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Flower of Evil Episode 9 Recap



Ji-won walks into their new home with her hands covering her eyes as Hee Sung guides her. She asks why she has to close her eyes. He asks her to open them. 

She is touched as she sees the whole house decorated with fairy lights. She asks if he did this by himself and she feels her baby bump and says the baby likes it too. She feels the baby kicking and takes Hee Sung’s hand and puts it on her belly. She laughs as she asks why he gets shocked every time he feels the baby moving. He says it is weird to think that a living being is growing inside her.

Ji-won says she isn’t used to it either and asks him to say something to the baby as they have just moved into the house.

Hee Sung goes down on his knees and clears his throat as he puts his hand on her belly. He says, “We just moved into the new house. I hung yellow wallpapers in your room. I hope you like it.” Ji-won says the baby will like it. Hee Sung gets up and suggests they eat as he has made Ji-won’s favourite bossam. She is excited as he made just what she was craving.

Ji-won says she feels like she is the one always receiving stuff from him. She asks if he wants anything from her. Hee Sung says, “There is.”


Hee Sung/ Do Hyun Su walks to the door and stands next to Kim. He asks Ji-won what she is doing here and she asks him the same. He says he is helping Kim as Kim wanted to know what kind of metal craftsman Do Min Seok was.

Ji-won asks Kim why he hid the fact that he was meeting with her husband. Hee Sung tells Kim that he didn’t know this was a secret meeting.

Inside, Do Hae Soo is disturbed as Ji-won asks if she can come in.

Ji-won walks in and Hae Soo greets her. Ji-won asks who she is. Hae Soo explains that they have met before during Park Kyung’s case. 

Ji-won comments that Hae Soo is so different that she almost didn’t recognise her. She mentions that Hae Soo was cold and didn’t cooperate either. Hae Soo apologises and Ji-won smiles saying it is fine.

Ji-won comments that Kim is writing something big as he has both her husband and Hae Soo helping him. Hae Soo says this is the first time she is meeting Hee Sung. She says she is friends with Kim since childhood and she wanted to help him find the accomplice.

Ji-won says Hae Soo needn’t explain as she isn’t here to investigate. Suddenly she notices Kim’s writings on the glass. She walks towards it and reads what he was writing earlier.

Hee Sung tells Kim to give her a cup of coffee. He tells him to give her something sweet.

Ji-won reads the word “trap” and wonders what it could be. Just then, Hee Sung asks her if he is getting in the way of her investigation by helping Kim. Ji-won says Kim is just doing his job as a reporter. 

Kim hands her the coffee and she asks how he knew she was craving something sweet. He says he has an instinct.

Ji-won suggests they should help each other out. Kim says he wouldn’t be of any help. She asks what he means by “trap”.

Kim says he heard that Do Min Seok liked setting traps. He looks at Hee Sung and Hee Sung shakes his head. His eyes dart towards Hae Soo and Kim catches on. Kim says it was Hae Soo’s idea.

Hee Sung suggests that Kim should ask Ji-won what he was asking earlier. Kim is clueless. Hee Sung says he is talking about the recording and Kim catches on.

At Hee Sung’s house, Hee Sung’s father examines Hee Sung. Hee Sung’s voice is cracked as he calls his mother. She walks towards him and he slowly says, “It wasn’t your fault.”She cries saying she is sorry. He tells her not to cry. He asks, “What happened to that guy who was hit by my car?” Hee Sung’s parents are shocked.

At Kim’s house, everyone watches Ji-won as she listens to the recording. Kim asks about the tapping sound. Ji-won says it is not a machine as it doesn’t have a pattern. She says she doesn’t know what it is. She says there is an agency which analyses the audio files for the police. She says she can ask them as they have to do it anyway.

At this, Hae Su says she should leave and gets up. Ji-won says the accomplice could be Do Hyun Su. Hae Soo says it isn’t Hyun Su and Ji-won asks how she is so sure. Hae Soo says the Hyun Su she knew wouldn’t do that. Ji-won says the Hyun Su which both of them know maybe very different. 

Ji-won says she met Do Hyun Su’s therapist. She says Do Hyun Su couldn’t feel emotions but his ability to relate to others was excellent. She adds that the therapist said once, Do Hyun Su became an adult he could manipulate others for his benefit.

She says she watched Hyun Su’s video where he mentions that he wanted to kill the person, but hiding the body would be difficult, so he ended up killing the dog.

Do Hyun Su/Hee Sung watches the exchange with a serious look. Hae Soo is stern as she says her brother didn’t do it. Ji-won asks who did it and Hae Soo says it would’ve been their father. Ji-won asks why Hyun Su would take the blame.

Hae Soo says she also wants to ask him that. Do Hyun Su nudges Kim gesturing him to intervene. Kim looks at him helplessly.

Ji-won gets up asking if Hae Soo wants to tell something.

Hae Soo says she wants to tell Ji-won what she did and not Hyun Su. Hyun Su clasps his hand as she says, “The Gakyeongri….” She stops as Hyun Su knocks over the glass and it falls over Kim’s laptop.

Kim runs over and tries to clean his laptops and laments that it is expensive. Hyun Su apologises but Kim asks everyone to leave.

Later, Ji-won gets into Hyun Su’s car. He apologises for not telling her that he was helping Kim. She says he needn’t tell her everything just because they are married. She says she didn’t tell him everything either. She says they should go.

Outside Kim’s apartment, Hae Soo says she wants to try hypnosis as she definitely saw the accomplice’s face. Kim says Hyun Su might not need her help. He asks if she will hang out with him like old times.

Hae Soo says if Hyun Su doesn’t need her help, she will do what needs to be done. She says she will do something that she should’ve done but didn’t. She walks into the elevator, leaving Kim behind.

On the way back, Ji-won recalls Choi saying Hyun Su might have seen the accomplice. Ji-won asks Hyun Su/Hee Sung how he would’ve given the keys to Do Min Seok, if he were the accomplice.

Ji-won says they think Do Min-Seok used Do Hyun Su as his alibi and he used someone else to abduct the victim. She says Do Min Seok gave his car keys to the accomplice in person. Hyun Su says that is interesting and asks her to go on.

Ji-won says according to Do Hyun Su’s handwritten statement, Do Min Seok went to many crowded places on 11 th May 2002. She says he could’ve met with the accomplice at any time. She says Do Min Seok parked the car in the motel garage and went to a gallery at 3:40 pm where they saw an unknown artist’s exhibit. She says it mentions they had dinner at 7:00 pm at a popular family restaurant. She then adds that they went to a bar at 8:30 pm and Do Min Seok had a drink. She says they watched a late-night movie at 12:45 am and left for home at 3:10 am (during the time of the incident).

She asks if he thinks Hyun Su might have seen the accomplice. Hyun Su doesn’t respond and keeps driving. She suddenly puts her hand on his and he hits the breaks abruptly as he didn’t notice the people crossing the road. He asks her if she is okay and she nods.

Hyun Su notices that her wedding ring is gone and asks where it is. Ji-won says she took it off while washing her hands and she left it int the office. He says she hasn’t done that before. he says she has never done it before as it feels weird if she took it off. Ji-won says she got used to it pretty quickly. Just then, the light turns green and he starts driving.

Hyun Su reminds her about the party tonight. He says Eun Ha is very excited. He tells her not to be late.

Meanwhile, at Hee Sung’s house, the maid expresses her happiness as Hee Sung is awake. Hee Sung’s mother gives a plastic smile as she sips her tea.

Inside the room, Hee Sung’s father gives Hee Sung a medicine. Hee Sung breathes through his mouth and speaks in a low voice. His father tells him to not bother about the accident as he has taken care of it. Hee Sung asks why his father didn’t answer the phone when he called multiple times. His father says he was busy. Hee Sung asks what is more important than his son. 

His father says there is nothing like that. Hee Sung asks if he will be able to walk again. Hee Sung’s father says Hee Sung will even be able to get a job, marry a decent woman, become a father to a lovely girl and get a happily ever after. He says that life can be his son’s too.

Ji-won comes home and Eun Ha calls out her name from the terrace. Ji-won goes to the terrace and sees the place decorated with fairy lights. Hyun Su/Hee Sung cooks delicious dinner and serves it. Ji-won is silent while Eun ha is excited.

Hyun Su asks she lost interested in this as these things used to excite her before. Ji-won says she is thrilled and says she realised how much work he had to do. Hyun Su says he enjoys it. Ji-won watches him feed Eun ha.

Ji-won comments that it must not have been easy for him to show her only what she wanted to see. He looks at her and she says she is grateful. He smiles as he says she needn’t thank him. As he continues to feed Eun Ha, Ji-won recalls him telling Hae Su that he never once loved Ji-won.

Just then, she gets a call saying that they have amplified the sound in the recording. She asks him to send the report through e-mail. Hyun Su asks if they figured out what the sound was. She says it is impossible to figure it out but they heard another man’s voice when the static was removed.

She plays the recording for him and asks if he can say what it is. A rough voice crackles through the recording, “Would you like an ashtray…”

A voice echoes in Hyun Su’s mind as he is taken back to the memories of that day.


Someone holds out an ashtray to Do Min Seok as Hyun Su sits beside his father. Do Min Seok says he will take it for now. Hyun Su watches as the bar-tender chips of the ice with an ice pick making a continuous tapping sound. The bartender has a tattoo on his hand.

Just then, someone who walks past knocks over his father’s coat. Hun Su turns around to see a figure in a black coat and hat. As Hyun Su turns away as the figure picks up the coat to give it to his father. Hyun Su doesn’t notice the figure concealing the key under the coat as he passes it to Do Min Seok.

At present, Ji-won asks why he got up. Hyun Su says it is nothing and sits down. Ji-won frowns at his reaction.

Later Ji-won and Hyun Su do the dishes. Hyun Su says she has been forcing her laughs these days. He asks her what is going on. She says it is nothing. He asks her why she is like this and she says it must be because she doesn’t feel the same way about him anymore. Hyun Su stops what he is doing and asks why.

Ji-won says they have been together for 14 years and her feelings cant remain the same. He asks how she can change though. She asks if his feelings towards her have remained the same all these 14 years. He says yes they have and she says, “Yes. That is how you feel”.

Hyun Su says this is because of her stress at work. He says she isn’t getting any sleep nor any leads on the case. She says these days she keeps imagining how she will live if they break up. He starts to say something but she stops him to stop acting as if he knows everything about her.

She says she is the one who knows herself and not him. She asks if he knows the reason she fell in love with him. She says there was no reason. She says she doesn’t need a reason to fall out of love either.

Her eyes well up as she says, “I don’t like you. I don’t like you anymore. I don’t like anything about you. I even hate seeing you try so hard to please me.”

Hyun Su asks why and she says she hates him because she doesn’t love him anymore. He asks why she is crying when she claims to hate him. She says it is because she can’t find any other way to explain this.

Hyun Su says he can’t understand her right now. Ji-won looks away as she says she is going to break up with him. She says she doesn’t like to see him sleep next to her. She says she even hates seeing him eat.

Hyun Su struggles to find his composure as he asks what he needs to do. He says he will fix it by doing everything he can. She tells him not to do anything and walks away.

Hyun Su follows her to the room and she says she has to read some file now. He asks what is more important than them.

Ji-won says she feels guilty every time she sees Do Min Seok’s victims. Hyun Su asks why she feels guilty when she did nothing wrong. She says it is because she knows nothing. She says she doesn’t even know how Do Min Seok searched for his victims. She says this might be the last chance for the victims and she knows nothing.

Hyun Su says it is work and he tells her not to empathise with the victims. 

Ji-won says she felt comforted by him in the earlier cases and she could endure them. She says she was able to forget all about it when she was with him but not anymore. She walks away.

The next day, at Kim’s apartment, Kim says he isn’t able to believe that Ji-won has fallen out of love. Hyun Su says he doesn’t know how to fix it. Kim asks if Hyun Su woke him up to discuss his relationship.

Hyun Su says he feels more lost than he felt after being stabbed by Nam Soon Kil.

Just then, the doorbell rings and Kim lets Hae Soo inside. She rushes in asking him what the emergency is. Hae soo is taken aback when she realises it is a relationship problem. Hyun Su asks what he is supposed to do about it.

Kim tells him to shower her with affection and buy her gifts. He tells Hyun Su to declare his love for her. He says she will get confused and ask what is this and he tells Hyun Su to say that this is love. He says if she asks him after some time, he should say it is menopause. he says everyone lives like that. 

Hyun Su says he knows what to do. He says she will be happy if he finds the accomplice. Kim asks who solves relationship issues by catching a serial killer. Hae Soo smiles as she asks if Ji-won is precious to him. He says Ji-won is important to him. Hae Soo corrects him saying the word is precious.

Kim asks what is the difference between the two. Hae Soo says things that are important becomes less over a period of time. She says when something is precious, it hurts you as time goes by. 

Hyun Su gets up saying he has to leave. He says he thinks he knows where the accomplice made the phonecall. He says he found what the tapping sound is and says he will tell them once he confirms it.

He tells Hae Soo not to spend too much time with Kim and walks away. Kim says they aren’t minors for him to order around. 

Kim asks Hae Soo what her schedule for today. He tells her not to worry as he won’t ask her out on a date. He says they can eat something nice like those old days. Hae Soo asks him to take her home.

Hyun Su sits in the car and he takes out his phone. He texts Ji-won asking if she ate something but she doesn’t respond. He scrolls through the messages and reads the loving messages which she sent him before.

At the station, Ji-won says she wants to set a trap. She says there is a list of people whom Jung Mi Sook spoke with when she left home. She says she was asking for a job and would have disclosed that she left home. She says they should throw out a bait and see if anyone takes it. She says she will become the bait.

Lee says entrapment investigations have legality issues. Ji-won says it is legal if he is still committing the crime. Choi says he is with her. Lee seems sceptical but he agrees to it. He says they should get a prepaid phone.

Meanwhile, Hae Soo comes home and Kim follows her. As she opens the door, he says he can leave. She asks if he wants to go and he says no.

He follows her into the room. He looks at the barren house and asks if she is moving as the house is empty. She says this is how she lives. He comments that she is a minimalist and says she used to look sophisticated.

He says it is dark and switches on the light but the light doesn’t come on. he says she should change the bulb. She says she doesn’t turn on the light much and didn’t know it was out. 

Hae Soo says she has insomnia and she doesn’t sleep well. She says she sometimes cries all night long like a crazy person. She says sometimes she doesn’t step out of her home for many days. She tells Kim that she isn’t the same Hae Soo as before. She says she is broken and they cannot go back to old times. Her eyes are downcast as she asks him to leave. Kim walks towards the door. He gives her one last look before going out.

Meanwhile, Do Hyun Su goes to the same bar where he went with his father back in 2002. He sits at the bar and notices the faded tattoo on the bartender’s hand. He says the place hasn’t changed much since he was here with his father. The bartender smiles as he asks what he can bring for him. Hyun Su asks for a drink of the bartender’s choice, on the rocks. 

As he is served the drink, Hyung Su comments that the man chiselled the ice by hand for his father. The man says Hyun Su’s father must have been a special client. He says they provide ice carvings for special clients.

Hyun Su says the person whom he is looking for must be a special client. He slides his phone towards the bartender and plays the audio recording. The bartender freezes when he hears the accomplice’s voice. Hyun Su asks if he recognises the voice. The bartender recoils as he says he doesn’t know. Hyun Su asks him to give him a call if he does. The man says he will and asks him to leave his number with him. Hyun Su asks for a pen.

The bartender gives him the pen. Hyun Su takes the pen and looks closely at it. 


Do Min Seok says he wants to give a handcrafted pen as a gift to his friend for always getting him nice raw material. He asks Hyun Su to choose one pen between the two. Young Hyun Su says father always got the raw material by himself. His father says some raw materials are risky to obtain by himself. Do Min Seok says he wonders what kind of face Hyun Su will make if showed it to him. Hyun Su asks to see it. Do Min Seok says he will show him when the look in his eyes and skills are ripe. Hyun Su chooses one pen.

At present Hyun Su holds the pen in his hand. He looks at the bartender who had passed it to him. 

At the police station, they have gone through most of the witness list without any success. Finally, a woman picks up at the other end. Ji-won speaks in a low tone that she is in need of the job. The woman is keen on this. Ji-won says she has bad credit and the woman says she is fine with it and it won’t be a problem.

At the bar, Hyun Su gives the bartender a long look. The bartender asks if something is wrong. Hyun Su asks if the bartender really doesn’t know whose voice it is. The man is quiet and then Hyun Su asks if he knows Do Min Seok.

The man vigorously shakes his head saying he doesn’t know. Hyun Su jumps over the bar table startling the man. He walks toward the man asking how he came across Do Min Seok’s art pieces without knowing the man himself. He says the man even called him a special client.

The man again says he doesn’t know. Hyun Su asks him who knows the person. The man picks up an ice pick and lunges at Hyun Su but Hyun Su blocks him and pins him on the table. He places the man’s palm on the table and brings down the pen with full force. The man yells in shock and then realises that Hyun Su didn’t hit his hand. He looks at the pen stuck on the table.

Hyun Su asks who is the person who can resolve this situation.

At the station, the lady asks Ji-won where she is right now. Ji-won says she is at a motel near Yeongsan Station. The woman asks which motel it is. Ji-won pauses as Choi writes down the words, “Happy world”. Jiwon gives the woman the name. The lady says she will come in an hour or two. The woman says this will be like an interview and she says she will give her a return call on this number. After they hang up Ho Joon says the accomplice is a man. Choi says this woman may work for a man. Ho Jun wonders if their plan worked.

Meanwhile, at the employment agency, the woman is overjoyed that another person got trapped in their net. Yeom Sang Cheol says he has a bad feeling about this.

He says she just scored one and it is too early for another one. He says the media is reporting Do Min Seok’s case being reopened. He says they might get caught.

The woman tells him not to act like a fraidy cat and asks for her payment. After she leaves, Sang Cheol gets a call on his phone. 

The bartender is on the phone saying a guy made a mess of things. Hyun Su grabs the phone and asks Sang Cheol if he is Do min Seok’s accomplice.

Meanwhile, Hee Sung gets up from his bed and tries to walk but falls. His mother brings a wheelchair into the room but rushes to him when she sees him on the floor. Hee Sung says he needs to meet someone and he remembers now. He says he was on the way to meet that person. He asks her to help him get on his feet.

Hee Sung’s father is in his office. He takes out his 2G phone and looks at the number which he intended to dial the previous time.

The bartender escorts Do Hyun Su into the employment agency.

Ji-won opens the door of her motel room and looks at the woman standing by the door.

Hae Soo is alone in the terrace of her home lost in thought. She turns around hearing Kim’s voice. He is carrying many parcels and also has a new light. He says they should change the light first. Hae Soo is speechless as she looks at him.

Inside the employment agency, Sang Cheol asks how he can believe Hyun Su is really Do Min Seok’s son. Hyun Su says he found the bar because his father took him there.

Sang Cheol asks what drink Min Seok always ordered at the pub. Hyun Su says his father never ordered a drink. He says he would just say he called in advance.

Sang Cheol comes forward and comments that Hyun Su looks just like his father. He asks Hyun Su to sit. Hyun Su asks how Sang Cheol knew his dad’s accomplice. Sang Cheol says Hyun Su crossed the line with that question.

He says Hyun Su is wanted for a homicide case. Hyun Su says that is why he is behind the accomplice. He says the accomplice put him in trouble, so he has to repay him for that. Sang Cheol calls him fearless. Hyun Su tells Sang Cheol to tell the accomplice that he was fearless to have messed with Hyun Su.

Sang Cheol laughs saying he is caught between two crazy people. Hyun Su asks if Sang Cheol isn’t crazy. SAng Cheol says he just buys and sells stuff and is just a businessman. Hyun Su asks what he buys and sells. Sang Cheol says he buys and sells anything and everything.

Hwang Jung Soon from the employment agency sits across Ji-won. HoJoon and the men are stationed at the exits. Choi and Lee are in the car listening to their conversation.

Ji-won says that she ran away in middle school and lost touch with her family. She says they don’t care if she is dead or alive. Hwang Jung Soon says that she will give the job even if Ji-won has bad credit and she says there won’t be taxes too. Ji-won asks if it is illegal. Hwang says it is not dangerous and Ji-won has to do a delivery.

Ji-won asks what she has to deliver and Hwang Jung Soon says she will tell her nearer the time. She then says she needs commission from Ji-won as she got her a job. Ji-won gives her some money.

As Hwang Jung Soon is counting the money, Ji-won states that no person is supposed to act as an intermediary for profit or gain in another person’s employment unless otherwise prescribed by an Act. Hwang realises she is I trouble. Ji-won states that Hwang is violating the labour act. She asks who Ji-won is. Ji-won takes the microphone and says, “Jung Mi Sook”. 

Choi immediately gets out of the car and runs into the building.

Ji-won is putting the handcuffs on Hwang when Choi knocks on the door. She goes and opens the door. Choi and Ho Joon walk in. All 3 of them are shocked to find Hwang gone.

Choi checks in the balcony and finds her hanging by the railing. Ho Joon runs to the other room but before he reaches, Hwang loses her grip and falls.

At the agency, Hyun Su writes 5,000,000 on a chit of paper. Yeom Sang Cheol takes the paper and wonders if he should give Hyun Su to the accomplice or hand over the accomplice to him. Hyun Su says that things never end well for a person who keeps on calculating.

Yeom says he won’t die peacefully if he betrays his client. Hyun Su looks up and asks if the accomplice is his client too. He asks if Yeom supplied raw materials to both his father and the accomplice.

Yeom says that is what Do Min Seok liked to call them. Hyun Su remembers his father saying that some raw materials are risky to obtain.

Yeom says he has made up his mind and that he will let his client have Do Hyun Su. He has his men capture Hyun Su.

At the station. Ji-won is reprimanded for being careless. Lee says he will take responsibility but he is told off too. Just then, ho Joon calls up saying Hwang is still in surgery and she may not make it.

Ji-won is upset as she comes out of the police station. She recalls Hyung Su standing there waiting for her. She recalls how comforting he was in difficult times. She takes her phone and checks all the messages he has sent her.

“Do you feel better now? Did you eat? Is there anything you want? Why don’t we start exercising together? Ji Won. I feel so frustrated. I want to talk to you. I can’t wait for time to pass by. I want time to pass by so we can both have the same memories. And eventually, I want to think and feel just like you. “


Ji-won says she feels like she is the one always receiving stuff from him. She asks if he wants anything from her. Hee Sung/Hyun Su says, “There is. Don’t ever change. You just need to keep loving me like you do right now. If you do that, I’ll live my entire life just for you” 

At present, Ji-won cries as she misses him.

At the agency, Yeom’s men hold Hyun Su down as Yeom prepares a drug. Hyun Su resists as Yeom walks towards him. Yeom says the client will be in front of Hyun Su when he wakes up. Just as he is about to pour the drug into Hyun Su’s mouth Hyun Su blurts out, “I can be your client too.”

Yeom stops at this and steps away. Hyun Su continues, “One that will constantly require your services.” Yeom sits down and asks if Hyun Su knows what he sells. Hyun Su looks at him and says, “People”.

Yeom asks if he needs his service. Hyun Su asks if his father didn’t say anything about him. Yeom says his father said Hyun Su was just like him but he didn’t think he meant this.

Just then, Hyun Su’s phone rings. It is Ji-won. Yeom asks him to take it. Hyun Su picks up the call.

Ji-won says she wanted to hear his voice. She says she had a rough day at work. She says he was the only person she kept thinking of. 

Hyun Su takes a deep breath and says he is busy. Ji-won finds it odd as he again says he is busy. She recalls him saying that all he needs is her trust.

Ji-won says, “From this moment on answer my questions with a yes or no. Can you do that?”

Hyun Su says, “Yes”

Ji-won asks, “Are you in need of assistance?”

Hyun Su says, “No”

Ji-won asks, “Can you manage the situation alone?”

Hyun Su says, “Yes”

Ji-won says, “I’ll give you an hour. You have one hour to come back to me. I miss you”

Hyun Su says, “Sure”

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This was an interesting and emotional episode.

Hee Sung’s father said his son can get a happily ever after. He mentioned Do Hyun Su’s current life and it looks like he wants to take Do Hyun Su out of the equation. 

Ji-won decided not to confront Hyun Su regarding his identity. Bottling up her feelings doesn’t suit her nature. Ji-won said everything she wanted to say despite not being able to tell him the real reason why she wants to break up with him. It looks like she didn’t want to live even a moment in a loveless relationship however alluring it may be.

Hyun Su said things will be alright with Ji-won if he finds the accomplice. He has no clue that Ji-won knows he is Do Hyun Su and that he can’t feel emotions.

Though Ji-won was angry with him and doubts his love for her, she loves him deeply. In the final scene, Ji-won knew Hyun Su would not respond to her phone call in that manner and right away grasped that he was in trouble. It looks like she too, like Hae Soo, has started to feel that he is capable of emotions. It was good that the series doesn’t waste time in dragging the plot and quickly moved forward.

The scene where Hae Soo explains the difference between precious and important was well made.

The scenes with Do Min Seok are always are chilling. Even though he has very little screen time, his scenes are thrilling and they make the story more gripping.

It looks like the accomplice is well-to-do as he supposedly was buying the victims. It looks like Hee Sung knows something as he kept saying he wanted to meet someone.

The next episode seems promising and I look forward to watching it.

-By Soul Sword-

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