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Flower of Evil Episode 3 Recap


Summer of 2007

Hee Sung (blonde hair) is in his workshop, crafting rings. Ji-won walks in with some beer. She says she got some without her mother’s knowledge because he liked them. She asks him how he knew this craftmanship as he told her he doesn’t go to college.


She clicks a photo of him using her phone. He looks at her and asks what she is doing. She asks if she can upload it on her social media saying, “The handsome guy in my neighbourhood.”

He walks towards her with a steely look asking what she is doing. She backs against the cupboard as he grabs her phone and asks her to delete it. She immediately complies. She is flustered as she says she didn’t know he didn’t like being photographed.

Hee Sung asks her who she is and why she is checking his background. He says she keeps asking him questions about his birthday, his zodiac sign, blood type, favourite and least favourite food. He says she even asked the guy next door for Hee Sung’s phone number. He asks if someone asked her to gather information about him.

Ji-Won goes over and grabs a beer. She takes a sip and says that she likes him.

Hee Sung is taken aback hearing this. He is shocked as he tries to gather himself. Ji-won asks him to say something in response. She says her name is Cha Ji-won. Hee Sung tells her not to come back here again. As she stands there, he asks if she wants him to drag her out.

Present day

Ji-won stares at the door as she hears the passcode being keyed in and a person wearing a black raincoat enters the house. She sighs in relief as she sees it is Hee Sung. He asks her why she is up so early and she asks where he went at this hour. He says he was working at the studio and he went to get some beer. She sees the beer and says she is reminded of the day she confessed her feelings for him.


Ji-won asks why he hated her so much. He says he didn’t hate her but was awkward as no one had said that to me before.

Ji-won calls him innocent and says this is why she can’t talk to him about her complicated past. He says he is curious and asks her about it. She laughs.


Hee Sung is in the basement feeding Kim some gimbap. His raincoat is dripping with water. He says he went all the way to Kim’s neighbourhood to buy the food. Kim says he is eating to stay alive.

Hee Sung says this gimbap is going to be the last meal they find in Kim’s stomach when they do the autopsy. Kim chokes on the food and spits it out.


Hee Sung takes out some pills and crushes them with the base of the glass. Kim is frantic as he asks if Hee Sung really plans to kill him. He asks if it is that easy to kill someone.

Hee Sung says it isn’t easy. He says Kim weighs around 75 kg. He says Kim will be unconscious after taking the pills. Hee Sung asks if it’ll be easy to move Kim to his car.

Hee Sung dissolves the pills in water and takes it towards Kim. Kim moves his head away and hits the glass. The glass shatters on the floor. Kim yells, “Help me! Help me! There is someone in the basement. Detective Cha! I was kidnapped and locked up! Do Hyun Su the murderer is right here! Do Hyun Su is here!”

Hee Sung watches him without uttering a word.

Kim asks him to let him live. Hee Sung asks if Kim will answer honestly. Hee Sung says Kim uploaded something on 2011. He says he was able to see it because Kim was already logged in. Hee Sung puts Kim’s phone in front of him and asks him to read it out loud.

Kim reads, “I’m a high school girl who wants to become a screenwriter. The main character once helped someone commit a crime without knowing it was against the law. The main character is currently getting ready to become a reporter. What kind of disadvantages would he experience if people find out about his past?”Kim stops reading. Hee Sung tells him to go on. Kim continues, “What if someone even died because of him?”


Hee Sung places his hand on Kim’s shoulder and leans in asking if it is Kim’s story. Kim denies it.

Hee Sung reads more, “There is a video of that day. He just did what he was told. He really had no idea.”

Hee Sung asks if Kim didn’t know. Kim claims he didn’t know. He then says Kim has a video of a murder. Kim begs him to let him go. He swears he won’t tell anyone that he met him. Hee Sung says, “I don’t want your oat. I want collateral. I don’t trust people. I hope you understand.”

At present, Kim is on the chair in the basement with his eyes closed.

In the morning, Ji-won walks into the crime scene at Soon-kil restaurant.

She sees Nam’s body in a pool of blood, a hound dog leash around his neck and ruptured achilles tendon. She is told that Nam is missing both his thumbnails.


Later, the team watches the CCTV footage of the murder which is recorded in the store’s camera. The killer is seen wearing a black raincoat. Ji-won recalls Hee Sung wearing a similar one the previous night.



Oh Young Joon asks them if this is another copycat. Lee Woo Cheol explains that the details like the leash and achilles tendon weren’t released to the press but the killer has used them in this murder.

Ji-won says this murder is premeditated. She says this is similar to Do Min Seok and not Park (the killer from the previous case). She says he is dangerous.

Oh wonders if this is going to become a serial murder and if it should be transferred to Metro. Captain Yoon says it isn’t a serial murder yet. Lee says they can find the killer as he is reckless. He says the victim Nam had a family, job and daily routine. He says it is a risk from the killers perspective. He says they can find a lead.

Later the team gets to work. Lee asks details about the victim’s family. Yoon says Chief Lee will get fired if this becomes a serial killer case.

Ho Jun says Nam was an orphan with no direct relatives. He says Nam has a wife who is 6 months pregnant. They learn that the last person whom Nam spoke to was reporter Kim Moo Jin.

Ji-won says she met Kim on Sunday night. She is told that the phone is switched off now and the last time it was on was at 5:00 pm. She is told that the call had been made to Nam. Lee asks Ji-won and Ho Jun to locate Kim and asks the rest to find out which way the killer fled.

Meanwhile, in the basement, Kim rocks the chair and manages to fall on the sheet. He crawls slowly towards one of the glass pieces on the floor from yesterday.

Elsewhere, Hee Sung enters Kim’s house after entering the passcode (obtained from Kim). he finds Kim’s laptop and keys in the password (MJ0905) that Ki gave him. He finds the folder which contains images and video which will serve as collateral. He inserts a flash drive into the laptop. He goes through the video footage from Kim’s school days in the summer of 2002.

Ji-won is at Kim’s office asking Kang why she didn’t report him missing. Kang says everyone reports on Mondays and they needn’t report back until Thursday which is before the deadline. She also says Kim has a habit of turning off his cellphone. One of the staff says that he could be locked up somewhere. She says Kim said once that he was stuck in the bathroom and would’ve died if his mother didn’t come for him.

At Hee Sung’s apartment, Hee Sung finds video files in which Do Hae Soo is there. She seems happy and shows Kim around the art space that her father built for her. She tells Kim Moo Jin to be his model. Hee Sung is serious as he gasps, “You lied to me.”

Just then, he hears loud knocks on the door.

In the basement, Kim reaches the glass shard and manages to cut himself free.

Hee Sung goes to the door and checks the peephole. He sees Ji-won waiting on the other side.

Ji-won calls Kim’s name but she gets no response. She checks the food delivery bag and finds two boxes there. Ho Joon says either Kim didn’t come home since Monday or he hasn’t come out. Ji-won says they should force their way in. They break the lock and go inside.


They find no one in the house. She tries Kim’s number but it is still switched off. Ho-Joon asks if he should be treated as a missing person. Ji-won finds a new t-shirt under the chair beside the laptop desk. She immediately touches the laptop and finds it warm. She says no one puts a brand new shirt squished under the chair. She says someone was here or is still here. She says they should double-check the house.

She walks into the balcony which is curtained. She sees an overturned pot and stoops to check it. She doesn’t notice Hee Sung’s silhouette form which blocks the sunlight through the curtains.


Hee Sung is on the other side of the balcony balancing precariously on the railing and the exterior of the building. He doesn’t have a strong footing and his foot is slowly slipping.

Just then, clouds move in and blacks out the sun. The room goes dark and Hee Sung’s silhouette also disappears. Ji-won walks towards the centre and looks out of the balcony. Just when she is about to walk away, Hee Sung loses his footing and lunges at the railing.

Ji-won hears this sound and stops in her tracks. Hee Sung holds his breath and sticks to the wall as she comes and opens the blinds which are shielding him from her vision. She opens the curtains halfway and finds nothing. As she pulls it further, Ho Jun calls her saying she has a phonecall and she walks away. Hee Sung sighs in relief.

Ji-won goes and takes the call. The call is from Hee Sung and he asks her if she knows Kim Moo Jin.

Hee Sung is still on the other side of the balcony as he says Kim is in his workshop claiming he knows Ji-won. She asks Hee Sung to put Kim on the phone. Hee Sung says Kim has gone to get his phone which is charging in his car. He asks if he should ask Kim to give her a callback. Ji-won asks him to tell Kim to meet her at the station. She says it is urgent.

Just then, a child on the street watches Hee Sung holding to the railing of the high raise. The child starts yelling, “Its a thief. Its a thief.” Ji-won hears him and starts to walk towards the balcony.

Hee sung stops her by saying he has a fever. He says he will take some medicines and sleep it off. He tells her not to be alarmed if his phone is switched off. She says okay and hangs up. Ho-Jun says they should leave and they leave.

Meanwhile, the child’s mother walks up to him and the child points up saying there is a thief. The mother looks up and finds no one there. Hee Sung walks into Kim’s living room and sits on the couch.

Meanwhile, Yoon is checking CCTV footage and he spots a figure in black raincoat taking a cab near the crime scene around the time of the murder.

Hee Sung is furious as he walks into his workshop and throws his cap on the table. He goes into the basement and Kim lunges at him with an object. Hee Sung dodges the attack. Kim tries to make his escape but Hee sung holds him back both of them fall. Kim rushes towards the hammer and gets it. He runs towards Hee Sung with the hammer but Hee Sung tackles him.

Kim gets on top of Hee Sung and brings down the hammer but Hee Sung stops him and tackles him again. He gets behind Kim and holds the hammer against Kim’s neck, choking him.


Ji-won tells Ho Joon to stop the car in the corner as she needs to check on Hee Sung who is unwell. Ho Joon says he is an adult but she is persistent.

Meanwhile, Yoon calls up the cab driver from the footage and asks him to come as a witness. Ho Joon comes in just then and is puzzled to see that Kim isn’t there.

Ji-won comes home in a cab. She finds a customer waiting. The woman says the store is often closed nowadays and asks if he is fine. She says she will come back later.

She keys in the password but the door opens as Hee Sung walks out. He is taken aback when he sees her. She sees the wound on his face and asks what happened. He says it is fine and nothing to worry. Kim comes up beside him asking if she was looking for him. He has a wound on his face too. He asks if she is here to pick him up.



Hee Sung removes the hammer from Kim’s neck and kicks him away. Kim asks if he thinks he can get away with this. Hee Sung asks, “How dare you backstab me?” Kim dares Hee Sung to kill him. Kim says he is a reporter and his death will be a bigger issue than a village foreman. Hee Sung sits up and says he can’t kill Kim as the cops are looking for him. He tells Kim to wipe off the blood and tidy up his hair before heading to the Police Station.

Kim laughs asking if the tables have turned. Kim asks why he would do that when Hee Sung tried to kill him. He calls Hee Sung a psychopath and asks him to apologise.

Hee Sung walks towards him with the hammer and says they don’t have time. Kim says he has lots to tell the police about Hee Sung. Hee Sung gives a wry smile as he says, “The camcorder… that was fun.”

In a flashback, Hee Sung walks into the living room after Ji-won leaves. Hee Sung says the file is not on the laptop but it has to be in the house. He notices the cables for a camcorder lying on the table. He searches the desk and finds the camcorder.

In the recording, Do Hae Soo asks Kim (recording the video) to leave before her father comes. Do Hyun Su (Hee Sung) walks in and tells him off but. Kim calls him future brother-in-law and tells him not to be cold. 


Do Hae Soo says she heard something and Kim says it might be a ghost. He says he will go down and interview the ghost. Kim comments it is scary as he walks down the stairs and opens the door.

Hee Sung’s eyes go wide as he sees the rest of the footage.

Back at his workshop, Hee Sung tells Kim that he will be keeping the tape. Hee Sung says Kim can’t even stay in Korea if that video goes public. He says if Kim had made a different choice, the serial murders would have been stopped. Hee Sung asks how many more Kim has killed. He adds that Kim watched the video often and asks why. He asks if Kim gets excited if he thinks back on that day.


Kim grabs Hee Sung and asks if he thinks Kim is a monster just like him. Hee Sung says, “So what? Will you do as I say or you want to ruin each other’s lives?” Kim lets go and asks what he has to do.

Hee Sung says Kim has to give him a heartfelt apology.

At present, Ji-won dresses Hee sung’s wound. She glares at Kim who says Hee Sung will explain everything. She puts cuffs him and says she is arresting him for assault. Hee Sung intervenes saying he was the one who started it and says they have settled it between them now.

Ji-won says he is too nice to people and Kim gives a look of disbelief. Hee sung says Kim wanted some items in exchange for an article and this angered him. He says he didn’t know Ji-won knew Kim. He says he shoved Kim. He says it is fine now.

Kim says he has so much to say but he has nothing to say. Hee sung apologises to Kim saying he was out of line. Ji-won demands an apology from Kim and Kim apologises too.

Kim asks why she was looking for him. She says Nam Soon-kil has been murdered. Kim is shocked as he looks at Hee Sung. Hee Sung has a blank look on his face.

Later at the Police station, Kim listens to Nam’s voicemail which says that Do Hyun Su assisted his father in the killings. He looks at the footage of Nam’s murder. He recalls Hee Sung wearing the raincoat and carrying a gimbap packet. Kim is tensed up as Nam says Do Hyun Su is here to take revenge.



Ji-won asks him who is Do Hyun-Su. Yoon says all they have to do is catch Do Hyun Su. Kim is nervous as he bites his nail. He says Do Hyun Su is Do Min Seok’s son. He adds that he is from the same town as them and he wrote an article about the father and son.

Ho Joon says Do Hyun Su killed the village foreman 3 months after his father’s death and fled.

Kim says they found the murder weapon in Do Hyun Su’s backpack. Yoon is surprised that they haven’t caught him yet.

Lee asks how is Nam connected. Kim says Nam read his article and said he had a tip. Kim tells about Do Hyun and Nam working as deliverymen. Ji won asks about Do Hyun Su assisting with the murders.

Kim says those were rumours which circulated after Do Min Seok killed himself. He says Do Hyun Su was a bit weird. He says back then they thought he was possessed but he had an Antisocial Personality Disorder. Kim explains that Do Hyun Su used to take revenge even if people upset him in the slightest way. Kim says that he thought Hyun Su would get better in the slightest way but he is still the same.


Ji Won points out that Kim is talking as if he is still in contact with Do Hyun. Kim says he didn’t think he would meet Do Hyun because of a murder like this. He corrects himself by saying he heard about Do Hyun because of the murder. Just then they receive a call saying that Nam’s wife is awake in the hospital.

At the hospital, Nam’s wife says that Do Hyun Su used to call Nam every morning at 4:00 am and threatened him.


Meanwhile, Choi takes the statement of the taxi driver Park Kyung Choon. Park Kyung says the person asked him to wait for 30 minutes before he came back. Park Kyung says he dropped the person in Oseong Dong. Choi guesses that Park dropped the killer off at New Sun Villa as there are no CCTV cameras there. Choi also guesses that Park Kyung Choon lives alone as he has a tumbler that comes as a gift with single purchases. Choi asks if there is anything else about the person that he remembers. Park says he asked the passenger about his job. The person said he did the same thing as his father.

Eun-han and Hee SUng are on the terrace as he drinks his tea. He smiles slightly when Eun ha asks if he is thinking about an egg tart. He says he isn’t and she says he was smiling. He asks if he was smiling and says it is because the tea tastes good.

Meanwhile, Kim comes back home. The tape isn’t there in the camcorder. He lies on the couch groaning as he aches all over. He thinks he should tell the police and he sits up. He decides against it as Hee Sung will lock him up again. He lies down. He again gets up realising that Hee Sung went to meet Nam using Kim’s name. He thinks he will get caught and tries to call Ji-won to explain everything. He jumps out of his skin and drops the phone when it rings in his hand. He sees that it is Kang.

Kim goes to his office and meets Kang. She says that a man was murdered at 3:30 am at his restaurant. She says the MO is similar to Yeonju Murders which Kim was researching. She asks if he needs a team to continue the investigation. Kim is reluctant as he has to keep Hee Sung clear of suspicion. He says this association was by chance.

Kim suddenly recalls the click striking 3 times when Hee Sung was giving him gimbap on the night of the murder. He mutters that Do Hyun Su didn’t kill Nam. Kim says he has a feeling that he will bring in an exclusive.

Ji Won and Ho Jun are at the restaurant where Nam and Do Hyun Su worked as deliverymen for 3 years Ji-won stands rooted to the spot as she sees the poster for dried pollack and sizzling rice soup. She recalls that it is the same dish Hee Sung had cooked for her. She tells Ho Jun that it looks similar to what her husband makes. Ho Joon says they are all similar.


Just then, the owner comes and asks them to sit. When asked, he says Do Hyun Su didn’t have an ID so he paid him in cash. He says Nam Soon Kil brought 10000 dollars so that he can learn cooking. The owner says he taught him the recipes and also helped him open up a restaurant in exchange for the money. He says Do Hyun was ungrateful and left without saying goodbye. The owner says Do Hyun laughed at him when he tripped once. When asked why Do Hyun had said he thought the owner made a funny noise while falling. Ji-won recalls that Do Hyun Su had Anti personality disorder. the owner says he can’t forget Do Hyun Su’s face even today.

Back at his home, Hee Sun sees an old scar on his shoulder when he is changing his shirt.

In a flashback, Do Hyun and Nam are in the forest. Nam stabs him saying he wants Do Hyun’s money. Do Hyun is wounded and Nam tries to stab him again. This time DO Hyun overpowers Nam and puts the knife against Nam’s neck pinning him down. Nam begs Do Hyun Su to spare him. Do Hyun says he will kill him. Nam says Do Hyun isn’t a killer. Do Hyun says Nam doesn’t know him and raises the knife. Just then, Do Hyun hears a whispering voice saying, “kill him.”


Do Hyun looks up and sees a figure of his father with demonic eyes sitting in front of him. The figure again urges him to kill. Do Hyun let out a loud cry and brings the knife down beside Nam. He runs away leaving Nam behind. Nam looks behind him and there is no one there.

Do Hyun Su runs out of the woods and comes to the road. He is thrown into the air as a passing car hits him. He is bleeding as he lands behind the car


At present, Eun-ha walks into the room asking if he is angry that she spilt the juice. Hee Sung covers the scars as he smiles at her. She breaks into giggles. Just then, he receives a call and asks Eun- ha to watch TV while he takes it.

Kim is on the other end. Kim says he is now valuable to Hee Sung as he is the alibi. He says he knows from experience that Hee Sung wouldn’t commit such a messy killing. He asks to meet.

Hee Sung reminds him that he wanted Kim to get out of his life. Kim asks if he doesn’t feel anything despite Nam dying after meeting him. Hee Sung says he feels relieved that the thorn on his back got killed. Kim asks if he really doesn’t know. Hee Sung threatens to seek Kim out if he continues talking. He then hangs up.

He then hears someone knocking on the door and he opens it to find Kim there.

Kim steps in yelling that this is a murder case. Hee Sung asks him to keep his voice low as Eun-ha is there. Eun-ha asks who he is and he says he is hee Sung’s friend.

Kim show Do Hyun Su the clipping from the CCTV which is on the news telecast. The news says that Do Hyun Su is the main suspect. Kim asks who Hee Sung thinks this Do Hyun Su is.

Eun-ha comes and asks who Do Hyun Su is. Hee Sung grabs Kim and takes him outside before shutting the door behind them.

Outside, Kim asks who killed the village foreman 18 years ago. Hee Sung says he did. Kim asks who killed Nam and Hee Sung says that wasn’t him. Kim says Hee Sung is a killer but not a liar and calls him an honest jerk.


Hee Sung grabs him by the neck and holds him up against the wall. Kim says he can’t talk when he is being choked. Hee Sung lets him go and ask if he wants to explain in the basement.

Kim asks if Hee Sung threatened Nam. Hee Sung asks why he would do that. He adds that he didn’t even think about Nam till he came upon Kim’s diary. Kim says the killer knows Do Hyun Su well enough to fool Nam. He says it is someone who resents Hee Sung a lot. Hee Sung says he doesn’t know who it is.

Kim shows that the most searched words are Yeonju Murder Case followed by Don Min Seok’s son and Chinese restaurant murder. Hee Sung asks if Kim finds this amusing.

Kim tells him that both of them can get something out of this if they solve this before others. He says Hee Sung can clear his name while Kim gets an exclusive. Hee Sung thinks hard. Kim says the cops will eventually find Hee Sung. Hee Sung leans on the railing as he wonders who it could be.

Meanwhile, at the killer’s hideout, the killer puts up the article regarding Nam’s murder on his noticeboard wall. The hooded figure turns to another wall which reveals another wall filled with many copies of the same photo of a woman (looks like a notice).


The figure starts to cough violently and throws up blood. The figure takes some pills and drops the phone on the floor. The phone’s plug has a printed image of a fish on it.

Hee Sung’s mother is in the pharmacy when she listens to the news on TV saying that Do Hyun Su is a suspect of the village foreman case. She seems worried hearing this.

Meanwhile, at the Police Station, Ji-won says Do Hyun and Nam probably had a fallout due to money problems as Nam came with 10000 dollars when Do Hyun disappeared. Lee asks if the picture is of Do Hyun Su and she says it is his adolescent photo. She says after killing the village foreman, he set his house on fire and ran away. She says he had no friends as he was unsociable. she says No Man-sik was the last person who saw Do Hyun Su and he will have to draw a composite. Choi says they are chasing a ghost. He wonders how Hyun Su is getting by.

Meanwhile, at Hee Sung’s parent’s house, his father walks in and is greeted by the house-help. She writes out something and he says, “I’ll do it”.

At the pharmacy, Hee Sung’s mother slaps him asking what trouble he has caused. He says he is trying to figure out what happened. She says he is supposed to live his life like he doesn’t exist. She asks how he got involved in the murder case. Hee Sung says it wasn’t him. She says she wouldn’t have turned him into Baek Hee Sung if she knew he would make mistakes like this.

Hee Sung’s father opens his closet and pushes the clothing away. He opens a secret panel on the back of the closet which leads to a secret room.

He walks up to the bed and says, “Hee sung…”


The person (the real Hee Sung) on the bed is on the ventilator and there are monitors around him showing his vitals.

We see a montage of the family portrait of Hee Sung’s family with him in it followed by the same photo with Do Hyun Su in it.


Image Courtesy- TVN


This was yet another gripping episode.

The scene at Kim’s house where Hee Sung hangs on to the railing to stay hidden was well-made. It started as a cliche scene but it kept getting better and better.

Small breadcrumbs are leading Ji-won to Hee Sung like the raincoat, his workshop being closed often, dried pollack and sizzling rice soup. Though the viewers are aware of one side of the story it is interesting to see how the evidence points Ji-won towards Hee sung.

It appears that the real Hee sung is still alive but on artificial life support. He isn’t a look-alike either. It looks like Do Hyun Su came into contact with Baek Hee Sung’s family after his accident (in 2005 at the forest). One of their family members could have been driving the car. I am curious to see the reason why Hee Sung’s mother chose to give her son’s identity to another person. She seemed worked up at the mention of the village foreman murder case.

The scenes in the basement are my pick of the scenes so far in the series. The dialogues were well written in them. It was nice how smoothly Hee Sung and Kim’s relationship went from ‘hostage and kidnapper’ to ‘allies’ in a matter of half an episode. Kim was the last character whom I expected to become a comic one. Though the plot with Hee Sung and Kim have gone from thrilling to funny, the scenes where they share screen space still remains a good watch.

Things change fast in this series which makes it interesting. The first two episodes made one wonder what would happen if Kim escaped. Now that he is out, it looks like he is the one who is trying hard to keep Hee Sung away from the police eye. Though Kim is working with Hee Sung he doesn’t seem trustworthy. The moment his life is threatened he seems to spill all the beans to stay alive. I wonder what might be the content of the tape which Do Hyun Su found on the camcorder. Kim’s thirst for an exclusive and his fear that he may get locked up again seems to be the collateral here rather than the camcorder footage.

The fact that Do Hyun Su/Hee Sung isn’t the serial killer was revealed quite early in the series. This goes to show that the plot has taken a turn towards solving the mystery. this is going to be interesting.

The killer is keen on framing Do Hyun Su’s identity rather than going after his present life. The killer is unwell and he has medication with him. He seems to be having an item with the fish print which might be a key to his identity. I wonder why he chose 4:00 am to call Nam every day. The killer seems to be linked with Do Hyun’s past. So far not many characters from the past have been revealed. So that leaves a lot of possibilities.

The plot is very interesting as it makes one imagine a lot of scenarios. I am curious to see the upcoming episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

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