Blind- Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale)

Sung Jun is driving down the road when he receives a call from Sung Hoon. He takes it and hears the conversation between Sung Hoon and Judge Ryu.

Sung Hoon asks Judge Ryu how long he has been visiting the vacation home. He says the statute of limitations has already passed and he just wants to know the truth.

Judge Ryu says he got a call from the Director after Hope Welfare Centre’s Case was given to him. He says he was called to the vacation home. He says Yeom and the Director were there. He says they told if something went wrong, Na would also get into trouble

Judge Ryu says Na ordered all the evidence to be destroyed when she found out about the abuse. She told everyone to keep their mouths shut and also convinced Bae to bury the story. Judge Ryu asks Sung Hoon if he should have put Na on the stand after hearing this.

Judge Ryu gets up in shock when Sung Hoon asks if Yoon Jung was the price of the trial deal. Sung Hoon asks Judge Ryu why he went into Yoon Jung’s room. Sung Hoon asks if he let those people go in exchange for sexual favours at the vacation home.

Sung Jun listens as Judge Ryu accepts that he did it. Judge Ryu asks so what if he did thatSung Hoon’s eyes well up as he says Yoon Jung was trampled upon by men old enough to be her father after that and she died.

Sung Hoon tells Judge Ryu to reveal his sins at least now and ask for forgiveness. Judge Ryu makes it clear that he has no intention of doing that.

Sung Hoon says then he has no choice but to act according to his plan. Sung Jun hears a gunshot. 

It is raining as Judge Ryu holds points a gun at Sung Hoon. Judge Ryu says he raised Sung Hoon as his own for 20 years and gave him a chance at a different life. Judge Ryu says he has done his repentance.

Sung Jun drives up to the lake. He gets out of the car and calls out to his father. Sung Hoon stands still as Judge Ryu pulls the trigger.

Sung Jun runs to Judge Ryu and grabs the gun. Judge Ryu doesn’t let go. He says it is better for Sung Hoon to die here. He says they can make it look like suicide. Sung Jun says Judge Ryu can’t make everything go away just by killing Sung Hoon.

Sung Jun says he knows that Judge Ryu let people from Hope Welfare Centre go in exchange for sexual favours. Judge Ryu stops struggling.

Sung Hoon clasps his arm as he says he knew Judge Ryu will react this way, so he called Sung Jun. Judge Ryu says this was the only way to have Judge Ryu arrested in the act.

Judge Ryu tries to shoot Sung Hoon again, but Sung Jun pushes him away. Sung Jun puts the handcuffs on Judge Ryu and states Miranda rights. Judge Ryu sobs.

Sung Jun gets up and asks Sung Hoon if he is happy now as everything turned out to be the way he wanted it. Sung Hoon tells Sung Jun to compare the betrayal he is feeling now to what Sung Hoon would have felt 20 years ago.

Sung Jun pulls him up and asks if Sung Hoon ever for once considered him as a brother. Sung Hoon says he didn’t. He says he used Sung Hoon for his revenge from the very beginning. He says turning Sung Jun into Yoon Jae was also his plan on taking revenge on these people. Sung Jun has a pained look on his face.

Sung Jun is furious as he shoves Sung Hoon. He punches sung Hoon multiple times and yells as he falls to the ground beside him. 

(Episode 16- Final Judgement)

Later, Sung Jun comes into the holding cell where Sung Hoon is being kept. He waits for a while. Sung Hoon doesn’t turn around. Sung Jun walks out.

Sung Jun walks out of the police station and finds Eun Ki waiting there. She asks him if he is okay. Sung Jun turns away and doesn’t respond. She apologises that she has to show him something at this time.  She shows him a video from the restaurant of Yeom telling Na that Bae is taken care of. He tells the person on the phone (Bae’s killer) not to take the money and go to some place with it.

Sung Jun watches as Yeom tells his mother that Bae will never threaten them again. Sung Jun returns the phone to her as what he has seen sinks in.

Eun Ki suggests they should let the world know the reason behind what is happening. 

The next day, the video of Yeom telling Na that Bae was taken care of is aired in the news.

At the police station, the detectives pick out Yeom’s phone records and use the timestamp on the video to find Bae’s killer’s identity.

That night, Sung Jun goes to the location of the killer’s phone on a deserted road. He calls up the number and a man standing beneath a lamp post picks up the call. Sung Jun walks closer asking if he is the one. The man (Gu takes a knife and Sung Jun points his gun at him. The man runs and Sung Jun shoots him. Sung Jun takes Gu’s phone.

The next day, Yeom is on call (with Na). He says everything will be fine as he has asked the killer to go into hiding. He says footage from illegal cameras cannot be used as a recording. He tells her to stop yelling at him.

Just then, Sung Jun walks in with Oh. Sung Jun places Yeom under arrest for ordering Bae’s murder. Oh tells Yeom to come without a fight. Yeom says they are arresting an innocent man without evidence. He says they are giving cops a bad name. Sung Hoon calls him a scumbag and says he is the one giving cops a bad name.

Sung Jun plays the recording of the phone conversation between Yeom and the killer where Yeom orders Bae’s murder. Sung Jun says this recording was on Gu’s phone. Yeom is stumped as Sung Jun placed handcuffs on him.

Later, Sung Jun waits by the river as Na joins him. She rushes up to him and asks what she can do. She says he is a detective and she wants his help. Sung Jun scowls as he asks if she wants him to be her accomplice. Na says she had no idea that Yeom would do such a deed. He asks how was she so calm when he said Bae was murdered.

He says she turned a blind eye to it just like she did with the Hope Welfare Centre. Na goes berserk when she hears this. She says this is all Sung Hoon’s fault. She says Judge Ryu and she fell into the trap he set.

Sung Jun says he was the one who sent the video to the media as he knew Na would react this way. Na slaps him and says she is his mother. Sung Jun asks what family means to her.

Na says Sung Jun and Judge Ryu were her everything. She says they couldn’t be damaged by some useless orphans. She says they were everything that she built her success and happiness around.

Sung Jun says they crushed the lives of others and asks if they are a happy family now. He says they aren’t.

Just then, Detective Na and Kim drive up to them. Detective Na reads out Miranda rights as Kim tries to place the cuffs on her. Na yells and resists him. Sung Jun takes the handcuffs and puts them around Na’s wrists. Na looks at him in disbelief.

Eun Ki visits Sung Hoon in prison. She tells him that she released the restaurant video to let the world know who was behind the atrocities at Hope Welfare Centre and not to help him in his revenge.

Sung hoon says he knows. Eun Ki asks if Sung Hoon didn’t kill her so he could use her to get revenge. Sung Hoon says she was never on the list. She asks under what grounds he killed some people and let the others live.

Sung Hoon says it may sound like an excuse but he thought his method was the best to make known what happened at the hope Welfare Centre.

Eun Ki snaps at him and asks if that is why he killed Yu Na. Sung Hoon is teary-eyed.


(May 16, 2022, The day Ahn Tae Ho Died)

Sung Hoon comes into Sosoo. Chef Charles and Yoon Jae are there. Sung Hoon punches Yoon Jae. He says if they left Ahn Tae Ho at Choi’s house as they planned, Ahn would be alive.

Yoon Jae explains that he switched the location because they would find him easily. Yoon Jae says it wouldn’t be fun if they found the location. Sung Hoon snaps back asking if they are doing this for fun. 

Yoon Jae says it is not his fault as he didn’t know Ahn would kill himself. Sung Hoon grabs him and says Yoon Jae shouldn’t have started it if he couldn’t predict what would happen.

Sung Hoon says Crazy dog got involved because Yoon Jae framed Sung Jun. He says Jung Man Chun’s family got killed because of this. Sung Hoon asks if Yoon Jae killed Kang Ha Na for fun too. Yoon Jae smiles. Sung Hoon tells Yoon Jae to get lost as he doesn’t need the likes of him.

Yoon Jae says he is sorry but asks Sung Hoon not to say that he doesn’t need him. Charles says he will drop out too if Yoon Jae drops out.

At present, Sung Hoon says at one point it became something that he couldn’t control. He says even Yu Na was like that

Eun Ki says she still can’t forgive him. She says no matter what he endured there was no excuse for murder. She tells him to watch carefully and asks him to see what she does. Eun Ki walks out.

Later, Eun Ki sends out an email about what happened at Hope Welfare Centre.

Sung Jun and Kim chase a thug. Sung Jun vents his temper at the thug by beating him up badly.

Eun Ki picks up a stash of artwork titled Hope Welfare Centre Artwork Contest. She picks out the drawings and 45’s sketches. Eun Ki puts up all the artwork and titles it ‘we believe’.

Time passes as Eun Ki displays everything in a booth and gains public attention. She gathers supportive messages from the public. People listen to what the children went through at Hope Welfare Centre.

One day, Detective Kim calls up Eun Ki and asks how she has been. She says she is fine. Kim says Sung Jun has been going after culprits without going home. He says he is worried that Sung Jun will die at this rate.

Eun Ki finds Sung Jun inside his car watching SoSoo restaurant. She joins him in the car and asks him when was the last time he slept. Sung Jun says he doesn’t know. she gives him Kopiko. She asks him if he isn’t overdoing it and he says he is fine. She says she has been busy working with the kids and time passes quickly.

She says she started an initiative to reveal the truth legally and help the victims. Sung Jun says she is incredible. She says he is handling this incredibly well too. 

Meanwhile, Chef Charles/Lee meets Yoon Jae in prison. Yoon Jae says that Sung Hoon abandoned him. Yoon Jae says he is alone but Charles says he is there. Charles tells Yoon Jae to think about himself now as everything is over. Yoon Jae has a wide smile on his face as he says it is not over yet.

Later, Yoon Jae finds Baek in the restroom. Yoon Jae takes out what looks like a sharpened plastic tool (toothbrush) and walks over to Baek. He asks if Baek was waiting for him and Baek says he was. Baek takes out his weapon. Baek says he was waiting for this moment to come.

Yoon Jae tries to stab Baek but Baek twists Yoon Jae’s arm. He pushes Yoon Jae against the wall and tells him that if he killed Yoon Jae at Hope Welfare Centre, his daughter would be alive today.

Baek says even today Yoon Jae is nothing but 13 and stabs him repeatedly. He asks Yoon Jae to beg for his life.

Baek bends down and says he will do the same to him as Yoong Jae did to Ji Eun. He takes his knife to Yoon Jae’s cheek when Yoon Jae grabs his sharpened weapon from the floor and stabs Baek in the neck.

Baek clutches his neck and starts saying something but dies before he can complete the sentence.

Yoon Jae lies on the floor bleeding out. He says, “So if you had killed me back then, things wouldn’t have gotten this bad”. He gurgles as he bleeds out from his mouth.

The next day, the prison doctor tells Sung Hoon that Yoon Jae died in a prison fight and the inmate whom he fought against died too. Sung Hoon watches the surgical scissors on the table.

That night, Sung Jun notices movement inside Sosoo and runs inside. He finds that Chef Charles has committed suicide. He died holding a photo of Yoon Jae and himself. It looks like he has consumed puffer fish and poisoned himself.

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon sits awake in prison. He recalls promising Yoon Jung that he will take care of Yoon Jae. He remembers all the time he spent with Yoon Jae. He recalls Yoon Jae asking Sung Hoon if he betrayed him. Sung Hoon recalls Eun Ki saying murder is not an excuse for what he went through back then.

Sung Hoon’s eyes well up and he looks at the other prisoners fast asleep. Sung Hoon reaches up and takes the scissors that he stole from the Doctor’s Office.

Sung Jun comes to the hospital and into Sung Hoon’s room. He is told that Sung Hoon attempted suicide but was found before he bled out. He is also told that Sung Hoon has a lot of scar marks on his arms from self-harm. 

He finds Sung Hoon sleeping. Sung Jun moves Sung Hoon’s shirt away and it reveals a lot of scars on Sung Hoon’s chest. Sung Jun says he became a cop to gain Sung Hoon’s acknowledgement even though he couldn’t live life as great as Sung Hoon. He says Sung Hoon was the coolest guy in his world. Sung Jun says he didn’t know Sung Hoon was so cowardly and evil. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon’s sins will not go away just because he did this. He tells Sung Hoon to live the rest of his life in pain and pay for his sins.

Later, Sung Jun visits Eun Ki’s booth. He asks if she needs help. he says he feels he will sort himself out if the Hope Welfare Centre’s case is closed.

Just then, a man introduces himself as Attorney Park Mu Hyeok and offers to help.

Sung Jun, Eun Ki and Park speak at a restaurant. Park says he was at Hope Welfare Centre too and he knew 11 very well. He says 11 was called the papillon of Hope Welfare centre.

Park says he wanted to take revenge after doing well in life. He says he studied hard. Park says he ran away but he realised he had anger and pain in his heart when he saw Sung Hoon’s case. He adds that the victim’s silence helps the assailant. Eun Ki says many people have forgotten about the case.

Just then, Sung Jun receives a call from the prosecutor who says that Sung Hoon has requested a jury trial.

Outside the courthouse, a reporter reports that a jury trial will be held for Sung Hoon who is the culprit behind the “Juror Murders”.

Sung Jun walks into the courtroom. Other jurors are also there. He sits next to Eun Ki. Sung Hoon is escorted in and the Judges come in. The trial begins.

Park is Sung Hoon’s attorney. Park addresses the jury and he mentions that children at the Hope Welfare Centre were assaulted and murdered, and forced to provide sexual favours. He says the children’s bodies were donated as cadavers. He shows the petition written by 15-year-old Sung Jun. He says Judge Ryu ignored the petition while ruling. He says, Judge Ryu downplayed the case and covered evidence to protect his wife Minister Na Guk Hee. Park says the assailants have still not been punished.

Park asks Sung Hoon when he decided to take revenge. Sung Hoon says Yoon Jung was like his sister. He says he decided to take revenge the day he found out that Yoon Jung died.

We see a montage of 11 and 13 digging a spot and they find Yoon Jung buried there.

Sung Hoon says they parted ways after coming to Hope Welfare Center but he found her body hidden secretly in the woods. He says the nurse at the Welfare Center told him where the body was.

Park calls Eun Ki’s mother Jo In Seok to the witness stand

Jo says that they locked the girls from the Welfare Centre and forced them to provide sexual favours

We see a montage of Jo In Seok finding Yoon Jung on the floor beside the bed. She runs to her and shakes her awake. Yoon Jung gives her necklace to Jo and whispers something in her ear before passing away.

At present, Jo In Seok confirms that she told 11 where Yoon Jung’s body was as Yoon Jung asked her to tell him. Park asks why she didn’t say this 20 years ago. Jo In Seok says she was scared. She says she was also raped and she got pregnant. She says she wished her child wouldn’t find out the truth.

Sung Jun watches Eun-Ki tear up. Jo In Seok cries as she profusely apologises.

Park asks why Sung Hoon chose to make the victims sit on the jury. Sung Hoon says those who abused them were ordinary people.


(9th Hope Welfare Center Annual Inspection)

The staff gathers for photographs with the guests. Na is the government inspector. 

Sung Hoon’s voiceover says that the people who abused them were all good fathers and husbands at home.

Yeom, Bae, juror Jung, and Eun Ki’s mother are all present. Baek wonders where Bae is. Bae comes running from one of the buildings and joins them.

Sung Hoon says everyone who had to protect them was the one who abused them. Sung Hoon says they all turned a blind eye to what was happening to the children. 

Sung Hoon says he wanted to ask them, “Did you truly not see us?

Next Sung Jun is called to give his testimony. Sung Jun says a total of 15 people died in this case. He says the victims were sacrificed in the defendant’s plan to seek revenge. Sung Hoon looks up as Sung Jun says Sung Hoon was the one who planned all the murders. 

Sung Jun says he has lived as Sung Hoon’s son all along. He says his parents are Judge Ryu and Minister Na. Sung Jun says Sung Hoon lied to him when they were little and also manipulated his memories. Sung Jun adds that Sung Hoon made him look like the suspect when the murders began.

Sung Jun says that anyone who suffered unjustly will want to take revenge but not everyone in that situation commits murder. Sung Jun says no motive can or should justify murder. Sung Jun looks at Sung Hoon but Sung Hoon doesnt are downcast.

Sung Hoon is asked to give his closing argument.

Sung Hoon says he didn’t ask for a jury trial to make his revenge seem justified nor did he want a lighter sentence. He says he did it because confessing his crimes and uncovering the truth behind Hope Welfare Centre was what he tried to do.

Sung Hoon looks at the spectators and apologises for causing them pain. Sung Hoon says the Hope Welfare victims must be struggling with their past trauma. Sung Hoon looks at Sung Jun and says he is sorry. He says he apologises sincerely. Sung Jun’s eyes well up.

They wait outside as the jury deliberates.

The trial resumes and the Jury finds Sung Hoon guilty of murder and instigation of murder. The court sentences him to life imprisonment.

Later Eun Ki speaks in a press conference. She is the representative of the Hope Welfare Centre’s victims and bereaved families. The press covers her address. Sung Jun and the other victims are seated in the audience.

Eun Ki talks about the Hope Welfare Centre and the traumas the victims went through and how they find it difficult to talk about it. She says they have to find more victims and help them.

Eun Ki says they plan to file a tort suit (redress a wrong and provide relief from the wrongful act by monetary compensation) against the government.

Sung Hoon, Eun Ki and Park are at an immunity-boosting sauna. Sung Jun asks Park how the preparation for the tort suit is coming along. Park says it is tricky because it comes down to whether or not what Na did is considered an abuse of authority by a person entrusted with public service.

The next day, Sung Jun visits Sung Hoon in prison. They both sit quietly without talking until the guard says that their time is up. Sung Hoon gets up to leave. Sung Jun calls him and Sung Hoon turns around expectantly. Sung Jun says he hopes Sung Hoon can escape the past.

Sung Hoon is escorted back into the prison. He walks down the prison corridor and looks back as the scene shifts to 11 walking down Hope Welfare Centre’s corridor entrance. 11 turns into Judge Ryu Sunng Hoon as he walks further down. He opens the door and walks away.

Eun Ki referees a football match for the kids at the Children’s welfare Centre on the indoor court. Sung Jun walks in and he visualises 11,12,13,7 and 24 playing the match in the place of these kids. He visualises them laughing and cheering happily as they score a goal. 

Sung Jun’s voiceover wonders, “If the boys from 20 years ago had someone like Eun Ki, how would their lives have changed? If there were adults who didn’t ignore and fought to the end, could they have been able to live a life different to the ones now? If so, they would have been living well somewhere out there around us, like these kids now.” 

Eun Ki spots him and smiles as she waves. Sung Jun returns her smile.

Image Courtesy- TVN


The season finale had an emotional note to it.

Sung Hoon faced a trial and was found guilty. Sung Jun testified that there is no excuse for murder and that no motive justifies Sung Hoon’s actions.

Sung Hoon maintained that he wants no sympathy and his revenge plan was directed to throw light on what happened at Hope Welfare Centre.

He sincerely apologised for his actions at the trial. Sung Hoon seemed to show remorse towards the end. Ironically, even Yoon Jae seemed like he accepted in his final moments that he made things worse. But, the assailants at Hope Welfare Centre fought hard to bury the truth till the end. 

Judge Ryu stated that he absolved his sins by adopting Sung Hoon. He even tried to murder Sung Hoon. Na and Yeom on the other hand tried to shift the blame.

It was revealed that Yeom killed Bae. Yeom, Minister Na and Judge Ryu were living a respectable life in society. They had nothing to worry about as the statute of limitation was also over. Losing their reputation and being imprisoned now will be a huge blow to them as all their efforts to keep the truth hidden went in vain.

Na and Judge Ryu were broken when Sung Jun moved against them and arrested them with his own hands. Sung Hoon’s plan for revenge ended up hurting Sung Jun more than anyone as Sung Jun lost his whole family overnight. Sung Jun’s parents let him down and Sung Hoon also declared that Sung Jun was just used for his revenge plan. 

It looks like Sung Hoon was over 15 years old when he was adopted into Judge Ryu’s family. His formative years were almost over and it was too late to reshape his mentality. Years of torture and torment had already made him who he is.

It is not surprising that any amount of affection or loyalty that Sung Jun poured on Sung Hoon made no difference to him. It is a shame that Sung Hoon was already too far gone in his revenge by the time he met Sung Jun. Sung Hoon’s hard life choices lost him an opportunity to see the one genuine person in his new life.

Sung Hoon had immense care towards Yoon Jae and he tried to kill himself when he learnt that Yoon Jae was no more.

Sung Hoon paid the price for involving Yoon Jae in his plan. The moment Yoon Jae went rogue, things spun out of control. 

Yoon Jae and Baek ended up killing each other. Yoon Jae (Park Ji-Bin) with his psychotic smile was very convincing in his role. He delivered the role perfectly as Sung Hoon’s loyal sidekick as well as the out-of-control psychopath killer.

The trial scene was swift and it allowed space for Sung Hoon’s side of the story. 

On the other hand, Charles’ involvement in the series is left unclear. It would have been great if more clarity was given with a flashback episode on how the welfare centre closed down and how the children went away.

Eun Ki started an initiative to help the victims and it did see success as she managed to gather many survivors. One can’t help but wonder if she would have seen such success if Baek, Yeom, Na and Judge Ryu were still roaming free ready to quash anything on Hope Welfare Centre.

It looks like Sung Hoon left no stone unturned when he tried to bring the Hope Welfare Centre to light. Finally, Sung Hoon had given up on legal ways and resorted to unlawful ways as the entire system failed him. 

In the end, Sung Hoon ended up from one prison (Hope Welfare Center) to another (jail term). One which he entered as a kid and the other that he entered as a grown man. Sung Hoon is suicidal and his biggest punishment would be to live out his entire life. It looks like Sung Hoon’s revenge plan did not help him get out of the mental prison that the years of abuse have left him in. It looks like he still has a lot more to work to do in order to make peace with his past. 

Blind is not just an ordinary thriller series with serial murders. The narrative and the serious issues that it showcases make it easy to overlook the few missing plotlines in the ending. It addresses the serious role that every adult plays in a child’s life no matter how small an acquaintance they share. The abusers in the series were people who held no power and they left permanent emotional scars on the children. It depicts how just a handful of self-absorbed adults turning a blind eye towards the children’s sufferings is enough to destroy the kids’ lives.

It also shows that revenge is not a solution and once it is over the person finds themselves back where they started with the same unaddressed emotions.

Blind is an immersive drama and it is definitely a must-watch!

-Soul Sword-

Blind – Recap Index

Korean Drama Recap Index

Series review

Genre- Murder, mystery, crime, thriller

(Trigger warnings- Child abuse, Child sexual abuse, violence, self-harm)

Blind unfolds in the form of two storylines in two timelines. One follows the life of Children at the Hope Welfare Centre and the other follows a case of serial killings that take place twenty years later where the jury members die one by one following the trial. 

Ryu Sung Hoon (Ha Seok-Jin) and Ryu Sung Jun (TaecYeon) are brothers. Sung Hoon is the intelligent one of the two and is a righteous Judge at the district high court.

Sung Jun is blessed with good looks but his smartness doesn’t compare with his brother’s. He is the detective investigating a gruesome murder and Sung Hoon is the judge on the case. The trial proceeds as a jury trial and Sung Hoon passes the verdict. To everyone’s surprise, a new chain of murders starts and this time the victims are the members of the jury.

Eun Ki is a compassionate and empathetic social worker who selflessly helps others. Her path crosses with the brothers as she is also a part of the jury. What follows forms rest of the storyline.

It is a gripping drama with a serious tone. Though there are two timelines involved, the plot is very clear in its narrative and it follows a steady pace.  

The scenes with the trio of Sung Jun, Sung Hoon and Eun Ki trying to solve the crimes were interesting. The scenes where the brothers share screenspace are a good watch. The drama is sprinkled with emotional scenes that are deep-seated. 

Blind touches mainly upon serious issues like child abuse and the neglect that children face at the Welfare Center. It also addresses concepts like suppressed memories and childhood trauma.

The series is intriguing and it is bound to keep the viewer hooked right until the very end. The finale did leave some stones unturned but that doesn’t affect the main storyline and so it can be overlooked. 

The serial killer in this drama showcases his murders and loves to show off. He always mocks the cops and a tall count of 15 murders can be attributed to him by the time the series ends.

The killer’s motive is revealed as the series progresses. Ironically, one can’t help but feel a bit of sympathy for the murderer as the story unfolds and one keeps wondering if the killer is inhuman or it is the other way around. The finale puts all the doubts to rest and it gives realistic ending to the characters. 

All the characters are introduced in the early episodes and from then on it is an interesting guessing game. The screenplay is laudable as the story unfolds in an intriguing manner that makes one suspicious of many characters. The narrative also makes the viewer keep altering their judgements about the characters as the story progresses. 

All the characters are well-written and portrayed. The child actors form the crux of the story and they have given a laudable performance, namely 11 (Jung Ji-Hoon) and 13 (Kim Geon-U).

TaecYeon plays the role of Ryu Sung Jun, a hot-headed detective who holds his elder brother in high regard. TaecYeon has nailed the role as he delivers the character of a hardworking detective who tries to prove himself to his family who consider him an unimportant son. Though not as sharp-witted as his elder brother Sung Hoon, Sung Jun is warm-hearted, loyal and righteous.

Sung Hoon (Ha Seok-Jin) is a total contrast to his brother. He is a calm and level-headed personality who is always looking out for his younger brother who keeps getting into trouble. Ha Seok-Jin fits the role perfectly as he portrays the cold and quiet Sung Hoon who though seems stone-hearted on the surface, has all his emotions bottled inside and tucked away.

Jo Eun Ki (Jung Eun-Ji) is a compassionate social worker who takes her work seriously. She is a rational character with good morals. Jung Eun-Ji has done a good job in portraying Eun Ki who adds essence to the storyline through her empathetic demeanour. Eun Ki is a ray of hope and inspiration to the youngsters around her. She is an important part of the storyline.

Baek Moon Kang (Kim Pub-Lae) is one of the notable antagonists. He is a terror at Hope Welfare Centre and he lives up to his name Crazy dog right until the end.

Blind starts like an ordinary serial killing case but it blows up from there and ends on a whole different note. It is never short of suspense and twists. The series throws light at a dark loophole in the system where children are left vulnerable in the hands of adults and no one else to turn to. It also depicts that revenge does no good for the one who starts it.

Blind is an immersive and impressive drama with not a single dull moment and is definitely a must-watch.

-By Soul Sword-

Blind – Recap Index

Korean Drama Recap Index

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