The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 1 Recap

Kang Yo Han's (Ji Sung) Corvette speeds through dystopian Seoul at night. At the Social Responsibility Foundation, President Heo Joong-Se (Baek Hyun-Jin) gives a passionate speech about the Gwanghamun riot that started because of the clash between the haves and the have-nots. The entire nation watches the broadcast. He addresses the unemployment issue in the… Continue reading The Devil Judge- Episode 1 Recap


Mouse Episode 1- Recap

A group of school children watch a rat snake in an enclosure while the teacher talks about the rat snake. Meanwhile, one boy separates from the group and walks to the other side of the exhibit. He takes a mouse from his bag and puts it inside the enclosure.  The rat snake attacks the mouse.… Continue reading Mouse Episode 1- Recap

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Flower of Evil Episode 1 Recap

Flower of Evil Episode 1 Recap (MY DAD TRIED TO KILL ME) Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon-Gi) is surrounded by water (looks like the bottom of a swimming pool) and his head is bleeding. He struggles to get free but his hands and legs are tied. Hee Sung goes still as the water chokes him.… Continue reading Flower of Evil Episode 1 Recap

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The King-Eternal Monarch- Episode 1 Recap

The King-Eternal Monarch- Episode 1 Recap A man narrates that during the Silla Dynasty, in the spring of 682, King Sinmun received a bamboo flute from the Dragon King of the East Sea. He claims that if the flute is played, enemies would retreat, diseases would be cured, rain would fall during droughts and rainy… Continue reading The King-Eternal Monarch- Episode 1 Recap

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Melting Me Softly- Episode 1 Recap

Melting Me Softly- Episode 1 Recap Year 1999 Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang-wook) walks down a dimly lit corridor and stops at a door. The door slides open and he walks in. Dong Chan looks at the Cryosleep Chambers in front of him with people in them. He looks at the two empty pods. Dong… Continue reading Melting Me Softly- Episode 1 Recap