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Flower of Evil Episode 6 Recap

Flower of Evil Episode 6 Recap



Baek Hee Sung (Kim Ji-Hoon) is driving through the rainy night. He is on the phone with someone to whom he says that he is fine. He says he will needs to face it himself, no matter how difficult it is. He asks how did ‘she’ seem. Hearing the response he states that he is glad. As he hangs up he is startled as he presses the breaks, but it is too late.


His car hits Do Hyun Su (Lee Joon-Gi) who is on the road. Alarmed, Hee Sung gets out of the car and goes over to check. Do Hyun SU is still conscious and Hee Sung says he will call the ambulance. Do Hyun Su holds Hee Sung’s hand and says, “No hospitals”. Hee Sung is taken aback as he hears this. Do Hyun Su passes out.



Ji-won accompanies the gurney that wheels Hee Sung/Do Hyun Su into the hospital. She weeps as they try to resuscitate him.

We see a montage of young Do Hyun Su and Do Hae Soo. Do Hyun Su calls, “Hae Soo!” Do Hyun Su’s voiceover says, “Hae Su, live a normal life… never look for me.” Do Hae Su’s face is smeared with blood as she listens to him while weeping. Do Hyun Su’s voiceover continues, “I won’t live as Do Hyun Su anymore…”


At present, Hee Sung/ Do Hyun Su wakes up with a start. He is in a hospital. He removes the IV line attached to him and he gets out of the bed but his legs give away and he falls. He gets up and slowly makes his way to the door.

He walks out of the room and as he comes to the edge of the corridor he sees a cop who speaks into his phone, “Yes he is awake.”

Hee Sung/ Do Hyun Su tries to walk away but the cop comes and says, “Do Hyun Su.. it is over now.”The cop arrests him.

Hee Sung snaps out of it when the cop asks if he is alright. In reality,

the officer seems friendly and offers to escort him to his room. Hee Sung realises that he is not under arrest and he imagined it.

He pushes the officer away and walks away hastily. He turns the corridor and stops in his tracks as he sees Ji-won on the other end. He takes a step back when he sees her. She walks towards him and he judges her expression. She hugs him and cries. He hugs her saying he is alright.


Meanwhile, Kim is trying to get a meeting with the witness who claims to have seen Jung Mi Seok get abducted. He asks her if she really saw the abduction and the woman hangs up.

Just then, Kim and the crowd’s attention turns to the news telecast. The news speaks about Nam’s murder. It says Park is the murderer and that he even kidnapped Baek Hee Sung.

Hee Sung’s mother is flustered as she drives her car hearing the same news on the radio. The news says the police are investigating Park’s motive on abducting Hee Sung.

10 days later

Hee Sung is surrounded by a team of doctors, Ji-won, Ji-won’s mother and Eun-ha. The doctor says Hee Sung may experience fuzziness or memory loss. He says they are here to ask a few questions. The ask for his name and DOB. He says he was born on March 15th 1982 and his name is Baek Hee sung. They ask him his wife’s name and he says she is Cha Ji-won. They ask him his daughter’s name and he asks if he has a daughter. Eun ha runs up to him and says she is his daughter. She is teary as she asks why he doesn’t remember her.

The doctor says it is fine and his memory may be returning in reverse. Hee Sung smiles as he lifts Eun ha and puts her on him. He says, “Baek Eun Ha. She is 6 years old and born in September 2015. She goes to Small Bird Kindergarten.”

Tears run down Eun Ha’s face as she says she hates him and everyone laughs.


Just then, Hee Sung’s father walks in and the doctor reports to him that Hee Sung’s vitals are fine. After the doctors leave, Hee Sung’s father asks him how he is and Hee Sung says he is fine. Hee Sung’s mother rushes in yelling. She asks if he (Do Hyun Su) thinks that his life is his.

Hee sung’s father stops her by saying Ji-won’s mother is there. Ji-won’s mother says she is glad her son-in-law is healthy now. Hee Sung’s mother says Ji-won should have informed that her mother is coming. Ji-won apologises to her. The Hee Sung’s mother asks for some privacy as she wants to be with her family. Ji-won’s mother is offended as she says they are all family. Ji-won stops her from saying more.

Ji-won steps forward and asks Eun ha to come with her so she can buy her a snack. Eun-ha refuses to come and she throws a tantrum. She says she hates her mom and Ji Won moves away. Hee Sung says Eun ha has to listen to her mother if he has to get alright. Eun-ha leaves with Ji-won and her mother.

Hee Sung’s mother refers to Eun-ha as a little rat and says it is tough to like her. Hee Sung says her name is Baek Eun Ha.

Outside, Ji-won seems concerned as she peeks into the room through the window before walking away.

Hee Sung’s mother says she is worried about Park. Hee Sung’s father says Park is still alive and it may be advantageous to them. he says Park received surgery for a fractured skull but is showing no reaction to external stimulus.

Detective Lee is in Parks room. He is told that Park’s surgery went well.

Meanwhile, Eun Ha asks Ji-won when they can go back to their house. Ji-won goes silent and Ji-won’s mother says they can as soon as Hee Sung is discharged. Eun-ha is about to leave with her grandmother. Ji-won asks her mother if she can stay any longer. Ji-won’s mother gives her a hug saying everything will be fine. She asks Ji-won to drop by as she will cook her favourite dish and Ji-won smiles. Ji-won waves them both goodbye.

In his room, Hee Sung’s mother asks if Ji-won won’t ask why Hee Sung was there. Hee Sung says he told Ji-won that he followed Kim to take a look at Do Min Seok’s workshop to get ideas for his work. His father asks if they can trust Kim and Hee SUng says he knows Kim’s weakness. His mother asks what it is and Hee Sung says they needn’t know that. His mother asks if he doesn’t trust them. Hee Sung asks if they trust him. His father cuts in saying the issue here is Park.

Hee Sung’s mother again gets worked up and yells that this should be taken care of. Her husband asks her if she remembers what happened 15 years ago because of her agitation. He asks if she remembers why they are getting nervous about Park. He tells her to go home as this is too much for her to handle. She pushes him away and walks away saying that she knows how useless she is.

Ji-won sits at a bench outside the hospital and Ho Joon rushes to her saying he is excited for her.

In a flashback, Ji-won sits beside Hee Sung’s bed in the hospital. She runs to the doctor asking why he isn’t waking up despite raising the temperature. She says he hasn’t even moved a finger. The doctor calmly explains that Hee Sung is on narcotics. He says it has just been 5 days and she will have to prepare herself and endure it. He says Hee Sung may be here much longer. Ho Joon who watches this, holds her hand to restrain her. After the doctor leaves, she says it has been just 5 days and asks how can a day be so long.

At present Ji-won asks Ho-Joon an update about Park. Ho-Joon says they are trying to get a detention warrant. He says he thinks Park is faking it to avoid being locked up. He says the doctors didn’t find any problems that would affect Park’s cognitive skills. He adds that they can’t be sure as his body is very weak due to cancer.

Hee Sung’s father is in Hee Sung’s room. He says they are deciding Park’s detention warrant tomorrow and are asking for the hospital’s cooperation. he says the doctor’s assessment will be disadvantageous to Park. He says there is a good chance Park will be locked up tomorrow.


Hee Sung says it means they will have to do something tonight. His father asks if he wants to give it a try. He says Park’s body is already addicted to narcotic painkillers. He says it won’t be weird if he gets a heart attack. He says there is no family to request an autopsy. He says he can help if Hee Sung offers to do it. Hee Sung asks his father if he cant do it by himself. He doesn’t get a response and Hee Sung says he will think it over. His father walks away after daying that tonight is his only chance.

Meanwhile, ho Joon suggests that they should take Hee Sung’s statement as to how ruthless and cunning Park can be. He adds that Hee Sung was tortured.

Kim stands outside the ladies restroom in a college and speaks on the phone with Hee Sung. He says this time he thought Hee SUng might die. Hee Sung says Kim hasn’t given his statement to the police yet. Kim says he has been avoiding them because they have to get their stories straight first. Hee Sung tells him what to say.

Just then, the cleaning lady (Jang Young Hee- witness) comes out of the restroom and she walks into another restroom. Kim follows her into the restroom. He grabs the mop from her and starts cleaning the stall.


The woman maintains that she has nothing to tell him. He says she is the last person to see Jun Mi SOok alive. He asks her what happened. she says she doesn’t remember what happened 18 years ago.

Kim says Jung Mi Seok was Park’s wife. He reminds her that Park is the suspect in the murder case. He says they could have saved Jung Mi Seok if Jang had given the information properly. Jang says she wants a quiet life for her daughter. She says the monster will attack her daughter if she talks. Kim says Do Min Sook died a long time back. Jang says she isn’t talking about him and Kim gets curious. She goes away before he can ask more.

At the hospital, Hee Sung gets ready to give his statement. Ji-won asks is he can remember everything. He says it will be fine and reaches out towards her face. She moves away in a reflex action. He asks her why she is so jumpy and removes something from her hair. She stands still as she lets him.

He asks her why she is nervous. She smiles. She asks why he is looking at her like that and he says he keeps remembering how she looked when she was frantically trying to wake him up.

Just then, Choi walks in wheeling his IV line. He comes over to them and says he is fine. He tells them not to bother to visit him if they haven’t until now. Hee Sung apologises for not visiting. Choi says Hee Sung has been through a lot and says he is tough to survive what Park put him through.


Choi says he will take the statement and sits down. He asks why Park tortured Hee Sung instead of killing him. He says torturing someone is the extreme measure to get an answer from someone. Ji-won frowns at Choi and says he is asking the victim a loaded question. She tells Hee Sung not to think too hard to answer.

Choi tells Ji-won to sit next to him if she is going to be a cop or sit next to Hee Sung if she is going to help him. He tells her not to talk abruptly. Ji-won says she will go out and leaves the room when Hee Sung reassures her.

Hee Sung says he told Park that there was a cop in his family. He says Park took all his anger out on him for the hatred he had over the cops who didn’t find his wife. He says he was stabbed in the arm and he passed out. He says he was submerged from the chest down when he woke up.

Choi says what puzzled him was he didn’t kill Hee Sung like Nam but he took his time to drown him. Hee Sung says he is curious about that too.

Ho Joon interrupts saying that if they had been late, they wouldn’t have been able to save Hee Sung. He says the Police would’ve felt guilty forever. Hee Sung says it might be true. Choi asks if Ho Joon is Park’s lawyer and asks how he knows what Park is thinking.

Hee Sung interrupts him say he doesn’t know what Park thinks either. He asks Choi to ask questions which he can answer. Choi says Hee Sung went with Kim to the village and then happened to get into Park’s cab randomly and ended up being kidnapped.

Hee Sung asks if it is a question and Choi says it is a doubt. Hee Sung asks if Choi doesn’t like him. Choi says he does. Hee Sung says when Ji-won introduced him to Choi, Choi had welcomed him as a brother but had advised Ji-won to break up with him later on because he was bad news. He asks if he did something to get on Choi’s bad side. He says he will apologise sincerely if he tells him what it is.

Choi says he isn’t a likeable person. He says there are only 3 types of people who try to get on his good side, “A liar, a potential liar or one in the middle of lying.”

Hee Sung says that Choi says he is taking the statement though he is extremely biased against hee Sung. Hee Sung tells Ho Joon that it will be better if he took the statement instead of Choi. Choi smiles as Ho Joon takes over.

Choi says he doesn’t specialise with victims anyway. He says the truth will come out once the arrests Park. Choi walks out of the room.

Meanwhile, Ji-won gets a call from Nam’s wife, thanking her for catching the killer. She says she has information on Do Hyun Su. she says she wants to meet in person and talk before she leaves for her parent’s house. She has a black bag beside her as she talks.

Ji-won goes still for a moment and then tells her that she will meet her after wrapping this case up. She also tells the woman to contact only her regarding this. The woman agrees and hangs up.


Ji-won’s attention is drawn to the news running on TV. The reporter shows them around Do Min Seok’s workshop where he lived with his son Do Hyun Su. The camera pans to the crafted items on the floor. He says the victims were kept in the basement below the workshop. The reporter goes into the basement where the dungeons are there. He shows the cage in which the victims were kept in. He goes into the cage and says he feels powerless here. The man picks up a zip tie and says this is probably what the killer used to bind the victims.

Ji-won watches the news report quietly.

Hee Sung is in his room. He recalls Choi saying he will make Park talk and his father saying today is his last chance.

Just then, Ji-won walks in. He says he did well in his statement. He sees her eyes are downcast and asks what is wrong. She says it is nothing. Hee Sung says it seems like she is worried about something and asks what it is. He says she is exhausted and she should go home and rest.

She asks him how she can sleep in this situation. Her eyes tear up as she says he almost died in front of her eyes 10 days back. She asks if he has any idea how devastated she was. She says her legs gave in every time she received a call. She said she suffocated within the 10 seconds where she checked who was calling. She says every time she went to the empty house she felt she will be left alone. She is furious as she says he will never understand how tormented she feels. She asks how he could do this to her.


She says she should go and starts to leave but he holds her. Hee Sung says they should talk. Ji-won asks what they should talk about. he says she can talk about anything and he will sit and listen. Ji-won grabs her hand away and says she is tired. She says she will go sleep and walks out of the room.

Ji-won stands in the lobby and recalls what happened 5 days ago.


Ji-won sits next to Hee Sung’s bed as he slightly opens his eyes. She asks if he recognises her and he keeps referring to her as his elder sister.

Hee Sung sees Do Hae Soo sitting in Ji-won’s place. He face is splattered with blood. He tells her to live a normal life. he tells her not to look for him. He says, “I won’t live as Do Hyun Su anymore.” Ji-won is shocked as she hears this.


Do Hae Su is on the film set. The maker says they can’t work if the reporters keep interfering. She says she will quit. He apologises that it has to be this way. She thanks him for apologising instead of asking about her family not blaming her for almost ruining him.


The man asks who would say that. Hae Su recalls Kim telling her that she should have broken up with him. Kim also says that she reminds him of her father and it gives him creeps.

Hae Su at present says that there are a lot of people who are angry on her.

Kim again visits witness Jang’s house at night. SHe comes out saying he is invading her privacy. Kim says she gave him a huge tip that Do Min Sook had an accomplice. He says she should be courageous and people should hear the truth. She asks if he will protect her daughter.


Just then, the door opens and her daughter comes out. She says she will call the police if he doesn’t clear out on the count of three. He tries to reason with her but she starts counting and he leaves.

Meanwhile, Hee Sung is thinking hard in his room. He calls up his father and says he will do it as he thinks it needs to be done.

Ji-won is at the police station. She picks up a forensics kit (luminol solution, hydrogen peroxide, etc).

At home, she goes through the village foreman murder case file. There are photos of the dead body, murder weapon, the history book smeared with blood. She sees the child consultation record of DO Hyun Su. She sees, “threw puppy into the river, shows severe violence towards mammals, carried out art therapy, insensible, emotionless, indifference, lacks empathy and guilt, shows signs of schizoid personality disorder, requires psychiatric drug treatment” listed down.

She turns to another page with the title “relationship with the suspected crime- Witness statement Byun Seok Ki.” she reads various accounts given by the villagers on Do Hyun Su’s behaviour. Ji-won closes the file and takes short breaths.

Ji-won enters Hee Sung’s craft shop with the forensic kit. She breaks the door to the basement with a hammer.


Meanwhile, Hee Sung puts on a medical coat in his room. His father watches him as he puts on the latex gloves. His father gives him the vial along with the syringe. His father tells him not to give an injection mark on his body. Hee Sung wears a face mask.

Ji-won prepares the solution and sprays it over the floor and furniture of the basement to check for traces of blood.


Hee Sung wheels the trolley to Park’s room. His father has instructed him regarding the detectives’ shifts and says the night detective doesn’t know about the dressing times.

Hee Sung goes into the room. The detective asks if they change dressing at night. Hee Sung convinces him and the detective says he was itching for a smoke.

Hee Sung walks close to Park and Park opens his eyes. he says he has been waiting for him. Hee Sung brings out the vial and removes his mask. He asks what Park thinks he will do. park says he knew Hee Sung will come to kill him. Hee Sung asks what he is up to this time. Park asks where Mi-sook is. Hee Sung remains quiet.

Park asks if Hee Sung really doesn’t know where she is buried. hee sung leans low and says he found out that his father was a serial killer only after he saw it on TV. He asks if it is that hard to believe. Park said he thought Do Hyun Su would tell the truth when he killed him. Hee Sung says he doesn’t intend on saving him whether he believes him or not. He says Park tried to ruin his life and he still can.

Park says he realised that everything he hears about Do Hyun Su are rumours. He says he may be wrong but he killed an innocent man and tortured Hee Sung ruthlessly. Park tells him not to hesitate. Hee Sung loads the syringe and Park closes his eyes.

In the basement, Ji-won switches the lights off and waits. Her eyes widen as a huge patch on the floor lights up in blue. (blood from Kim and Hee Sung’s scuffle). She goes over to the corner and picks up a zip tie which is also blue. She recalls the Yeonju murder victims being tied with zip ties.


Hee Sung is about to inject the medicine into the vial but he stops and says he has a question. He asks how Park felt when he found out that Jung Mi Seok was dead.

Park is furious and asks why he wants to know. Hee sung recalls Ji-won saying she felt tormented at the thought of Hee sung dying. He says he wants to know.

Park says he wanted to die. Hee Sung asks why Park didn’t die. Park says he had something to do. He says he wanted to move Jung Mi Sook to a comfortable place. Hee Sung says she is dead already and asks what is the point. Park says what they say about Mi-Sook, in the end, will be different.

Hee Sung says goodbye to him and injects the drug into the IV line.

Meanwhile, the detective overhears two of the interns taking. One of them thanks the other for changing Park’s dressing today. The detective speaks to them and finds out that Park’s dressing has been already changed for the day.

the detective runs back to Park’s room but doesn’t notice Hee SUng walking past him in patient clothes. The detective runs in to see Park lying with his eyes wide open. The detective checks the vitals and they seem normal.


Hee Sung tells Park that someone gave the wooden fish keychain to his elder sister at their father’s funeral. He says she gave it to him. He says he didn’t tell him that time because Park would have abducted Hae Soo and drowned her too. Hee sung wonders who it could have been as they have given it to Hae Soo deliberately. Hee Sung says what if both the witness and he were saying the truth.

Park asks if Do Min Seok really had an accomplice. Hee Sung says Park has just 2 months to live. He asks PArk to spend his time in chasing down the real killer.

Park loses it as he pleads with Hee Sung to remove the IV. He says he doesn’t want to die. Hee Sung says the drip is blocked and Park isn’t dying.

Park asks why he did that. Hee Sung says it is because Park didn’t tell anyone about Do Hyun Su though he could if he chose to. Hee sung says the police is curious as to why Park tortured him. He tells Park to listen to him carefully.

Hee Sung walks out of the room and the detective rushes into the room a few seconds later.

Ji-won sits huddled in the basement as she recalls the statements the villagers gave about Do Hyun Su.


She then cries when she recalls Hee Sung being gentle when caring for Eun ha when she was a baby. He carried Eun-ha when she cried and told Ji-won to get rest.

Hee Sung returns to work at his craft shop. the news plays in the background. It says that Park confessed he tortured Hee Sung because of the hatred he had for the police.

Hee Sung looks at his wrist and realises his watch is missing. He recalls losing it at the warehouse when he fell.


Jang is in Kim’s office for the interview. Kang and the cameraperson are also there. She says she couldn’t get Jung Mi Seok’s face out of her mind after Kim left. She says Jung Mi Sook had looked at her with desperation in her eyes. Kim promises her that she won’t regret this decision.

Kim says she reported the incident in 2002 but later changed the statement. He asks her to explain why she did so. Jang puts a small cassette on the table. She says it is the tape from her answering machine back then.

Hee Sung picks up Eun Ha from Kindergarten. As they walk back she says the cloud looks like an egg tart. He says it looks like Ji-won.


Ji-won visits Nam’s wife. The wife gives Ji-won Do Hyun Su’s bag. She says she found it while cleaning the place. She says she thinks Nam kept it so that Do Hyun Su may come back one day for it.

Ji-won opens the bag and sees the walkman cassette player with the fish keychain inside it. Ji-won says she will catch him for sure.


At Kim’s office, Kim plays the recording. A voice (male) says, “Lady, don’t stick your nose in where it doesn’t belong. You are not the only one who saw me. I saw you too. You drive a red compact car. I also know where you live and work. You should be careful for your kids’ sake. Anyway lady, did you hear about the Gakeongri village foreman murder? Do you know why he died? Because he got nosy. the good for nothing old man didn’t know his place.”

Nam’s wife says it is bad that such a heinous criminal is on the streets. Ji-won says no one witnessed Do Hyun Su committing the crime. Nam’s wife says that Nam told her that Do Hyun Su isn’t normal and he could do anything.


Ji-won says psychopaths aren’t capable of taking care of lives weaker than them. She recalls Hee Sung caring for Eun Ha when she was an infant. she says Do Hyun Su had a dog for 10 years and he even took care of its puppy. She says that is a fact.

Nam’s wife says he did kill someone and is on the run. Ji-won says that is also a fact and she says she has to learn more. She says people should get punished for only the crimes they commit whether it is a criminal punishment or a personal grudge. She says she needs to gather a lot more facts in order to give Do Hyun Su the punishment he deserves. Nam’s wife says there are a lot of things on the internet. Ji-won says, “Let me tell you how I investigate things. I only believe what I see.”

Image Courtesy- TVN


It was revealed that Hee Sung was the one who caused the accident back in 2002 where Do Hyun Su was hurt. It looks like that is Do Hyun Su’s first brush with the Baek family as he asked not to be taken to the hospital. The Baek family have gathered that he is a wanted criminal because of this request. They could have got him to do any work for them but they chose to make him act as their son. That goes to show that the son’s life is not filled with fun and frolic. Hee Sung probably had a shady life.

It looks like Hee Sung’s father sees Do Hyun Su/Hee Sung as a killer or a hitman. He easily asked Hee Sung/Do Hyun Su to kill Park. Hee Sung’s mother, on the other hand, seems unstable as this is the second time she has blurted out information which should be kept to herself (with Detective Lee and this time at the hospital).

The scene where Choi’s questions Hee Sung while taking the statement and Hee Sung’s tactical reply was interesting to see.

It was intriguing to see Ji-won in this episode. At first, it seemed like she was covering up for Hee Sung. Later on, it seemed like she is suspecting him. But towards the end, she revealed that she just wants to know more about the case before jumping to a conclusion (despite seeing the blood traces on the basement floor). The last scene was a good watch.

Hee Sung’s conversation with Park was one of the best scenes in the episode. Hee Sung wanted to know what the death of spouse felt like to the one left behind. It was a good watch as one doesn’t have an idea as to what is running in Hee Sung’s mind.

Though one has made up their mind that Hee Sung/Do Hyun Su isn’t a killer, every time he is faced with a similar situation, it still brings the viewer to the edge of the seat.

From what is shown, Kim broke up with Hae Su after her father was caught. Do Hyun Su told her not to seek him out as he changed his identity.

It seems like Do Hyun Su took the blame for the village foreman murder. If he didn’t commit the crime, I wonder whom he is covering for.

The accomplice is another interesting character. He mentions the village foreman murder and it looks like he is the one who killed him.

Hee Sung says he didn’t know his father was a killer until it came on TV. Up until now, one assumed his Antisocial disorder might have developed because of his father. Now that Ji-won went through the file, it is revealed that Do Hyun Su showed symptoms of schizoid personality disorder. This is a condition where the person avoids social interactions but forms a close bond with animals.

The scene where Hee Sung himself told Ji-won that he was Do Hyun Su was thrilling to see as it was unexpected. Hee Sung noticed that his watch has gone missing. It looks like he will be expecting the police to catch on to it soon.

Every episode has a new bit of information added into the plot which changes the whole perception of the characters in the series. The existing information on the accomplice and the killer are minuscule and it is only based upon the characters accounts.

I hope we see more information in the upcoming episodes .

-By Soul Sword-

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