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Flower of Evil Episode 2 Recap

Flower of Evil Episode 2 Recap


The year 2006

Ji-won is in the convenience store preparing for her police exam. Just then, Hee Sung brings 2 cans of beer for billing. She asks for an ID and he gives it to her. She notices that he is born in the year 1982 and comments that he looks young for his age. She asks if he is new in the neighbourhood and he asks how she knew it. She says she hasn’t seen him around. He says it seems like a nice place to start over and it seems quiet. Ji-won looks puzzled as she hands over the items to him.



In the morning, Ji-won is still sleeping. Hee Sung is in front of the mirror while watching a video about facial expressions. The instructor is speaking about happy expression and says this emotion is shown by wrinkling around the eyes, raised cheeks. He copies the impression and mimics a smile in front of the mirror.


Later, Hee Sung prepares sizzling rice soup. Ji-won wakes up and comes up to him from behind, startling him. She gives him a beaming smile. He returns the expression as instructed in the video. He asks her why he is up so early. She says she had a dream. He asks her if it was a good one. She says she dreamed of their first encounter. She then says that the sizzling rice soup looks delicious. He feeds her a spoonful of the broth.


She exclaims that it is delicious and he smiles. She asks him if she can help with something as he sets the table. He asks her to get the radish kimchi. She goes over and checks 3 containers before asking him where it is. He smiles as he says he will get it. He asks her to wake Eun ha up and get her washed up instead.

Later, Ji-won is towel drying Eun-ha’s hair. Eun-ha asks if she is taller than Soo Young. Ji-won asks who Soo Young is. Eun-ha wonders why she even bothers to have a conversation. Ji-won takes the dryer to dry Eun-ha’s hair. Eun-ha says she wants her father to do it as Ji-won does it very hot. Ji-won says she is good at it. Eun ha says that Ji-won is not good at anything. Ji-won says she is good at many things.

Eun-ha walks up to Hee Sung with the hairdryer asking him to dry her hair. He asks her where Ji-won is. She says it is a secret. He comes up to her reminding that she promised not to keep any secrets from him. Eun ha giggles. He asks her where Ji-won is and she says Ji-won has gone to clean up his workshop.

Ji-won keys in the passcode and enters the workshop. The clock gongs at 8:00 am and Kim wakes up in the basement. He tries to break free of the ties.

Hee Sung rushes down to the workshop and finds Ji-won crouched on the floor. She gets up and shows a broken bit of cup and asks if he broke his cherished teacup. He says he was careless yesterday (broke during his grapple with Kim). He says they should have breakfast and as they walk away, she asks whom he had tea with. He says it was a customer.

In the basement, Kim’s hands are bleeding from straining against the ties.


In the workshop, Ji-won says it must have been a customer whom Hee Sung was happy to meet. He asks why and she says Hee Sung gives cool beverages for short meetings and hot beverages for long chats. She smiles saying she knows him better than himself.

She again asks whom he met since he has very few friends. he says it was a friend from middle school. She says he said he was a loner during his school days. Hee Sung takes her hand as he walks out of the workshop. He says it was nice to meet an acquaintance though.

She says she came here to wipe the furniture. Hee Sung says he is hungry. She smiles and he mimics his smile again. Ji-won again thinks his smile is genuine. They walk upstairs.

Elsewhere a woman comes to a house after climbing a lot of stairs on the way. She calls out but no one responds so she walks into the house wondering why the door is unlocked. She finds a trail of blood inside the house and she follows it. She sees an old woman’s dead form lying beside a plate of food. The woman yells in shock.


Choi, Ji-won and Ho Jun arrive at the crime scene. Choi says the thumbnail is missing. Ho Jun says that the Yeonju serial murder victims had the thumbnails missing too. He says they were a total of 7 victims. He says the culprit committed suicide before he got caught so it is a closed case. Ji-won says that Kim was talking about this case. Ji-won asks if this is a copycat of murder from 18 years back. Just then, the victim’s son rushes in and creates a commotion.


At the workshop, Hee Sung puts up the closed sign on the door and heads to the basement. Kim wakes up with a start. Hee Sung brings a stool and puts it in front of Kim and sits. He removes the tape over Kim’s mouth. Kim refers to him as Do Hyun and asks why he is doing this. He says Do Hyun is committing a crime. Hee Sung asks if Kim remembers that 18 years ago, he was in Kim’s shoes and Kim was in his.


Summer of 2002

Young Kim and his friends tie up a struggling young Do Hyun So to a tree. Young Kim steps back saying, ” You think I’ll let you get away with it after doing this to me.” Do Hyun says, “I should have twisted your neck.” Kim slaps him. Do Hyun tells Kim to beat him up well or else he will break Kim’s skull next time. Kim asks if Do Hyun witnessed his father murdering a person. He asks if Do Hyun really didn’t know or if he is pretending to not know. He asks if Do Hyun helped his father in the murders just how the rumours say. Do Hyun asks, “Hey, you are scared of me, aren’t you?”


Kim walks over and picks up a stone. He says the village foreman said Do Hyun takes after his father and Do Hyun will turn out like his father if not taught a lesson. Kim says, “Don’t hesitate to tell me if it hurts. It will be entertaining for me”. Do Hyun says, “Kim Moo Jin. Remember this. Next time, it’ll be your turn.” Do Hyun closes his eyes as Kim and his friends throw stones at him.


Hee Sung says 18 years later it is finally Kim’s turn. Kim is shocked as Hee Sung picks up a hammer. He runs the hammer head across Kim’s face and says, “If it hurts too much, don’t hesitate to tell me. It’ll definitely be more entertaining for me.” Kim shakes in fear.


Kim tells him that they were young back then and that is how kids grow up. He says there were others along with him too.

Hee Sung brings the hammer to Kim’s head and says he was just kidding. He says if he intended to kill him, he would have covered the floor with a plastic sheet.

Kim is tearing up as he asks what is it that Hee Sung wants from him. He says he is really scared and he can’t feel his arms or legs.

Hee Sung says, “Kim Moo Jin, I am just like my dad. You can try all you want to make me pity you but I won’t feel a thing. So don’t cry. You make me want to cover the floor with a plastic cover.” Kim straightens up instantly.

Hee Sung takes Kim’s phone and asks for the passcode.

Ji-Won is with medical examiner Yoon In-Joo. Yoon says the woman has been on the floor for 8 to 9 hours. She says there is no ligature (being tied up) marks. She adds that the rope was around the neck for no reason and the woman was stabbed and cut 8 times. She says the cause of death is excessive bleeding. Yoon says the killer broke the ankle and removed the thumbnail after the woman died.

Ji-won asks why the culprit removed just the thumbnail. Yoon says it is similar to Yeonju serial murderer Do Min Seok’s MO. She says Do Min Seok collected the thumbnails as trophies. Yoon notices something else on the victims hand and she takes a swab from it.

At the Police Station, they say copycat murders are unheard of in Korea. Choi says someone is using this as a camouflage. He says she was probably killed by an acquaintance.


Choi says judging from stomach contents, the victim was having an apple with the suspect. He says apple peels were found in the room but the knife wasn’t found. He says they would’ve had an argument and she would’ve been killed. Lee Woo Cheol says the killer would have brought the weapon if he intended to kill her. Lee says the CCTV in front of the house is broken. He says the victim had lent 20000 dollars to merchants as she ran a gimbap restaurant. Choi says she was pretty rich and even donated money to the welfare centre. Yoon Sang-Pil (cop) listens to this.

In a flashback, The woman who found the victim’s body (is from the welfare centre) says that the woman donated 3,70,000 dollars to the welfare centre. She says the Welfare centre took extra care of her as the victim was very old and lived alone.

Back in the meeting, Choi says the victim owned a building and had around a million dollars. Ho Jun adds that she had one son.

Meanwhile, the son rushes into the victim’s restaurant and he goes through the things as he searches for something.

At the station, Ji-won asks why the killer chose Do Min Seok’s MO. She says Do Min Seok’s murder wasn’t exposed in the media. She says it wasn’t an unsolved case either. She says he wasn’t famous but why is the killer copying Do Min Seok. Ho Jun says it is because of the article Kim wrote.

In the basement, Kim makes a call to his boss Kang Pil-Young. He says he won’t come in for work today. Kang says he doesn’t come to the office daily anyways. He says he will be there tomorrow. Kang says she loathes journalists who sit at their desk. Kim says he is tied up but Hee Sung grabs the phone. Kang says she is busy and hangs up after telling him to not miss his deadline.


Hee Sung gathers that since it is a weekly magazine the deadline must be Friday. He says he has a whole 3 days before someone reports Kim missing.

Kim says Do Hyun is an employee of Hee Sung who is the owner of this workshop. He says they are in the basement of this workshop. Hee Sung says he is right. Kim says Hee Sung’s wife introduced him to this shop and he came to meet Hee Sung yesterday. He says Hee Sung’s wife is a detective in the violent crimes unit. Kim says Do Hyun will get caught in no time.

Hee Sung asks if Kim has any idea why he is here. Do Hyun asks, “How do you think I got away with being a wanted man for 18 years?”

Realisation dawns on Kim as he asks Do Hyun if he is Baek Hee Sung. Kim is appalled as he asks why Hee Sung claimed yesterday that he had nothing to do with the village foreman’s murder.

Hee Sung asks if Kim wants to know the truth but he adds that it will come with a price. Kim says he doesn’t want to know. Hee Sung says he knows who killed the village foreman. Kim says he really doesn’t want to know. Hee Sung asks if he isn’t curious and Kim shakes his head. Hee Sung says, “The killer is…”. Kim says he won’t hear it and Hee Sung puts the tape over Kim’s mouth and says in a low voice, “That’s right. It was me.” Kim is terrified.


In a flashback, one night, young Do Hyun’s face and clothes are splattered with blood as he holds the murder weapon in his hand. The village foreman lies dead before him. Do Hae Su is teary-eyed as she says, “Do Hyun, this is wrong. You cant do this. Hand that over to me. You cant do this.” Do Hyun says he feels quite all right with a cold smile.



At present, Hee Sung walks out of the basement leaving Kim behind.

At the station, Ji won goes through the Yeonju murders case file. Ho Jun shows Kim’s online articles about the same. He says the article about Do Min Seok was the latest. Ho Jun reads the excerpt about the rope around the neck, broken ankle and missing thumbnail.


Ho Jun says the real crime scene tells a different story. He says the noose wasn’t around the neck but it was a dog leash that was around the neck of brand Hound Dog. He says the killer always used that brand and the Police didn’t release this information. He says if the killer is a copycat he would know that a dog leash was used. He says that the police records mention that the Achilles tendon was ruptured whereas the article states the ankle was broken. Ho Jun says the culprit doesn’t know about DO Min Seok at all. Ji-won says that the killer did this to throw them off. Ho Jun says Choi may be right about the killer having a motive for the murder. Ji-won still wonders why the killer chose Do Min-Seok.

Just then she gets a call from the kindergarten principal asking her to come immediately.

Meanwhile, Hee Sung locks the basement and walks into his workshop. He goes to his closet and opens it. He slides open the panel to reveal a hidden cupboard. He takes out a bag (Kim’s). He switches off Kim’s phone and puts it inside. he then closes the secret panel and the closet.

Hee Sung checks his phone and sees 2 missed calls.

Meanwhile, the welfare centre worker Park Seo Young (who found the woman’s body) walks out of the centre. The victim’s son runs up to her and asks if she knows where his mother kept her ledger. She says she doesn’t know but he says his mother told her everything. she asks him to get a grip when he says everything is his now. She says his mother has just passed away and he should show some courtesy.


Choi watches the two of them as he walks up to them. The son grabs her by the neck and she yells. Choi interrupts them.

Later, Park Seo Young tells Choi that the victim was worried that her son was always gambling. Choi says he is investigating people who might have a grudge on the victim. When asked he says it is not a serial killing. He adds that the murderer is clumsy and stabbed the victim too many times. she stops him saying it is hard for her to listen to him. She says that the victim had called her up the previous night and asked her questions regarding her will. She says the victim had written a will and wanted to get it notarized. She says she was to visit her the next day to explain it to her.


Meanwhile, at the kindergarten, Eun-ha sits with Ji-won. It looks like Soo Yung has hit Eun ha, causing her nose to bleed. Ji-won says it is alright as kids always fight. She asks Soo Yung to apologise to Eun-ha. Soo Yung’s mother says that her daughter won’t apologise because Eun-ha took something that was Soo Yung’s. The mother offers to pay the hospital bill but nothing more.

Eun-ha says she just wanted to hold the doll because it was pretty. Ji-won tells Soo Yung’s mother that they should reconcile and not make this a fight between families. Soo Yun’s mother says that Ji-won should teach her child not to steal. The principal interrupts her saying she is crossing the line. The woman goes on to say one who steals an egg will one day steal an ox.

Just then, Hee Sung walks in. He says he heard what happened. he says it is his fault and apologises to Soo Yung’s mother. He says he will teach her properly from now on. Soo Yung’s mother is taken aback.

Hee Sung asks Eun ha to apologise to Soo Yung. Ji-won tries to stop him but Hee Sung makes Eun-ha apologise. Ji-won looks upset and frowns at Hee Sung. Eun-ha cries as she apologises to Soo Yung, her mother and the principal.


Later, outside the school, Eun Ha is in the car while Ji-won speaks to Hee Sung beside the car. She says he ignores Eun ha’s feeling. He says that Eun-ha touched Soo Yung’s doll first. Ji-won says no one hits their friend for taking a doll. He says no one can understand everyone and that he wanted to deal with it. She clasps his arm asking if he thinks he dealt with it. She says Eun ha must be hurt. She says he is Eun ha’s favourite person and she must be hurt now. She turns away from him with a scowl.

Hee Sung notices that she is upset. He immediately brings a smile on his face as he puts his hand on her shoulder, asking if he upset her. She says she is very upset. He says it is his first time being a dad, so he is struggling. He says hereafter he will ask Ji-won before doing anything. Ji-won says hereafter he has to do what will make Eun ha feel better. He smiles saying he will take care of that. She tells him not to smile as it is annoying.

Just then, she receives a call from Yoon. Yoon says that the results are back and the spot on the victim’s hand was lipstick.

Later, Hee Sung takes Eun ha to a restaurant and buys her an egg tart but she doesn’t eat it. He asks why she isn’t eating it despite it being her favourite. Eun-ha looks up and says Hee Sung is her favourite but she accuses Hee Sung of liking Soo Yung more than her.


Hee Sung says that it is nonsense. She yells that he took Soo Yung’s side. Hee Sung says he is always on Eun-ha’s side and he will raise her to become a nice kid. He says she has a good reputation now. She asks what it is. He says now no one will doubt her if something bad happens. He says people will doubt you first if your reputation is bad. He says after today, Soo Young and her mother will have a very bad reputation.

Eun Ha says that she still had to apologise though she was the one who got hit. She says she feels upset. Hee Sung tells her not to be upset. He says that he saw Soo Yung crying earlier because she lost her doll.

(Hee Sung throws Soo Yung’s doll in the trashcan while he washes his hand in the restroom)

Hee Sung tells Eun-ha that it is because Soo Yung did not take care of her thing properly. He tells Eun ha not to be like Soo Yung and she agrees. He passes the egg tart to her and she smiles as she eats it. She says it is delicious. He asks if she wants one more today and she nods. Eun ha says he is her favourite person in the world. Hee Sung says, “back at you”.

Choi is in the interrogation room with the victim’s son. Choi passes the victim’s will to the son. Choi says the will states that if the welfare centre holds a memorial service after she dies, she will transfer all the holdings to the welfare center.

Choi says he found this along with the ledger and the son is furious. Choi says someone heard the son arguing with the victim yesterday around 10.30 pm. The son asks if they are doubting him now. he asks if they have proof. Choi asks him what time he left the victims’ house. the son throws a tantrum and asks him to get a warrant if they want him in the police station again.


Later, Choi tells Ji-won that the victim was killed the day she signed the will. He says it points to the son. Ji-won asks why choose Do Min-seok. He says it was to throw them off. She says the killer had to remove a thumbnail because something was there. He says that was the culprit’s lipstick. She says it is easy to get DNA from a person’s lipstick. Choi says the lipstick was on the finger as well. He asks why the culprit didn’t cut the finger off. Ji-won says the culprit didn’t see it as the blood hadn’t oxidised yet. Choi says it could have come from anywhere and they should ignore it.

He puts the will in front of her. She says the person could have made it look like a burglary case. She asks why to go through the trouble to copy Do Min Seok. Choi loses his temper at this. They then ask Ho Jun to say who he thinks is right. As usual, ho Jun doesn’t pick a side, as he says he needs time to think. Choi argues that it is the son. Ji-won claims that it is one of the women close to the victim.

Choi yells at her as he puts the will in front of her. Ji-won takes a closer look at the will and notices the thumb impression on it.

Later a swab is taken from the thumb impression. Ji-won says that the killer’s lipstick was used to get the thumb impression because there was no stamp pad around. Ji won says the killer would have wiped the lipstick off the victim’s finger, but it is tough to remove it from under the nail. Choi agrees that this might be why the killer took of the thumbnail.

Choi says it must be the welfare worker Park Seo Young. He says she was the one who directed him towards the will and the son. Ji won says they should investigate Park. Lee who has been listening to them asks what is Park’s motive for murder. Just then, she receives a phone call and is told that the thumb impression is from a lipstick.

Hee Sung is at the workshop. He is going through Kim’s bag as he speaks on the phone with Ji-Won’s mother. He thanks her for keeping Eun-ha today as he has some work to take care off. Ji-won’s mother says that he is taking care of her daughter so she has to take care of his daughter. He tells her not to give her any more snacks as she already had an egg tart. She acknowledges and hangs up the call.

Hee Sung finds Do Hae Su’s chain with the pendant in Kim’s bag and his smile fades. Hee Sung looks at the chain and then goes through Kim’s notebook. He finds the last note as Cheonggyechon stream, Nam Soon Kil, 5 pm.

Hee Sung goes to the basement with the notebook and a bottle of water. Kim is desperate for the water and Hee Sung pulls off the tape. Hee Sung asks why Kim is meeting with Nam Soon Kil. Kim says it is nothing. Hee Sung takes the water close to him and pours it slowly on the ground. The water falls on the plastic sheets that have been placed on the floor.

Kim says he remembers now. He says Nam had a tip for him. Hee Sung asks what was it about. Kim says it is fair that he give him the water now. Hee Sung gives him some water. Kim says Nam had a tip regarding Do Hyun. He says he wrote an article about Do Hyun’s dad and Do Hyun. Do Hyun asks when he is meeting Nam. Kim says today. He says Nam will notice Kim is missing if he doesn’t go today.

Park Seo Young young is washing her hands in the restroom when Ji-won walks in. Ji -won says they obtained DNA from the lipstick on the will. She says they are cross-checking the DNA with all the women in contact with the victim. She asks for Park’s cooperation. Park refuses to cooperate. She asks if they have proof that she killed the old woman. Ji-won says they don’t have it yet.

Choi and Ho Jun are checking the elevator’s CCTV footage of Park entering and leaving the victim’s premises. Choi notices that Park is wearing her coat inside out while leaving. He says she probably got the victim’s blood on it. Choi says she went home immediately after the murder. He notices an envelope in her hand and says the nail and murder weapon are probably in the envelope.

Hee Sung watches Nam Soon Kil from afar. He uses Kim’s phone to call him. Nam attends the call and Hee Sung speaks like Kim. He says he has to work today and cant meet up. He asks if Nam can answer questions over the phone. Nam says he will. Hee Sung asks what tip about Do Hyun did he want to give.


Nam has a print out of Kim’s article. He says Kim mentions Do Hyun disappeared in the summer of 2002. He says he lived with Do Hyun from the fall of 2002 till the summer of 2005. He says they both worked as deliverymen. Nam says he thought something would have happened in Do Hyun’s past but never imagined he would have murdered someone. Nam says he would’ve reported Do Hyunif he had suspected him. He says it no wonder that he is Do Min Seok’s son.

Hee Sung repeats, “No wonder?” Nam says Do Hyun wasn’t normal and behaved weird. He says when they went to a movie he asked when he should laugh and when he should be sad. Hee Sung cuts him off by asking if he just called to say he knew Do Hyun for 3 years.

Nam immediately says that Do Hyun has been threatening him. Hee Sung stops in his tracks hearing this. Nam asks for protection as Do Hyun is threatening him.

At the station, Choi says he is Park wouldn’t have taken the evidence home. He then remembers Park saying she saw a shooting star last night and it was like the victim wanted to say goodbye. A thought strikes him and Choi heads to the terrace of the apartment. He walks around the terrace and opens a hatch on the floor. He finds the envelope with the murder weapon and nail inside.


Meanwhile, in the women’s restroom, Park tries to go out but Ji-won blocks her way. Ji-won gets a phonecall from Choi saying he found the murder weapon. Ji-won informs Park that she is now the suspect of the murder case. Park asks permission to wear makeup. She says she didn’t wear makeup to pretend to be sad. She says she heard that sentences depend on how you look. Ji-won allows her to wear the make-up.


As Park puts on the lipstick, Ji-won asks why she killed the old lady. Park says there were too many stairs. The victim’s house had to be reached after climbing a very steep set of stairs. She says she had to climb a lot of stairs every time she visited the old woman. the previous night, the old woman had signed the will using Park’s lipstick. She has requested Park to get it notarized. She had requested Park to visit her every day from now on and keep her company like a granddaughter. Park says she used the knife which she was peeling apples with and killed the unsuspecting old woman.

She says major donors are like deities to the center. She says the thought of climbing the stairs everyday made her livid.

Park asks why Ji-won is looking at her like she were an insect. Ji-won asks how she could kill someone for that reason. Park says 3% of people are like her. She looks at the razor inside her pouch and says there could be one near Ji-won too.

Meanwhile, Nam says that for over a month he has been getting a call from a payphone from at 4:00 am. Hee Sung asks if that person said they were Do Hyun. He says the person laughed and asked, “Are you happy? I’ve been waiting for your life to become the happiest ever. I’m going to do what I can now.”

Nam says Do Hyun is the only person who would do that to him. Hee Sung asks why. Nam says he was young and blinded by greed. He says he wronged Do Hyun.

In a flashback, Nam and Do Hyun are in the woods. Nam says he has lost his wallet and they search for it together. Do Hyun says he can’t find it and offers to lend him some money. Nam has a knife and he stabs Do Hyun on the shoulder. Do Hyun falls down and asks why he is doing this. Nam says he wants Do Hyun’s money and wants to live a good life. he lunges at Do Hyun with the knife.


At present, Nam says Do Hyun will take revenge on him. Hee Sung says DO Hyun is dead and Nam should suspect someone else. Nam says that is a relief. Hee Sung asks if its a relief. Nam says Do Hyun was on the run after killing someone anyway. He says Do Hyunn shouldnt be alive. He says it is better for certain people to die. Hee Sung says he is right and it is better for certain people to die.

Park slashes Ji-won’s skin below the eye with the razor. Park says she really hated Ji-won’s eyes. she smiles as she puts her hand out and asks Ji-won to arrest her.

Ji-won slaps Park across her face. Park is startled as Ji-won slaps her again. She picks up the razor blade. The policemen try to go in but Ho Jun stops them saying that it is fine.


Inside, Park falls and Ji-won crouches beside her. She says the police cant do this. Ji-won says why would someone believe that Park would kill a woman because she didn’t want to climb stairs. Ji-won says a suspect can be killed during a physical altercation with a police officer. she asks if Park feels superior by hurting someone weaker than her. Park says she confessed to the crime and says she will complain about this. Ji-won says, “I’ll watch and remember how pathetic your last moments will be.” Ji-won takes the razor and places it on Park’s neck saying, “carotid artery, 12 seconds. Subclavian artery, 3.5 seconds.” She tells Park to pick one. Park starts pleading with Ji-won asking her not to kill her. Ji-won smiles as she puts away the razor saying she was joking. She says a police officer cant take a life. She then arrests Park.

Hee Sung comes to his mother’s pharmacy as one of the customer just heads out. The mother says that though the customer looked happy she takes pils for deppression. She says others misfortune brings her joy. She says if she cant be like others she would rather have others be like her. Hee Sung asks for sleeping pills.

It is raining at night as Hee Sung stands with an umbrella, waiting for Ji-won outside the police station. As she joins him he asks what happened to her face and she says it is a paper cut. She is happy that it is raining. Hee Sung says cops shouldn’t like rain as it washes away all the evidence. Ji-won says it is romantic and she wants to have something delicious. He asks her what she wants and he says she wants savoury pancakes.

Meanwhile, at a pet store, the owner watches the news about parks case and how she tried to throw the police off by the amateur way of copying the Yeonju murders.


A customer wearing a black raincoat walks in and buys a “Hound Dog” leash (same brand used in Yeonju murders).

At Soon Kil restaurant (Nam’s restaurant), Nam is alone. he reads Kim’s article which finishes with “Where did Do Min Seok’s son disappear to?” He calls Kim’s phone but it goes to voicemail.

Outside, the figure in the black raincoat walks towards the restaurant.

Nam records a voicemail saying that he recently heard that Do Hyun Su assisted his father in the murders. He says he is always on the edge and asks Kim to give a call if he needs a follow-up.

Just then, the door opens and the figure walks in with the leash. Nam is terrified as he gets up. He yells into the phone, “Mr Kim. It’s Do Hyun Su. What did I tell you? That he will come here for revenge.” Nam cuts the call and the voicemail is sent. Nam reaches for a nearby knife.

The figure charges forward with a knife and stabs Nam. Nam drops his knife and falls on the floor. The figure stabs him again.


Later, the figure walks into an abandoned shop with mannequins. It opens another door and walks into its hideout. One side of the wall is filled with articles of the Yeonju murders. The figure puts up the bloodied printout of Kim’s article which Nam had with him along with the rest. It pins the knife on the article. One of the articles read, “Preserved fingernails found in Do Min Seok’s workshop.”The figure stands before the articles.


At her home, Ji-won wakes with a start. She finds that Hee Sung isn’t there. She gets up and goes into the living room searching for him. She stops in her track as she hears the sound of the house passcode being keyed in.

She watches as a figure in a black raincoat opens the door and walks in. Ji-won is rooted to the spot as she watches the figure. Water droplets drip from his raincoat as Hee Sung removes the hood and stands before Ji-won who watches him with a frown.


Image Courtesy -TVN


The transition between melodrama and the thriller genre is smooth.

The scene at the Kindergarten followed by the restaurant scene was a good watch. It shows how Hee Sung has managed to keep people from doubting him all these years. It looks like he has gone to great lengths to keep his reputation intact. It also shows that he gets his revenge when no one is watching (he stole the doll and threw it away). Eun-ha is a delight to watch whenever she is on screen.

It is intriguing how the script swings back and forth throughout the episode indicating that Hee Sung is innocent for a moment while the next instant it opens up a possibility that he may indeed be the killer. That being said, so far, it looks like Hee Sung is not the killer. (The black raincoat seems to be a common one as in the flashback even Nam was wearing a similar one) He seems to be trying his best to live a quiet life with his family. We don’t know what length he is willing to go to keep his current life though.

The village foreman murder looks like it was more of a defensive one as Do Hae Soo (probably Do Hyun Su’s sister) was present there. There is a possibility that she may have killed the foreman and Do Hyun Su might have taken the blame. I am curious to see more of Do Hae Soo’s storyline.

Both Nam and Kim have wronged Do Hyun in the past. Unlike Park (Psychopath) who impulsively killed the old lady, Hee Sung took a different approach while dealing with both Nam and Kim.

Ji-won who is a normal person, nearly scared Park to death in the restroom scene when she was furious. Similarly, Hee Sung scared the life out of Kim while keeping him in the basement. He is sure to go a bit overboard because it looks like he can’t feel emotions.

On the other hand, Nam seems to be terrified of Do Hyun because Nam wronged Do Hyun in the past. It looks like Nam is paranoid. His accusations seem baseless as he jumps the gun without proof. So far, it is shown that only Kim and Hee Sung are aware of the Yeonju murders (apart from the police). I wonder from whom Nam heard that Do Hyun Su assisted in the murders his father committed.

It is interesting to see how Hee Sung functions with his mind and not emotions. It looks like he doesn’t know what will upset or hurt others. Though he wants to put up a perfect image he makes mistakes now and then. It looks like Hee Sung did smile genuinely when he was on the phone with his mother-in-law (he need not smile when the person isn’t watching him). I wonder if he is totally emotionless as he claims. He definitely is protective of his daughter.

The Yeonju murders weren’t famous. Kim’s account of the murders is inaccurate too. This leaves very few people who know about the murders apart from the police. It looks like the killer has been has been collecting all the articles regarding the murders. Assuming that Hee Sung isnt the killer, it makes one wonder what made the killer start killing again after being dormant for 18 years. He/she seems to be following  Hee Sung closely too.

The timeline on Hee Sung’s life was revealed in this episode. It looks like Hee Sung lived as Do Hyun till 2005 after which he changed his identity. His name was Hee Sung when he met Ji-won for the first time which was in the year 2006.

The scene where Ji-won arrrests Park Seo Young was well made. It brought out the fiery side of Ji-won which was a good watch.

This episode was interesting and I look forward to watching the rest of it.

-By Soul Sword-

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