manages to get inside that car. Jung watches as the car drives away with her.

Sung Hoon asks why Jung didn’t mention this before. Jung says the police didn’t hear him out and he says the detective made up evidence.

Sung Hoon asks about the type of car the victim was taken in. He says it was a black SUV with a honeycomb pattern in the front

The public is convinced that Jung is lying while shaman Kwon in the jury doesn’t understand what Jung is saying.

Sung Hoon says that car is common and asks if there is anything else. Jung says he saw Sung-Jun in the driver’s seat.

Sung Hoon is taken aback hearing this. Baek opens his eyes looking puzzled. Jung claims he is being framed by Sung Jun as he deliberately left the dashcam footage. Jung accuses Sung Jun of murdering Ji Eun.

Social worker Jo Eun Ki recalls meeting Sung Jun at the police station. Some of the people in the room wonder if Jung is telling the truth. Fellow juror, Yeom Hye Jin tells Eun Ki it’s a shame that they can’t live-stream this. Juror 5 seems uneasy.

The prosecutor asks permission to summon Sung Jun as a witness.

Sung Jun gives his testimony. He says Jung tried to attack him and flee the country. He says that he wasn’t the one who sent the CCTV footage but it was obtained from the delivery person on the motorcycle. Song Hoon notes that it was a motorcycle and not a car that drove past Ji Eun. Sung Jun further adds that the driver didn’t think the situation was serious as Jung had wrapped Ji Eun with the raincoat. Sung Jun says Jung is bound to hate him as he foiled his escape plan.

Sung Hoon says the action cameras have a smaller memory capacity than CCTV cameras. He asks Sung Jun how the footage was still available even after ten days (when Ji Eun’s body was found). Sung Jun says the motorcycle had met with an accident and he had submitted the footage to customer service.

Sung Jun says Detective Kang found the footage and not him. He says he barely managed to become a police officer.

Sung Jun states that there are two pieces of hard evidence. One is the footage and the other is Jung’s knife with the bloodstain.

Sung Jun says he is sure that Jung is the killer because of his signature. He says the migrant who took him to Jung’s hideout had mentioned another woman whose lips Jung had cut in the same manner as Ji Eun. The man says he is worried Jung would do the same thing to the migrant if he found that he was betrayed.

Sun Jun had visited the woman and confirmed this. He says Jung tied the woman to the chair before slitting her mouth because she had ignored him.

Jung gets up and hysterically tries to explain that he didn’t kill Ji Eun. He pleads with the jury to believe him. He maintains that Sung Jun killed him.

As the Jury deliberates, Sung Jun visits Jung in the holding cell. He asks Jung if this was what he had in mind when he requested a jury trial. Sung Jun reminds Jung that he is a detective and asks him to pick his fights wisely. Jung says not all detectives are innocent. Sung tells Jung to be thankful that he doesn’t have a gun on him. Jung gets up and comes toward Sung Jun. He tells Sung Jun to watch his back. 

Meanwhile, the jury deliberates. One of them asks Juror 5 Ahn if he is ill as he is sweating. Ahn says it is taking too long. All the jurors are convinced that Jung is the killer except for Eun Ki. She says Jung sounded sincere when he declared his innocence. She says she grew up poor and often people suspected her to be a thief. She says it could be the same case with Jung. The others don’t pay heed to it.

Sung Hoon is in his office. He recalls Jung naming Sung Jun as the killer. Just then he is told that the jury reached the verdict.

As the court resumes, Sung Hoon reads out the jury’s verdict. He reads that the jury reached a unanimous verdict and finds Jung guilty.

Jung is furious when he hears this. He asks the jury if they felt he is guilty because he is Korean-Chinese. He starts cursing the Korean people. Jung’s lawyer tells him to keep quiet as the outcome may be worse if he keeps at it. The lawyer curses Jung under his breath.

Sung Hoon sentences Jung to life imprisonment. The courtroom breaks out in applause. As he reads the sentence, Jung takes the pen from the desk and stabs his lawyer in the neck. Sung Hoon goes on reading the sentence as the guards restrain Jung. Jung breaks free from the guards and rushes toward the judge’s bench but Sung Hoon continues reading out the verdict.  

Jung grabs Sung Hoon by his robes and raises the pen high to stab him. Sung Hoon stares Jung down as he finishes sentencing him. Sung Jun runs forward and pulls Jung away.

Jung is arrested by the police as Sung Hoon says he hopes this sentence offers some comfort to the victim’s family.

Jung yells at the jury asking them to remember this day clearly. He vows that everyone here will die because of what they did today. He smiles as he is taken away. 

Back home, Sung Hoon’s parents are watching the news on the trial. His father is happy that his wife’s hearing went in her favour. He says the news was overshadowed by their two sons. Sung Hoon’s mother notices Baek on television and finds him familiar.

Meanwhile, the jurors decide to have a meal together. Juror 6 Chef Charles offers to treat them to a meal at his restaurant. They all go ahead while Juror 5 Ahn stays behind. He walks with a limp.

Sung Jun comes home and finds the items in the refrigerator neatly aligned. He wonders how Sung Jun is so flawless. He scrambles up the items and closes the door.

Just then, Sung Hoon comes in and pours himself a cup of coffee. He sits on the couch and seems preoccupied. Sung Jun says if Jung had hurt Sung Hoon he would’ve killed him.

Sung Hoon asks Sung Jun if he killed Ji EunSung Jun is hurt and offended by this question. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon doesn’t trust him. Sung Hoon requests Sung Jun not to sit in the defendant’s seat ever. Sung Hoon says he won’t.

Jung is on the way to prison. He has a slip of paper in his hand. 

Meanwhile, the jurors are at the chef’s restaurant. They introduce themselves. The foreman is Kang Young-Ki, a retired Executive Director of S Corporation. Bae Chul Ho introduces himself as the Production Director of NTBS’s current affairs show. Jung In Seong says he works at a company. Charles says he is a chef at this place. Choi Soon Gil says he is a taxi driver. Yeom Hye Jin says she is the influencer named cocomom. Eungam Dong says just her name. Cho Eun Ki says she is a social worker.  

On the way, Jung notices a motorcycle drive past the police van. Just then, the police van meets with an accident. Jung manages to take the keys to his handcuffs and escapes.

Back at the restaurant, Jung In Seong says he works for customer service at DAOCM. Charles says they should meet more often. Jung In Seong seems interested in Eun Ki and he pours her a drink.

Just then Ahn walks in. Yeom Hye Jin is taking selfies and he thinks she is clicking his photos. He thwarts her phone and takes it. He finds that it was only her selfies. He says he doesn’t like to be photographed and warns her not to leak his photos.

Later, Eun Ki is on the phone with her mother. She tells her mother that her lock is broken and the landlady will get it repaired soon. She says she will get home soon.

Yeom Hye Jin joins Eun Ki as she hangs up the phone. Eun Ki commends her on being mature while Ahn tackled her earlier. Yum says she has an image to keep up as an influencer. Yeom says she is a fashionista and her son’s pet name is coco. She says she puts up videos of her son if she doesn’t have content to post.

Meanwhile, the police are searching for Jung. They ask for more units to look for him. The driver tells Detective Kim that there was a motorcycle in front of him.

Sung Jun checks the CCTV footage and notices Jung walking away from the van in one direction. Sung Joon follows Jung’s tracks and finds a side view mirror on the road. Kim says a motorcycle was involved in the accident.

Sung Jun recalls Jung threatening to kill the judge and jury earlier in the day.

Sung Jun calls up Sung Hoon to warn him. Sung Hoon says the jurors and Sung Jun will also be Jung’s targets. Sung Jun says Jung won’t know the juror’s address.

Sung Hoon goes back into the court and enters his office.

At the station, the traffic police track down Jung’s motorcycle on the CCTV and find that he is headed to Yeonju-dong.

Sung Hoon opens Jung’s case file and turns to the page that lists the jury. He is shocked when he sees that the list is torn. He recalls Jung grabbing the sheet on the desk when he was pinned down in the courtroom. Sung Hoon calls his secretary and asks for the full address list of the jury.

Meanwhile, Sung Jun is on the phone with the illegal migrant. The man says Jung doesn’t know anyone in Yenju-dong. The man thanks Sung-Jun for helping him leave the country. He says he can get the visa and easily re-enter the country.

Next, Sung Jun calls up Baek and asks if Jung knows anyone in Yeonju-dong. Baek says he doesn’t know and Sung Jun hangs up saying he will catch Jung again. 

Sung Hoon receives the juror address list and notices that Jung has Eun Ki and Yeom Hye Jin’s address with him. Eun Ki’s address says Yeonju Dong.

Sung Jun and Kim are in Yeonju Dong but they can’t locate Jung.

Eun Ki and Yeom take a ride in Choi Soon Gil’s taxi. He drops Eun Ki at her home and Yum waves as they drive away.

As she walks down the alley, Eun Ki receives a text from Sung Hoon that informs her of Jung’s escape. He asks her to be careful in the text. Eun Ki checks news articles that say it has been 3 hours since Jung escapes. She walks away. 

Song Hoon ticks Choi’s name as he responds to the text. 

Eun Ki comes home to find the lock not repaired. She goes inside. She receives a call from Sung Hoon and she apologises for not responding to his text. She says she got home just now. He says he is glad she got home safe and hangs up.

Sung Hoon ticks her name off the list.

Eun Ki senses a presence in her house and checks the bathroom. As she comes out, Jung comes out from hiding and grabs her.

The next day, the police swarm Eun Ki’s house. Detectives Kang, Oh, Na and Kim try to reason with Jung. Jung pours petrol on the staircase and sets it on fire, The detectives run away.

Sung Jun reaches the place and they tell him Eun Ki was a juror. They wonder how he found the address. Sung Jun says he will arrest Jung. They say it is too dangerous and they say Jung doesn’t intend to kill her. If he wanted to kill her he would have done it already.

They discuss their next course of action. Sung Jun goes into the neighbouring building. and climbs to the roof.

Meanwhile, Jung comes to the roof. He has tied Eun Ki’s hands and taped her mouth. He puts her in front of him and holds a knife at her neck. This alarms the officers before. The hostage negotiator tries to talk with Jung. Jung tells the officers to put the gun down and they have no choice but to do so.

Jung asks the President to annul the court’s decision in under an hour or he will kill Eun Ki.

Sung Jun aims at Jung from the neighbouring rooftop. Jung pulls Euk Ki into the house before Sung Jun can shoot.

Sung Jun watches them through the window and recalls seeing her at the police station.

Jung removes the tape from her mouth. She says the President can’t overturn the court’s decision. Jung says he knows that. She asks if he intended to kill her from the get-go. Eun Ki tells Jung that she thought he might be innocent. She says she made a mistake. Eun ki pushes him and runs into the bathroom.

Sung Jun takes a leap and lands on Eun Ki’s rooftop.

Jung breaks into Eun Ki’s bathroom. She runs out but he grabs hold of her. Sung Jun breaks into the house just in time

Jung lifts his knife to stab Eun Ki but Sung Jun shoots him in the shoulder. Sung Jun goes over to free Eun Ki’s bonds. She says she is fine. Just then, Jung gets up and stabs Sung Jun in the torso. Sung Jun loses consciousness as Eun Ki screams for help and his team rushes in.

Later, a group of doctors walk up to the hospital room that houses Jung. A woman comes up to the police officer and causes a distraction which makes the officer guarding the door leave his post.

The group walks into the room. The man removes his mask and Jung is shocked to see that it is Baek.

Baek asks if Jung didn’t see this coming when he killed Baek’s daughter. Two men hold Jung back and they gag him. Baek says his daughter’s murderer stays in a warm room and eats three meals a day. He says one day he will even be let out on parole.

Baek says he is not generous to let that happen and he presses down on Jung’s bullet wound. Jung howls in pain. Baek says he would’ve ripped Jung apart if Sung-Jun hadn’t intervened.

He takes out an injection that is used for torture in China. he says he will inject Jung with it so that Jung suffers a thousand times more pain than his daughter.

Just as he is about to inject him with it, Jung yells that he didn’t kill Ji Eun. Jung says he was paid to follow orders. He says he was to fake a kidnapping of Baek’s daughter and they will take care of the rest. He says he has a recording of the phone conversation with that personBaek asks who it is and Jung says the person’s name is Jung Yoon Jae.

Baek finds the name familiar and smiles in disbelief.

Sung Jun is asleep on the hospital bed. He has a nightmare where the sniffer dogs are barking at him as he lies underneath the staircase landing. He wakes up panting.

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This was an interesting episode with some revelations early on.

The opening scene was a good watch. The boys were being held at the Hope Welfare Centre. Police Chief Yeom was also involved in whatever was going on at the welfare centre. 

I wonder if the Welfare Centre is still functioning secretly at present or not. Baek seems to be leading a normal life with his wife and daughter but he chose to name his business As Hope Foods similar to Hope Welfare Centre.

Crazy dog’s voice and Baek’s voice are strikingly similar. Baek recognised Yoon Jae’s name when Jung mentioned it. Yoon Jae was the boy (3) who was lying unconscious under the bridge when the others were running from Crazy dog (Episode 1). So it looks like Baek is indeed Crazy dog. 

Considering this, one can say Ji Eun was a planned target. It could be that Yoon Jae is behind this murder for revenge or someone is using Yoon Jae’s name. There are other boys from the previous episode that are still unaccounted for.

Yoon Jae was along with the boy underneath the staircase landing when crazy dog shone the light on them. From the looks of it, the boy who was with Yoon Jae (under the stairs) is Sung Jun. I am curious to see how he made his way back to his family alive. I also wonder if they are his real family. It looks like Baek doesnt know that Sung Jun was one of his captives.

Sung Hoon seemed convinced that Sung Jun was the killer when Jung named Sung Jun as a suspect during the trial. It looks like he fears that a day will come where he has to pass judgment against his brother. It was interesting that Sung Jun and Sung Hoon’s mother Na Kook Hee found Baek familiar.

Juror 5 Ahn Tae-Ho walks with a limp. One of the boys who tried to escape the Welfare Centre had hurt his leg while running.  I wonder if he is the same boy.

The trial scene was swift and to the point. It did seem convenient that the delivery motorcycle met with an accident and ended up having the footage with Jung on it. I wonder if someone meant for the footage to be found as the case and jury are being closely watched by someone.  It looks like the murder was crafted carefully to bring a certain group of people together.

Jung Man Chul claims that he was a pawn in Yoon Jae’s game. Intriguingly, he tried to frame Sung Jun for the murder. I wonder if he was acting under Yoon Jae’s orders or on his own accord. If it was Yoon Jae’s order I am curious to see how Sung-Jun got on his bad side. The situation already has Sung Hoon suspecting Sung Jun.

The series has gotten off to an interesting start. Its unpredictable reveals keep the viewer hooked and the drama looks promising!

-By Soul Sword-

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