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Flower of Evil Episode 8 Recap


FALL OF 2005

Do Hyun Su sits before Hee Sung’s parents (a slow tapping sound is heard in the background). Hee Sung’s father asks if it is comfortable here. Do Hyun Su says it is comfortable imprisonment. 

Do Hyun Su says he was the one hit by a car and asks why the driver is in a coma. Hee Sung’s parents exchange looks and his mother walks out of the room.

Hee Sung’s father says it is the same reason Do Hyun Su is a fugitive. He says an accident which no one intended occurred. Do Hyun Su asks what Hee Sung’s parents gain by giving him their son’s identity. Hee Sung’s father says they may have lost their son but they intend to keep the rest, his wife and himself. He says he became chief of surgery the previous week at the university hospital. Do Hyun Su comments that Hee Sung’s father doesn’t want to lose that position. He asks what happens if he refuses.

Hee Sung’s father says that even if he does nothing Do Hyun Su will go to prison and his life will be in the gutter. Do Hyun Su asks what should be done.

The father pushes a file towards Hee Sung saying this is his son’s past. Do Hyun Su flips through the pages. He is told that Hee Sung finished his military service the year before and is preparing for CSAT exam. He sees the various certificate and news articles about Hee SUng in the file.

Hee Sung’s father tells him to check his son’s social media page and slowly cut ties with the people close to him. He hands over a letter saying that this is a problem. It is a form for Military Reserve Soldiers Training (A military reserve force is a military organization composed of citizen-soldiers of a country who combine a military role or career with a civilian career. They are not normally kept under arms and their main role is to be available to fight when their military requires additional manpower.) and Hee Sung’s father asks if Do Hyun Su can be a bit bolder.

Later, Do Hyun Su has dyed his hair blonde and is posing as Hee Sung. He places his finger over the fingerprint scanner and it comes with an error. The woman behind the counter asks him to do it again. He seems annoyed that the machine is faulty. The woman is uncomfortable.

She then asks for his parent’s names. He gives her Hee Sung’s parents name. He also confirms his residential address. She says she will give him the confirmation request for re-issuance. She hands him the confirmation slip of the request for Re-issuance of Identification. Do Hyun Su looks at Hee Sung’s name beside his own photo in the slip.


Kim calls Hee Sung shameless and says he won’t locate Hae Su. Hee Sung says Ji-won wants to find Do Hyun Su and Kim asks why. Hee Sung says it is because of Kim’s exclusive which claims DO Hyun Su is the killer’s accomplice.

Kim asks if Hee Sung can really catch the killer and asks why he wants to locate Hae Su. Hee Sung says Do Hae Soo met the accomplice (when he gave her the keychain). He says he will share the details with Kim if Kim helps him. He says Kim can become the reporter who exposed the accomplice.

Back at home, the tracking app puts Hee Sung’s location at Kim’s apartment. Ji-won wonders why Hee Sung went to meet Kim at this hour.

Ji-won acts as if she is asleep when Hee Sung gets back. As he is about to get into bed, she keeps her eyes closed and asks in a low voice as to where he went. He says he went to the workshop and she says he is lying. She says she can smell the car air freshener on him. He asks her why she is angry.

Ji-won opens her eyes and says she isn’t angry. He says he thought she was. He gets back into bed and puts his hand over her. She lies facing away from him.

Hee Sung asks her to face him. She smiles and faces him and he returns the smile. He falls asleep but Ji-won is awake.

Later Ji-won, Choi and Ho Joon are at a cafe. Ji-won checks her phone and she notices that Hee Sung has been home since morning till 3 pm. Ho Joon asks Choi if they can solve the lettuce case by just sitting here. Choi watches the table beside them where 4 men are chatting and says ‘they’ always make a newbie commit petty theft. He says they have to be patient.

 Choi notices the men get alert when a young woman walks into the cafe. Choi says that the men have chosen the target. He tells Ji-won to go to the woman while they stop the gang.

The men nudge the newbie and he goes over to the table. The newbie heads over to the woman’s table when she gets up and walks away. He picks up the woman’s laptop and is about to walk away. Ji-won catches the newbie’s hood and is taken aback to see that it is In Seo (the boy who fell from the staircase in episode 1). She asks what he is doing here and he thrusts the laptop in her hand before running away.

Ji-won chases after him. He is about to run into the traffic when she tells him to stop and talk. She says they should go home. He says he ruined everything and he is at fault (he said if his father was a bad person to him, it would make his mother less sad). He says he regrets it all and should have kept his mouth shut. He runs across the road leaving her behind.

Later, In Seo’s mother is at the police station. She cries as she tells Ji-won that In Seo had a tough time getting back on track after his father’s arrest. She says he found it difficult to remain with her as she reminded him of his father. She says the police is asking her to be patient but she can’t wait. Ji-won tells her to check internet cafes in the area.

After the woman walks away, Choi comments that Ji-won gave the mother a task to distract her. Ji-won is preoccupied as she looks at her family photo on her desk. She comments that In Seo’s family would be in a better position if he buried the truth.

Choi asks how is that possible and she says In Seo could have moved on with the happy memories. Choi asks if she would be able to live without doubting those memories and if she will never question the sincerity of one’s actions if she were in that place.

Just then, Detective Lee walks over to them and says their team is chosen to reinvestigate the Yeonju Murder case.

Hee Sung is in his workshop. He removes the marking on the bracelet which is similar to the ones on Do Hyun Su’s sketchbook. He receives a call from Kim saying he found Do Hae Soo. Hee Sung asks if Kim has been in contact with Hae Soo all this time. Kim stands outside Hae Soo’s class as he says he will send the address and Hee Sung can come around 7 pm.

Hee Sung says he found a discrepancy in Jung Mi Sook’s case file. He says the file mentions her packing her things and leaving her husband after an argument. He asks why did Park report her missing. Kim says that is odd. Hee sung tells Kim to visit Park in prison. He says Park will co-operate if Kim says he is working with Hee Sung. Kim says Hee Sung never thanks him. Hee Sung hangs up.

Just then, Hae Soo’s class gets over and the student walks out of the class. She spots him and he walks over to her. He says she left abruptly and she apologises. He says he doesn’t want an apology. She says she wanted to tell him because it is the truth. She says she hasn’t been able to sleep peacefully since that day. He tells her that he found Do Hyun Su. Her eyes widen in shock and he says he is that good.

Meanwhile, Ji-won’s team is out for team dinner. Lee asks for their inputs. Ji-won says it is a bad idea to take the case. She says it has a low success rate and there is no suspect. Choi mentions DO Hyun Su and she says it is like chasing a ghost. She says their involvement with Park’s case will make them biased. She says they should give the case to another team. Her team is surprised to hear her say this.

Choi says Ji-won has been acting strange these days and is often lost in thought. Choi asks if she is working on another case on her own. The team asks if this is true and she denies it.

Just then, her phone rings and the team wonders if it is her informant but it is actually Hee Sung. He says he will be home late today. He says he is meeting with the chief who was suggesting he conduct an exhibition. She tells him not to drink too much and hangs up.

Ji-won checks the app and it shows Hee Sung somewhere else. She realises he has lied to her again.

Hee Sung drives into an abandoned building. He heads to the pool area which was the shooting location where Hae Soo worked earlier.

Hae Soo turns around as she hears his footsteps.

Hee Sung walks up to her and says he didn’t want to search for her. He says he needs her help as he has a problem. He asks about the fish pendant at their father’s funeral.

Hae Soo steps forward and hugs him. She starts crying.


Young Do Hyun Su rushes into a warehouse/barn. He shines the torch around the place and finds the village foreman lying lifeless on a haystack with a stab wound in the neck.

He finds Do Hae Soo standing beside the body with the murder weapon in her hand. Hyun Su asks if she did this. Hae Su says she came here to ask the village foreman to stop the exorcisms on her brother. She says he suddenly attacked her.

Do Hyun Su grabs the murder weapon from her. He smears the blood on himself and his clothes. Hae Su says this is wrong and he shouldn’t do this. She asks him to give the murder weapon to her. 

Do Hyun Su says it is alright and he says he feels pretty good.

He says, “I want you to live an ordinary life. Do your best. I can’t anyway, so I am fine.”Tears streak down Hae Soo’s eyes.

At present, Hae Soo hugs her brother as she cries. Hee Sung stands rooted to the spot as he calmly asks how she has been.

She steps back and says he should resent her for being well, eating and sleeping well and for sending him off like that. She asks how he is so stupid to ask if she has been well. Hee Sung is still calm as he says it was his decision. He holds her as she cries her eyes out.

Meanwhile, Hee Sung’s mother cooks for Eun Ha. Eun ha watches eagerly. When hee sung’s mother serves her the food, Eun ha opens her mouth gesturing her to feed her. She feeds Eun Ha and asks how it is. Eun Ha says it tastes better than what her mother makes. She says her father’s cooking tastes better though.

Hee Sung’s father walks in asking what his wife if doing that she didn’t hear him come in. Hee Sung’s mother jumps up in alarm and she says Eun Ha is here. She tells Eun ha to greet her grandfather and he smiles. He tells her to have fun and he scowls at his wife saying they have to talk.

He goes into his room and she follows. He asks what she was thinking when she brought someone into their house. Hee Sung’s mother says Eun Ha is just a kid. He asks if she doesn’t feel bad for Hee Sung. He asks how she can laugh in this house when Hee Sung is lying in that condition. he asks if she wants her to live like a sinner for the rest of her life. She says she wants to live like others. He says she shouldn’t have done that to Hee Sung in that case. She said seeing a child eat in this house almost made her cry. He says her depression is back and he asks her to go see a doctor.

Just then, the maid walks past Eun Ha in the dining room. Eun ha says she needs to pee. The maid who is hearing-impaired doesn’t hear Eun-ha. She takes a tray and walks out of the room after smiling at Eun ha. Eun-ha follows her saying she needs to pee. 

The maid walks into another room (closet) and closes the door behind her.

Eun Ha follows her in. She stops as she sees the clothes in the room but the maid isn’t around.

Inside the secret room, the maid gives Hee Sung a sponge bath. There is a slight movement in Hee Sung’s closed eyes.

Hee Sung’s father yells at his wife. He says Hee Sung isn’t able to have a morsel of food and she is saying that food almost made her cry. He asks if she calls herself a mother. 

Hee Sung’s mother walks up to him and asks where he was when Hee Sung took his first steps. She raises her voice as she asks him where he was when Hee Sung was growing up. She asks where he was when Hee Sung caused the car accident and kept calling him. She asks why Hee Sung’s father didn’t pick up the phone when Hee Sung kept calling him. He says he always gave the best for him.

Hee Sung’s mother says Hee Sung is barely alive and she asks if it was really for him or if it was for her. She says he did it for his own good. She says he is the only one living like a decent person. She says she is going crazy while Hee Sung is barely alive.

Hee Sung’s father clenches his fists as she says if Hee Sung could talk he would beg his father to let him die. Hee Sung’s father slaps her hard across the face. He apologises saying he couldn’t control his anger.

Hee Sung’s mother says this is her husband’s true face. She says she provoked him a little and it made him take off his mask. Hee Sung’s father walks away and opens the door to find Eun ha standing there. She says she can’t find the bathroom.

He turns around and tells his wife that the 6-year-old has been around the entire house. He tells his wife to make sure Eun-ha doesn’t say anything and walks away.

Hee Sung’s mother takes Eun-ha’s hand to take her to the bathroom.

At the abandoned building, Do Hae Soo is teary-eyed as she swipes through Hee Sung’s phone gallery. She sees Eun-ha’s photos and the other photos. 

Hee Sung asks if she is crying again. She says she is happy. He shows a picture of Ji-won and Eun-ha and Ji-won’s personalities are similar. He says he is sure she isn’t like him. He says he kept checking when Eun-ha was growing up.

Hae Soo looks at him and says he has changed a lot. He asks if she thought he wouldn’t age. She smiles saying that wasn’t what she meant.

Hee Sung says he never worried about her. He says he only cared about himself. He says the reason he reached out to her was also solely for himself. She says she will do anything to help.

Hee Sung says Hae Soo has already met the accomplice at their father’s funeral. He says the fish keychain belonged to the last victim Jung Mi Sook. Hae Soo recalls a man in black clothes and a black hat present at the funeral. Hee Sung says Park kidnapped him thinking he was the accomplice.

Ji-won is behind a wall overhearing their conversation. She realises that Hee Sung is looking for the accomplice. She understands that Do Hyun Su isn’t the accomplice. She also guesses that he made a deal with Park.

Hae Soo says the police came by asking questions regarding that incident. Suddenly she recognises Ji-won through the pictures. Hee Sung confirms that his wife is a cop. He says he is walking on thin ice and can’t afford to make any mistakes. He tells her not to worry as he plans to live as Hee Sung till the very end.

Do Hae Soo asks if he loves Ji-won. Ji-won waits with bated breath to listen to his response.

Hee Sung says, “No, I never once felt that way. I don’t know what that feels like.”

Ji-won’s eyes well up as she walks away.

Ji-won is crestfallen as she walks through the city. Her voiceover says, “I should’ve expected that. Who was I trying to fool?”

Just then, her phone rings and she wipes her tears before taking the call. Eun ha is on the video call and she complains that Hee Sung isn’t picking up the call. She says she wants to show her drawing. Ji-won says she can show it to her. Eun ha puts up her drawing and says she has drawn “Our home”. Ji-won tells her that it is pretty. She says she loves Eun ha very much. Eun-ha gives her an air kiss and says, “Me too. I love you!”. Ji-won asks how much and Eun-ha says to the moon and back. She then says she loves her mother as much as she loves her father. She giggles as she hangs up.

Ji-won goes to the police station and takes Do Hyun Su’s bag. She takes it far away and burns it along with the cassette player. She watches the burning pile as she says, “Okay, I’ll let you live as Baek Hee Sung.” She walks away after the whole pile burns to dust.

Hee Sung returns home to find a smiling Ji-won sitting on the bench by their house with beer. She says Eun ha fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.

She sips on the beer and he asks if something is wrong. She says she is stressed at work. She says when something you were passionately clinging on to, doesn’t pan out, it can get quite upsetting. She asks if she should quit.

Hee Sung tells her to quit if it is taking a toll on her. She asks if he would say the same if it were his job. He says he said that because she shouldn’t work so hard. He tells her to be herself and she asks what that is. He says she is someone pure, innocent, quick to laugh, short-tempered, quick to sulk, but also quick to forgive. Ji-won smiles saying she is easy to fool too. She says he knows how gullible she is. Hee Sung laughs saying he doesn’t agree with that.

Ji-won says next week will mark the beginning of the fifth year at their house. She says it was fun furnishing the house. He says they even had a housewarming party. She says she was very happy that day. Hee Sung suggests they throw another party to celebrate their 5th year in the house. He says he will plan everything and he asks her to cheer up.

She asks him, “Do you love me?”. He picks up her hand and plants a kiss on it asking, “Why ask what is obvious?”

Ji-won’s voiceover says, “Live your life as Baek Hee Sung for our daughter’s sake. As Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji-won who doesn’t know the truth, we will part ways. That is my final gift to you.”

Ji-won tells him that her team has been assigned to re-investigate the Yeonju murders. She says she will be busy and she will do her best.

At Kim’s house, Hee Sung watches as Kim asks Hae Soo to remember what happened on the day of the funeral. She says no one cried the way the man did. (The man is in black clothes and wears a black hat which covers his face. He cries loudly.)

Hae Soo says she doesn’t remember his face. She says the man said Hae Soo’s father had helped him out once. She says the man gave her the fish keychain saying it will bring luck. She says his voice was so comforting that she almost cried. She says the man gazed at Do Hyun Su who was sleeping by the side and said, “He is Do Hyun Su right? I feel bad for him. His future is headed down a dreaded path.” Hae Su says that is the reason why she gave Do Hyun Su the keychain.

Hee Sung comments that the person approached him on purpose. He wonders who that person is.

Hae Su said there is one more thing she remembered when she saw the witness interview. She says, “When you have no one to turn to and you feel hopeless, he told me to call him so that he can help.” She says he wrote his phone number on her hand (011-876-….). Hee Sung asks if she has the phone number. She says she wrote it down but their house went up in flames. Kim tells Hee Sung off for burning up the house. Hae Soo says, after Hyun Su left, she had to burn up all the traces her brother left behind, including her school uniform. 

Kim says they should move on and he writes on the board that the witness got a threatening call on 21st August, 2002.

Hee Sung plays the recording for her. He asks her to note the tapping sound in the background. She says she doesn’t know what it is. She asks if it is from the workshop. Hee Sung says it isn’t but it sounds familiar. He says he has been there before.

Just then, Kim is gazing at Hae Soo. Hee Sung asks Kim something and Kim says, “Why are you looking so pretty.” Hee Sung asks what he said and Kim says he said nothing.

Kim gets up and says he has something to say to the two of them. He asks them to focus on him for a second. He says he doesn’t want another complicated relationship with them. He says they should focus on work.

He says they gathered together to find the accomplice to the Yeonju Serial Murder case. He says he wants to do nothing with Do Hae Soo and Do Hyun Su once they find the murderer.

Hae Soo is the first to respond with an okay. Kim looks offended but he gathers himself.

Hee Sung asks what Park said to Kim. Kim is dumbfounded at Hee Sung’s reaction.

Ji-won and her team shift to their workspace that has been renovated. She picks up her calendar and the 5th anniversary of purchasing their own house is circled. Her team wonders who celebrates things like that. She says if you want to live like that you have to find a great spouse. Lee walks in asking them to start working. Ji-won looks at her family photo and she removes her wedding ring and places it in the drawer.

Meanwhile, Kim reads from the whiteboard that Jung Mi Sook packed her things and left her husband after an argument on May 9th 2002. He says 3 days after she left home she spoke to Park over the phone at 7 pm. She was at the bus stop and she learnt that Park had gotten into an accident and was hospitalised. He says she got the patient room number and hung up the call. Kim says she went missing after that.

Hae Soo asks if she would’ve been abducted on the way. Hee Sung says their dad wouldn’t do something this reckless. Kim comes over and says he read an article which says that the victims had something in common.

At the police station, Choi says there is no common feature among the victims. Ji-won says the common feature among the victims is that no one looked for them once they disappeared (except Jung Mi Sook). Ho Jun says the police didn’t do a thorough investigation because the culprit Do Min Seok died. Ji-won says they know Jung Mi Sook’s whereabouts up until the day she went missing on May 11th 2002. Upon her asking, Ho Joon brings up the map which they worked on. 

Both Do Min-Seok and Jung Mi-Sook’s whereabouts on May 11th 2002 are marked on the map. She points out that their paths never crossed.

Choi asks what they were doing in Seoul that day. Ji-won says Do Hyun Su’s statement says that they often went to art exhibitions. Choi laughs in disbelief. Detective Lee passes on the statement and he says it is a very detailed statement. It qualifies as an alibi. Choi grumbles that it is a very big statement.

Ji-won says Do Min Seok lent his car and the accomplice met up with her. She holds another huge bundle of papers which contain witness statements from all the people Jung Mi Sook met in those three days before she went missing. She said there are about 57 people and most of them called regarding the job offer. She says she is sure to find the person among these people.

Choi comments that she is suddenly enthusiastic about the case. Ji-won says she wants to solve it. Ji-won’s voiceover says, “That way, I can prepare what to do next.”

At Kim’s home, Hee Sung says his father and his accomplice must be knowing that Jung Mi Seok left home. Hae Soo says Jung Mi-Sook was at the bus stop to go to the hospital. She wonders how she got kidnapped.

Hee Sung wonders what his father would’ve done.

In a flashback, Do Hyun Su sits beside a trap. A bunny is caught in it. His father comes over and gives him the rabbit. He says Hyun Su can do anything he wants with it either using his hands or tools. His father says he will watch Do Hyun Su does with it.

At present, Hee Sung says his father liked to lay traps. He says Jung Mi Sook would’ve fallen for his father’s trap. Kim asks how she would’ve gone to the trap by herself. Hee Sung wonders what would have been more important than visiting her hospitalised husband.

Elsewhere, In Seo walks into an employment agency with a woman. They walk into a room. The nameplate on the desk reads, “CEO Yeom Sang Chool”. There are a lot of 2 G phones on a desk by the window.

Yeom gives In Seo a drink and asks how he came to know about this place. Im Seo shows him the agency’s pamphlet which says it will grant employment regardless of age, sex etc. He says he called the number and this lady came to collect him. Yeom asks if he ran away from home. Im Seo asks if he can get a job. Yeom laughs loudly as he puts a paper in front of Im Seo. He asks Im Seo to fill out the resume. He laughs again.

Hee Sung’s father watches the news which says the Yeonju Serial Murder case is going to be reopened and suspect Do Hyun Soo is nowhere to be found. He takes out a 2g phone from his drawer and goes into the contact list. The number reads 011-875-2332. He thinks as his finger hovers over the call button. Before that, he receives a message from his maid saying that his wife is in their son’s room and not coming out. He remembers her saying Hee Sung is better off dead. he immediately rushes out of his office.

At Kim’s house, Hee Sung asks if Kim can get Jung Min Sook’s call records or the case file. Kim says he is a reporter and not a spy.

Hae Soo feels bad that she doesn’t remember the phone number. Kim goes over and sits next to her. He says she was only 19 and it is fine. Kim wonders how Hae Soo could have killed a person and wonders what happened.

Hee Sung notices Kim watching Hae Soo. Kim says he will buy pizza for them. He says they said they will have one pizza each when they are adults. He says he will order them now.

Hee Sung interrupts him by saying that Kim is in this because he wants to win Hae Soo back. Hee Sung the case is secondary to Kim. Hee Sung dares Kim to repeat what he told Hae Soo 18 years ago if Kim wants to prove him wrong, “Do Hae Soo, you make me sick”. He says Hae Soo ran home crying and asked Hee Sung if her eyes resemble her father’s. Hee Sung says he isn’t bothered if they both get back but he says now they should work on finding the accomplice.

He then plays the recording and says the tapping sound is the place where the accomplice is calling from. 

Kim is quiet. As he starts to say something, Hae Soo stops him. Kim says she always stops him when he is the normal one who feels thousands of emotions.

Kim asks who Hee Sung thinks he is. He accuses Hee Sung of not feeling any remorse or gratitude. He says Hee Sung has no shame and is very self-centred. He asks which human being will satay by Hee Sung’s side. He says even after hearing this Hee Sung won’t feel anything. He says no one can handle someone like Hee Sung. He asks Hee Sung to show his true self to Ji-won. Hae Soo says Hee Sung is being like this because he is fixated on one thing. Kim tells her to stop being Hee Sung’s spokesperson.

Hee Sung says this is a playground for Kim. he calls Kim useless and gets up to leave. Hae Soo tells Hee Sung to sit down and listen to her. He complies. She asks him what he really wants to say so Kim can help him. 

Hee Sung says he has already said what he wanted to say. She asks him not to say what comes to mind. She asks him to say what he feels desperately now.

Hee Sung says he doesn’t understand what she is talking about. She says he knows and he says he doesn’t. he asks how he will know something which he doesn’t know.

Hae Soo says she is saying this because he has changed. She says he never wanted anything before but now he does. Hee Sung goes quiet.

At the station, Choi says he is sick of this and says they should catch DO Hyun Su. Ji-won says she is sure Do Hyun Su isn’t the accomplice.

Choi says the accomplice abducted the victim using Do Min Seok’s car, locked her in the trunk and left her there. He says Do Min Seok drove the car from there and transferred the victim to the workshop basement. Choi says it means they met twice. He says Do Hyun Su would’ve seen the accomplice then. He says they would’ve exchanged car keys twice. Ho Joon says the accomplice might have left the key in the car. Ji-won says he can’t afford to leave the doors open with the victim in the trunk. They wonder how to find Do Hyun Su as they are sure he would have seen the victim.

Ji-won says she needs to go outside. Choi asks where she is going and she thinks for a moment before saying she is heading to the bank. Choi wonders if she made it up in the last moment.

Ji-won runs out while checking Hee Sung’s location. She thinks that she should warn him that Do Hyun Su might have met the accomplice without even realising it.

Hee Sung’s mother stands beside her son’s bed.

She recalls Hee Sung asking her to feed him in the same manner Eun Ha did. He then takes the chopstick and feeds her.

At Kim’s apartment, Hee Sung says he wants to live as Baek Hee Sung. He says there is nothing else that he wants to become or do. he says that is the only thing he feels.

He tells Kim he never wanted to upset him. He says he thought he understood about normal people’s responses. He says he doesn’t understand why people get upset at times. He asks if he has to say “sorry” or “thank you” in this situation. He says he will say what Kim wants to him say how many times ever he wants if Kim keeps helping him. Kim asks him to let it go. He says listening to the tape over and over won’t give them answers.

Kim says he is close to Ho Joon on the reinvestigating team. He says he will take him out for drinks and make him talk. He picks up his phone and drops it when it starts ringing. All three of the go still as they see that it is Ji-won who is calling.

Kim asks everyone to calm down and take the call. He says he is really unwell as he is suffering from enteritis. She asks if she can come home and he says he can’t even move an inch and hangs up.

Just then, the bell rings and Kim runs to answer the door saying it is the pizza.

He opens the door and the colour drains off his face as he sees Ji-won standing there. He immediately mentions her name and Hae Soo and Hee Sung get serious.

Ji-won says Kang was boasting about Kim getting close to another exclusive. Kim says he isn’t as he is suffering from enteritis. Just then, the pizza delivery person comes to deliver 3 large pizzas. Ji-won asks if he can eat pizzas when he is suffering from enteritis. Kim says they say one should eat well when sick.

In the living room, Hee Sung clutches his chest as he seems to be getting a panic attack.

In the secret room, Hee Sung’s mother says he did well hanging on for this long. She says she won’t let him be lonely. She asks him to go ahead and says she will join him soon. She is teary-eyed as she removes the lif-support system. Hee Sung draws uneven breaths as he struggles to breathe. She steps away crying.

Hee Sung’s father rushes into the room. He runs towards the bed but she holds him firmly. He asks her how she will live after doing such a thing. She says she doesn’t intend to live. She asks him to live by himself doing his job at the university hospital. Hee Sung’s body spasms as he struggles to breathe.

At Kim’s apartment, Hee Sung/Do Hyun Su clutches his chest as he has trouble breathing. Outside, Ji-won notices two pairs of slippers and asks if the informants are inside. Kim asks her to meet him at the cafe in an hour. Ji-won says she would rather wait here. She asks him to share his findings with her. 

Just then they hear a voice, “Mr Kim, is there something wrong?”

Both Hee Sung’s father and mother suddenly go still as they look at the bed. Hee Sung has stopped moving and his eyes are open. There is a slight movement in his eyes.

Both Ji-won and Kim are shocked as Hee Sung comes and stands beside Kim with a challenging look on his face which shows that he is ready to take her on.

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It was interesting to see how Do Hyun Su fit into Hee Sung’s identity.

Hee Sung figured out that Kim can be manipulated by fame and not blackmail. He chose to make a deal with him instead of holding collateral. It is interesting to see how Hee Sung keeps judging normal people and works around it to get what he wants.

Kim was back to his funny self in this episode which is always a pleasure to watch.

Ji- won’s midset and reasons for her actions were well-put in the form of In Seo’s case. At first, it looked like In Seo’s present life was shown to make Ji-won understand what impact a father’s arrest would have on the child’s life. But it looks like there is more to In Seo’s story as the employment agency seems illegal and they are up to no good. 

Intriguingly, both Hee Sung’s father and the employment agency have 2G phones. Jung Mi Sook’s case is an interesting watch. I am curious to see where it is headed as it might be connected with the employment agency.

Reunion scene of brother and sister was a good watch. The whole scene from Do Hyun Su meeting Do Hae Su leading up to Ji-won burning Do Hyun Su’s belongings were deep-seated and well written. 

The way this episode showcased Hee Sung’s emotionless behaviour is commendable. Hee Sung seems to be putting his needs before others and doesn’t care about others feelings. If he does something favourable to others it probably means he is getting something out of it. But he is extremely protective towards people who are close to him. He is ready to go to any lengths to keep his identity. In other words, he wants to keep his family at any cost. It looks like him wanting his family is an expression of love by itself, which he doesn’t understand yet. Right now both Ji-won and Hee Sung think that he isn’t capable of loving. 

Ji-won has decided to keep her husband out of jail for her daughter’s sake but she is still unsure if she wants to keep him in her life. I am curious to see how this is sorted out as currently, it is an extremely complicated situation.

Do Hyun Su says he wants to live as Baek Hee Sung but now Baek Hee Sung has woken up. 

It looks like Hee Sung’s mother or father is the reason why Hee Sung fell into a coma. Hee Sung’s father seems shady with every passing episode. He may have a hand in the murders. 

As for the tapping sound in the recording, it does sound familiar to the wok and ladle which is used at a Chinese restaurant. The Chinese restaurant owner could be the accomplice. Do Hyun Su would have heard the sound many times as he worked as a delivery person there. Detective Choi mentioned that Do Hyun Su could have seen the accomplice. Back in 2002 Do Hyun Su could have gone to work at the Chinese restaurant as he had seen the owner with his father before. The accomplice also seems very forthcoming to help everyone. He might have handed out his number to Do Hyun Su as well. 

The list of suspects keeps increasing and that is what makes the series gripping.

-Soul Sword-

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