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Flower of Evil Episode 5 Recap

Flower of Evil Episode 5 Recap


Winter of 2006

It is a cold night and Ji-won is at the store, studying. Hee Sung is buying beer. As she is billing the power goes out and the room plunges into darkness. She fumbles around looking for a lighter to light the candle. Hee Sung uses his lighter and lights the candle.


As he is about to leave she says that the fruit store opposite to this one got robbed the previous time there was a power cut. He looks at her without responding and she asks him to forget what she said. HeeSung walks out of the store.

Ji-won locks the door after him. She notices Hee Sung standing outside. She wonders why he hasn’t left.

Outside, it starts to snow. Hee Sung put his hand out and the snowflakes fall on his hand as he stands facing the street. After some time, the power comes back on and Hee Sung walks away. Ji-won comes out and shouts, “You hit on me first!”.


On another night, Ji-won sits on the bench while Hee Sung stands beside her. She is upset as she tells him that her friends say he likes her. She says she confessed first because she is a bright-hearted person. Hee Sung tells her to go home because it is late. She asks why he cares where she is. He says her mother always seeks him out when Ji-won doesn’t come home.

Ji-won asks for a piggyback ride as she is exhausted and he stares at her. Ji-won asks him to go away as it is weird to strike up a conversation with a stranger. He starts to walk away but she says it is obvious that he likes her. She says she knows him.

He walks up to her and asks if he should tell her what kind of person he is.


The officer gives Ji-won the watch he found at the warehouse.

The innkeeper informs Hee Sung that his cab is here. He says he didn’t call the cab but he needs one anyway. He goes down saying he will ask the cab.

Meanwhile, Ji-won recognises that the watch belongs to Hee Sung. She stands rooted to the spot, speechless as the officer asks what should be done with the watch.

Hee Sung walks out of the inn and gets into Park’s cab. Park asks how Do Hyun Su managed to hide so well. Hee Sung asks him what he wants. Park says he wants Jung Mi Sook.


Kim is getting treatment for his wound as he thinks out loud as to who Jung Mi Sook is. The doctor says she is the victim whose body wasn’t found. He says he is scared to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Hee Sung says he doesn’t know who Jung Mi-Seok is. Park munches on nuts as he says it is a shame that Nam died for nothing. Just then, Hee Sung receives a call from Kim, who says Jung Mi Sook is the last victim and the culprit is her husband. He asks where Hee SUng is. Park holds up the photo which Oh Bok Ja had from 5 years back. Hee Sung says Kim needn’t know that and hangs up. Park asks if Hee Sung had a son or daughter. Hee Sung grabs the photo and tears it up.

Park takes out another can of nuts. Hee Sung says he had nothing to do with the murders. He says he can compensate Park. Suddenly, Park pulls out a cloth (probably chloroform) from the can of nuts and clamps it over Hee Sung’s mouth and nose. Hee sung struggles to get free and stabs Park in the thigh with the glass shard. He manages to get out of the car after punching Park in the face. He stumbles as he walks but his vision is blurry. He notices a fire pit drum nearby and stumbles toward it.

Park pulls out the glass shard and runs toward Hee Sung. Hee Sung throws the photo into the fires before Park reaches him. They get into a scuffle and Park manages to clamp the chloroform cloth over Hee Sung’s face again. This time, Hee Sung loses consciousness. Hee Sung’s phone falls on the ground as Park drags Hee Sung away. The innkeeper is shocked as she sees Hee Sung being dragged away.

Meanwhile, Ji-won says that it is her watch and she lost it at the warehouse. Just then, the officer gets intercept on his radio about a taxi driver assaulting his passenger. Ji-won and Ho Jun exchange a look.

Back in the police station Yoon is angry that the station was wire-tapped. Lee tries to calm him down, but Yoon lunges at Choi who tries to defend himself. Choi says it is just one mistake and Yoon again lunges at him. this time he grabs Choi’s hair and the entire station crowds around them in an effort to pull them apart. Yoon shouts how dare Choi grabs his hair too. Choi yells that he is defending himself.


Finally, Lee loses his cool and yells asking them to stop it. The station goes silent as Choi and Yoon let go of each other. Lee says they have to catch Park before morning if they want to save their face in front of the press. Yoon asks him to present the case.

Lee says they have Park’s financial records and vehicle logs. He says they are looking into his family. Yoon says he will shave everyone’s head starting with Choi if the culprit isn’t caught within the end of the day. He tells them to not breathe a word to anyone about being wire-tapped.

Meanwhile, Ho Jun and Ji-won are driving to the inn to check on the taxi driver complaint. Lee is on the phone. He says they are trying to locate the cab. Ho-Jun updates Lee on the status.

Ji-won is deep in thought as she recalls Do Hyun Su near the wall when she called his name. She also recalls seeing his shoes when he ran towards her with the blanket in the warehouse. She is upset.

Ho Jun asks since when he carried an extra watch. She says she brought it to get it repaired and forgot about it. He says it looks expensive. She says it is her husbands watch and she had taken it from him to drop it in the repair shop. He points out that earlier she said it was hers. Ji-won loses her temper and yells at him for talking about a darn watch. She tells him to stop fussing over something so trivial.

Meanwhile, Kim has got stitched up and catches up with the doctor. It looks like he knows him from his childhood days. The doctor says he didn’t think Park could kill someone. He says they catch Do Hyun Su soon. Kim asks what Do Hyun Su has to do with this. The doctor says Do Hyun Su assisted in the crimes and he knows where the bodies are. Kim says DO Hyun Su isn’t a serial killer and even the cops said it is a one-man-crime. He says Do Hyun Su is a regular killer. The doctor asks if Kim really doesn’t know and Kim asks what he is talking about.

Meanwhile, the innkeeper identifies Park through the photo which Ho Joon has. She says the man dragged her guest away. Ho Joon walks away to report to Lee.

Ji-won asks the innkeeper was a known person. The woman says he was an outsider. JI-won learns that the person paid with cash. Just then, Hee SUng’s phone rings beside the fire pit drum. She is shocked when she sees that it is Hee Sung’s phone (Eun-ha’s photo is the wallpaper).


Ho Jun walks up to her and she is flustered as she says she thinks Hee Sung is the victim. She shows the innkeeper his photo and the woman confirms that it was indeed Hee Sung. Ho Joon asks how Hee Sung was here. She says she has no idea.

Just then, Choi calls back and Ji-won grabs Ho Jun’s phone. She asks if he can locate Park’s cab and he says he can. Ji-won rushes to the police car and starts it. Ho-jun gets into the car just in time as she races speeds down the road. Ho Jun tells her to slow down but she floors it. Choi says that Park isn’t even driving fast.

JI-won spots Park’s taxi on the parallel road. She drives faster and she takes his lane when the roads intersect. She drives up behind Park’s car. She tries to overtake him but Park swerves and doesn’t give her space.


Park throws the radio at Ji-won’s car and it hits her windshield cracking it. Ji-won loses control of the car and crashes into a roadside shop. She loses consciousness for a second. She apologises to Ho Jun when she comes around. She says she snapped. Ho Jun says they should find Hee Sung.


At the hospital, Kim is pestering the doctor to tell him what he is talking about. Just then, Kyung Sik walks in. He says he is with the Yeonju Police station and needs Kim’s statement regarding Oh Bok Ja’s assault. The doctor says Kyung Sik was a part of the investigation team of the serial murders and asks him to tell Kim the real story. Kyung Sik says they can’t tell that to the civilians. The doctor says, “A witness.”

Elsewhere, Hee Sung wakes up to find himself on the floor of what looks like a small pool. His hands and legs are tied up. He hears his name and looks up to find Park sitting on the edge.


Park says Do Hyun has an ID in the name of Baek Hee Sung. He walks towards Hee Sung with a knife. He runs it across Hee Sung’s face as he says a serial killer got a new identity, a marriage, a child and even a haircut. Hee Sung asks if he should make PArk more jealous and says he even owns a two-story house in Seoul. He says the bank owns most of it at this moment.

Hee Sung says it is pathetic that Park is taking out all the anger on the son when the real killer is dead. Hee Sung mimics the villagers, “He is just like his father…. he is possessed by an evil spirit… he was in a mental institution… he is soulless… he was aware of his father’s crimes…they were accomplices.”

Park says the rumours are true and asks if Hee Sung isn’t scared of the knife. Hee sung asks why he would be scared of an opponent whom he can see through. Hee Sung says he is boring and Park stabs him. Hee Sung groans in pain as Park comments that Hee Sung does feel pain.

Park says he will inflict pain till Hee Sung says where Jung Min Sook is. Hee Sung says something in a low voice and PArk comes near to listen. He puts his ear close to Hee Sung. Hee Sung bites off a part of Park’s ear.

Park howls in pain as he moves away clutching his ear. Hee sung spits out the blood and says Park failed miserably if he wanted revenge. He says torturing him is also useless because Park cant prove what Hee Sung didn’t do.

Hee sung says he knows what Park will do to him. He says he is intrigued by how it will ruin Park forever. He asks Park to show him.

Park gets up. Hee Sung takes short quick breaths as Park walks towards him.

Meanwhile, Ji-won is on phone with Choi. He says they have set up checkpoints everywhere. He adds that detectives are at stake-out outside Park’s house and workplace. He says they are checking his route maps too. She says she thinks the victim is her husband. Choi is taken aback. She says she doesn’t know why Hee Sung was at the inn. She says the innkeeper said he was on vacation. SHe asks Choi to give her an order. She says she will lose it if she has nothing to do.

Choi says they will know the location once they have the routes. Ho Jun asks her to calm down and she yells at him that she cant be calm. She then shrieks on top of her voice that Park may kill her husband. She desperately pleads for Choi to do something.

Ji-won says Choi has caught culprits before when they didn’t even have a suspect. She asks him to think hard and give a lead. Choi thinks for a while and something comes across his mind. He tells them to meet him at Park’s house.

Meanwhile, Lee is at Hee sung’s parent’s house and he informs them that Hee Sung has been kidnapped by the murderer. Hee Sung’s mother asks what has that got to do with the murderer.


Lee asks if they know who Do Hyun Su is.

Hee Sung’s mother is flustered as the father says they haven’t heard of the name. Lee says Do Hyun Su is wanted for the murder of village foreman 18 years ago. He speaks about the serial killings and Hee Sung’s mother says she has no idea about it.

Lee says Do Hyun Su is being framed for Nam’s murder by the real killer. He says that is why Hee Sung has been abducted. Hee sung’s mother asks what the killer plans to do with Do Hyun Su and her husband stops her from saying more. Lee says rescuing Hee Sung is their priority now. He says they will give them protection till then. The maid shows the detective out.

Once outside, Lee tells his partner that the conversation went easier than expected. He says the victim’s family is usually worried and blame the detectives for not doing a better job. His partner says they were interested in the case more than their son. The leave.

The maid cleans up the table as Hee sung’s mother tells her husband that it would have been easier if Hee sung lived with them. Hee sung’s father says it wouldn’t have changed much. He says they knew what they were getting into when they took him in knowing his complicated background.

She walks into the secret room and stands beside her son. She says the culprit knew Hee Sung was Do Hyun Su. She says once the police find out that Do Hyun su lived as Hee Sung they will be in trouble. She asks who will take care of Hee Sung (on life support) if something happens to them. Hee Sung’s father says the culprit will kill Do Hyun Su. He says if Do Hyun Su dies, the secret will be just between the two of them. He says they will be a pitiful old couple who got used by him after he found out their weakness. He says they can maintain that they didn’t know he was Do Hyun su or that he was a serial murderer’s son or that he was wanted for murder.


Meanwhile, at the hideout, Hee Sung’s hands are tied to the bar on the floor. Park opens the pipe and water starts filling the pool. He says Hee Sung has time to change his mind. Hee Sung maintains that he cant prove what he doesn’t know.

Park asks what Hee Sung was doing on May 12th 2002. Hee Sung asks if Park is joking with him. Park says that was when Jung Min Sook disappeared. Hee Sung is surprised as he hears this. Park goes on that Mi Sook was in a black SUV with license plate 3194. He says that is Do Hyun Su’s father’s car.

Meanwhile, Kim and officer Kyung Sik are out for a drink. Kyung Sik says he is drunk and spoke way too much today. He asks if Kim is using him. Kim shows Kyung Sik his phone. He finds that his recorder is missing (fell at Oh Bok Ja’s house). He excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

Kim goes to the restroom and writes a date on his forearm, “May 12th, 2002, 2:00 am, Sehyun 2-dong, witness Jang Young Hee worked at JNQ hotel”. He smiles saying this is interesting.

At the hideout, Hee Sung strains at his ties as the water reaches his feet are below water. Park stands beside him popping pills.

Park says someone saw Mi Seok being forced into Do Min Seok’s car at 2:30 am in Sehyun 2-dong intersection. He says DO Min Seok got investigated but later got acquitted. He says it is because the son made sure the father had a solid alibi. He says if that hadn’t happened, his wife would have been alive.


Hee Sung says he said the truth. He says he was with his father the whole day till next morning. He says his statement remained the same. Do Hyun Su says the witness was drunk and she changed her statement. he says his statement was consistent while the witness statement changed because she couldn’t remember.

Hee Sung says killing him won’t complete his imagination. Park dangles the fish Phone plug in front of Hee Sung. Hee Sung is startled as he sees it. Park asks why Do Hyun Su has Mi Seok’s fish keychain. Hee Sung thinks back to what happened.

In a flashback, on the day of his father’s funeral, Do Hyun Su is lying on the floor of the empty funeral hall. He is listening to music on the cassette player. Do Hae Soo shakes him awake. He gets up.


Do Hae Soo gives him the fish keychain and asks him to keep it with him at all times because it will bring him luck.

At present, reporters crowd around Do Hae Soo’s house asking for an interview. They say she is helping her brother escape. She opens the door slightly with the chain on and asks them to leave her alone.

He asks her if she didn’t know her father was a serial killer. Her eyes are downcast as says she didn’t know. The reporter says after her father’s death and her brother fled, she joined a prestigious art school. he asks what she has to tell to the people. She says sorry and tries to close the door. He holds the door open and asks why she doesn’t show her face proudly if she isn’t helping her brother flee. He calls her pretty. She looks up at him and closes the door. They continue to bang on her door.

Ho Jun drives down the road with Ji-won beside him. Choi is on the phone. He explains that the previous suspect had a fancy lock newly installed on his door, despite the fact that he was moving soon.

Ji-won realises that Park would’ve installed a lock at his hideout too. Choi says he would’ve employed a locksmith too. He says they should search his home.

Park asks Hee Sung how he has Mi Sook’s fish keychain. Hee Sung is dumbstruck as Hae Soo’s image with the keychain flashes before him. A shiver runs through him. Hee Sung struggles against his bonds as Park asks him where Mi Sook is.


Ji-won, Choi and Ho Jun reach Park’s house and start searching it. Ji-won finds the locksmith’s torn pamphlet in the dustbin. They call up the locksmith who says he found it odd that the construction had stopped there and this person wanted a lock.


The water reaches Hee Sung’s neck as he says he doesn’t know where Mi Sook is. The water reaches his face and Hee Sung struggles to stay above water level. Park ask him again where his wife is. Hee Sung tells him one last time that he doesn’t know before being fully immersed in water.

Choi’s car races into the building. They spot the cab. Choi tells Ho Jun to call for back up and block the exit as Ji-won runs inside. She finds the door locked and Choi breaks the lock with a tool lying nearby.

Ji-won rushes forward and opens the door to be greeted with Park coming towards her with a knife. she holds him off as Choi kicks him from behind. As Chi tackles him. Ji-won runs inside.

Her eyes widen as she sees Hee Sung under the water. She jumps into the water.

Meanwhile, Choi floors Park and he is about to make the arrest when Park picks up the knife on the floor and stabs Choi. As he is about to run away, ho Jun comes in with his gun. Choi tells him to shoot Park. Ho Jun hesitates and asks Park to drop the knife. Park holds the knife against Choi and holds Choi against him. Choi tells Ho Joon to shoot.


Ji-won swims towards Hee Sung and tries to free him but he is tied down. She goes up for air and comes back in and she puts her mouth over his to resuscitate him.


Choi asks Ho Jun to shoot. Ho Jun still hesitates. Choi gathers his strength and pushes against Park running backwards. He bangs PArk hard against the wall and falls unconscious. Park’s head hits one of the water wheels on the wall and Park’s head starts bleeding as he sinks to the floor dazed.

Ji-won resuscitates Hee Sung again. Her eyes widen as he wakes up.


Hee Sung opens his eyes and looks at her. His voiceover narrates, “Should I tell you what kind of a person I am? ”


In a flashback (2008), Ji-won sits on the bench as he tells her that he never graduated high school as he had a hard time adjusting. he says he was even a part of a gang and got into fights often. He says he has punched a guy to a level where he wasn’t even aware of his scrapped knuckles. He says it felt good. Just then, he sees his father standing a few feet away holding a hound dog leash. He says he sees things he shouldn’t see. He says he isn’t normal in his head. She asks him what he sees and he says he sees a dead person.

Ji-won asks if she loved that person. She says her dead grandmother comes in her dreams sometimes. She says, “Grandma you can go now. Stop worrying about me and rest in peace.” She says her grandmother went away.

Hee Sung says she is really dense. Ji-won asks if he feels he can’t offer her anything. He says he doesn’t know how to feel that way. Jo-won says his problem is that he doesn’t see himself the way she sees him.

Ji-won says, “I like you from here on out. I’ll be there for you. I’ll teach you everything you don’t know. Then one-day things will change for you. You’d be surprised.” She looks at him expectantly as he watches her. She says her heart skips a beat when he gazes at her. She says he still says he doesn’t feel that way.


Hee Sung says she is a mystery to him. She asks if it means he likes her. She gets up and says the mood is right and says they should kiss. She leans in and kisses him. Hee Sung closes his eyes for a moment and then opens his eyes. He looks at his fathers figure standing a few yards away as his voiceover says, “Father, you can go now. I want to stay here. So please… please go.”


Hee Sung’s eyes widen as he watches his father turn around and walk away. He stands rooted to the spot as Ji-won steps back. She asks what they should do now and if they should go for a drink.

Hee Sung pulls her close and kisses her.


At present, Hee Sung opens his eyes and closes them again. Ji-won comes out of the water and grabs a knife. She cuts him loose and drags him out of the water. She puts him on the floor and resuscitates him. When Hee Sung doesn’t budge, she bursts into tears and desperately calls for help.

Hee Sung’s opens his eyes slowly as his voiceover narrates, “I always thought that I was lucky to have met you. But… for the first time, I’m thinking you should have never met me. Yes, I finally know what it means. I’m sorry.”

Hee Sung closes his eyes and loses consciousness. Ji-won cries as she tries to shake him awake.


We see a montage of many scenes with Hee Sung and Ji-won. (Most of them haven’t been shown in the series yet)

Image Courtesy- TVN


Hee Sung’s character was portrayed very well in this episode. It showed how he decided to let Ji-won be a part of his life. The scene was well made and the scenes from 2006 and 2008 are a good watch.

Hee Sung’s parents are ready to wash their hands of Do Hyun Su/Hee Sung the first chance they get. Detective Lee is suspicious of them though.

The moment she saw the watch, Ji-won knew that Hee Sung will be in trouble. She was trying to dodge the questions Ho Jun was asking before yelling at him. The way her situation was portrayed was good. Being an emotional person that she is, she was an emotional wreck throughout the episode. Moon Chae Won has delivered the part well.

The scene where Hee Sung realises that the fish keychain was given to him by Hae Soo was well made. Up until that time he was angry at Park and tried to talk sense into him. The moment he saw the keychain his expression changed and he was dumbstruck.

Kim on the other hand is doing some great snooping. He is an entertaining character and interesting to watch on screen.

The 7th victim’s case seems suspicious as the witness was drunk. There are numerous possibilities that could have happened. The seventh victim herself could have been the accomplice. Do Hae Soo seems like an obvious suspect. I wonder why Kim and Do Hae Soo broke up. It makes me curious to see if the real Hee Sung is connected to Do Hae Soo in some way. It is interesting that the killings stopped in 2002. From what we know it is possible that the real Hee Sung went into a coma around that time.

This episode was like a finale of its own. I am curious to see the following episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

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