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Flower of Evil Episode 10 Recap


Spring of 2008

Hee Sung/Do Hyun Su is working in his craft shop when an excited Ji-won runs in. She says she passed the police civil service exam. He asks if she is that thrilled and she hugs him. She asks if he is thrilled too and he says he is. She says she wanted to be a cop since kindergarten and says she fulfilled that dream. Hee Sung holds her in his embrace.


Ji-won says she will give her husband one hour before he can get back to her. She says she misses him.

At the agency, Hyun Su says, “Sure” and hangs up.

Yeom puts out his hand and introduces himself. Hyun Su doesn’t take it. He gets up saying Yeom trusts people easily and he goes to sit on the sofa.

Yeom says he has no interest in knowing who Hyun Su is or why he wants the people. He says it is more of the client trusting him than him trusting the client. Hyun Su asks what he means.

Yeom’s thug brings him a laptop. Yeom puts it on the table with the screen facing Hyun Su.

Hyun Su is taken aback when he sees what is on the screen.

Meanwhile, Ji-won looks at her watch and checks the app for the location. She wonders why he is there. Just then, she receives a call from Hyun Su asking where to meet her.

She asks to meet in the park right outside the station.

At Hae Soo’s house, Hae Soo watches in silence as Kim fixes the light. He shows her a bottle and tells her to apply a drop of it to her pillow and she will sleep like a baby. He takes the other package and says he will assemble this before leaving.

Hae Soo asks him what he is doing. She says he understood what she meant. Kim is persistent as he says this won’t take long. Kim fits a floor lamp which gives a cosy look even when the lights are switched off.

They stand in awkward silence. Hae Soo asks him what he is doing now after leaving her when she needed him the most.


Tears well up in young Hae Soo’s eyes as she looks at Kim. She clasps the necklace which Kim gave her and she pulls it away from her neck. She throws it away before running away.

At present, Kim says she looks like she is past it all, but she isn’t. Hae Soo walks out of the house.


Young Kim searches the bushes and finds the chain with the pendant that Hae Soo threw away.

At present, Kim follows Hae Soo outside. He says he won’t apologise for what he did back then. Hae Soo turns around and says she never asked him to. She says she doesn’t need him anymore. She says there is nothing he can do for her anymore.

Kim says he ran away back then and that is why he is in the best position to understand her now. Hae Soo says she killed a person and let Hyun Su take the fall. She is teary-eyed as she says Ji-won thinks Hyun Su is a murderer. Hae Soo says she has to reveal the truth and tells him not to talk her out of it. Kim says that is not the best course of action and she again tells him not to talk her out of it.

She goes in and closes the door. Kim yells from outside that curling up into a ball behind closed doors and crying her eyes out only prove how pathetic she is. Hae Soo cries quietly as she sits inside.

Kim walks up to the door and asks why she thinks she doesn’t need him. He asks what about when she gets sick or if her toilet gets clogged or if she needs help lifting things or if she is suddenly swept up in fear that swallows her whole. He says he will be available for her even in the deepest nights so he asks her to call him. Kim says this isn’t pitying. He says it isn’t because he wants to go back to how things were. He says he hates to see her cope with everything alone. Hae Soo cries as she sits inside.

Ji-won waits in the park for Hyun Su/Hee Sung. She receives a call from Hae Soo. Hae Soo says she knows who is the real murderer in the village foreman case. She says Hyun Su didn’t kill him. She says she will tell Ji-won what happened that day once she finishes everything that she has to do. She tells Ji-won not to forget what she said today.

Ji-won is puzzled when Hae Soo hangs up. She looks up to see Hyun Su running towards her. He stops in front of her saying it took him just 58 minutes.

Ji-won’s voiceover says, “I was all you had. And even right now, I’m all you have.”

She checks him for injuries. Hyun Su asks why he would be injured. She tells him she didn’t mean it when she said she wanted to break up with him. She says she didn’t mean it when she said she had fallen out of love with him. Hyun Su says he knows. Ji-won says he doesn’t and hugs him. 

Ji-won says she wishes she could switch bodies for one day so he could feel how much she loves him. She says she won’t feel that upset then. Hyun Su says something is going on with her. Ji-won doesn’t reply.

At the station, Yoon asks Lee if he has proof that a human trafficker is involved in a serial murder case. Lee says he needs more time for the proof. Yoon loses his cool as he asks how Lee expects to track the person behind the woman if the human trafficker dies.  

Meanwhile, Ho Joon calls up Choi and says the surgery is over but Hwang needs to survive the night. Choi hangs up after asking him to keep him posted. Just then, he receives a call from Oh Bok Ja (the woman from Hyun Su’s village who had a recent photo of Hyun Su). Choi recalls Ji-won talking to the woman on the phone. The woman says she found something in her house while cleaning. She holds Kim’s recorder in her hand (which had fallen when Park attacked Kim)

Ji-won and Hyun Su walk back to the police station. She says she is embarrassed to face the team as it didn’t occur to her that Hwang would try to escape through the window. Hyun Su asks if it is that bad. Ji-won says it is becoming too much and asks if he can become the breadwinner of the family.

Ji-won says Eun ha will start school in a couple of years. She asks if they should send her to a school in the countryside as it is the trend these days. She says once this is done, she wants to raise Eun ha in a quiet place with clean air. She asks if they should do that.

Hyun Su says he still remembers how excited she was when she wore her ID card for the first time. Ji-won says it is okay and it isn’t that much fun anymore. Hyun Su says she is weird today. Ji-won says she should get back to work and she asks him to get going.

Later, Hyun Su puts Eun Ha to bed. She is still clutching his shirt as she sleeps. He slowly removes it and apologises to her sleeping form as he has to leave.

Hyun Su sits on the couch in the living room expecting Yeom’s call at midnight.

Yeom calls up and says the transaction will start the following midnight. He asks Hyun Su to bring 100000 dollars to his office.

Hyun Su recalls seeing 3 human trafficking victims in the footage on the laptop that Yeom showed him. In-Seo was one of them. Yeom asks Hyun Su to pick one of them from there and says their deal can start tomorrow. He says if he orders for a person, it will take time. Hyun Su says he will take the kid. Yeom writes 10,000,000 on a piece of paper. Hyun Su takes the paper and adds an extra 0 and asks for DO Min Seok’s accomplice’s name and photo. He says he wants that too. Yeom says this is hard to refuse and Hyun Su smiles. Yeom gives Hyun Su a burner phone and asks him to call him just from this.

Yeom gives him the terms. He says if Hyun Su breaks even one rule, Yeom will burn all the pieces of evidence. He says the evidence includes people.

Hee Sung’s father sits on the sofa as Hee Sung looks at their family photo. His mother stands beside Hee Sung as he takes in Hyun Su’s image which has replaced him. He asks if the man whom he hit with the car is living his life now.

Hee Sung’s father is curt as he says they thought Hee Sung wouldn’t survive. Hee Sung asks how he is supposed to live now. He asks what will happen to his life and says he will do as his parents say. Hee Sung cries as he asks if they can ask that man to give his name back. He pleads with his father to allow him to meet Hyun Su so he can request him in person.

Just then, his father receives a call from Hyun Su asking for a favour- 100,000 dollars in cash. He says he can find the accomplice in the Yeonju serial murder case using it. Hee Sung’s father is disturbed as he asks how. Hyun Su says he found an informant whom he needs to pay for the information. He says it is a win-win for both him and Hee Sung’s father. Hee Sung’s father asks Hyun Su to meet him at the hospital. After he hangs up, his wife asks what happened and he says it is nothing.

Hee Sung’s father helps him back to bed. Hee Sung asks to meet Hyun Su. His father says never. Hee Sung cries as he asks why. He says if Hyun Su meets him, he will take pity on him. Hee Sung’s father says Hyun Su isn’t that easy. He says if Hyun Su finds that Hee Sung woke up, he would see him as an obstacle.

Hee Sung is shocked as he asks what his father intends to do. His father says they should pray that luck should be on their side.

Hyun Su wakes up in the morning and sees Ji-won sleeping by his side. He puts a blanket over her and notices that she is wearing her wedding ring.

Hyun Su stands before the mirror and practices his smile. Suddenly he clutches his chest and starts gasping. He loses his footing and falls. 

Later he walks out of the restroom. Ji-won is on her way out as she learnt that Hwang passed away. 

Hyun Su asks her to stop and he straightens her hair. he asks her why she isn’t asking him why he answered his phone like that. He asks why she isn’t asking with whom he was yesterday.

Ji-won tells him to tell her when he wants to. She says she is ready to listen. She smiles as she says she will see him later and she leaves.

After she leaves, Hyun Su removes his wedding ring from his finger.

Yoon is at the press conference briefing the reporters. He is grilled with questions about conducting the sting operation without proof. He is asked about Hwang’s death.

Back at the station, Ji-won says Hwang transferred money every month to a nursing home where her mother was kept. She says Hwang’s mother had dementia. She adds that nothing else stands out of in her bank statement.

Choi reports that he is back from Jerim Dong. Ji-won looks up at this. Ho Jun adds that no one has turned up for Hwang’s funeral. Choi says he went to Gakyeongri. She asks why and he says he just went.

Just then, Ji-won receives a call on the landline. A voice on the other end says he has grave information on the Yeonju Serial Murders. He says he is Do Hyun Su. Ji-won is dumbstruck.

Elsewhere, Hyun Su is sitting at a table dressed in black with spectacles and glasses. He talking on the phone using a voice scrambler, “This is Do Hyun Su.”

At the station, Choi grabs the phone from Ji Won and is equally shocked when he hears that the person on the other end claims to be Do Hyun Su.

Hyun Su asks how many times he has to repeat himself. He is calling from the burner phone Yeom gave him. Choi tells him that prank calls are a crime. Hyun Su says he can help catch the accomplice.


At the agency, Yeom tells Hyun Su, “Rule 1. You are not to carry any communications devices when meeting or carrying out our deal. Rule number 2. I will first check the money. Rule 3. Once the money has been checked, you will collect your package at the designated location. The photo of the accomplice will be given once I receive the money.”Hyun Su nods.

At present, Lee speaks with Hyun Su. Others listen in while the machine tracks his location. Lee informs Hyun Su that he is on speaker. Hyun Su asks how many detectives he is talking to. Lee says four. Hyun Su says no one but the four of them should know about this conversation. Lee gives him his word after deep thought. Hyun Su says he is also recording their conversation. He says there is a human trafficking ring which sold victims to Do Min Seok and his accomplice. He says this is how they got their victims. he says he will make a deal with that ring tonight.

Ji-won is nervous as she grasps what Do Hyun Su is saying.

Hyun Su says he will be given a person of his choice and information about Do Min Seok’s accomplice. He says he is giving the police a chance to raid the scene of their business transaction.

Choi asks for the time and location.

Do Hyun Su says he will lay down his terms first. He says this phone isn’t in his name. He says even if they track his location they won’t be able to spot him. He says he will provide all the information he has in order to conclude the Yeonju Murder Case. He asks them to promise him that they will protect his identity. He says every information regarding this call should be destroyed after closing the case. 

Choi asks if a fugitive on the run for 20 years decides to call the police and just wants justice to be served and nothing else.

Do Hyun Su says he just wants to prove he is not Do Min Seok’s accomplice.

Choi says he doubts this is the real Do Min Seok. Ji-won cuts in and asks if he can give them information about the people who sold the victims to Do Min Seok. She says they will verify his tip and move on with his plan. Lee says if they move on with the plan, his terms will automatically be met.

Do Hyun Su says the man’s name is Yeom Sang Cheol. He warns them to tread with caution. Hyun Su says Yeom will kill all the prisoners including him if he finds out that the police are on to him.

Ji-Won is agitated as she walks out of the station. She stands by the staircase and calls up Hyun Su. He picks up her call and she is cautious as she asks him what he is up to.

Hyun Su is walking to his car as he says he is picking up supplies.

Ji-won asks if he can pick her up later and they can go out to have noodles like last time. 

Hyun Su is silent for a moment and then says he won’t come home today as he has to attend a funeral.

Ji-won asks him not to go. He asks why and she says she doesn’t want him to go. tears streak down her face as she says she had a nightmare last night. He says that is why she should sleep properly on the bed. She asks if he is still going. He says he has to go. She tells him to do what he wants and says she is hanging up. Hyun Su says, “I want to be someone decent enough for you. That’s who I want to be”

Ji-won cries silently as she says she has to get back to work. She says she will call him at 10 pm. Hyun Su says okay and hangs up.

Meanwhile, Hee Sung is in his wheelchair as he breathes in the fresh air. his mother is with him. The maid writes on her notepad asking if he wants some tea and he says he would like some. She walks away giving him a warm smile.

After she leaves, Hee Sung asks how much the maid knows. His mother says they purposefully hired someone who cant read lips. She says the maid has signed a confidentiality agreement too.

She asks whom Hee Sung said he wanted to meet. Hee Sung says it is a woman. he says he would’ve met her if he wasn’t in an accident that day. He says everyone’s lives would’ve turned out differently if he had met her.

At Kim’s office, Kang reads the draft on 3 mysteries behind Jung Mi Sook’s disappearance. She says there is nothing new with this. She asks for his interview with Hae Su. He says there wasn’t one. She asks what he did with her instead of interviewing her. Kim says he confessed his feelings for her. He says he got rejected. She asks him to do the interview then. Just then, he gets a message from Hyun Su asking to meet.

Meanwhile, Hae Su is at a hypnosis session. She is guided to the day of her father’s funeral. Hae Soo’s vision is hazy but she sees that the person’s nails on the left hand are shorter than normal. She also sees a green wristband on the man’s hand which seems familiar.

She looks closer and sees his eyes. Hae Soo trembles as she says he is trying to memorise the way she looks. She says she is scared and asks to get out of this place.

The therapist wakes her up. She says the man was studying her face. She asks what that means. She says the man is going to kill her. The therapist says what she saw now happened 18 years ago. She says Hae Soo shouldn’t drive in this state. She asks if there is anyone she can call. Hae Soo says she is fine and asks for some time to gain composure. After she steps out for some air, her phone on the table starts ringing. It is Kim.

At the station, the team discusses information on Yeom Sang Cheol. Ho Jun says he served 10 years for attempted murder and arson when Yeom was just 17. He says Yeom was released on parole for agreeing to do voluntary work. He says Yeom volunteered at Deep Spring Children’s Psychiatry Clinic from the year 1997. Ji-won says it is the same place where Do Hyun Su took treatment from 1997-1999.

Choi says Hwang works for Yeom at his employment agency. He brings up the footage of Hwang walking from Yeom’s agency the day before, thus proving Hyung Su’s tip.

Choi says everyone in their team will get promoted if they solve this case. Ji-won is alarmed when Choi says that they will catch Do Hyun Su too.

Kim drives Hae Soo from the hypnotherapist. He tells her to call him when she goes for the session as she shouldn’t drive after hypnotherapy. Hae Soo says she is shifting the hypnotherapist. She says she doesn’t trust people who answer her phone without her permission. Kim says the therapist said she thought Kim and Hae Soo were friends as she had saved his name as “Moo-jin.”

Hae Soo takes her phone and renames his number as “Reporter Kim”. He says she should open up and she asks why he should open up to him. He says he meant the therapist and she goes silent.

Kim says the therapist said Hae Soo is very suspicious and anxious about others. He says she said Hae Soo might be the one causing the fear.

Hae Soo asks why Hyun Su wants to meet and Kim says he doesn’t know.

At the station, Choi says the police can’t protect a murderer. Choi says they need to keep talking over the phone and he might accidentally leak his location. he says if he keeps calling them, they can figure out where he lives and then Lee says they can collect the DNA’s of the men in their 30’s to 40’s in that area and match it with Do Hae Soo’s DNA. Ji-won is distressed as she sees this conversation.

At Kim’s house, Kim and Hae Soo learn that Hyun Su has given a tip to the police. Hyun Su says that is the only way to move quickly and says they don’t have time. Kim asks if he has lost it. Hyun Su says the police promised to protect him if his tip is true. Hae Soo says he shouldn’t believe the police. She says they will take what they want and stab him in the back.

Kim says Yeom will make him pay when he learns Hyun Su betrayed him. Hyun Su sits down and says he wondered what Ji-won would have done with the victims who were locked up if she was in his place. He says Ji-won wouldn’t have ignored the locked up victims.

Hyun Su says he needs Kim’s help and things may not go as planned. He says they need a contingency plan. Hae Soo says she will help too.

Hyun Su says he doesn’t have faith in her to do something important. He says she is unstable. He says she almost made a mistake in front of Ji-won last time. He says there is a good chance that she may get emotional and ruin things.

Kim tells Hyun Su off for hurting Hae Soo’s feelings. Hae Soo says it is alright.

Just then, the burner phone starts ringing. Hyun Su says it is Ji-won. Hae Soo tells him not to take it. Hyun Su picks up the call through the scrambler. Ji-won speaks up saying he is on speaker.

Lee says they believe his tip. Hyun Su says the deal will take place in two parts and that he will receive the location once he pays the money. He says if the first half of the deal fails, the second half will not take place.

Choi asks if Hyun Su will give the location after giving Yeo the money. Hyun Su says he will complete the first half of the deal. He asks the police to take complete responsibility for the second part of the deal. He says that is the only way they can catch everyone.

Lee says it is too dangerous for Hyun Su to go there alone. He asks for the location of the first deal.

Hyun Su says he will not come in contact with the police for any reason.

Choi asks him to trust them and says they won’t arrest him. Ji-won asks him to trust in them. Choi watches Ji-won closely.


Choi says they just need Hyun Su to repeat himself twice so they can track his location. He says Ji-won is best to do the job. Ji-won refuses to do this. She says Hyun Su is risking his life by talking with them to save the victims. She says she will drop out of the investigation if they have to betray that trust.

At present, Ho Jun smirks as Choi says they arent low lives who go after informants. Lee says this plan doesn’t guarantee Hyun Su’s safety. Ji Won says they will do their best to protect him. She tells him to put his safety first.

Hyun Su says he won’t come into contact with the police and he tells them to save the victims. He says he will take care of himself and hangs up.

Yeom is at the bar. He asks how the victims are doing. The bartender says one of them has a problem with vision being a diabetic patient. He says the kid is dehydrated but fine.

They discuss Hwang. The bartender says she saved them a job by killing herself. Yeom says he is such an idiot for walking into the cop’s trap. The bartender laughs. Yeom says one of their own has died and asks why he is laughing. The man apologises. Yeom says they should lay low for a while after this deal. He tells the bartender to load the rest into the boat immediately.

One of Yeom’s men brings the photo to Yeom. Yeom sees the photograph and says it is nice to see a familiar face. He says this man and Do Min Seok used to be joint at the hip. He says the man doesn’t come around anymore.

Do Hyun Su is at Hee Sung’s father’s office. He checks the money. His father says things that can be solved with money are the easiest. He says he feels this time it will make it worse. Hyun Su says he will resolve it.

Hee Sung’s father says he will give Hyun Su 10 times this money. He asks Hyun Su to disappear without a trace. He says he will take care of Hyun Su’s family. He offers to tie all loose ends for him.

Hyun Su refuses. He says he won’t entrust his family with Hee Sung’s father.

Hee Sung’s father asks what Hyun Su thinks of him. Hyun Su says Hee Sung’s father is just like him. He says Hee Sung’s father doesn’t care what he must to do to obtain his goal. He asks if Hee Sung’s father would entrust his family with Hyun Su.

Hee Sung’s father says Hyun Su’s honesty puts him more at ease. He says they both are lucky as they have a common goal. Hyun Su takes leave. Hee Sung’s father calls him. Hyun Su turns around and Hee Sung’s father says, “Goodbye…” Hyun Su bows and leaves.

At the station, Yoon asks who the informant is. Lee says he can’t disclose that information. He says they need all the back up to arrest Yeom and solve the Yeonju Serial Murder case. Yoon warns that Lee better be sure about this.

The team gets ready to leave. Choi watches Ji-won. He says he is glad she is on the team. He sees Ji-won’s expression and asks if she is touched. Ho Joon says Ji-won looks like she is going to be sick.

Just then, Choi receives a call from the person who helps him off the records. The man says he has recovered all the data from the recorder (Kim’s voice recorder).

Ji-won is perturbed as she goes to the rooftop of the station. She takes a moment.

Hyun Su gets ready for the rendevous. He receives a call from Ji-won’s number. He picks it up through the voice scrambler. 

Ji-won says Nam’s wife gave her his bag. She says she heard the recording in the cassette player. She asks whom the voice on the recording belongs to. Hyun Su says it is his mother’s voice.

Hyun Su says it was recorded in 1997 right before his mother went missing. He says his mother gave it to her so he could remember her. He says his father reported her missing and the police confiscated her belongings. He says he thought they would take it too if he said it was her recording. 

Ji-won frowns as she comments that he must have deeply loved his mother. Hyun Su says a psychiatrist diagnosed him as someone who lacks empathy and the ability to feel emotions. He says he is not capable of feeling such an emotion. She asks why he held on to it for so long. Hyun Su says he doesn’t know that. he says no one told him why he behaved in such a way so he can’t explain to her. Hyun Su says, “I don’t want to lie to you, you see.”

Ji-won says, “Mr Do?” and Hyun Su says, “Yes?”

Ji-won says, “Please stay safe today.” Hyun Su says, “Sorry?”

Ji-won says she has to go and hangs up.

After she hangs up, he recalls Ji-won saying that she will call him at 10 pm. Hyun Su checks his watch and it is 10 pm. Realisation strikes Hyun Su.

Ji-won understands why Hyun Su turned violent when anyone touched the recording. Ji-won immediately dials the psychiatrist’s number and she yells at her.

She asks how she could have not known. She asks why the woman didn’t think that it could have been given to him by his mother. She says the psychiatrist interviewed the boy after his mother went missing. She asks why she didn’t think that he was fixated on the cassette recorder because his mother might have given it to him. She says the answer would have been simple that he was a normal kid. She says the psychiatrist was the only person who could have helped him back then. Ji-won hangs up before the woman can respond.

Choi goes and picks up the recorder from the man. The man asks why everyone is coming to him when the police have a forensics team. Choi says he comes here because he wants things off the record. Choi asks who else came by and the man says Ji-won came by but he doesn’t say why she came because he wants it to be confidential. Choi doesn’t ask into it and he walks away.

Choi plays the recordings as he drives back. One recording is of In Seo’s mother, the other recording starts to play. The recording is when Kim and Hyun Su drove down to their village to retrieve the photograph Ok Ja had.

Meanwhile, at the station, Lee thanks team two for providing them back up. He briefs the team about the case.

Choi is driving when he hears the recording which plays Kim’s voice saying, “Hyun Su, how did Do Hyun Su become Baek Hee Sung?”. The colour drains off Choi’s face when he hears this and he hits the breaks. Kim goes on asking how Hyun Su managed to fool Ji-won. Choi hears Hyun Su’s voice, “Ji-won knows nothing about this. She doesn’t know my past. She doesn’t know I am abnormal.” Choi replays the recording.

Choi recalls all the time Ji-won was against going after Do Hyun Su. He is furious.

Meanwhile, Kim gets into Hyun Su’s car and Hyun Su drives away. On the way, Kim asks if Hyun Su has to be so rude to Hae Su. He says Hyun Su doesn’t know how much he hurt her. Hyun Su says he spoke like that because it is dangerous. Kim says Hyun Su could’ve said that. He says the more dangerous it is, the more she would want to get involved. Kim asks why he should get involved in something so dangerous. Hyun Su says he only asked for the help but it was Kim’s decision to accept. Kim wonders why he agreed to help. Hyun Su says it is because he asked in front of Hae Soo. Hyun Su says Kim never turns him down if he asks something in front of Hae Soo. He says Kim wants to impress Hae Soo. Kim asks if he was manipulated. Hyun Su says that he has always done that and will always do so.

Hae Soo is at her home. She looks up green wristband online. She sees a search result from Ilshin University Hospital’s Overseas Medical volunteer work. she goes into the site and Hee Sung’s father is int he photos standing along with the team. She scrolls down and finds that it is the same wristband from her memory of the accomplice.

At the station, Lee is completing the briefing when Choi barges in. Choi drags Ji-won outside after telling her that she doesn’t deserve to be in here. 

Lee and Ho Joon follow them. Lee tells Choi to leave her hand. Choi asks, “You knew, didn’t you?”. Ji-won asks what he is asking. Choi says, “You knew everything didn’t you?”

Ji-won looks away and Choi asks how she could do this. He says she knew everything and she manipulated everyone to do things her way. She tears up when he says she lied to them.

Hyun Su drives down the freeway as Ji-won’s voice asking him to stay safe echoes in his mind.

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This episode was fast-paced, emotional and thrilling.

The way the plot came together in this episode was brilliant.

The phone conversations between Ji-won and Hyun Su were emotional. The dialogues were deep-seated and both the scenes were a great watch.

Ji-won had a terrible time in this episode. At one point she couldn’t take the stress and mentioned that she would quit her job and move to somewhere quiet with her family. This goes to show that her husband and daughter are her first priority in her life.

It was revealed that Do Hyun Su is a normal person and he can feel emotions. It is saddening to see what a misdiagnosis can do to a person. It led Hyun Su to believe that what he is going through cant be termed as a “feeling”.

The scene with Hyun Su and Hee Sung’s father was a good watch. Hyun Su told Hee Sung’s father that they are similar. This implies that Hee Sung’s father doesn’t feel emotions. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as he didn’t hesitate to replace his son with another person to keep his image intact. Do Hyun Su, on the other hand, has shown selfless traits from the beginning (since he took the blame for the village foreman murder.)

Ji-won said she will call her husband up at 10 pm and called up Do Hyun Su’s burner phone instead of his personal phone. Hyun Su wanted to live as Hee Sung because he thought Ji-won will not accept him if she found out he is Do Hyun Su. In the last scene, it seems like Hyun Su realised that Ji-won asked him to stay safe despite knowing that he is Do Hyun Su and not Baek Hee Sung.

Ji-won found out that Hyun Su is a normal person. I wonder when Hyun Su will.

Hee Sung’s situation is pathetic but that doesn’t prove that he is innocent. He does know something which he isn’t telling his mother either. How he fell into a coma is still a mystery. It is also intriguing how he woke up the moment his life support system was removed.

In the preview, it looks like Hee Sung is biting his nails when he watches Hae Soo. Hae Soo recalls the figure at the funeral having very short nails and she also mentions he cried a lot. 

Hee Sung is seen crying throughout the episode. He comes across as a timid person and seems to be at his father’s beck and call. 

Yeom revealed that Do Hyun Su and Hee Sung’s father were friends. Do Min Seok used his son as his alibi. I wonder if Hee Sung’s father did the same with his son too. 

It is intriguing to see that all the clues are pointing towards hospitals or clinics. Hae Soo noticed the wristband from the hospital on the person who came to her father’s funeral. Yeom volunteered at the same psychiatric clinic Hyun Su was treated in. I wonder if the accomplice planned on framing Hyun Su from 1997.

This episode was by far the best of the series so far and leaves us wanting to watch more.

-By Soul Sword-

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