Blind, Drama Recap Index

Blind- Recap Index

Genre- Murder, mystery, crime, thriller Cast- TaecYeon, Ha Seok-Jin, Jung Eun-Ji Blind - Episode 1 Recap Blind - Episode 2 Recap Blind - Episode 3 Recap Blind - Episode 4 Recap Blind- Episode 5 Recap Blind- Episode 6 Recap Blind - Episode 7 Recap Blind- Episode 8 Recap Blind- Episode 9 Recap Blind- Episode 10… Continue reading Blind- Recap Index

Again My Life, Drama Recap Index

Again My Life Recap Index

Genre- Legal, Mystery, Fantasy, Time travel  Cast- Lee Joon-Gi, Lee Kyoung-Young, Kim Jae-Kyung Kim Ji-Eun Again My Life Episode 1 Recap Again My Life Episode 2 Recap Again My Life Episode 3 Recap Again My Life Episode 4 Recap Again My Life Episode 5 Recap Again My Life Episode 6 Recap Again My Life Episode… Continue reading Again My Life Recap Index

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Happiness- Recap Index

Genre- Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Cast- Han Hyo-Joo, Park Hyung-Sik, Jo Woo-Jin Happiness Recap Index Happiness Episode 1 Recap Happiness Episode 2 Recap Happiness Episode 3 Recap Happiness Episode 4 Recap Happiness Episode 5 Recap Happiness Episode 6 Recap Happiness Episode 7 Recap Happiness Episode 8 Recap Happiness Episode 9 Recap Happiness Episode 10 Recap Happiness… Continue reading Happiness- Recap Index

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The Devil Judge – Recap Index

Genre- Legal, Crime, Mystery Cast- Ji-Sung, Kim Min-Jung, Park Jin-young, Park Gyu-young The Devil Judge Recap Index The Devil Judge Episode 1 Recap The Devil Judge Episode 2 Recap The Devil Judge Episode 3 Recap The Devil Judge Episode 4 Recap The Devil Judge Episode 5 Recap The Devil Judge Episode 6 Recap The Devil… Continue reading The Devil Judge – Recap Index

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Korean Drama Recap Index

Korean Drama Recap Index Blind Again My Life Happiness The Devil Judge Mouse Flower of Evil The King-Eternal Monarch Melting Melting Me Softly Doctor John Memories of The Alhambra Hymn of Death Terius Behind Me Mr Sunshine Come and Hug Me Lawless Lawyer Series Review of Series that we loved watching Blind Our Blues Again… Continue reading Korean Drama Recap Index