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Flower of Evil Episode 7 Recap



Do Hyun Su wakes up in a room (not a hospital). An IV line is attached to him. His injuries have been treated and wounds have been dressed. He clutches his head as he remembers the accident. He pulls out the IV line an gets out of the bed, but falls. He clutches his fractured leg in pain.

He limps down the stairs and notices Baek Hee Sung’s family photo in the living room. He immediately goes into another room which is a walk-in closet. He immediately grabs some of the expensive watches. He goes over to the dresser and grabs all the jewellery.

Just, then, the secret door opens and Hee Sung’s father walks into the room. Do Hyun Su is alarmed as he stops what he is doing and looks at Hee Sung’s father through the mirror. Just then, Hee Sung’s mother also comes out of the room.

Do Hyun Su drops everything in his hands and limps out of the room. Hee Sung’s mother shouts at Hee Sung’s father to catch Do Hyun Su. Hee Sung’s father holds a surgical tray with bloody bandages. He puts it on the table before following Do Hyun Su out of the room.


Ji Won sits by the dresser. She watches Hee Sung’s sleeping form. She picks up his shirt on the floor and recalls the previous night.

In a flashback, Hee Sung and Ji-won are kissing in their bedroom. She removes his shirt and drops it to the floor. He lays her on the bed and looks at her. Her face reflects her conflicted mind as he kisses her.

At present, Ji-won goes over to him and sits on the bed. Ji-Won’s voiceover says, “Why did you do that? Did you have to live that way? I bet you had no choice. That was what it was, right? All I want from you is just one thing. A reason to forgive you.”

She brings her hand up to his face. Hee Sung’s hand comes up and catches her hand and he slowly opens his eyes. Ji-won smiles as she asks what is it and he says he had a dream. Hee Sung asks why she is up so early. She says he slept in and it is already 8:55 am. He tries to get up and she says she will take Eun Ha to kindergarten soon.

She comments that he hasn’t slept like this. Hee Sung says he is always sleepy since he came home and it is probably because he is relaxed. She says a lot has happened and he says that he feels like nothing has happened because nothing has changed. He sits up and Ji-won’s smile fades. She says she has something for him and she gives him a box.

She says they couldn’t find his watch and she bought this as a replacement. She tells him not to lose this. He wears it immediately and says, “Here is a little change.”

Later, Hee Sung makes some apple juice for Eun Ha and Ji-won. As they drink it, Hee Sung says that the lock to his basement is broken. Ji-won says she broke it and asks if she didn’t tell him. His smile fades as he says she didn’t.

Ji-won explains that her friend needed a baby walker and she remembered Eun Ha’s was in the basement. She says she couldn’t find the key. He asks if the basement was dirty and she says the basement was spotlessly clean. Both of them smile. She takes Eun-Ha and goes away.

Later, Ji-won places a request for her husband Hee Sung’s family register.

Meanwhile, Kim watches the video which he uploaded of the accomplice’s voice recording. Kang congratulates him as the video has got over 1 million views in less than a day. She is told there are 2000 articles regarding the issue already. Their phones start ringing.

Ji-won is on the bus with the family register in her hand. She sees that Do Hyun Su lived as Hee Sung for at least 14 years. She realises that Hee Sung’s parents actively cooperated with him. She wonders why.

Just then, she overhears two school students talking about the accomplice’s voice recording in the video clip. Ji-won immediately checks her phone. She listens to the recording in which the accomplice mentions that the witness Jang drives a red compact car.


2:30 am, May 12, 2002

Jang (witness to Jung Mi Sook abduction) rams her red compact car into a black SUV at the intersection. She gets out of the car and goes over to the SUV. She knocks the driver’s side window and the driver lowers it. She apologises to him. He gets out of the SUV to check the damage. She says she would be grateful if the person agreed to settle.

At present, in a live telecast, Kim reports that the victim doesn’t remember the culprit’s face as his hat was covering his face. Kim reports that the witness was driving under influence and did not want to call the insurance company. He says the culprit asked the witness for her number and Jang wrote it on the person’s arm.


The person walks back to the SUV and gets in. Jang watches this with a puzzled look. Just then, the rear door of the SUV opens and a woman (Jung Mi Sook- 7th victim) falls outside. Jang yelps in shock.

Jung Mi Sook falters and stumbles (drugged) as she gets up and walks in an effort to getaway.

The man gets out of the car and goes over to Jung Mi Sook saying, “Honey, why did you drink so much?”. He drags Jung Mi Sook back into the car. Jang watches in shock as Jung Mi Sook gives her a desperate look before being pushed into the SUV. The man switches on the child lock and drives away. Jang makes a note of the license plate number (GYEONGGI 58, GA 3194).

 Kim reports that Jang filed a police report at the police station. He states that the license plate number led the police to Do Min Seok. Kim says this was when Do Hyun Su said he watching a movie with his father during the time of the incident. He says they had two movie tickets as evidence. He adds that the witness statement lost credibility because she was drunk and also got her license revoked.

Kim says two weeks later Do Min Seok commits suicide. He says the police found the victims’ thumbnails and belongings (including Jung Mi Sook’s) in his workshop. He says the Yeonju serial murder case got closed as soon as it was exposed to the world. Kim reports that Do Hyun Su ran away right after that after having murdered the village foreman.

Do Hae Soo is at the convenience store as she watches this news telecast. She watches wide-eyed and her eyes well up at the mention of the village foreman murder.

Kim reports that the police didn’t consider Do Hyun Su as an accomplice until DO Hyun Su became the suspect of the village foreman murder. He says the police went to the witness after this but she had retracted her statements as she was being threatened by the accomplice. He says the police chose to the case than admit to negligence during the investigation.

Hee Sung’s parents also watch the telecast.

The news broadcast plays the recording of the accomplice once again.

A voice (male) says, “Lady, don’t stick your nose in where it doesn’t belong. You are not the only one who saw me. I saw you too. You drive a red compact car. I also know where you live and work. You should be careful for your kids’ sake. Anyway lady, did you hear about the Gakeongri village foreman murder? Do you know why he died? Because he got nosy. The good for nothing old man didn’t know his place.”

Do Hae Su’s eyes widen in shock as she hears the voice.

Hee Sung’s mother quietly listens to the recording in her pharmacy.

Hee Sung’s father is in his office as he listens to it.

The news telecast finishes with them speculating that Do Hyun Su is the accomplice.

Do Hae Su walks out of the store but knocks over a man holding a wine bottle. The man drops the bottle which spills the red liquid. She is reminded of the Village foreman lying in a pool of blood. She apologises to the man and runs out of the store.

Ji-won is sitting on the couch when Hee Sung walks in. He says he changed the lock to the basement. He says he would’ve left it unclocked but he was worried about Eun-ha as the stairs are too steep.

Ji-won says Kim Moo Jin has released an exclusive. Hee Sung watches as the news plays on. He comments that Kim is successful. Ji-won mentions the voice recording of the accomplice. She asks if he wants to hear it. He refuses, saying it will make him squeamish. He changes the channel. Ji won asks if he can make time for her tomorrow afternoon. He asks if it is a date and she says it is something like that. He agrees and then she says she will go sleep.

After she goes to bed, Hee Sung goes outside and listens to the voice recording.

Meanwhile, Kim is drunk and celebrating at the karaoke bar with his colleagues. He takes his phone and announces that his social media followers have crossed 200000. Just then, he receives a call from Hee Sung. Kim goes out and takes it.

Hee Sung points out that Kim mentioned Do Hyun Su was an accomplice. Kim says it is reasonable suspicion. Hee Sung tells him to switch angles. He asks Kim to say that Do Hyun Su and witness statements are true and that there is a possibility of a third person.

Kim says Hee Sung cant order him around. He curses saying he isn’t Hee Sung’s servant. Hee Sung tells Kim to get it together. He says he listened to the voice recording over and over. He says something bothers him.

Kim says from now on, this case isn’t Hee Sung’s life but Kim’s. Hee Sung says he will help him. Kim says Hee Sung is the prime suspect. Hee Sung takes a moment before asking Kim to believe him. Kim asks if Hee Sung will threaten him again by locking him or if it is because he has Kim’s weakness.

Kim tells him to go ahead and do what he wants. He suggests they fight head-on and see who wins. He says he doesn’t trust Hee Sung.

At the police station, they discuss that HQ is reinvestigating the case because of Park. They say they will rush more because of the voice recording. The case is handed over to Detective Lee’s team.

Ho Joon is putting up information regarding a lettuce robbery case but Choi is snoring loudly. Choi wakes up and says he is disinterested. He suggests they have lettuce wrap for lunch. Choi wonders where Ji-won is.

Ji-won is at the counselling centre to check the tape she had requested. The cassette is played. An image of young Do Hyun Su comes on screen.

Patient name- Do Hyun Su- Depressed and aggressive.He is asked if he threw the neighbour’s dog into the well. DO Hyun Su looks down as he says. “Yes”. 

Hee Sung is at his father’s office. His father says credibility means keeping promises, no matter how irrational they are. Hee Sung says he thought his father would be pleased that he took care of Park without killing him. His father says that is a different matter.

His father goes over and plays the audio recording of the accomplice. He asks if it is his voice. Hee Sung denies it. His father says he doesn’t believe him. He says this is the consequence Hee Sung will face for not keeping his promise. He says he doesn’t trust Hee Sung but he wants to trust him.

Hee Sung says he honestly thought his father would be pleased if he didnt kill Park. 

Hee Sung’s father says he wants to make another promise. He says Hee Sung has to leave to a place where no one can find him if someone comes close to finding his identity. He says this is for everyone’s sake. His father promises to take care of Hee Sung’s wife and daughter forever if Hee Sung does this. He says this is to avoid the worst outcome. He says he hopes Hee Sung understands and Hee Sung nods his head in agreement. His father says he is putting his trust in him.

Kim is napping at his desk when Kang wakes him up. He says he won’t take any more interviews. She says Do Hae Soo won’t give her interview to anyone else.

Kim immediately hides under his desk. He asks Kang how he looks and she says he looks awful. He asks her if she can buy him a dress shirt and some wet wipes. Kim tells her that she is his first love. She gapes at him when he says it has been 17 years since he saw her. She looks at him and says he looks hideous.

Meanwhile, Ji-won watches the video. Young Do Hyun Su says he wanted to eliminate the dog owner, Kim. He says Kim is nasty and rude but he couldn’t kill a person. He says the body is harder to get rid off.

The counsellor shows Hyun Su a drawing of a child crying. She asks how he thinks the child feels. He says he doesn’t know.

The counsellor stops the tape and tells Ji-won that Do Hyun Su was 13 years old then. Ji-won asks if it is safe to say that Do Hyun Su was born with anti-social disorder. The counsellor puts another tape into the player.

In this video, Do Hyun Su is violently hitting another boy. His cassette player lies on the floor.

The counsellor says that Do Hyun Su becomes violent when it comes to his cassette player. She says no one knows why he is attached to the cassette player. She says even his family doesnt know.

Ji-won heads to the police station and she takes Do Hyun Su’s bag from the locker. She takes out the cassette player and is about to walk out with the bag when Ho Joon comes in. He speaks about the lettuce case but she says they can talk later.

Ho Joon goes to Detective Lee and asks why the robber threw the stolen lettuce in the trashcan. Lee says he has to go to a meeting regarding reopening the Yeonju murder case. He says they will talk later.

 Ji-won puts on the earphones and listens to the cassette recorder. She calls up Nam’s wife and asks why Nam thought that Do Hyun Su would come back fro the bag. The line isn’t clear and Nam’s voice breaks.

Nam’s wife says she is in the temple and she says the bag has Do Hyun Su’s cassette player which he obsessed over.

Ji-won doesn’t understand what the woman says as the line gets disconnected.

A fresh and well-dressed Kim sits before Do Hae Soo. He says he is surprised that she has been living in Seoul all along. He says she has changed a lot. He says she was always surrounded by friends when she was small, laughed at small jokes and was like an idol.

Hae Soo says she couldnt live like an idol star after she found that her father killed 7 people.He asks how her job as a prosthetic make-up artist is and she says she got fired. 

She says they should go and he asks if she is busy. She tells him not to make it obvious but there is a guy sitting behind her reading a book. She says he is a reporter who is following her thinking she is hiding Do Hyun Su. He asks if he is stalking her. She says she doesn’t want to cause a scene and give him something to write about. She says they should leave. Kim says he cant leave the man to stalk her. She says she wants to be with Kim in private about something important. Kim is taken aback as he asks if she wants to go somewhere in private with him.

In his workshop, Hee Sung listens to the voice recording. He replays the lines “Do you know why he died? Because he got nosy. The good for nothing old man didn’t know his place.” again and again.

Meanwhile, Ji-won goes to the owner of the Chinese restaurant where both Nam and Do Hyun su worked as deliverymen. She asks the owner if he knows what the recording in the cassette player is.


Do Hyun Su sits on the stairs of the Chinese restaurant on a rainy night, listening to his cassette player. The owner comes over and calls him inside. Do Hyun Su doesn’t respond. The owner wonders what he is listening to and takes one side of the earphones to listen. Do Hyun Su twists the owner’s arm. The owner howls in pain asking him to let go. Do Hyun Su tells the owner to let go first. The owner drops the earphone and Do Hyun SU says he will break the arm for real the next time he touches the cassette player.

At present, the owner says he wanted to fire him at that time but DO Hyun Su worked so well for 300 dollars. The owner says Do Hyun Su always had a strange look in his eyes whenever he listened to the cassette player. Ji-won says she has a favour to ask him.

Meanwhile, Ji-won’s mother brings Eun Ha to the pharmacy. She tells Eun HA to be a good girl and Eun ha has a large smile on her face. Ji-won’s mother tells Hee Sung’s mother to babysit Eun Ha as she has some work. Hee Sung’s mother refuses but Ji-won’s mother says she will be back by 8 pm. She thanks Hee Sung’s mother for babysitting their granddaughter and leaves.

Hee Sung’s mother is annoyed. Eun ha says her grandmother said Hee Sung’s mother was drawn to her family naturally and that she will be drawn to Eun ha eventually too. Eun Ha says she will study and tells her to continue her work. She goes over and sits on a chair and takes out her books.

Hee Sung’s mother grabs Eun-ha’s mathematics workbook and says this is ahead of her age. Eun ha says she can do it. She asks if Ji-won made her study this. She asks if Ji-won hits her if she doesn’t study. Eun ha says she does it because she can.

Hee Sung’s mother tears the book up saying Eun Ha will go crazy if she does this. She says it will kill both Eun Ha and her mother. Eun Ha breaks down into tears. She says she is scared and wants to go home. Hee Sung’s mother says she is doing this for Eun Ha’s good.

Eun Ha starts bawling and Hee Sung’s mother gets worried. She asks what she has to do to stop her crying. Eun ha says she wants an egg tart.

In his workshop, Hee Sung listens to the voice recording. He replays the lines “Do you know why he died? Because he got nosy. The good for nothing old man didn’t know his place.” He hears a continuous tapping sound in the background. He recollects all the types of tapping sounds as he tries to place what kind of tapping it is.

Just then, Ji won walks in and he closes his laptop. Ji -won has Do Hyun Su’s bag in her hand.

She asks him to sit down and says she has to talk with him. She puts the bag on the table and Hee Sung gives stands rooted to the spot. He then sits down and asks what it is and she says it is Do Hyun Su’s bag. She says she is lucky it fell into her hands.

Hee Sung asks what has it got to do with her and she says she will catch Do Hyun Su. His eyes don’t give him away, but under the table his hands are fidgety.

He asks if she is going to do this all by herself. She says she has to as it doesn’t fall under their jurisdiction. He asks how she is going to find him with just a bag. She says she needs his help. She opens the bag and places the cassette player and a notebook on the desk.

She watches him as he looks at the two objects intently. She asks him to check them.

Hee Sung picks up the notebook and flips it open.

Ji-won’s voiceover says, “I can be like you too. I can lie to you without even blinking.”

Ji-won says she thinks Do Hyun Su maybe still doing metal crafts work. Hee Sung flips through the book with sketches for the craft. She says the owner said Do Hyun Su was saving up to open up his metal craft shop. She says the owner also said he used to craft items now and then not to lose touch. She says he was really talented. She asks Hee Sung to asks the association for help to find a list of people who make the same kind of designs.

Hee Sung looks behinds her and one of the bracelets with the same design is lying on the table.

Hee Sung closes the sketchbook and says it is not possible. He says he will have to see Do Hyun Su’s actual work and just by seeing sketches it isn’t possible. He says he doesn’t know if Hyun Su makes big objects or small ones. He says he doesnt even know what material he uses.

Ji-won asks if Hee Sung will accompany her to Do Min Seok’s workshop. She says she heard Do Hyun Su often skipped school and was always in the workshop. She says she saw that the workshop had a lot of articles inside it. She asks if he has the free time and he smiles saying he has.

She says she will get the car ready and asks him to come out when ready.

After she leaves, Hee sung clutches his chest and takes in deep breaths with a menacing look on his face.

At the restaurant, Hee Sung’s mother tells Eun Ha to eat fast as she has to get back to the pharmacy. Eun ha eats faster. Hee Sung’s mother tells her to eat slowly as she may get sick.

She then talks about earlier. Eun ha says she won’t tell that to anyone as she doesn’t want her father to yell at his mother.

Hee Sung drives down the road and Ji-won sits beside him, looking out the window. He asks why she is working hard over finding Do Hyun Su. She says it is the talk of the town as he is supposed to be the accomplice for the serial killer case.

She says she will get a promotion and her career will be set for life.

Hee Sung says he is surprised as he didn’t know she had such ambitions. She says she has to grab the opportunity.

Kim brings Do Hae Soo to his apartment. He makes her sit on the couch as he cleans up the living room. He fusses around with the food and she says she isn’t hungry but he doesn’t listen. He takes out some wine and says his uncle has a winery in Argentina. 

Hae Soo looks at his certificates and awards displayed on the showcase. She comments that she is glad he is doing well. He gives her some wine and says he will cook something fast. He asks her if he should play some music and switches some music on.

He says he thought about her often. He says he thinks she is the biggest victim because of her father and Do Hyun Su. He says she is a normal person. He says he didn’t mean what he said when they broke up.

Hae Soo finishes the drink and walks over to him. She says the accomplice’s voice isn’t Do Hyun Su’s. Kim walks over and switches off the music player. He asks her how long she will protect him.

He asks if she thinks Do Hyun Su will be grateful towards her. He says Do Hyun Su doesn’t care about her.

Do Hae Soo says Hyun Su couldnt have said that. Kim asks why. Hae Soo says, “I killed him.” She says she is the one who killed the village foreman.

It is night as Hee Sung and Ji-won reach the village. She directs the torchlight towards the overgrowth over Do Min Seok’s house. She says she feels like once she goes in there she will never come out. Hee Sung follows her but stops as he sees a marking on the tree.


A young Do Hae Soo brings young Hyun Su to stand in front of the tree. She draws a line on the tree, above his head. She tells him she will find mom for him once he grows that tall. She says he needs to eat well if he has to grow tall. She says he doesn’t eat since his mother was gone.

Do Hyun Su asks why she is getting angry at him. She says she isn’t angry but worried. Just then, their father comes out and calls Hyun Su inside. Hae Su tells Hyun Su to always respond with “Okay” if their father says something, otherwise he will ask Hyun Su to copy Myeongsim Bogam (Confucianism literature) in the basement.

At present, Ji-won calls him and Hee Sung follows her. He holds the lock in his hand and says they cant enter. Ji-won walks over to the side and slides open a window. She jumps through the gap and Hee Sung follows.

She picks up a metal tortoise. She asks if DO Hyun Su made it. Hee Sung takes it from her and says it is amateur work. He says it is made from a wax carving and not carved in on the mail. He says the maker used a wax mould and tried to file it. he says they can probably distinguish the maker by the lousy work. Ji-won says he would have gotten better as he would have been a child back then. Hee Sung says its too bad that they came all the way here for nothing. Ji Won says she wants to go to the crime scene. He asks why and she tells him to wait in the car if it is too much for him. 

Hee Sung says he will come and he leads the way. Ji-won checks the gun inside her vest before following him.

They both head into the basement. Hee SUng holds his arm up to his nose at the stench. Ji-won says the smell of blood wont go unless cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. 

Hee Sung heads towards the cage and shines the torch in it. Ji-won take out the cassette player and plays it. A female voice humming is heard and Hee Sung turns around. She says the voice sounds sad. She says it sounds like she is in tears.

Hee Sung smiles slightly as he asks what it is. She says she found it in Do Hyun Su’s bag. He asks her why she is playing it. She says this music triggers Do Hyun Su. She says the calm Do Hyun Su has manic episodes if he heard the tape. She says no one knows how he got the recording or what the humming is.She says she thought the sound was recorded here. She says Do Min Seok probably sent his son down here to run errands like feeding food to the victims. Hee Sung looks uncomfortable. Ji-won places the cassette player on a nearby table. Hee Sung says he wants to leave.

She says he probably kept replaying it to relive his memories. She says that is probably the reason he went violent if someone interrupted him. Hee Sung is sweating as he says he wants to go out.

Ji-won is calm as she looks at her watch. She says the person should be here by now. Hee Sung looks puzzled. She says the Chinese restaurant owner said he will meet her here with Do Hyun Su’s artworks. She says Hee Sung can check it out. Hee Sung is taken aback. Ji-won says Hee Sung can look at it and compare it with the one in the craftshop outside. Hee Sung smiles slightly as he nods curtly.

Just then, the restaurant owner calls her up. He says he will be there in five minutes. She says her car is by the entrance. 

Hee Sung shakes as he tries to control himself. Ji-won watches him closely. He voiceover says, “Do Hyun Su, show your real self.” She feels the gun in her vest as she watches him struggle.

Her voiceover continues, “Make your choice. What you choose today will determine our future.”

Hee Sung looks at Ji-won. She is alarmed as he drops the torch and slowly walks towards her. He puts his hands over her shoulder and pushes her against the wall. His eyes look pained as he brings his hand over her necks. He grunts as his grip tightens over her neck. Ji-won reaches for her gun with teary eyes.

Hee Sung removes his hand from her neck and falls. Ji-won sits beside him and asks what is wrong. He clutches his throat saying he can’t breathe. He asks to go out and she takes him out.

Back in the car, she says she will take him to the hospital but he asks to go home. He says it must be due to the smell. Ji-won feels guilty and wonders if she was too hard on him. She then reminds herself that he lied to her for the past 14 years. She says they will leave and he asks if she was supposed to meet someone here.

The restaurant owner reaches the temple and asks Nam’s wife for Ji-won. Nam’s wife is puzzled when he says he is supposed to meet her here. The owner calls Ji-won.

Ji-won is driving back as she picks up the call. She says her husband suddenly fell ill and they are driving back to Seoul. She says she will talk later and hangs up.

Hee Sung looks at her and tells her to stop looking for Do Hyun Su. She asks why and he says he doesn’t want her to as it is dangerous and Hyun su is a serial killer. She says the reason she is searching for him is because a dangerous person is loose on the street.

At night both Ji-won and Hee Sung are asleep. Hee Sung is awake and recalls his father saying that he should disappear if someone is close to finding his identity. He walks out of the room. Ji-won opens her eyes after he leaves.

Kim is in his house looking at the empty wine glass. He recalls his conversation with Do Hae Soo earliler.


Hae Soo says she knew he admired her family. She says he was Do Hyun su’s only friend and he was the only one who liked her with no strings attached. She says he was only 18 then and he would have been confused and hurt. She says no one apologised to him or cared about him. She says it is too late but she apologises to him.

She says he shouldn’t be angry at Hyun Su because she was the one who killed the village foreman. Hae Soo cries as she calls him a jerk and asks him to stop harassing her brother.

At present, Kim holds his face in his hands as he thinks about what happened. Just then, the doorbell rings. He answers the door and Hee Sung storms in.

Kim asks what he is doing here. Hee Sung says he came because Kim told him not to call. He says Ji-won is driving him crazy. Hee Sung says he wants to meet Hae Soo and asks Kim to help find her.

Hee Sung returns the tape which he was holding as collateral against Kim. He says it is Kim’s turn to return the favour. He apologises for using Kim’s weakness to threaten him. Kim asks why he is being like this all of a sudden.

Hee Sung says he needs to find that jerk at all costs.

Meanwhile, Ji-won sits before her laptop, tracking Hee Sung’s movements.

In a flashback, ji-won gets a GPS tracker installed in the watch which she gave Hee Sung. The man says she can track the location after downloading the app.

Ji-won waits as the app tracks Hee Sung’s location.



This was yet another interesting episode.

It looks like Hee Sung was already in a coma by the time Do Hyun Su woke up, as his parents were coming out of the secret room in the first scene.

Ji-won doesn’t beat around the bush and it looks like she wants to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible. She wanted to rile her husband up but not to actually expose him. She had asked the restaurant owner to go to the temple and not the craft shop.

Hee Sung/ Do Hyun Su’s reactions to Ji-won’s moves are interesting as one cannot judge what is running through his mind. It seems like he doesn’t know that Ji-won suspects him. His father told him to leave, if his identity is exposed. It looks like Hee Sung’s mind is working on the lines of bringing the real accomplice into the picture so he can get Ji-won off of his tail. I wonder who gave the fish keychain to Do Hae Soo.

Do Hae Soo admitting that she killed the village foreman doesn’t come as a surprise. She owning up to it shows that both the siblings care for each other.

Judging from how Do Hyun Su stopped eating after his mother’s disappearance shows that he was attached to his mother. It may be possible that he listens to his mother’s voice on the cassette player. Hae Soo says their father would punish them by asking them to write down chapters in the basement. If they went to the basement they would have noticed the victims there. This brings a doubt if Do Min Seok is the real killer as the investigation was sloppy the first time around.

The scene which showed witness Jang’s account of the abduction was thrilling and well made. The timeline of the 7th victim’s abduction and the investigation surrounding it was revealed in this episode. It gives a clear base to one part of the Yeonju murders.

Throughout this episode, people were readily accusing Hee Sung/Do Hyun Su of being the accomplice in the recording.

It was intriguing to see Hee Sung’s mother go hysterical when she saw Eun Ha working on an advanced level of mathematics workbook. She assumed that the mother made the child do the math. She also stated that it will kill both mother and child. I wonder if it has something to do with her own life as her son was a math genius and if she is implying that he went crazy.

It is nice to see the series maintaining the same pace it started with and the plot is developing well. I am curious to see the content of the next episode.

-By Soul Sword-

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