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Flower of Evil Episode 4 Recap

Flower of Evil Episode 4 Recap



Ji-won laughs as she and Hee Sung run and take cover because it is raining. Hee Sung asks what is so funny. She says she wore new clothes and shoes and spent an hour styling her hair. She wonders if she is unlucky on her first date. He asks if this is a date and she says two people having fun together is dating. Hee Sung says he isn’t interested in her. She asks him why he chose to spend his day off with her. He says it is because she will bother him less if he goes out with her once. She looks away saying that it hurts.

Hee Sung is about to walk away when she stops him. She says the fried chicken store owner says that Hee Sung’s eyes always linger on Ji-won when she passes by. She says even a fifth-grader once asked if they were dating. She asks if only he is unaware that he likes her. He looks at her without saying anything.

She says he is impossible and suggests that they play rock, paper, scissors. She says the loser should stand in the rain but he says he doesn’t play silly games. She starts playing and he doesn’t. She says he loses and she pushes him into the rain.

Hee Sung shields his head with his hand and stands in the rain. He watches her laugh at him and slowly he returns her smile. Suddenly his smile fades as he sees something behind her.

He sees his father (with demonic eyes) standing a few feet behind her holding the hound dog leash in his hand. Hee Sung’s hand twitches slightly as he sees his father. Seeing him visibly distressed, Ji-won turns around to see what is behind her but she sees nothing there. She asks him what is the matter.


Hee Sung looks at her and says she is weird. He asks her why she likes a guy like him. He says there is no point in talking to her and walks away.


At the pharmacy, Hee Sung’s mother asks why he chose to get married and get into this mess. She says she told him countless times to live abroad. He asks how he thought he could live a normal life like others. She tells him not to ruin their lives along with his. She is worried as she wonders what will happen if people find out about them. She says she will kill herself in front of him if that happens.


Hee sung tells her to calm down and gives her some medicine from the counter. He says he got acquainted with Nam when he was young and had some issues with him. He says that is why it is messed up. She drinks it and apologises to him. He says he is fine. She asks why she isn’t able to control herself. She says he should tie her up if she gets worked up again and he smiles. She asks if Ji-won knows anything. He says she is in charge of the case and she loses it again. She flings the bottle as she yells that she warned him that Ji-won will make things worse.

Hee Sung sweeps the pieces as he says it will help them deal with it quicker. She says she never liked Ji-won. She calls Ji-won two-faced and asks how Hee Sung could marry someone like her. Hee Sung says the killer is on the CCTV and even left bloodstains on the scene. He assures her that the killer will get caught. He says they may be after Do Hyun Su but they won’t get to Baek Hee Sung, as long as she (his mother) stays by his side. She tells him to leave.

As he leaves, she says her house is too big for two people. She asks him to come by and eat with them once in a while. Hee Sung says it is not just two people there. She looks up and he leaves.

Back at Hee Sung’s parent’s house, his father Baek Man Woo returns home. The maid (seems to be mute) comes up to him with a written note, “your son needs to eat.” He says he will take care of it and walks in.


He goes into the secret room where the real Hee Sung is on life support. There are a lot of awards, certificates and trophies (which Hee Sung had won from the “Mathematical Olympiad” ) on the chest beside the bed.

Baek Man-woo raises the bed and readies the nutritional support. He feeds Hee Sung through the gastrostomy tube (attacked to the stomach). After he is done, he caresses Hee Sung’s head as he says, “Hee Sung…”

At the Police Station, Lee notes that Do Min Seok has a daughter too. Ji-won says she is Do Hyun Su’s elder sister. She tells Choi to go meet the suspect’s family as she has met with the victim’s family. Lee tells them to find Do Hae Soo.


Elsewhere in an abandoned place, a man’s body lies in an empty swimming pool. He has bled out from gash on his neck. Do Hae Soo’s (Jang Hee-Jin) hands are covered in blood as she crouches beside him. She asks, “How does sit feel, it doesn’t hurt anymore. does it?”

The man opens his eyes saying he doesn’t feel anything but it smells weird. She says it is liquid latex. The silence is broken when the director cuts the shot and the chatter of the film crew fills the place.

The director tells Hae Su that he wants the wound to look fresher. As she gets to work, she receives a call from Ji-won.


Later Ji-won meets Hae Su. Hae Su is disturbed as she says she hasn’t seen Do Hyun Su since he disappeared in 2002. She says she has been saying the same thing for 18 years. Ji-won says 900,000 worth of Do Min Seok’s assets hasn’t been processed in Hae Su’s name. She lists out the properties and asks why Hae Su sold all the lands but kept the buildings. Ji-won asks if Hae Su left places of refuge for Do Hyun Su.

Hae Su asks if cops investigate based on imagination. She says she sold the lands to pay the victim’s families. She says she isn’t interested in that monster’s money. Ji-won notes that Hae Su refers to Hyun Su as “Our Hyun Su”. She says Hae Su should resent her brother if she had to deal with the cops alone but it doesn’t look like that. Ji-won says Hae Su looks sad. Hae Su says she has to leave now as she has been gone too long. Ji-won watches her as she leaves.

Meanwhile, Kim is browsing for information on the real Baek Hee Sung but the results come up with celebrities with the same name. He tries again by adding the word “Metal craftsman”. This time he finds an article titled Ilshin Unversity Hospital Director increases sponsorship. He sees that Hee Sung is a math whiz. Kim guesses that Do Hyun Su got Hee Sung’s identity. Just then, Kang comes in and gives him two thick documents. She says one is the father’s and the other is the son’s. She says she is waiting for the exclusive and leaves. Kim messages Hee Sung asking how the investigation is going.

Hee Sung checks the message and stops in his tracks as he sees Ji-won holding the black raincoat. She makes him put it on and stands a few feet away looking at him. He asks what is it and she says he came home in this raincoat on the day of the murder.


Hee Sung says the raincoat is common and asks if she thinks he went out at night and murdered someone. Ji-won says she couldn’t recognise Hee Sung when he came home that day and says she was startled. She asks how Nam recognised the killer in the raincoat. She says the killer was wearing a mask too.

Hee Sung smiles as he says perhaps Nam was mistaken. Ji-won says the killer has to be Do Hyun. Hee Sung’s smile fades as he asks why. She says she has to catch him so she can get a special promotion for solving a long-standing unsolved murder case.

Hee Sung watches as Ji-Won stays up at night on the couch going through the Gakyeongri village foreman murder and Yeonju murder cases. He goes over and lies on her lap saying he will sleep here tonight. She runs her hand gently through his hair as she asks if they really didnt know. His eyes are on the files as he asks what she means.


Ji-won asks if the kids really didnt know their father was a serial killer. She says the father probably had an influence of Do Hyun Su developing antisocial personality disorder. She says it is a good case to study on the role DNA plays in developing antisocial personality disorder. Hee Sung asks if they will catch the killer soon. She says they have the DNA but they will have to match the face. She says it wont be easy. She says they are going to get a police sketch done. She says there is someone who knows Do Hyun Su’s face.

Hee Sung asks who it is and she says it is the owner of the chinese restaurant where Do Hyun Su worked as a deliveryman. She wonders where he disappeared to without trace.

Hee Sung gets up and says she should not only look at the files but also look at him. He lies on the couch and pulls her beside him. She lies beside him commenting that her husband is so handsome. He asks if she already forgot what he looks like. She says she can recognise him even from his shadow. He says he needs to make her sleep as she has dark circles. She says she can’t get sleepy but says she will take a 5-minute nap.

As she is sleepy, Hee Sung asks if Kim Moo Jin will also give a sketch. She says he will and they will compare it with the one the restaurant owner gives. Ji-won asks if she mentioned that Kim Moo Jin knows Do Hyun Su. he says she did a while earlier. As he pats her to sleep she says he shouldn’t mention any case details to anyone.

In a house in Gakyeongri village (Do Hyun Su’s village), an old woman watches the news regarding the murders. She comments, ‘like father, like son.” She sees that the police are looking for help from people to get a sketch done.


Meanwhile, Kim bites his nails as he is looking at the sketch being made. He recalls Hee Sung telling him to stop them from making the sketch. Kim says Hyun Su has a thin white scar 3 mm long on the right side of the forehead. The restaurant owner says he doesn’t remember the scar. Ho Jun asks Kim if he is sure as scars are very important in identifying suspects. Kim convinces them by telling a story about a tractor accident which caused the injury.

Hee Sung is in a cab. He watches a facial expression video on how to express sadness.


He visits Nam’s wife and offers his condolences with a deeply saddened face. He says he is a reporter (Kim) and says he feels guilty he didn’t pick up her husband’s last call. She consoles him as he breaks down into tears. He then gathers himself and asks why Nam was at the restaurant at 3:00 am. She says Nam stayed late in the restaurant once a week to invent new recipes. Hee Sung says the attacker knew this and he asks who it could be. She says only she knew about this. He tells her to think hard as there must definitely be someone else who knew about this.

Meanwhile, the old woman in the village takes out an album. She flips through the pages and finds a photo of herself. She takes a magnifying glass and sees Do Hyun Su walking with a pregnant Ji-won in the background.


She calls up Ji-won and says she has a photo of Do Hyun Su from 5 years ago. She says her daughter lives in Seoul and she went to visit her. She says they went everywhere taking photos and Do Hyun Su is there in the background of one of the photos. She claims she saw him growing up and is sure it is him.

Ji-won says she can get it verified and asks for the photo. The woman says she will give and comments that she sees his father in him. Ji-won asks if the woman could take a photo of the picture and send it across to her.

Kim is still trying everything to make the sketch look different from Hee Sung’s face. Just then, Ho Jun gets a call. He tells Kim that they can go home for today as they don’t need the sketch anymore.

have got a tip-off regarding Do Hyun Su’s photo from 5 years ago.

Nam’s wife sees Hee Sung out. He tells her to contact him if she remembers anything. As he is walking away, she suddenly exclaims, “Taxi…taxi…” Hee Sung turns around and looks at her.

Ji-won is on the phone with the old woman Oh Bok Ja. She says she will visit her and take the photo from her. Ji-won hangs up and goes out saying she will take detective Im along.

After she leaves, Choi comments that it feels like they are dragged along with Do Hyun Su instead of chasing after him. He then notices the taxi driver still hasn’t collected the coffee tumbler which he left behind. He calls up the driver Park Kyung Choon.


Park Kyung Choon picks up the call and says he is busy working and he will drop by to collect it today. Choi hangs up. Park is in his cab which is parked opposite the police station. He listens in on the conversations in the police station (the tumbler has a bug). He listens to Choi and Lee discussing the blackbox footage from teh cars in New Sun villas. They says once they have Do Hyun Su’s photo, the case will solve by itself. Park Kyung Choon says, “Do Hyun Su”.

In a flashback, Park is driving Nam at night. Nam says his battery is down and asks for Park’s phone to make a call to his wife. Park gives Nam his phone. The phone plug has the tag with the fish imprint (the one the killer had). Nam recognises the phone plug immediately.

In a flashback, Do Hyun Su has an old cassette player in his hand. It has the same fish print tag attached to it. Nam gives him an MP3 player and asks him to listen to music on it. Do Hyun Su asks how he will listen to his tapes in that case?


In the cab, Nam looks at the fish tag and immediately calls Park as “Do Hyun Su”. He grabs Park’s shirt asking if he is Do Hyun Su. Park Kyung Choon stops the car by the side and asks if he mentioned Do Hyun Su.

At present, Park listens in on the conversation in the police station. He learns that the cops have gone to take Do Hyun Su’s photo.

Meanwhile, Nam’s wife tells Hee Sung that her husband always used the same cab when he came back from work. Hee Sung calls up Kim to ask him to look into the call taxi driver.

Kim cuts him off saying he has good news and some bad news. He says the bad news is that Ji-won is going to to get Do Hyun’s recent photo from Oh Bok Ja. Hee Sung stops in his tracks when he hears this. He then asks what is the good news. Kim says it is that he is on Hee Sung’s side.

Meanwhile, Ji-won and Ho Jun set out for the village.

In his car, Kim switches on the voice recorder and puts it in his pocket before Hee Sung joins him. Kim is at the wheel and asks if they will make it in time. Hee Sung says he is sure they will make it first because Ji-won and Ho Jun won’t run any red lights.

Ji-won and Ho-Jun stop at a red light. Ho Jun says he can’t believe they are going to a small town where 7 bodies were murdered and buries. She corrects him that it is 6 bodies. He says she is right and that the seventh body wasn’t found. She says the culprit might have buried the body somewhere else. She wonders why he committed suicide. She says no one would’ve found the murders if he had stayed alive. She said the cops found out about the murders while investigating the suicide. She wonders if he really committed suicide. Ho Jun says this sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Ji-won says they only found the right thumbnails of the victims at Do Min Seok’s workshop. She asks where the left fingernails are and asks if his son has them.

Meanwhile, Kim drives down the freeway exceeding the speed limits. He says it would be nice if the reporter catches the culprit while the police and press are behind Do Hyun Su.


Hee Sung asks why Kim has his elder sisters necklace. Kim says he bought it for her and got it back when they broke up. He says he was going to fix it and sell it. Hee Sung says he threw the necklace as it was too cheap and Kim throws a fit.

After a while, Kim asks how Do Hyun Su became Baek Hee sung and managed to fool Ji-won. Hee Sung asks if Kim is being a reporter. He says Ji-won has no idea about his past or him being abnormal. Kim asks if he doesn’t have any feelings for Ji-won. He adds that people are more affectionate towards their spouse once they have kids.

Hee Sung says he needs Ji-won by his side. He says his father is scared of her. He says his father won’t come near him if he is with her. Kim says Hee sung is freaking him out.

Hee Sung outs his hand inside Kim’s shirt pocket. He takes out the recorder. Kim says he didn’t know it was in there. He says there are tons of interviews on the recorder and tells him not to delete it. Hee Sung deletes all the recordings. He says he might really kill Kim if Ji-won finds out anything. Kim asks him not to joke and Hee Sung says he is serious. He puts the recorder back in Kim’s shirt.

Night falls as Kim drives into Gakyeongri village. He says half the houses are empty now. Hee Sung recalls being tied to a tree.

He puts his hand over his eyes as the memories from his past haunt him. He remembers being taken before a shaman and an exorcism being performed on him.

Kim parks the car and Hee Sung wears a cap before getting out. Kim repeats their plan. He says he will meet Oh Bok Ja and make her focus on him. He says he will say he is working on writing about the case and ask for the photo. He says he will text Hee Sung where she keeps the picture. He says he will lure her out to greet the cops. He tells Hee Sung to enter the house and take the picture. He tells Hee Sung to escape while Kim distracts the cops. He says they will meet at the meet-up spot.

Hee Sung asks what if she doesn’t show Kim the picture or doesn’t come out or Kim can’t hold the cops back. Kim tells him not to complain if he doesn’t have a better idea.

They go into the house and Hee Sung hides in the shed. Kim heads inside, calling out her name and introducing himself. He slides open the door and is shocked to see Oh Bok Ja lying on the floor with her hands and feet tied up.


Kim rushes forward and tries to untie her. She tells him to be careful and watch his back. He turns around and a masked figure strikes him on the head. Kim’s vision is blurry as he loses consciousness. His recorder falls on the floor beside him.

Hee Sung waits for sometime wondering what is taking Kim so long. He takes a peek and sees the masked figure in black clothes running out of the house.

The figure (Park) stops in his tracks when he sees Ji-won’s car approaching. Park tries to the backyard. Hee Sung chases after him and catches him before he gets away. park breaks free and tries to throw a stone at Hee Sung. Hee Sung punches him. He manages to hold Park against the tree and removes Park’s mask. Hee Sung demands to know who he is.


Park says,”Do Hyun Su, you may not know me but you may know Jung Mi Sook very well.” He asks where Jung Mi Sook is and Hee Sung looks puzzled. Park says they shouldn’t be seen by the cops and they should meet without the cops.

Ji-won spots the Kim’s car and wonders how he got to know.

Meanwhile, Park says he will pick up Hee Sung by the fishing spot. He says he has been waiting for this date. Hee Sung is furiuos as he tightens his grip. He asks what the man wants. They hear Ji-won’s voice and Park punches Hee Sung. He breaks free and runs away.

Ji-won notices Park’s jacket lying on the side of the house. She looks up and sees a figure trying to jump the wall. She calls,”DO Hyun Su!”.


Hee Sung freezes in his tracks for a moment before scaling the wall and running away. Ji-won stares at him wide-eyed before chasing after him.

ho Jun runs towards Kim who crawls out of the house. He tells Ho Jun to help Oh Bok Ja.


Ji-won chases after Hee Sung and he vanishes into a warehouse. She goes into the dark warehouse and switches on her phone’s torchlight. She takes a wrench from one of the racks and searches for him.

Hee Sung watches quietly from the other end with a hammer in his hand. Ji-won locates the light switch. Just as she switches it on Hee Sung flings the hammer. The hammer hits the light, breaking it. Ji-won shields her face from the sparks and shards. She opens her eyes to see a huge blanket which is draped over her.

Hee Sung puts the blanket over her and tries to hold her she struggles and head butts him. He again tries to keep the blanket over her she kicks him in the crotch this time. He again straightens up and holds the blanket in place this time she succeeds in throwing him off. Unable to remove the blanket she bumps into a rack which has heavy tools on it. The tools fall from the rack.


Hee Sung runs towards her and falls over her as the tools fall on him. As she continues to struggle, he takes her handcuffs and cuffs her to the rack before running out of the warehouse. She finally manages to get free of the blanket and yells, “Do Hyun Su”. She sees that her phone has fallen a few feet away from her and she can’t reach it.

Meanwhile, Oh Bok Ja is wheeled into the ambulance. Kim calls up Hee Sung saying he nearly died. Hee Sung asks him to find out who Jung Mi Sook is. Kim says the name sounds familiar. Hee Sung says she must be connected with him and hangs up.

Hee Sung Stops running and clutches his abdomen. He sees that he is bleeding. He takes a shirt that is on the clothesline in one of the houses.

Ho Jun walks into the warehouse. He releases Ji-won. He looks at all the tools on the floor and asks if she is okay. She looks at them and says she is fine. He tells her the photo got stollen. She wonders how he knew about the photo and who Do Hyun Su is.

Ho Jun says it wasn’t Do Hyun Su. He says the intruder has asked Oh Bok Ja as to who Do Hyun Su was in the photo as two men were in the background. He says the killer is looking for Do Hyun Su. They realise the killer isn’t Do Hyun Su.

Meanwhile, Hee Sung picks up some tape on the way to the fishing spot. He reaches the inn which Park mentioned. He is shown to a room. While he waits, Hee Sung breaks the clock and wraps tape around one of the shards making them a makeshift blade/knife.

Ji-won gathers the people in the village and they immediately trash talk Do Hyun Su. They say he is possessed.

Ji -won says they arent after Do Hyun Su but are after someone chasing after Do Hyun Su. She asks if anyone from outside the village has come asking for him. The villagers say that all the visitors from the city come here only to ask about him. They say, TV producers, reporters, writers and even police officers have come by. Ji-won says they culprit holds a deep grudge against Do Hyun Su. One woman mentions the taxi driver. This interests Ji-won.

Meanwhile, at the station, Choi finds dashcam footage which shows Parks cab at New Sun Villa. Lee comes over to watch. They see that the cab stops but no one gets off from the cab. The cab drives away.

Just then, Ho Joon calls Lee up to say that Do Hyun Su isnt the prime suspect. Ji-won says that there was a 7th victim whose body wasn’t found. She asks Lee to look into the victim’s husband. She says he is a taxi driver. She says he would come by every now and then and dig the are around the burial site in an effort to find his wife’s body. She says he is violent and beat up anyone who stopped him. She says he thinks Do Hyun Su is an accomplice to his father’s murders and knows the site where his wife’s body is. She says she doesn’t know how the killer knew about the photo. She says it could have been leaked during the investigation.

Choi runs to Park’s tumbler that’s on the cabinet. He opens it to reveal the listening device.

we see a montage of Park listening in to the entire investigation. we see a montage of Park getting into the rear seat of the cab and wee see that the driver’s seat of the cab is empty. He moves between the seats and gets to the driver seat and drives away the cab. He goes to the hideout where he coughs blood and takes pills. The woman’s photo which fills one side of the wall is Jung Mi Sook, his wife.

At the station, Choi gets the 7th victim’s file. He finds the husband’s name is Park Kyung Choon and his occupation is taxi driver.

Park Kyung Choon drives his cab.


In a flashback, Nam speaks with Park after stopping the car. Nam learns that Do Hyun Su is an accomplice in the murders. Park says he made a matching set of the fish print tags. He says he had one and his wife had another. He says his wife’s phone was found at Do Min Seok’s workshop but the fishprint tag wasn’t found. Since Nam said Do Hyun Su had the fishprint tag with him, Park says Do Hyun Su must have had it all along. Nam says they should allow the cops to catch him. Park says the cops are not interested in catching him unless he does something to attract attention.

Nam asks what is the point of finding the body now. He says it must be decayed. Park thanks Nam for giving information on Do Hyun Su. He says it will help him a lot.

Hee sung waits for PArk to come to the inn. Just then, he recieves a video call from his mother-in-law. He thinks for a moment before taking the call.


Ji-won’s mother holds a crying Eun-ha on her lap. She says she woke up and he wasn’t there. Ji-won’s mother asks him to pick her up. He tells Eun-ha that something urgent came up and he will be there soon. He asks if Ji-won will come too and he is quiet. Eun-ha cries harder saying that she misses him. He promises to come soon and waves her goodbye.

Hee Sung hangs up and looks out at Park’s cab drive into the lane.

Ji-won is with Ho Joon when one of the cops bring an evidence bag to her. The officer says they found it in the warehouse and wondered if it belonged to her. Ji-won recalls something falling whens he pushed Do Hyun Soo away.

Hee Sung walks up to Park’s cab.


Ji-won flips the bag over to reveal the watchstrap. She sees the initials H.S.Baek engraved in it (her gift to Hee Sung for his birthday).


Image Courtesy- TVN


The opening scene was thrilling. It seems like Hee Sung sees his father whenever he feels an emotion. He claims he doesn’t hallucinate (his father) when he is around Ji-won. It looks like Ji-won’s care and attention seems to be having a healing effect on him. Though Hee sung says he doesn’t feel emotions he appears as emotional as a normal person, judging by the way he behaves around Eun-ha and Ji-won. It seems like he isn’t able to name the emotions which he is feeling probably because he started feeling them only after he met Ji-won.

After this episode, it seems like there is a slight doubt in Ji-won’s mind that Do Hyun Su might be innocent. She wondered how Nam recognised the killer in a raincoat while she couldn’t even recognise her husband when he wore a similar one. She noticed that Do Hae Su still is concerned for her brother. Ji-won is also doubting Do Min Seok’s suicide. She has also figured that Do Hyun Su isn’t Nam’s killer. She is sure to have noticed that Do Hyun Su had many chances in the warehouse to kill her if he wanted to, but he chose not to. She also saw how the villagers reacted at the mention of Do Hyun Su’s name. It looks like by the time she figures out Hee Sung is Do Hyun su, she might probably believe that he isn’t a killer nor a threat.

People keep using Do Hyun Su to get what they want. Ji-won also did the same tthing unwittingly when she said she wanted Do Hyun Su to be a killer. The scene where Ji-won goes through the case file and discusses anti social personality disorder with Hee Sung was a good watch. Hee Sung got to know what Ji-won thinks about Do Hyun Su as a person.

Do Hae Su was shown in this episode. It was interesting to see her career choice. It looks like she has a bigger part to play in the storyline.

It is funny how Hee Sung impersonated Kim for the second time now. It is beginning to look like he is using Kim Moo Jin as his third identity now.

I wonder how the Fish print phone plug came to be in Do Hyun Su’s possession.

Spoiler begins- 

The part where Park Kyung Choon worked the CCTV footage to his advantage was an interesting watch. The way the script connected all the dots in Park’s character arc was good. Park Kyung Choon was the one who told Nam that Do Hyun was the one who assisted in the murders. It was unsettling to see how a victim’s family member recreated a gruesome murder easily, just to bring the police’s attention on one person.

Spoiler ends

I wonder what happened to the last victim Jung Mi Sook. There is a possibility that she may be alive. If she is dead I am curious to know why the burial location is different.

There is a lot of information that crops up regarding the Yeonju murders with every episode. Someone must be having the missing set of thumbnails. It also looks like Do Min Seok might not be the real killer of the Yeonju murders after all. This means both the real killer and his accomplice are roaming freely on the streets.

It looks like Hee Sung’s mother has anger issues. The Hee sung who is on life support was a mathematical genius. He seems to have been fine till his teenage years. It looks like the Baek family is somehow connected to the murder in Gakyeongri village. They are going to great lengths to hide their real son’s condition. It could be because they don’t want to explain how he wound up in that condition in the first place.

It is interesting how the plot keeps changing with its unexpected twists. The series is just in its fourth episode and the story has already come a long way. I am curious to see how the series unfolds from here.

-By Soul Sword-

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