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Flower of Evil Episode 1 Recap

Flower of Evil Episode 1 Recap


Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon-Gi) is surrounded by water (looks like the bottom of a swimming pool) and his head is bleeding. He struggles to get free but his hands and legs are tied. Hee Sung goes still as the water chokes him. A figure jumps into the water and swims towards him. Cha Ji-won (Moon Chae-Won) swims up to him and anxiously looks at his still figure. She tries to lift him up to the surface but his hands are tied to the bar on the floor. She looks at him wide-eyed as Hee Sung slowly opens his eyes and looks at her with a cold look in his eyes.


Hee Sung’s voiceover says, “Should I tell you what kind of person I am? “. Ji-won’s cheerful voiceover says, “I’ll love you even more from this moment on. I’ll be good to you. Then before you know it, everything will change. In a way that seems unreal.”

Cha Ji Won is concerned as she places her mouth over his in an effort to resuscitate him.


In his metal crafting workroom, Baek Hee-sung kisses his wife Cha Ji-won and she returns his kiss. She breaks away from the kiss and says they shouldn’t be doing this as a customer may walk in. As she rushes away to the dry cleaners, she asks him to dress Eun-Ha (their daughter) in branded clothing. Hee Sung asks why she is doing so much for a family dinner.


Later that evening, Ji-won holds Hee Sung’s hand as he drives the car. She asks if he is okay. He smiles saying he is worried that she might be uncomfortable. She says she must use these occasions to see them more often as they are her in-laws. Eun-ha is in the backseat. She says that her grandma is scary. Ji-won asks why Eun-ha is scared of her grandma. Eun-ha points out that Jiwon herself is scared of Hee-Sung’s mother. Ji-won smiles uncomfortably as she denies being scared.

After some time, the three of them are greeted with looks of disapproval from Hee Sung’s parents. Eun-ha holds Hee Sung’s hand and hides behind him.


Hee Sung’s mother Gong Mi-Ja asks Ji-won if she didn’t teach Eun-ha even the basic manners. Hee Sung says it is probably because she remembers his parents shutting their doors on them the last time. His mother reminds him that they came here uninvited the last time.

Ji-won clasps Hee Sung’s arm in an effort to stop him from saying more. She tries to lighten the situation by asking if they had any trouble getting here. Hee Sung’s father Baek Man-Woo snaps at her that it was fine.

Ji-won bends down and asks Eun-ha to do what they had practised. Eun-ha is hesitant but she puts her hands over her head and forms a heart as she says, “Grandma, Grandpa, I love you.”

Hee Sung’s parents stare down at Eun-ha. His mother says they should go in as her legs are tired and she heads inside. His father follows her.

Eun-ha says her grandmother hates her. Ji-won says it isn’t like that and that one says grandma may respond Eun-ha kept doing it.


Later at the dinner table, Hee Sung’s birthday cake sits in the centre. His parents are quiet, as Ji-won and Eun-ha sing the Happy Birthday song in a loud voice. He blows out the candles (39th birthday). Eun-ha says she is his birthday gift. Hee Sung says that is the sweetest gift ever. Ji-won gives him her gift. He opens it and finds a new strap for his watch. He says he likes it. She says his initials are carved on its backside and he thanks her with a smile. Just then, Eun-ha says she has to use the restroom and Ji-won takes her.

After the two leave, Hee Sung’s mother asks if he called them to show off. Hee Sung asks why they came instead of coming up with an excuse. She asks if she isn’t allowed to wish her son a happy birthday. She asks if his life feels like it is his now.

Hee Sung says it isn’t. He says this life was never his, to begin with, so he doesn’t know how it feels. She asks if he is being sarcastic. She starts to say that if it wasn’t for her but the father stops her saying that they are all in the same boat. He says they shouldn’t argue if they want to stay afloat.

Just then, Ji-won walks in. She says she is being called to work. Hee Sung asks if she needs a ride. She says she will take a cab. She apologises to his parents as she has to leave. His mother asks if she is getting back at her for not treating them well last year.

Ji-won is flustered as she tries to explain but Hee Sung gets up offers his coat as the weather is cold. She whispers to him that she upset his parents again. He smiles and says it is okay. She walks out of the room after apologising.

Shortly after she leaves, Eun-ha falls asleep on Hee Sung’s lap. Hee Sung’s mother asks if Ji-won is dumb. His father says they didn’t think that he would have a successful marriage.Hee Sung says he and Ji-won are made for each other. His mother laughs loudly as she reminds him that he is a guy with a dirty past and Ji won is a cop. She says he is sounding like a normal human being. His father asks Hee Sung if having a child together has created a bond with Ji won.

Hee Sung says Ji Won only believes what she sees and he shows her only what she wants to see. He says he can see through her. He tells his parents not to worry about them.

Gangsu Police Station

Ji-won rushes into the police station. Ho Jun reports to her that a 12-year old boy, Kim In Seo was found unconscious by the emergency stairs in an apartment in Seokin Dong, Seoul. he says the boy suffered a serious head injury. Ho Jun says that the boy regained consciousness in the hospital and points to his father, saying his father, Kim Sang Jin tried to kill him. Ho Jun narrates In Seo’s statement.


In a flashback (In Seo’s statement), In-Seo is out of breath as he climbs the emergency staircase with great difficulty. Kim Sang Jin stands on the landing and asks him to go back down when he climbs up. In Seo pleads with his father saying he is exhausted. Sang-Jin fat shames In Seo and says he is disgusted to say that In Seo is his son. He then kicks In Seo on his chest. In Seo tumbles down the staircase hurting his head. Sang-Jin walks up to In Seo who is bleeding heavily. Sang-Jin checks if In Seo is breathing and walks away from the scene.

At Present, Sang-Jin is in the interrogation room denying everything. Ji-won watches form the other side of the glass, as Choi Jae-sub interrogates him. Choi asks if Sang Jin is implying that a 12-year-old kid is lying so that his father can go to jail. Choi says there were no CCTVs in the staircase. He points out that Sang Jin walked away from the scene and the boy says the father is the culprit.

Sang Jin says he was walking up the stairs along with In Seo as encouragement. He claims he got a call and he went away leaving In Seo alone. He says he was drinking with his friend when he got a call from his wife regarding In Seo’s fall. He asks what kind of parent would do that to his own child.

Choi leans forward and sniffs Sang Jin. He asks if Sang Jin had ribs and Soju. Sang Jin confirms it.

Meanwhile, Hee Sung puts Eun-ha to bed.


Back at the station, Choi is discussing the case with Ji won and Ho Jun. He says 80% of child abuse is committed by the parents. Ji won says she feels the father is innocent. She points out his slippers. She says it doesn’t look like they are his. She says he would have rushed out of the restaurant in alarm when he heard the news. She says he wouldn’t have noticed he had worn someone else’s slippers. She adds that one of his socks is dirty and she says it must be because they came off while he was running on the road. Ho Jun is impressed.

Choi says that is the problem. He says she looks at the evidence too much and not at the person. He says she should look at the person. She asks if he thinks Sang Jin is the culprit. Choi thinks for a second and says his instinct says Sang Jin is the culprit and he knew it when he saw him. Choi asks Ho Jun whom he thinks is right.

Ji won says Jo Hun said that she is his role model. Choi is surprised as he says Ho Jun sais the same to him as well. Ho Jun is in a spot as they caught his bluff. He tries to say both are his role models. Choi exclaims that Ji Won and he have totally different styles.

Later they go to their desks. Choi complains that Lee Woo Cheol doesn’t buy coffee for them. Lee tells Ji Won to check the CCTV footage and also get statements from the others. Lee Tells Choi to legally check Sang Jin’s whereabouts during the incident. Ji Won says they will talk to Sang Jin’s wife.

Sang jin’s wife is preoccupied while being interviewed. Kim Moo-jin (Seo Hyun-Woo) asks if her husband was bossy towards her son. She says he is strict at times but hates it when things don’t go according to plan. He asks if her husband lacks empathy. She is confused and asks what that means.

Just then Ji won and Ho Jun arrive at the scene and interrupt them. Ji Won says she already knows what reporter Kim Moo Jin’s headline will be for this case.


Later, Kim Moo Jin shows Ho Jun what he has written, ” Hatred for his obese child. The father who made his son walk the stairs of death.”

Ho Jun asks why he is so excited and reminds him that he is in the hospital. Kim Moo Jin says he lives for an honest story. Ho Jun says he is a fan of Kim’s articles about the serial murders in Yeonju city. Kim says it was dreadful as the city was in shambles.

He then asks what Sang Jin does and Ho Jun says he is a lawyer. He even gives Kim his pen when Kim’s runs out of ink. He says that Ji-won’s husband made these pens for everyone on the team. Kim looks at saying its pretty.Jo Hun mentions that Hee Sung is a metal craftsman and Kim finds this interesting.

Meanwhile, In seo’s mother is again preoccupied when Ji-won questions her. The mother says her son doesn’t lie. Ji-won asks if Sang-Jin could have hurt the child. The woman gets angry at this question and asks how Ji-won can think that way. She is loud as she says there is nothing wrong in her family. She then lowers her voice and says she doesn’t know how this happened. Ji-won then asks if there was insurance in the In Seo’s name. She says there is.

Later, Kim, Ji-won and Ho Jun are eating at a convenience store. Kim says the father is after the insurance claim. Ji-won says the money cant be claimed if the child is below 15 years of age. she says the family doesn’t have any financial trouble so there isn’t any motive.

Kim says people don’t need a motive. Some kill for the kicks. He said a man killed many people and buried them in the woods. He says his wife who left him was also found here. He says her bones were found there too. Kim mentions that Ji-won’s husband was a metal craftsman. He adds that the killer was a metal craftsman too.

Ji Won says she vaguely remembers the case. Kim asks if the details about the case will be worth this pen that her husband crafted. Ji-won says she will give it to him for free if he writes a good review about it on social media.

Ho Jun asks why she is talking in honorifics with Kim. She says it is because he is a year older to her. Ho Jun says Kim was born in 1985, making him a year younger to her. Kim walks away immediately as she yells at him.

Ji-won comes back home and changes into fresh clothes. She tells that In Seo’s mother bothers her. She says her son was nearly killed and he says the father is the culprit. She says yet the mother is behaving as if their family is perfect. Hee Sung goes stiff for a second. She wonders if the woman is clueless or doesn’t want to accept the truth.


As she is about to go out, Hee Sung asks if she is going back at this hour. She says she does it always. She then asks how angry his parents were. He tells her not to worry about it. She says she is quite a likeable person and wonders why they hate her so much. He smiles saying she is bragging again. She holds him and says it must be upsetting. She says he is on the outs with his parents because of her. He says he would never agree to it. She says if she had known, she wouldn’t have seduced him back then.

Hee Sung removes her coat and tells her to tell Ho Jun that she caught a more urgent case. She smiles as she tries to pull away. Hee Sung asks her to keep him company for a little longer.

Later, Ji won is at the station going through the CCTV footage. She sees Sang Jin walking out of the apartment. She notes that he is still wearing shoes. She comments that he is walking casually and not like someone who is walking away from a crime scene.

She turns around to see Ho Jun sleeping. Just then, Choi walks in looking happy. He says he will crack the case tomorrow and walks away. Ji Won wonders if he found something.

The next day, Hee Sung brings Eun-ha to school. He gives a bag of lunch to the teacher. He says he knows the teachers have to skip lunch often. The teacher is moved and she tells Eun ha that her mother is lucky as her father is a great cook. She adds that he is handsome too. He waves off Eun woo with a bright smile and she is escorted inside.

Hee Sung’s smile fades instantly and he picks up his phone. He tells his mother that he will be dropping by.

Elsewhere, Kim Moo Jin is going through his article about the Yeonju city serial murders. There is information about Do MIn Seok and his son. The comments read, “Why did he commit suicide” “I was so scared” “He buried 7 people but no one knew. It’s shocking.” “Is Psychopathy really genetic?”

Just then, he receives a call from Nam Sun gi (probably restaurant owner) saying that he has a lot of customers now and he cant come now. Kim asks if Nam is sure that it is Do Hyun Soo. Nam stops cooking and says it is hard to forget a guy like Do Hyun Soo.


Kim hangs up saying they can meet tomorrow. He then overturns his bag and searches for something. he finds a chain with a pendant. It is entangled with the pen. He recalls Do Hae Soo (Jang Hee-Jin) wearing the pendant and smiling. Kim notes in his diary, “Cheonggyechon stream, Nam Joon Kill, 5 pm.

Hee Sung is at the pharmacy (Looks like his mother is a pharmacist). He holds the phone out and asks his mother to call Ji-won. She asks if he is telling her what to do. He says he is just showing her the way. She asks if he wants her to call Ji-won and throw a fit.


Hee Sung says his mother keeps giving Ji-won hope and Ji won thinks things will improve if she puts in an effort. He tells her to make sure that Ji won doesn’t expect anything from her.

Hee Sung’s mother asks if he is asking her to not meet Ji-won and Eun-ha ever again. Hee Sung says that is safer.

His mother picks up the phone but throws it away saying that she also has a right over his life. Hee Sung puts his hand over hers and says, “Mother, my life is yours as long as I live as Baek Hee Sung.” He says it is safer as she can’t fool Ji-won like he is. His mother pulls her hand away. He asks of she will make the call.


Meanwhile, Ji-won is at the station. Ho Jun shows her the footage from the apartment elevator. A boy is seen getting into the elevator at the 6th floor around the time of the incident. He says the incident took place between the 5th and 6th floor. He wonders if the boy would have seen something.

Later, Choi visits the hospital asking for Dr. Bae Eun Suk (Sang Jin’s alibi). She meets him in the office and says she and Sang Jin are friends since their college days. He asks her some questions and she says Sang Jin seemed normal till he got the phone call.


Choi asks why she didn’t accompany him to the hospital if they had nothing to hide. He points out that she treated In Seo in the past as well. She smiles and says she was drunk. He goes over to her and sniffs. He confirms she is saying the truth because she still reeks of alcohol.

She then says she has patients to see. He immediately gets up asking her to give him a call if she remembers anything. He then reaches in for his business card and ends up dropping a lot of coins on the floor. He asks her to help him pick them up. Dr Bae picks up the coins with a sigh. Just then, he picks up her phone and puts it in her pocket.

Choi gives the phone to his friend and says he wants to check the photos. The friend removes the SD card and checks the photos. Choi finds some selfies on the phone and in one of them, Sang-Jin is kissing the side of Dr Bae’s face. Choi is thrilled that he was right. He says he smelled woman’s perfume on Sang Jin and it was the same on Dr Bae.

At the hospital, Sang Jin’s wife wakes up and takes out her multivitamin tablets. She opens the pillbox and is startled to see a cockroach in it. She throws the whole thing away in alarm. All the pills scatter on the floor.

Just then, Ji won and Ho Jun walk in. She tells them that she takes the pills daily and she doesn’t know how the cockroach went in. Ji-won says someone must have put it there.

Ho Jun shows the wife the photo of the kid and asks if she knows him. She says the boy lives on the 12th floor, unit 1201. She says she doesn’t remember the name. She wonders why she doesn’t remember the name. Ji-won frowns. The wife recalls slowly that the kid’s name is Ji Hoon. She asks if Sang Jin is okay. She asks if he is eating properly. Ji-won notices that the woman’s buttons are done up wrongly. Ji won asks if she has eaten. Sang Jin’s wife goes on to say that In Seo and Sang Jin are very close and they even go hiking together for the past 7 years.

Just then, she receives the photos from Choi. He tells her to show it to Sang Jin’s wife and get a statement. Sang Jin’s wife asks if something is wrong. Ji-won says its nothing. Sang Jin’s wife says she cant live without her husband and child.

Hee Sung is in his workshop busy with working. Kim walks into the shop. Hee Sung doesn’t look up and asks him to have a look around. Kim walks saying someone recommended this shop when he wanted to fix a silver item. He asks for Baek Hee Sung.


Hee Sung gets up asking who recommended this place. Hee sung’s smile fades when he sees Kim. Kim looks at Hee Sung without saying a word. Hee Sung is the first to break the silence. He says they are closing early today.

Hee Sung walks back but Kim calls him, “Do Hyun Soo”. Hee Sung stops in his tracks. Kim asks if he doesn’t remember him. As Hee Sung turns around and looks at Kim, Kim realises he is indeed Do Hyun Soo. Hee Sung asks, “So? What will you do about it?”

Kim says he came here looking for Cha Ji-Won’s husband Baek Hee Sung.

Hee Sung asks if Kim knows Cha Ji won. Kim says he knows her. Hee Sung asks if Kim wants some tea. He goes over to the counter and makes some tea.

Meanwhile, Ji-won and Ho Jun drive back from the hospital. Ho Jun asks why she didn’t tell the wife about Sang Jin’s affair. She says Choi would have used illegal methods to obtain the phone. She says she thought it isn’t relevant to the case. Just then she receives a message from Choi saying that Sang-Jin had been talking to his colleague about divorce and child support. He asks her if she is still wasting time.

Ji-won responds that the father and son go hiking regularly and they are very close. He asks what kind of psychos are the most dangerous and he answers his own question by saying it is the patient ones.


At the workshop, Hee Sung serves the tea and Kim drinks it. Music plays in the background. Kim is nervous as he says he almost didn’t recognise him. Hee Sung points out that Kim still found out and Kim says it is because they grew up in the same neighbourhood. Kim says he feels hot and asks if it is hot. Hee Sung says it is because Kim wants to ask him something but is holding it inside. He urges Kim to ask him. Kim smiles saying there is no such question. he drinks his tea and gets up saying he has an appointment.

Hee Sung asks if he doesn’t want to know. He comments that Kim must be curious as he is a reporter. He tells Kim to ask him. Kim sits down saying he doesn’t believe anything without facts. He says the rumours about Do Hyun Soo are like novels to him.

Hee Sung pours another cup of tea for him. Kim says that the same day when Do Hyun So disappeared 18 years ago, the village foreman was murdered.

Hee Sung says, “So?”. Kim asks if he (Do Hyun So) was involved in it.

Meanwhile, at the apartment, Ji-won and Ho Jun visit Ji Hoon. The boy from the 12th floor. the boy holds his pet dog in his hand. He recounts what happened in a low voice. He says he lost his pet dog that day and he was searching for it in the emergency stairwell. He says his dog was barking at In Seo who was scared. He says In Seo lost his footing and fell down the stairs.


He says he didn’t tell this before because his dog had bit In Seo once before. he adds that In Seo’s mother had warned him that if this happened again, she will have the dog put down. The boy’s mother says that In Seo’s mother is tough and meticulous. She says her son might have been scared because of that.

Later on, Choi is frustrated to learn that a dog was the culprit. Ji-won lets him know over the phone that the statement is reliable. Choi asks why In Seo would lie. She says it was because of the stress due to dieting. She says they should transfer the case to Women and Juvenile affairs. After she hangs up, Choi informs Sang Jin that he is free to go home as there is another witness.

At the workshop, Hee Sung says there is no point in denying it as everyone thinks he is the killer.

Kim asks why the murder weapon was found in his backpack. He also asks why the police are still after him. He says Do Hyun So/Hee Sung should submit to the Police investigation if he is innocent. Hee Sung asks how Kim knows that the police is still after him. Kim is flustered as he says he heard it from somewhere. Hee Sung asks if Kim checked and asks why. Kim stammers that he is a reporter and gets up to leave.

As he leaves, Hee Sung asks if Kim is going to run straight to the cops and say he located Do Hyun So who is the suspect of the murder of the Gagyeongri village foreman from 18 years ago. Kim turns around saying he doesn’t interfere in others lives.

Hee Sung suggests they should talk about Kim. He asks if Kim is married and Kim says he is single. Hee Sung points out that Kim is a reporter for the weekly newspaper. Kim tries to leave. Hee Sung says then Kim’s work must have flexible hours. Kim turns around and looks at Hee Sung who looks at him.

Ji-Won and Ho Jun are at a pharmacy. Jo Hun buys medicines for toothache. Just then Ji-won notices the multivitamin tablets that Sang Jin’s wife takes. She checks the pills and notices that the original tablets are yellow in colour but the one Sang Jin’s wife had was white. She recalls that Sang Jin’s wife had a bad memory.

At the hospital, Sang Jin and his wife are with In Seo. Ji-won walks in and switches on the recording on her phone. She asks In Seo if he was the one who put the cockroach in his mother’s vitamin bottle. She says she knows he had a reason for lying. She says his mother should choose on her own. In Seo asks his mother to wait outside.

Ho Jun, Sang Jin and his wife wait outside while In Seo speaks with Ji Won. He says he doesn’t want his mother to hear what he says. He says his father is good to him.

In a flashback, Dr Bae accompanies them on the trekking trip. In Seo sees his father and Dr Bae taking selfies together. Dr Bae gives a bottle of tablets saying they temporarily hinder neural stimulus abilities. She says once his wife stops taking them, she will be fine. Sang Jin tells Bae that his wife is a totally different person now. He says once she saw a lipstick stain on his shirt and he said it is paint. He says she believed him. He then asks why getting a divorce is so difficult. She says if he is caught having an affair, keeping his assets and child custody would be difficult.

At present, In seo says he couldn’t bring himself to tell his mother. He says he thought if he said Sang Jin was a bad person to him, she will be less sad. He apologises to Ji-won.

Outside, Sang Jin says he will file a complaint on them for trying to coerce a minor without a guardian present. Ji won walks out arrests Sang Jin for giving his wife drugs secretly without her consent. Ho Jun escorts him away.


At the workshop, Hee Sung wraps a silver teapot while Kim says there is no need for a gift. Hee Sung says he needs to bribe Kim so that he keeps quiet about seeing Hee Sung here.

Hee Sung asks Kim to come and write his address so he can send the package. Kim walks forward and sits down to write the address.

As he writes the address, Kim doesn’t notice Hee Sung drawing the blinds all over the workshop. Kim asks him where Hee Sung is as he is the owner of the shop.

After drawing all the blinds, Hee Sung increases the volume on the music player to the maximum. Kim turns around and he sees Hee Sung watching him with a cold look in his eyes.


Elsewhere, Ji-won asks Ho Jun and Choi if Sang Jin’s wife was really clueless about her husband. Ho Jun says if the wife knew, she wouldn’t have taken the drug.

Ji won says that certain truths destroy life in an instant. She says that the truth will be revealed eventually. She says if she could delay it by even one day, she would take the pill.

Ho Jun asks if she is insane. Choi says he eats everything his wife gives him. He says he would rather eat the poison she gives and die rather than finding out that she poisoned him. Ho Jun says he doesn’t want to get married now.

Ji won reminds him that she was right in the case. Choi says that it doesn’t change the fact that she is a terrible judge of character.

Just then, JiWon gets a call from Hee Sung’s mother. she walks away from the table and takes the call.

Hee Sung’s mother tells her that she isn’t fond of her. She asks if Ji-won thinks she is worthy of Hee Sung, the son of the hospital director. Ji-won says that she will do better. Hee Sung’s mother says that daughters are like their mothers. She says Ji-won’s mother nagged her husband to death. She goes on to say Ji-won shackled Hee Sung down by getting pregnant. She says now Ji-won is using her daughter to barge into their lives. She says it won’t get Ji-won any money. Hee Sung’s mother says she would appreciate it if they consider each other dead.

Ji-won’s eyes tear up as she asks that Hee Sung shouldn’t know about this conversation. She says though he doesn’t show it out, it kills him to see that they don’t get along. Hee Sung’s mother hangs up.


The music is loud inside the workshop drowning out the sound of the objects breaking as Kim tries to break free of Hee Sung’s clasp. Both of them fall down as Hee Sung clasps Kim’s neck firmly from behind, choking him. Kim struggles and tries to get free but Hee Sung’s clasp is very tight. After a few moments, Kim closes his eyes and his hand falls limp on the floor. Hee Sung breathes deeply as he stays still with his arms still around Kim’s neck.

Meanwhile, Ji won walks home and she sees the workshop closed. She goes upstairs into their house and finds Hee Sung playing with Eun ha while he makes food. Ji-won immediately smiles and calls Eun-ha for a hug. She asks Hee SUng to join in too and she hugs both of them. She asks Eunha to smile for her. Eun ha says she needs a reason to laugh. Ji-won tickles her and Eun ha breaks into peels of laughter. Hee Sung carries her and runs around the house with Ji-won chasing them laughing.


In the floor below, inside Hee Sung’s workshop, there is a door on the floor which leads to the basement. Kim is on the floor of the basement, with his mouth taped, hands and legs tied by cable ties. He opens his eyes and struggles against his bonds in an attempt to break free.

Image Courtesy TVN


The first episode was thrilling and interesting to watch. The opening scene was gripping and the episode, on the whole, had a smooth and fast pace. The plot is intriguing and has an air of mystery around it.

Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon-Gi) is a doting father and husband when at home. He has quite a lot of secrets to hide from his wife Cha Ji won though. Lee Joon Gi delivers this role perfectly as he switches from the warm and loving personality to the cold and emotionless one in a flash of a second.

Cha Ji -won (Moon Chae-won) is a loving wife and mother. She always puts in the extra effort to form a relationship with her in-laws. Moon Chae-won portrays this role with ease as she brings the character to life.

Cha Ji-won is a person who sees the evidence and comes to a conclusion based on her deductions. She is told time and again that she is a bad judge of character. Baek Hee Sung is aware of it and it looks like he takes advantage of this and shows her only what she wants to see. Hence, Ji-won thinks that her husband is a normal person. The chemistry between the leads is really good as they portray a happy and loving family.

Though there is a murder case on the side, the main storyline is the one that piques one’s interest. It is intriguing how the murder case keeps drawing parallels to Hee Sung and Ji-won’s life. For instance, Ji-won keeps wondering how the wife in the case was clueless as to her husband’s behaviour. Ji-won also goes on to mention what she would do if she was faced with a similar situation. She says she would delay the truth by a day before it eventually comes out. It looks like she may be faced with a similar situation as the series progresses.

Reporter Kim Moo Jin seems to be an interesting character. He knows quite a lot about Hee Sung’s past. He holds on to the silver chain and it seems like Do Hae Soo is an important person in his life.

The scene where Kim meets Hee Sung was well made as it was chilling and tense. Kim knew he had to get out of there as soon as possible but he couldn’t because Hee Sung didn’t give him an option. It was also the scene which brought out the other side of Hee Sung. Intriguingly, Hee Sung didn’t give any definitive answers to Kim’s questions. The mystery around his character has been depicted very well.

It was interesting that Hee Sung didn’t kill Kim but neither did he let him go. This may mean that he isn’t a killer or there is an ulterior motive as to why he wants Kim alive.

The case of the Yeonju City serial murders is interesting to watch.

Though it is just the first episode, the plot is already shaping up. The fact that Do Hyun is living under the identity of Hee Sung raises many questions. It makes one wonder what happened to the real Hee Sung or did he even exist? How did Do Hyun Soo meet his current parents and why did they allow/make him live under their son’s identity? It also makes one wonder how he came across Ji-won.

I am curious to see what the next episode has in store. The pilot episode shows a lot of quality content and the series looks promising.

-By Soul Sword-

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