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Flower of Evil Episode 12 Recap



Hee Sung’s mother puts a note on Hee Sung’s food tray and puts it on his desk. She walks over to make his bed. She finds a box underneath the mattress. She removes it and opens it.

She drops it in shock as she sees the murder weapon and photos of victims inside the box. She gathers herself and walks over to the jewel box inside which fell out of the bigger box. She opens it and is horrified to find the 7 fingernails of the victims inside the box. She screams hysterically as she drops the box.

She is dazed as she walks out of his room with the murder weapon. She brings it towards her wrist. It is raining outside. Just then, a lightning strikes and she sees (through the window) Hee Sung digging a grave in their garden. The limp form of Do Hyun Su lies on the ground beside him.

Hee Sung’s mother rushes over to him and he asks her why she is at home. She asks him what he is doing. He says this is not his fault. He says the man jumped in front of the car and his father was not picking up the call. She asks if he is gonna bury Do Hyun Su here. Hee Sung asks if he has any other choice.

Just then, he notices the murder weapon in her hand and asks if she went through his things. She takes a step back. Just then, Do Hyun Su opens his eyes and pants. Hee Sung immediately tells his mother to head back inside as she is getting wet in the rain.

Do Hyun Su is unconscious again. Hee Sung drags Hyun Su’s limp form and puts him in the grave. His mother is frozen in shock. Hee Sung shovels mud over Do Hyun Su.

 Hee Sung goes still and stops what he is doing. He turns around to look at his mother and at the knife which she stabbed onto Hee Sung’s side. 

Hee Sung’s mother moves back saying, “Hee Sung, you scare me. I am scared. I can’t handle you anymore.”

Hee Sung brings his hands towards her face saying, “Why did you have to be home.” He falls unconscious on the ground. Hee Sung’s mother’s legs give away and she falls. 


Hee Sung says everyone has a secret. He says there are people who know that secret and there are people who wish to find out.

The maid is busy helping him on to the wheelchair. 

Hee Sung asks if he should include her in the list. She continues to do what she is doing. He roughly holds her chin and lifts her face up asking if she really doesn’t know to read lips.

The maid trembles as she looks away. He says if she continues to look away when he talks it is going to make him upset. he asks her if she has told anyone about his family. She gets up and writes on her notepad, “I have told no one. There is no one to tell.” Hee Sung asks if he can trust her.

Meanwhile, Hee Sung’s father puts the 2G phone on his desk. He tells his wife that he found this in Hee Sung’s car.


Hee Sung’s father is cleaning the blood from Hee Sung’s car when the 2G phone rings. He picks up the call. It is Yeom. Hee Sung’s father says he is Hee Sung’s father and Hee Sung cant come to the phone now. Yeom says Hee Sung owes him money.


Hee Sung’s father says he met Yeom once to give him money. He tells his wife that Hee Sung had asked Yeom to find someone. She asks if it is Do Hae Su and he says it probably is.

She is tense as she asks if Yeom is aware of Hee Sung’s condition. He says he told Yeom that Hee Sung went abroad to study. She asks if he asked Yeom to take care of Do Hyun Su. He is silent and she asks if he has lost his mind.

Hee Sung says Hyun Su kept digging into things. He says their lives could be destroyed if he didn’t do this. He says he has no other choice. He says either they live or Hyun Su lives. He says there is no middle ground.

Meanwhile, Ji-won and Hyun Su walk out of their house hand in hand. Ji-won sees Choi and asks if he is here alone. He asks if they both are going to attack him and wonders if he should have brought a SWAT team for arresting the infamous Do Hyun Su. Ji-won is puzzled. Choi asks if he can have a cup of coffee.

Later, Choi sits across Hyun Su and Ji-won at the workshop. He sips on his coffee quietly. He then thanks Hyun Su for being their informant. He says they were able to nab Yeom’s gang.

Choi asks if Hyun Su has information on the accomplice. Hyun Su says he couldn’t find out the information. He tells Choi to ask Yeom himself. Choi says as a detective he has a question for the wanted criminal Hyun Su. He asks why Hyun Su killed the village foreman in 2002.

At Kim’s house, Hae Su asks if he is sure that Ji-won knows everything.


Kim rushes into Yeom’s agency to help Hyun Su. He freezes in his tracks as he sees Ji-won there. She tells him that Do Hyun Su is gone.

At present, Hae Su is disturbed hearing this. She picks her phone and dials Ji-won’s number. Kim grabs her phone. She takes it back and gets up saying she will turn herself in.

At the craft shop, Choi asks why Hyun Su killed the village foreman. Ji-won says Hyun Su didn’t kill him. She turns around and looks at Hyun Su who is quiet.

Hyun Su says he had no motive. Choi says at 7:00 am, August 30th, 2002. Kwon Seon Bok, the village foreman of Gakyeongri, was found dead inside his warehouse. He says the carotid artery was cut with a sharp weapon. He says there were traces of physical violence. He says a button of a Sejin High School male student’s uniform was found next to the body 

At Kim’s house, Kim blocks Hae Soo’s way. She says she wants to take responsibility for what she did. Kim says this won’t help anyone. He says this is between Hyun Su and Ji-won. He says he won’t stop her if she feels guilty for what she did.

She asks why she should feel guilty after what the foreman did to Hyun Su. She says he took Hyun Su to rituals every day saying he was possessed by Do Min Seok’s ghost. SHe says he gathered all the angry villagers and made them take their rage out on Hyun Su. She says Hyun Su was only 18 back then. She says Hyun Su finally believed that he was possessed.


Hae Su walks over to Hyun Su. Hyun Su is huddled in the corner of the room. Hyun Su says he can see his father. He says his father keeps tailing him. Hae Soo looks at the spot he shows and sees no one there. She says there is no one there. Hyun Su says the village foreman is right and that he will end up just like his father.

At present, Hae Soo says Kim is just like the others as he turned his back on Hyun Su. She says no one from that town is blameless for what happened to Hyun Su. Kim’s eyes are downcast as she says she is right. She says Hyun Su was the only human being while the whole village turned into demons.

At the craft shop, Choi says Do Hyun Su burnt his house, erased all traces of him, including his fingerprints. he says an 18-year-old did all of that. He points out that Hyun Su left the murder weapon by the stream where it would be easily found inside a notebook with Hyun Su’s name on it. He says it seems like Hyun Su wanted it to be found.

Ji-won gets up and walks over to the window. Choi says he found something in the witness statement. he says everyone said Hyun Su would have killed the foreman but only one person kept saying Hyun Su wouldn’t have done it.

Hyun Su interrupts Choi before he can finish the sentence by saying he is the one who killed the village foreman.

Choi gets up and says, “Thanks for the coffee, Mr Baek Hee Sung.” Ji-won turns around in surprise. Choi gives Hyun Su the tape recorder saying this is in exchange for the coffee.

Choi walks out and Ji-won follows him. Outside, she asks if he is leaving just like that. Choi says he is not stupid. He says Ji- won claims Hyun Su is innocent but won’t dig into it further. He says it is obvious why. He says he didn’t want to touch the tragedy of a young brother and sister who became the world”s enemy overnight. She watches as he drives away.

Ji-won walks into the craft shop. Hyun Su asks what just happened. He says he can’t read detective Choi’s intentions. Ji-won is emotional as she says Choi won’t pursue Do Hyun Su as Hyun Su isn’t a bad person. Tears pool in her eyes as she smiles.

Later, the go-to pick up Eun Ha. Eun-ha rushes forward and hugs Hyun Su. She cries as she says she missed him. Hyun Su’s eyes tear up as he holds her. Ji-won’s mother asks if something is wrong when she sees Hyun Su crying hard as he holds Eun-ha. Ji-won says it is nothing.

Hyun Su drops Eun ha in school. She tells him not to cry like before as he is a grown-up. He nods. He tells her he loves her a lot. His eyes tear up as she says she loves him too.

Ji-won is beside the car talking on the phone with Choi. She says she will quit as soon as new members join the team. She says she doesn’t want to leave immediately and cause inconvenience. Hyun Su overhears this conversation.

Choi says her life depends on this, so she has to think about this seriously. He tells her to get back to the station as they are very busy with the workload.

Later, Hyun Su holds Ji-won’s hand as he drives the car. She asks what he was thinking earlier. He says he remembered the first time he held Eun-ha. She says he was nervous as it was his first time holding a baby.

Hyun Su says after he met her, every moment was filled with first times. She smiles. He drops her at the Police Station.

Ji-won walks into the re-investigating department and the mood is blue. Ho Joon says Yeom fled from the ER. Ji-won is uneasy as she tries to behave normally.

Choi says they have to find Yeom and the accomplice. Lee says Yeom as a burner phone. He says a witness said Yeim conducted business with that phone.

Just then Choi receives a call from Hyun Su. Hyun Su says he wants to talk with Choi without Ji-won knowing. He says he is at the front gate.

In his car, Hyun Su recalls Yeom asking him to remember who ratted Hyun Su out.

Choi gets into Hyun Su’s car. Hyun Su says he lied earlier regarding the lead on the accomplice because he didn’t want Ji-won to know. He says someone tipped off Yeom that Hyun Su was working with the police. He says this person’s goal was to kill him.

Choi asks who this person is. Hyun Su says they have to talk someplace else.

Elsewhere, Yeom is in his motel room eating as the new of the raid is on TV. The news states that the trafficking ring worked with Do Min Seok. Yeom’s picture is put up and the news says he escaped from the ER.

Hee Sung is in his bed watching the news on the tablet. His mother comes to him and says it is time for his exercise. She removes the blanket and massages his leg. Hee Sung says the world has changed a lot. He says he missed the world cup 3 times. She says it isn’t important. He says he will go with her the next time and she smiles. She freezes when he says if he is alive till then.

Hee Sung says his father failed. He says Do Hyun Su will soon find everything out.

Hae Soo and Kim walk doesn’t the road. Kim promises to look for Hyun Su. He tells her not to say that she will turn herself in. He says his heart shrivels every time he hears it. Hae Soo says she put him in a tight spot earlier. 

Kim says he likes her and asks her to consider that. he says even an eighth of the amount she cares about Hyun Su would suffice. He waves down a taxi. She gets in and he holds the door open while he talks. He says she can call him if she needs company. He says he will buy a new phone. She asks if he can close the door now so she can leave. Kim closes the door.

As the taxi drives away, Hae Soo tells the cab driver to drive to the Police Station.

At a restaurant, Hyun Su tells Choi that the person who asked Yeom to kill Hyun Su had promised Yeom money. He says one person has the money and motive to kill him. He recalls Hee Sung’s father telling him to leave without a trace. He says at this point it is just an assumption. He says if he is right, Choi can verify the hit on Hyun Su and catch Yeom. Hyun Su says he will give Yeom the perfect opportunity to kill him. He says he will need Choi’s help.

Hae Soo gets off at the Police Station. She receives a call from Kim saying he got a new phone. She says he is the only friend Hyun Su has. She says she is here to see Ji-won and turn herself in. She apologises to him and hangs up.

Inside, Ho Joon wonders if Yeom is with his girlfriend Na jin Hee. Just then, a staff shows Hae Soo in. Ji-won is shocked to see her. Hae Soo says she is here, to tell the truth as promised. Lee and Ho Jun watch Hae Soo closely.

Ji-won cuts her off before she says something. She explains that she asked Hae Soo to come by when she had time. Ji-won asks for Yeom’s victim list and takes it. She tells Hae Soo they should talk outside.

At the rooftop, Hae Soo tells Ji-won she heard that Ji-won found out who Hyun Su is. She says she is the one who killed the village foreman. She says Hyun Su took the blame for her. She says Hyun Su is not a dangerous person.

Ji-won says Do Hyun Su is no longer a little boy whom Hae Soo needs to look after. She says he is her child’s father, her family and her person. She says Hyun Su now has a wife who will stand by his side no matter what happens.

Ji-won says Hyun Su mentioned Hae Soo was a very kind person. He said that whenever something bad happened, he was the first to be suspected. Ji-won says Hae Soo went around telling people Hyun Su was innocent. She says Hyun Su never cared about what people said but Hae Soo always was upset and cried about it. Ji-won says Hyun Su thought Hae Soo wouldn’t be able to endure other people’s criticisms. Ji-won says that is why Hyun Su took the blame. tears trickle down Hae Soo’s face.

Ji-won says Hyun Su will no longer be a wanted criminal if Hae Soo turns herself in but Hyun Soo will feel guilty and indebted to Hae Soo for the rest of his life. Ji-won says she doesn’t want that and asks Hae Soo to respect Hyun Su’s decision. Ji-won says Hae Soo must be the person to feel guilty instead. She asks if she is a horrible person.

Ji-won says for the official record, Ji-won had asked to see Yeom’s victim file and to see if she recognised anyone. Ji-won says Hae So should maintain that she doesn’t recognise anyone.

Hae Soo breaks down into tears. As Ji-won walks away, Hae Soo thanks Ji-won for trusting Hyun Su. Hae Soo sobs as she says she will do everything she can to repay Ji-won while Hae Soo is still alive.

Hyun Su drives Choi back to the station. Hyun soo tells Choi that right now, Ji-won must be trying to bear with the hardships he gave her. Hyun Su says, in the end, Ji-won may suddenly give up because she can’t take it anymore. He says that scares him. He starts to request Choi but Choi cuts him off saying he knows. Choi says he won’t be able to tell Ji-won that someone is trying to kill her husband. Hyun Su says he will tell her when everything is over. Choi asks if Hyun Su won’t tell him who wants him killed.

Hyun Su says he is still very careful.

Yeom calls up Hee Sung’s father and says he will kill Hyun Su for the money. Hee Sung’s father says Yeom failed in his office and doubts if he can do it now. Yeom tells him to lure Hyun Su to a location. Hee Sung’s father receives Hyun Su’s call on his other phone. He tells Yeom not to do anything rash and hangs up.

He takes Hyun Su’s call. Hyun Su says he is fine. Hee Sung’s father says he is relieved. Hyun Su says he wants to update him on everything and asks to meet tomorrow morning. Hee Sung’s father agrees. Hyun Su says he will go there at 8 pm.

Kim rushes into the craft shop and says that Hae Soo went to meet Ji-won and confess to the murder. Hyun Su asks Kim to leave. Kim asks if Hyun Su won’t do anything about it as a brother.

Hyun Su opens the drawer and takes out Hae Soo’s chain which Kim had given her. Hyun Su throws it to him and says Kim should be the one that goes to Hae Soo. He says he is sure nothing would have happened and that Hae Soo is fine.

Kim waits on the rooftop outside Hae Soo’s house. Hae Soo returns from the Police Station. Kim asks if she doesn’t care about how worried he might be.

Hae Soo says they dated when they were kids but it is weird that Kim still feels the same way about her now. Kim takes her hand and places her chain in it. Hae Soo is puzzled.

Kim tells her to throw it someplace where he can’t see the next time. He apologises for liking her the same way since he saw her int he fourth grade. He says he will try to get over her. Hae Soo stands still as she looks at the pendant chain in her hand. Kim walks away.

Hyun Soo is at their home’s rooftop when Ji-won joins him. She asks why he isn’t sleeping. He says he felt strange lying in bed next to her. He says he couldn’t fall asleep. 

Hyun Su takes her hand and says he has been wanting to ask her something. He asks her how her day was. She says it was pretty decent.

At Hee Sung’s house, Hee Sung’s father tells him that Hyun Su will be coming here today. The maid is cleaning outside. She watches the conversation attentively. Hee Sung’s father says Hyun Su doesn’t like to be seen. He tells Hee Sung to stay out of sight as he doesn’t want Hyun Su to know Hee Sung has woken up.

The father says he can control Hae Soo but Yeom will be a problem. Hee Sung says they need to get rid of Do Hyun Su. the maid is alarmed as she reads Hee Sung’s lips. His father tells him to stay out of it.

His father gives him pamphlets of some language programs. Hee Sung flips through them. He suddenly looks up at the door. The maid moves away in time but Hee Sung sees her clothes.

He tells his father that it is important that no one hears or sees this.

At the station, Ji-won interrogates one of Yeom’s men. She asks if there is any hideout that he knows. The man says Yeom received a call during the meeting with Do Hyun Su. He says Yeom was offered money to kill Do Hyun Su. Ji-won is shocked hearing this.

Choi is on the other side of the glass with the team. He shakes his head.

Ji-won rushes out of the room. Choi catches up with her telling her to calm down. He tells her he knew about this and takes her to another room. 

Ji-won asks him how he could keep this from her. Choi says Hyun Su begged him not to because he is worried Ji-won will break because of him.

Hae Soo visits Hyun Su at the craft shop. She tells him about the green bracelet from the volunteer group of Ilshin Hospital. This information strikes Hyun Su as it is Hee Sung’s father’s hospital. 

Hae Soo says she visited Director Baek Man Woo (Hee Sung’s father) and asked him to review the material.

Hyun Su asks if she recognised anything about Man Woo. Hae Soo says her memory is faint and wonders if it was him. She says she will go under hypnosis tomorrow. Hyun tells her not to as her memory is already tainted because he named Man Woo as the culprit.

Hae Soo says that she is of no help. Hyun Su says he will confirm it tonight. Hyun Su looks out as it starts raining.

At the station, Ho Joon asks if they need Hyun Su’s help again. Lee says it isn’t impossible so they should at least try. After the team disperses. Ji-won receives a call from Hyun Su asking if he should pick her up as it is raining.

Hee Sung’s mother is having coffee. She looks at Hee Sung’s childhood photo and her voiceover says, “You were such an angel. I ruined you.”

Just then, she hears a knock on the door and the maid walks in. She passes a note to Hee Sung’s mother which says she quit. It asks for the severance pay and the price for her silence to be transferred to her account next week.

Hee Sung’s mother asks what she means by price for her silence. The maid gestures that she knows a lot more than they think.

Hyun Su waits for Ji-won outside the station. Ji-won runs to join him under the umbrella. He asks if they can go for a walk and at the same time she asks if they can go for a date. She smiles as they had the same thought.

As they walk down the street, Hyun Su says he lied to her that his favourite movie was Life is Beautiful. He says he said that to impress her. He says he also lied that he wasn’t able to eat raw food because of a stomach ache. He says he doesn’t eat raw food because the smell reminded him of the smell coming from his father.

Ji-won asks him to stop with the confessions and asks to talk about normal things. He asks what it that. Ji-won stands on tiptoe and kisses him. She says, “That..”

She holds his hand and her eyes well up. Hyun Su is teary eyes as he asks if she is okay. He asks if she is really fine. She says she is fine. She asks why he keeps asking her and he hugs her. 

Ji-won cries saying that she is not alright at all. She says she is terrified as to what might happen next. She says she feels guilty of lying to her colleagues. She says she wanted to resent and ask her why she did what she did but she didn’t because she shouldn’t. She says life is unfair as he has to stay hidden like this.

She pulls away from him and says it hurts a lot to know that he kept another secret from her.

Meanwhile, Hee Sung’s mother asks the maid what she knows. The maid gestures that Hee Sung’s mother stabbed her own son. She made someone else live her son’s life to cover up for that. That person is the one whom her son ran over with the car. The maid gets up to walk away.

Hee Sung’s mother tries to stop her saying she thought of the maid as family. The maid pushes her away as she walks away. Hee Sung’s mother falls and hurts her head on the table. 

The maid stops and turns around. Hee Sung’s mother’s forehead is bleeding. Just then Hee Sung wheels his wheelchair into the room. He goes silent seeing his mother and the maid. He asks the maid what she did.

The maid gestures that both of them are insane and that she will expose them if they don’t pay her by next week.

Both the maid and Hee Sung’s mother watch in shock as Hee Sung slowly gets up from the wheelchair and stands up.

He says, “I knew you weren’t the one to trust, Ms Park.” He walks towards her and she runs away. Hee Sung’s mother huddles behind the chair.

Hee Sung takes long strides as he follows the maid who tries to run for the door. He grabs her from behind and pulls her into the house. He throws her on the floor.

Hee sung’s mother hides behind the table and her hands tremble as she dials her husband’s number.

Hee Sung holds the maid down and strangles her with her scarf. The maid struggles to get free but finally, her body goes limp.

Hee Sung hears his mother talking over the phone and calling his father. His mother stops talking as she hears him comes up behind her. She moves against the cabinet as he walks towards her. He takes the phone from her and tells his father that she has cut her forehead and needs stitches. Hee sung hangs up and says he couldn’t think of any other way to protect her. Hee Sung’s mother breaks down into tears as he walks away.

Hee Sung’s father rushes home to be greeted by the maid’s dead body. He goes over to Hee Sung and grabs him asking why he did it. Hee Sung says the maid knew too much. His father slaps him and pushes him away.

His father says Hee Sung had promised to do as he says so he could get his name back. He asks if Hee Sung is trying to destroy them all.

Hee Sung’s mother walks up and says they should clear up the mess.

Hee Sung’s father asks if she is alright. She says park Soo Young blackmailed her. She says Park Soo Young would’ve blackmailed them for the rest of their lives. She says she would’ve killed Soo Young if Hee Sung hadn’t. She says she will fix Hee Sung.

He asks how can they fix Hee Sung.

Hee Sung says he has an idea.

Later Hee Sung’s father calls up Hyun Su. Hyun Su apologises as he has to cancel their appointment for today. he says he has to go on a business trip. He asks for a favour. He says he has to sleep at Gapyong tonight. He asks if he can use the summer house. Hee Sung’s father says he can use it. He asks around what time Hyun Su will be there so he can tell the manager to clean it up. Hyun Su says around 10:00 pm and he agrees.

Hee Sung removes the scarf from Soo Young’s neck and comes into the living room.

Hee Sung’s father gives Yeom the summer house address and tells him this is his last chance.

Meanwhile, Hyun Su informs Choi of the summer house’s address.

Hyun Su informs Ji-won of his plan. She asks if he is sure that his father is trying to kill him. Hyun Su says he is sure. He says Choi and the cops are waiting at the summerhouse. Ji-won says they can nab Yeom and they can get Man Woo’s name from him.

Hyun Su says he will go to Hanjeong-Dong and pressurise Baek Man Woo. He says he will make Man Woo confess everything. He tells her that the moment they arrest Baek Man Woo, the world will find out that Hyun Su isn’t Hee Sung. Ji-won says she is prepared for that and says she is not scared. He starts to leave.

Ji-won stops him and asks if he has forgotten she is a cop. She says she can arrest Man Woo without a warrant. Hyun Su smiles.

Meanwhile, Yeom walks to a parking lot and pulls away the cover of a parked white car. He checks the license plate and gets into it. He finds the key in the glove compartment and drives away.

Hyun Su and Ji-won reach Baek’s house.

Hee Sung and his father Man Woo bring the body bag and lift the heavy bag into the car’s trunk.

Ji-won rings the bell.

Man Woo goes to the door and is shocked to see Hyun Su and Ji-won waiting at the gate.

Hee sung is alarmed as he hears this. He thinks deep as he looks at the body bag in the trunk of the car.

Ji-won and Hyun Su exchange a look as the gate opens.

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The first scene was unexpected and was a great start to the episode. 

it was interesting to see Choi looking at the village foreman murder case from a Detective point of view and concluding that Hyun Su isn’t the killer. It was kind on his part to drop pursuing the killer as he figured out it was Hae Soo who killed the village foreman.

It was intriguing to see the contrast between Ji-won and Hae Soo’s character. Both of them deeply care for Hyun Su but Ji-won chose to respect Hyun Su’s decision to keep Hae Su out of the village foreman’s case. This episode explored Hyun Su’s mindset as he feels the people who care about him shouldn’t handle tough situations. It seems like he doesn’t like imposing on them. It was good that Ji-won is in on Hyun Su’s plan this time. The scene with Ji-won and Hyun Su walking in the rain was well made.

The scene with Hee Sung, his mother and maid Park Soo Young was the most thrilling scene of this series so far. It was a great watch.

I wonder if Hee Sung’s father was serious about sending his son for a language program. It looks like he thought a promise made to him (by his son) and a change of location would be the cure for a psychopath.

Hee Sung’s mother keeps saying she is the one who ruined him. Both Hee Sung and his mother have always been intriguing to watch as characters. After this episode, one can understand why hee Sung’s mother is in this state. There always seems to be more to their complicated life. The Baek family makes the series more mysterious.

This episode was one of the best of this series and I am curious to see what the next episode has in store.

-By Soul Sword-

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