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Flower of Evil Episode 11 Recap



Ji-won and Hyun Su wait outside the NICU. The nurse brings newborn Eun-ha and shows her to them. Ji-won and Hyun Su see Eun-ha’s sleeping form. Ji-won is filled with awe as she speaks to her newborn. She tears up and Hyun Su asks why she is crying.

Ji-won says Eun-ha is too beautiful. She says she is glad Eun-ha made it but she is also sorry. She says it is hard to describe. She asks him what is in his mind.

Hyun Su says he is worried that Eun-ha won’t like him. Ji-won says Eun-ha will like him because he is her father. Just then, baby Eun-ha starts crying. Hyun Su wonders what happened and Ji-won says Eun-ha probably feels what they are feeling (excited, worried and scared). Hyun Su is concerned when he hears this.


Do Hae Soo finds the green wristband online. The search result says it is the commemorative wristband for Ilshin University’s overseas volunteer work. She hears something outside and is startled. She draws back the curtains but there is no one there. She comes back and goes through the website. She finds Hee Sung’s father Baek Man Woo in most of the photographs.

At the station, Choi confronts Ji-won. Lee grabs Choi and pulls him away as Ho Joon asks Choi what the issue is. Ji-won says it is all her fault. Choi tells her that they need to talk in private and Ji-won follows him. Lee and Ho-Joon are puzzled.

Ji-won joins Choi on the rooftop as she says she doesn’t know how to explain. He tells her he doesn’t want to hear her excuses. He asks her since when she knew that her husband is Hyun Su. She says she found out during Park’s case.

Choi tells her to act as if she is unaware of everything. He says the evidence he found is enough to prove that Hee Sung is Hyun Su. He says she is Hyun Su’s biggest victim. He says things got this far because she didn’t know what to do.

Ji-won is teary-eyed as she shakes her head in disagreement. Choi says the emotions she feels aren’t real. Ji-won says there is another side to the story. Choi asks where is real Baek Hee Sung and says he is sure he is dead.

Ji-won says Hee Sung’s parents gave Hyun Su the identity and they are involved. She says Hyun Su won’t hurt others. Choi asks for proof. Ji-won falls to her knees and begs him to help her this once and look the other way.

Choi asks if she is serious. Ji-won cries saying she will put her life on the line to prove Hyun Su’s innocence. She says Hyun Su won’t have a chance once he is arrested because the world will see him as a psychopath serial killer’s son and a detective’s husband. She says everyone will throw rocks at him and taunt him indefinitely. She says people are not interested in boring truth.

Choi says she will thank him later for this. He says they will arrest Yeom’s gang tonight and Hyun Su in the morning. He says he says he can’t leave her without taking action and asks her to remove herself from the investigation. He tells her to be blind-eyed till this gets over. Ji-won sobs as he walks away.

Elsewhere, Hyun Su and Kim are in the car. Hyun Su is filling him in with the details. He says that the police will move in once he gives them the location of the victim. He adds that in case he isn’t able to give the location to the police, Kim has to do it. Kim asks how and Hyun Su gives him a radio receiver.

Hyun Su says the money bag has a wiretapper installed in it. He says it isn’t visible to the naked eye. Kim says they might use a detector. Hyun Su says he will turn on the switch a little later.

Later, Hyun Su walks into Yeom’s agency. The metal detector doesn’t beep when it is moved over the bag. Hyun Su joins Yeom. He tactfully switches on the switch when he opens the bag to show Yeom the money. He pushes the bag towards Yeom. Hyun Su asks for the location. Yeom says he needs to count the money first.

Kim listens in on the conversation. He is startled when Hae Soo’s call comes in. Hae Soo asks how it is going and she says she figured something out. She says she has a favour to ask.

At the station, Choi joins the briefing. He says Ji-won had to leave as Eun ha wasn’t feeling well and was hospitalised.

Just then, Ji-won joins them. She says Eun ha is better and is with her mother. Choi tells her she shouldn’t be here. Ji-won says she is taking part in this case, no matter what. He asks why and she says it is because it is her job.

Meanwhile, at the agency, Yeom writes out the victim’s location and hands it to Hyun Su asking him to memorise it. Hyun Su reads it out loud, “57-37, Jaerim-ro.”

Kim uses the burner phone and calls up Ji-won. He tells her the location of the victims.

Ji-won informs the team and they set out. Choi stops her and tells her to get herself off the case. Ji-won says she wants to solve this case more than anyone. Choi says she is too emotionally involved. 

Ji-won asks how can she wait in one place when Hyun Su has asked them for back up. She asks if he would be able to stay put if he was in her shoes. She adds that Hyun Su will contact only her. She asks if Choi still thinks they don’t need her. She says she will sit still if he still feels the same way.

At the agency, Yeom burns the note with the address of the location. Hyun Su asks for the accomplice details. Yeom holds out the envelope. Hyun Su takes it but Yeom doesn’t let go. Just then, Yeom receives a call from Baek.

Yeom pulls the envelope from Hyun Su and takes the call.

Hee Sung’s father Baek Man Woo is on the other end. He says there are two reasons why Yeom should get rid of the guy in front of him. He says the first reason is that Hyun Su is working with the cops and the second reason is that he can give double the money Hyun Su is giving. Man Woo says that Hyun Su is living under a fake identity and won’t come into contact with the cops. He says he is sure Hyun Su doesn’t have the cops to protect him now.

Yeom hangs up and crushes the envelope. He puts it into his pocket. He tells his assistant to take all the money from the vault as they have to leave. 

Hyun Su asks what is going on. Yeom puts a knife on the table and asks if he prefers the mountain or the sea to be buried.

Kim is appalled as he realises that Yeom figured it out.

At his house, Hee Sung’s father puts away the burner phone and walks out of his office room. Hee Sung is outside the door in his wheelchair. He says he isn’t able to sleep as he is scared that Do Hyun Su won’t give up his identity. His father says that he won’t allow that to happen.

Just then, the doorbell rings. Hee Sung’s mother sees Hae Soo on the monitor and asks who she is. She is shocked when Hae Soo says she is Do Hyun Su’s sister. She apologises for being rude and coming over at this hour. She says she has something important to discuss. The door opens and Hae Soo walks in.

At the location of human trafficking, the police team arrives and raids it. Ji-won and Choi chase after a trafficker and get him cornered from both sides. The man takes out a knife but Ji-won intervenes before he stabs Choi. As Choi arrests him, she asks why he isn’t wearing protective gear. Choi says he knew the man was hiding a knife. Ji-won says Choi got lucky in Park’s case. She asks if he doesn’t think about his family. Choi tells her not to butt-in like that. Ji-won says she has no future. Choi walks back but Ji-won says there is something more that she needs to do.

At the agency, Yeom’s thug beats up Hyun Su and bashes his head into the glass cabinet. Hyun Su falls and starts bleeding from his head. The thug holds him up as Yeom asks why he is working with the cops.

Hyun Su screams asking who told Yeom about him working with the cops. Yeom laughs asking who are the people Hyun Su spoke to about this. Yeom asks if it was a cop or a friend or a lover. Yeom says Hyun Su should get out of here alive if he has to find that out. 

Yeom tells the thug to tie Hyun Su up. Just then, the fire alarm rings. Yeom sends his man to check. The man comes out to see Kim standing by the alarm. He says he was checking if it was working properly. As the man walks past, Kim douses him with the fire extinguisher. As it runs out, he yells, “Do Hyun Su, run out run out” and runs away.

Inside, Hyun Su tries to get up but Yeom puts his foot over him. Yeom asks if that moron is Hyun Su’s only saviour. Hyun su tells Yeom to take the money and get out as it is over. Yeom says it is over for Hyun Su before that.

Kim runs down the stairs and into the basement parking lot with the thug closely following him. He turns a corner and the thug loses him. Kim holds his breath as he hides behind a car.

Meanwhile, Hae Soo looks at the Baek family photo in the living room as Hee Sung’s mother serves her tea. Hee Sung’s mother says she wasn’t aware that Hyun Su and Hae Soo are in touch. Hae Soo says they got in touch only recently. Hee Sung’s father says they are in an uncomfortable position now. He says it is inconvenient for them if Hyun Su has spoken about their arrangement to a third party.

Hee Sung’s mother asks what Hyun Su had told her about them. 

Hee Sung opens the door slightly and watches Hae Soo. Hae Soo says he said Hee Sung is comatose so his parents gave Hyun Su his identity. She says he said they took pity on Hyun Su despite knowing his story. She says he called them generous.

Hee Sung’s parents look relieved. Hee Sung’s father asks why she is here. She shows him the print out of the green wristband. She requests him to give her a list of all the volunteers between the year 1999 to 2002. She says they must be worried about the reinvestigation of Yeonju murder cases. 

Hee Sung’s mother defends herself by saying they aren’t bothered, but Hee Sung’s father says they are concerned about Hyun Su. Hae Soo says Hyun Su isn’t a killer. Hee Sung’s father asks why she is having the picture of the bracelet.

Hae Soo says a man came to their father’s funeral on June 10th, 2002. She says the man is her father’s accomplice. Hee Sung bites his nails as she says she will be able to identify the person if she sees his face again.

Hee Sung continues to bite his nails.

At the parking lot, Kim crawls under a car to hide from the thug. He holds his breath as the thug walks past him. Kim curses as he knows he can’t escape. 

Kim pulls out his phone and starts a live video on social media. He says he is undercover to catch a human trafficking ring. He gives the address and asks the viewers to inform the police if something happens to him. Just then, he is dragged out by his legs and Kim yells. The thug beats him up as Kim yells that he may die today but journalism lives on. The thug takes the phone and crushes it.

At the agency, Hyun Su struggles to get free from the ties. His hands are tied up to the handle of a cabinet. Yeom is clearing out the vault. He takes out the phones and the evidence of his business.

Yeom puts it before Hyun Su and pours gasoline over it. He pours it on the entire room saying he wants Hyun Su to die a painful death because Hyun Su backstabbed him.

Hyun Su says he wants to know before he dies as to who backstabbed him. He says it would bring him more pain. Yeom removes the radio device from the bag and he says he knows Hyun Su’s plan.

He crushes the device with his foot and walks to the door with the bag. He says Hyun Su messed with the wrong person. Hyun Su vigorously pulls against his bonds as Yeom takes out his lighter.

Hyun Su goes still as Yeom stops what he is doing. Yeom drops his lighter as he feels a gun’s muzzle at his temple.

Hyun Su’s eyes widen as he sees Ji-won comes into the doorway. Ji-won asks if Hyun Su is okay.

At the trafficking location, the team opens the truck and finds the victims inside. Lee sighs with relief as he sees all the victims are unharmed.

The victims are wheeled into the ambulance. Ho Joon asks In Seo what happened. In Seo says he wants to go home. He says he will be fine once he goes home. Ho Joon tells the medical team to take good care of him and sends him off.

Lee asks Choi where Ji-won is. Choi says she received a call about Eun-ha’s fever spiking. Lee says he knows Choi won’t lie to him without a good reason and walks away.

Choi recalls Ji-won saying she has something else to do. She promised to just check if Hyun Su is alright. Choi had said he will arrest Hyun Su the following morning. He said he didn’t care what she did today night.

At the agency, Hyun Su struggles to breathe as he asks, “Ji-won… you knew?”. Ji-won kicks Yeom in the crotch and he falls. She tells him to put his hands up. As he complies she puts the cuffs on his hand. He turns around and attacks her.

Hyun Su pulls his bonds and it bites into his skin. Yeom overpowers Ji-won and strangles her.

Hyun Su breaks free and charges at Yeom, pushing him away. Ji-won moves away coughing. Hyun Su punches Yeom hard and puts his hands over Yeom’s neck, choking him.

Ji-won pulls Hyun Su away. She pulls him to the side saying he doesn’t have time for this. She says the police must have a search warrant by now for Yeom’s home and office and will be here soon.

She tells him to getaway. She says Hyun Su cant go home now as Choi found evidence to prove that he is Do Hyun Su. She says Choi will arrest Hyun Su tomorrow. Hyun Su looks at her in shock.

Ji-won tells him to run away as far as he can. Hyun Su stands still as she pushes him away telling him to run away. She tells him to go to a place where even she can’t find him and not come back. She asks him why he is here as he is so good at running and hiding. Ji-won asks if he wants to rot in prison for his entire life on behalf of his sister. Hyun Su looks at her in shock as she tells him to leave.

Hyun Su tries to gather himself as he steps away from her and walks out of the door. He stops in the corridor for a moment. He puts his hands on the wall and looks in her direction once before walking away. Ji-won stands in the room crying.

At the parking lot, the cops arrest the thug. Kim is badly bruised. He runs up to the room immediately and is startled to find Ji-won inside. He explains that he is here to write an article.

Hyun Su is distressed as he drives down the road. He recalls Ji-won saying there is no reason she fell out of love and that she doesn’t like him anymore. He holds his head as he remembers her saying they should switch bodies for a day so he understands how much she loves him. He also recalls Ji-won asking that they move away to someplace quiet. Hyun Su gasps as he pulls over to the side. He puts his head down on the steering wheel.

Hyun Su takes his phone out and calls Ji-won. 

Ji-won is surrounded by the police who are arresting Yeom. She doesn’t pick up the call.

Hyun Su calls her up again.

Ji-won takes her phone and holds it close to her. She cries as she doesn’t pick up the call. 

Hyun Su says, “Ji-won please pick up the call. This cant be our end. It cant be. Please.”

Just then, a taxi pulls up in front of his car and Ji-won gets out of it. 

Hyun Su gets out of his car and walks towards her.

Ji-won asks why he is doing this to her. She says he can’t live as Baek Hee Sung anymore. She cries as she says he has to run away and says she will help him. She asks him what more he wants from her.

Hyun Su asks her why she didn’t leave him despite knowing everything about him. His voice cracks as he says he doesn’t understand.

Ji-won asks if he really doesn’t know why she tried so hard to protect his identity though she knew who he was.

Hyun Su clutches his chest as he breaks down, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry Ji-won”. Ji-won cries as she sees Hyun Su crying. He says he was wrong to have hurt her. He says he caused her only pain. He asks her why she protected him.

Ji-won hugs him saying, “That was all I could do.” Hyun Su cries hard as she holds him. Hyun Su sobs, “I want to go home Ji-won”, Ji-won says, “Okay let’s go. Let’s go home. Whatever happens, let us start over there.”

At Hee Sung’s home, his father tells Hae Soo that he i’snt sure if they still have the documents from 20 years back. Hae Soo says she has given him the notes about the people who were selected as volunteers. Hee Sung’s father says he will go through it in detail. She thanks him.

As she walks out, Hee Sung’s mother asks if anything about the accomplice stood out. Hae Soo looks puzzled. The mother explains it will be helpful for them to locate the person.

Hae Soo says she doesn’t remember anything in particular but the person’s fingernails on his left hand were shorter as if he chewed on them.

Hee Sung is inside the room, chewing on his fingernails. He looks at his nails which are very short from chewing on them.

We see a montage of Hee Sung in a black outfit and hat sending a voicemail to the witness, kidnapping Jung Mi-sook, passing the car key to Do Min Seok and writing the phone number on Hae Soo’s hand at the funeral.

Yeom is at the emergency room with a police officer. He is getting his wounds dressed. He notices the key to his handcuffs on the police officer. He falls from the bed and acts as if he is hurt. The police officer goes forward to help him up. Yeom strangles the police officer and gets the key. He opens the handcuffs.

Ji-won holds Hyun Su’s hand and brings him into their house. Hyun Su cries as he sees their family photo on the wall. She holds him and starts crying. He kisses her and she kisses him back.

Elsewhere, Yeom is in a tunnel beside some homeless people. He takes out the crumpled photo of Hee Sung and he smiles saying there is one more chance.

At Hee Sung’s house, Hee Sung bites his nails as his parents discuss the matter. His father says nothing has happened yet. His mother says Hae Soo will find the list somehow. Hee Sung’s father says there is no evidence to prove that the man whom Hae Soo saw is Do Min Seok’s accomplice. His wife says Hyun Su won’t let it slide if he comes to know about this. He says he has already taken care of Do Hyun Su.

He looks at Hee Sung and tells him to stop biting his nails. Hee Sung goes on biting his nails. His father tells him to stop biting his nails. Hee Sung doesn’t listen. His father is furious at this and slaps him. His wife stops him and hysterically screams that hitting him won’t be the solution.

Hee Sung asks why Do Hyun Su had to be the person whom he ran over with the car that day.


Hee Sung drives by the mountainside at night talking over the phone. He says he is on the way. The person on the other end asks if they have to take care of it themselves and Hee Sung says he will take care of it. He says though it is hard, he should face it himself.

Yeom is on the other end and he tells Hee Sung to do as he pleases. Hee Sung asks how she seemed and Yeom says she doesn’t remember Hee Sung.

At present, Hee Sung says Do Min Seok won’t let him be even after passing. He says Do Min Seok is using his son to get rid of him. Hee Sung says he just did what Do Min Seok asked. He says Do Min Seok threatened to kill Hee Sung’s parents if he didn’t. Hee Sung says he didn’t want to do it and starts crying. He asks his parents if they will protect him.


Young Hyun Su is lost as he runs through the woods. His father finds him. He says Hyun Su could die if he gets lost in this forest He says there is a cliff over that hill.

At present, Hyun Su is sitting on the bed and Ji-won is beside him holding his hand. He says that is the earliest memory he has. He says he was 10 and he doesn’t remember anything before that. He says he doesn’t remember why he was running through the woods. Hyun Su says he felt like he was lost in a deep dark maze and he felt relieved to be rescued by his father. 

Ji-won asks why he is still wearing the watch. He says he feels good to know that she always knows where he is. She smiles as she says he is weird.

Hyun Su asks up to what level she followed him. She says she was in the abandoned building when he was with his sister. She says he said he never loved her even for a second in his life. She says she doesn’t remember how she got home after she heard him say that.

He cries again and Ji-won asks why he is crying again.

Hyun Su says he doesn’t know. Ji-won says she does. She says it is because he loves her. Hyun Su shakes his head saying he is not capable of that.

Ji-won says he always wanted her to be happy. He says it was to deceive her. Ji-won says when she was studying for the academy and leave the library late at night, he would always be waiting for her outside. She says she felt he cared for her. 

She says she was devastated when her father passed away. She says she was always anxious, angry and cried easily. She says Hyun Su never pressed her or gave her advice. She says he learnt to cook and cooked for her. She says it was all delicious and that is how she got better. She says he loves her and she feels it.

Hyun Su looks at her and says, “I love you”. he takes her hand and plants a kiss on it saying, “I love you Ji-won.”

Ji-won says tomorrow people will start judging him by his own standards. Hyun Su says he will be fine as he doesn’t care. She tells him never to forget that there is warmth inside him.

Hyun Su says she is even weirder than he is. Ji-won asks him what happened after that and he says he joined the Chinese restaurant as delivery personnel. He says he met Nam Soon then. ‘Ji-won asks him when she came into his life. He tells her to be patient. he says he had to live through 2 near-death experiences before he could meet her. Ji-won says that his path to her was not a stroll in the park.

Hyun Su says she is the only thing in his life that is hardest to explain. He says it is unrealistic and absurd. He smiles and she returns his smile.

In the morning, Choi waits outside Ji-won’s house.

Hae Soo goes to Kim’s house asking why he didn’t pick up her calls. She says she can’t call Hyun Su but he has to tell her what happened last night. He says his cellphone broke. She asks him what happened to his face. He is sarcastic as he says she noticed it fast. He calls her inside.

Kim says he doesn’t know what happened to Hyun Su or what will happen to him. He says Ji-won knows everything. Hae Soo is taken aback hearing this.

Hyun Su lies on the bed as Ji-won talks on the phone. She requests Choi to take him as quietly as possible and to not to put handcuffs on him. She says she will bring him out in 30 minutes. She thanks him and hangs up. She turns around to see Hyun Su looking at her. He gets up. She says Choi is outside their house.

Ji-won and Hyun Su walk outside their house. Ji-won holds Hun Su’s hand as they stand before Choi. Ji-won looks at Choi and frowns. She clasps Hyun Su’s hand tighter as Choi looks at them.

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Note:  Due to the resurgence of Covid-19 outbreak in South Korea, the filming for the drama series has been halted from August 24th to August 31st, 2020 for safety reasons . Flower of Evil Ep.12 will not air on Thursday, September 3 2020. Instead it will air on Wednesday, September 9, 2020.


This episode was a very emotive one.

The scene where Hyun Su asks Ji-won why she protected him all along despite knowing his identity and the scenes which followed were a great watch. There was a lot of complicated and bottled up emotions between both Ji-won and Hyun Su which was brought out in these scenes in a remarkable manner. The dialogues were well-written and powerful acting by both actors made the scenes noteworthy.

It was nice to see Ji-won stepping up from the start of the episode. She didn’t agree to get off the case and go rogue after Choi confronted her. She stood her ground and ended up saving Hyun Su. 

As of now, no one is suspecting Baek Hee Sung’s family. Hae Soo has unknowingly and thoughtlessly walked into a trap by going to Hee Sung’s house.

It was revealed that Hee Sung is the accomplice to the murders. His father seems to do be doing everything in his power to keep his son protected all these years. He doesn’t look like he is going to stop now.

Yeom managed to escape from the claws of the police. I am curious to see what he does with that photograph and how far he succeeds in it.

Kim Moo Jin has changed quite a lot from what he was when the series started off. Him barging in to help Hyun was totally unexpected and it was good to see.

It looks like Hyun Su has blacked out his memories from the early years of his life. This seems significant to the plotline and it is probably connected to the serial killings.

This was an amazing episode and I am eager to see what the next week’s episode holds.

-By Soul Sword-

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